Things Goin On

B’Man’s first video. He made this using Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Things Goin On” to highlight the state of affairs in America back in 2007 (which is far worse today, just as he said it would get back then).

What most don’t realize is that what we are experiencing is purposeful. They are stealing each and every bit of wealth in this country that isn’t nailed down. It is the last grab for them before they shut her down.

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4 thoughts on “Things Goin On

  1. But today is a day to celebrate.

    The vile, back-stabbing traitor Eric ‘Sholmo’ Cantor was defeated. First time since 1899 that a sitting House Majority leader lost a campaign.

    Maybe Americans are waking up to the Zionist Jew threat that has taken over this nation?


  2. speaking of frogs..

    UNESCO in France was forced to endure the indignity of Marvin Heyer

    and the “Jewish” skanksters of the bald faced liars division stool scultptue
    deity cult…“Perhaps it too obviously recalls, as it were, the longevity of the
    the “Jewish people’s” association with the Land of Palestine,” he said very “Jewishly”….
    “It’s a very concrete display of the pure fiction that 2,000 years ago these were our
    KHAZAR GOG & MAGOG “JEW” whereabouts.”

    The same Hebrew found in these scrolls, some of which date back to 400 BCE,
    is spoken today in the State of Israel, he said, not telling the truth about
    so-called Khazar proselytes being made to learn as a second language
    “Hebrew” that most can’t speak or write very well at all,
    kinda like Mexicans or Mosquito Indians with Spanish,
    “and this is a very striking manifestation of the intimacy of the faux-connection.
    That would be my speculation, but they may have other considerations.”
    Far more dramatically, while the original invitation speaks of the
    “3,500 year pretend relationship of the GOG & MAGOG Japhetic KHAZAR Zionist TERRORIST “Jewish people” with the Land of Palestine,” the current version has deleted the word “Israel,” replacing it with the evidently less problematic “Holy Land.”
    At Wednesday’s opening ceremony, it became clear that the change to the invitation reflected the changed title of the exhibit itself. Whereas in January, before the original exhibit was nixed, UNESCO’s Bokova posed with the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s head dung doodler and shake down artist and holohoax promoter Marvin Hier and a poster for the exhibit on “The 3,500-year relationship of the GOG & MAGOG Jewish People to the Land ofPalestine,” on Wednesday the Wiesenthal Center’s Cooper and Hier were photographed before a poster bearing the exhibition’s new Israel-free title.
    Reached on Wednesday evening in Paris, Hier told The Times of Israel that although the poster and the original invitation had said “Land of Israel,” UNESCO never agreed to that phrasing. In its original confirmation of the exhibition, which predated the January cancellation, the organization only agreed to the “Holy Land” formulation, he said. The Wiesenthal Center never argued about the replacement of the “Land of Israel” wording with the “Holy Land,”
    which it perceived as an unimportant nusance, he added with a forked toungue flicking
    Read more: about why Khazar “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism, an Anti-israelite –
    Jesus Hating, Truth & Justice Hating Satanic Cult of dung doodlers and real
    ZIONIST TERRORISTS will never be all 12 tribes enumerated in Genesis 49…NEVER.
    UNESCO deletes ‘Israel’ from title of its exhibit on alleged Khazar “Jewish”

    ties to Israel . . .

    h/t Saeb Erekat


  3. It was not until 1492 that the Moors were finally thrown out of Europe,
    but in the meantime the Islamic virus was contained in Spain and Portugal,
    and thus kept out of the heart of Western Europe.

    One of Charles Martel’s comrades-in-arms at Poitiers was a warrior of the North
    known as Ogier le Danois, later Holger Danske, or Holger the Dane.
    Although Holger was a historical figure, little is known of him,
    and most of the written material about him is drawn from legend.
    According to the chroniclers, Holger had previously done battle with the Franks
    over their incursions into Danish territory.
    But in 732 the menace of the Saracens forced him to set aside his differences with
    Charles Martel and journey southwards to fight side-by-side with the
    Frankish forces against the common enemy.
    At the end of his days, Holger, like King Arthur, retired to a secluded keep to enter a twilight sleep from which he will awake in the hour of his country’s need.
    The location most frequently cited for Holger’s rest is Kronborg castle at Helsingør
    now dig this chutzpah…
    Jewish NGOs and international organizations were responsible for two initiatives in 2004 that are intended to define, monitor, and combat anti-Semitism within the European region.
    The OSCE Berlin Declaration and the EUMC Working Definition of Anti-Semitism differ from past initiatives: they allow for monitoring implementation, and they recognize that anti-Semitism comes both from traditional sources and from new and different directions,
    like right outta left field…oy vey…
    and is frequently a consequence of Middle East tension….whereby Gog & Magog
    “Khazar” Zionist Jews from Khazaria a turko-mongolian tribe of beastly, filthy and
    degenerate psychopaths converted en masse to talmudic judaism in the 8th century AD
    and now claim Palestine to be the HOMELAND of the Ashkenazim “KHAZAR” so-called “Jews”
    from GOG & MAGOG …..what are the odds ?
    and the Palestinians are actually Semitic wherefore the “Jews” are actually Japhetic.
    Jewish NGOs must continue to press for recognition that anti-Semitism remains
    deeply embedded in the region and that a serious long-term effort to eradicate it
    not only benefits so-called Jews,
    who are bonafied members of the stool sculpture deity cult ,
    …..but also stabilizes democracy….for real.

    Of the initiatives undertaken by European organizations in recent years to combat anti-Semitism, two appear likely to be more effective than others. They are the April 2004 Berlin Declaration of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism of the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC).

    The former commits the fifty-five OSCE member states to monitor and combat anti-Semitism within the region; the latter provides the twenty-five EU member states with a common definition of anti-Semitism for use by justice ministries, law enforcement agencies, and the RAXEN network of national focal points monitoring racist violence.

    Both initiatives depart from previous ones in two important respects. First, they provide for regular implementation monitoring, in the case of the OSCE by an annual debate at the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting of the OSCE human rights affiliate, the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), which takes place in Warsaw.

    Second, they both recognize the new directions from which anti-Semitism comes – particularly the demonization of Israel and Zionism, which all too frequently serves as a cover for Jew-hatred, and which overspills from the Arab world, is promoted by Islamists, and has been adopted by some leftist and left-liberal circles.
    – See more at: the source…the rectal orifice that is talmudic judaism…


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