Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty

Even if you have heard this song before, you should really pay attention to the words. Look at the money wasted over lies. Lives ruined for ill-gotten profits.

Perhaps my favorite Weed Song.

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7 thoughts on “Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty

  1. Just imagine if this poor unfortunate member of the stool sculpture deity cult
    had had a good friend who turned him onto a “magic brownie” or got him to
    try a few “puffs” out behind the wrecking yard fence where poop & shinola
    are easily distinguished…even among likely adversaries on many issues
    arising from this one “Portal”…..or swirling mass of confusion…

    As a child I knew nothing about Israeli culture, politics or people.

    But I was a Christian Zionist….a perfect idiot.

    I believed with perfect faith that across the globe, the descendants of
    ancient Hebrews had been stirred by God to return to the Middle East.
    I believed Israel was the sole inheritance of the Jews.
    I imagined most Jews were Hasidic or Modern Orthodox,
    with the rare exception of a hopelessly secular Jerry Seinfeld or a Woody Allen.
    I knew nothing about Palestine. As my father once said to me,
    “God will not stand with those who will not stand with Israel.”
    Taking his words to heart,
    I stood….firmly in a sewage ditch beside the road to hell…
    well not actually firmly, as it was a fetid squishy pit of stank
    which everyone said smelled really good.


    I didn’t meet a Jewish person until I was nearly 15.
    My rural Georgia town had a population in the hundreds,
    and most everyone I knew was Pentecostal, Baptist or something like it.
    Religion was the connecting tissue of all our lives….
    we all “Jew” worshipped reflexively…alot…as in not even thinking, about it.
    The Jewish kid in my high school debate class seemed as aware of this as I was.
    He often drew lines between him and us,
    making jokes about how
    the Jews are greedy and how they killed Jesus.
    Though I didn’t understand him at the time,
    I know now that he was effectively stopping any bullying before it could start.
    Read more:


    er um, you know the Bible says “Prove all things” and Jesus said to “Know the Truth”
    and to be a “Jewish” the “proselyte” must Hate Jesus, and adhere to the Talmud…

    so, do you think Oded Weiner can prove that Abraham had a Talmud & Hated Jesus…?


  2. get the yellow flag ready, I’m going in for piling on,
    after I rough up the Quaterback…
    and punch him in the mouth
    Like Clint Longely, who should have been the starting QB
    instead of this “pansy” from the navy…

    Disgusting isn’t it? But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does.


    Here’s a link to a a video where former Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Roger Staubach
    pitches the the Stool Sculpture deity cult summit mentioned in the photo above.
    Turns out that Staubach is an honorary co-chair of the event.
    He is real proud of his role, but I guess just not proud enough
    to put this disgusting video on youtube….

    Unlike other Christians, who worship Jesus, Christian Zionists worship Jews.
    Jesus is secondary, if he even figures into their thinking at all.
    So if their predominant object of worship, as a collective whole, is the Jewish people,
    then why not simply become a Jew? It makes enormous sense, especially when
    you consider that Judaism, stripped of all its trappings, basically is about self-worship.
    The theology of regarding oneself as “chosen” gives justification to a variety of crimes,
    including murder, land theft, and even genocide, for after all, if these things are being
    done by “chosen” ones, then they must have the approval of “God.”
    consider eschatalogical brass knucks and lead pipe for the Neo Conned…

    Shibboleth…curiously, one tribe had an issue with the letter H…
    guess which one…Ephraim

    British academic, author and anti-war activist, professor Dr. James B. Thring, during a recent interview with Iran’s Press TV, said: “A state to be lawful has to define its borders and if the Israelis insist on continuing to expand into Palestine they obviously haven’t got defined borders and therefore they are not technically a legal state.”
    {lawful and legal are two opposites that require a license to understand}
    Dr. James Thring is the Director of the Ministry of Peace, a pressure group that campaigns against Zionist warmongering and builds bridges with all groups and individuals who are against the fighting of wars for the benefit of TALMUDIA…not really “Israel”. {Deut. 28 & 32}
    He makes frequent appearances on TV and Radio – often much to the chagrin of TV and Radio presenters! Listen to a speech (video below) Thring delivered at the London Forum in November 2013 claiming that 9/11 was committed by the Zionist Run ZOG US government with the help of ….
    Dig this Chutzpah…
    Israeli intelligence agencies.


    James Thring is author of 2006 book, ‘Peace with Iran: The Case for Maintaining Peaceful Relations with the Islamic Republic’. The book exposes Zionist lies about the Islamic Republic and Palestine.

    On November 9, 2011, Dr. Thring in a letter to British deputy prime minister
    Nick Clegg and foreign secretary, William Hague, said:
    “Iran is not a threat to Israel. But before any other action is taken,
    Israel should be embargoed by the UN until it signs up to the NNPT,
    stops committing crimes against the Palestinians and returns to those betrayed indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land their Human Rights, their political prisoners, their refugees, their land, water and other resources.“


  3. “Monster” is my favorite Steppenwolf song. Maybe this is why I believe America is the Beast of Revelation
    The radio also never play these songs because they cut a little too close to the bone.
    Nobody did a thing about it then and they’re not doing anything now.


  4. Man I used to work with this chef, who worked for Shell Oil
    on platforms out in the gulf, learned how to make some good stuff
    like bisque and some great gumbo, anyway….

    check this one out….

    Todd Spanier, founder of King of Mushrooms,


    the largest commercial distributor of wild mushrooms in the San Francisco Bay Area,
    believes banning the hunt may have cost the local economy

    as much as $160 million in lost revenue from gatherers


    traveling from other states and countries,
    and in morel sales at food stores and restaurants.
    Retail prices for fresh morels range from
    $25 to $40 per pound, Spanier said.


    “It’s a tremendous lost opportunity,” he explained.
    “We might not see this in the Sierras for another 10 years.”


    I have a friend in Colorado that has an old ice box made into a smoker
    a few years back, after some rain, we picked fairy ring mushrooms
    and smoked them in the smoker…talk about good….


    anyway last year out by Smith lake, just walking in the woods after a good rain
    there was probably 30 or 40 pounds ….easy, available for harvest…


    • I love shrooms. I met a guy who grew Shitaki and other types in Jamaica during a vacation many years ago. His operation was top notch and had around 5 or 6 employees, growing the shrooms in an odd media. He grew other consumables, as well.

      We were all sitting at the bar at the resort and he came in with a duffel bag. There was only around 10 people at the bar and breaks out a gallon garbage bag full of buds and started rolling. It was some of his very special personal stock and it did the trick.

      I will never forget that night, because it was also the first time I ever smoked a Cuban cigar.

      Made me ghastly sick. But his personal stock cleared me right up.


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