Decent Jew Review: Robert Litoff

Bro Nat at Real Jew News featured a letter from a “non-practicing Jew” named Robert Litoff that dismantles the Holocaust story and the falsely spot-lighted SIX MILLION number. I agree with virtually everything he wrote (except that he STILL carries the taint that Hitler started WWII).

Most that read here now understand my thoughts on what a Jew is. Being Jewish isn’t necessarily a religious or racial concept, but has c291e5d500309871a3525f14b3bdcb38morphed into a brainwashing of a group of people who have a “claim” to the lineage. Many with no real ethnic claim (Khazars) run the show and when you look at them, they look like other Turkish types from near their original area. But the mangy dog in heat has now interbred into other honest races, that many look like everyone else… just like the dogs running around the countryside in heat, screwing anything and everything that wants to “knot up“.

Its funny, really. Jews want us to believe they are pure, Holy and righteous, yet they are little more than that mutt running around your neighborhood.

Religion isn’t the tie, because virtually every Jew I have encountered claims to be an Atheist.

It boils down to a brainwashed mindset that ends up clannish with a supremacy complex derived from that tainted Talmudic belief. Religious or not, Talmudism rules the Jewish mindset.

But beyond the Holocaust denial of this Mr Litoff, the last paragraph caught my attention because it points out the idiotic nature of Americans when it comes to healthcare for us compared to our other dependent state, Israel.:

While Americans argue about medical care and how much it will cost, Israel has a much more generous medical care program for its citizens and does not need to worry about the costs because it’s paid for by tax-paying American citizens in the aid we give to Israel.

I complain about sickcare here often, while also showing how Israel uses our money to provide systems and care that far outweigh our own system.

Americans are too stupid to see that our own citizenry is MORE important than a single Israeli, yet we treat them better than our own (pretty common, even with illegal immigrants). Worse are the stupid American Jews who would rather take care of Israelis and show dedication to that shithole in the desert more than this magnificent host country that has put up with their bullshit for hundreds of years… now to the point of total subservience.




h/t Real Jew News

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