Program F


How did the toxic byproduct of the A Bomb become “healthy” for your teeth? Read this article at Fluoride Action Network

Program F was not about children’s teeth. It grew directly out of litigation against the bomb program and its main purpose was to furnish scientific ammunition which the government and its nuclear contractors could use to defeat lawsuits for human injury. Program F’s director was none other than Harold C. Hodge, who had led the Manhattan Project investigation of alleged human injury in the New Jersey fluoride-pollution incident.

Program F’s purpose is spelled out in a classified 1948 report. It reads: “To supply evidence useful in the litigation arising from an alleged loss of a fruit crop several years ago, a number of problems have been opened. Since excessive blood fluoride levels were reported in human residents of the same area, our principal effort has been devoted to describing the relationship of blood fluorides to toxic effects.”

The Hodge guy is a very interesting fellow who spent over half a century carrying out this great deception and poisonous avenue. There is very much to learn at the original article, but don’t miss Jon’s take below.

h/t Jon Rappaport

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4 thoughts on “Program F

  1. back when Oliver North was acting as a witness in front of the
    Congressional Committee investigating the IRAN CONTRA imbroglio
    er um…JEWISH STAGE PLAY POLITICAL THEATRE…which is just all
    about DRUGS & GUNS & ISRAELI’s…& IRAN….& IRAQ.

    dig this chutzpah,

    at that time I got to spend a little time with a man
    who was a 32 degree mason & had walked from Italy to Germany with Patton,
    he related a few stories, and added that after the War, he worked as an AMBULANCE
    driver in Alabama wherein he discovered to his utter amazement that
    “WE” are not all the same…F BOMB ALERT….!
    that means Palestine can seize the Internet Domains of Terrorist TALMUDIA and the
    US survivors of the brutal Israeli attack against he USS Liberty can also seize the domains!
    Finally, some justice against Apartheid TALMUDIA.

    To that can be added the families of murdered victims around the world who’ve been
    targeted by TALMUDIA’s Mossad…..terrorist asshole “JEWS”.

    This could get interesting, if they ever get a day in court.
    I also, tangentially speaking had Dr. Taborsky for International Law.

    [ – <——- no Jews at Gilgal, either.]
    meanwhile Ambassador Fox continues to be held…
    on a bogus trumped of charge and due process violations
    as well as flagrant violations of International Law
    seeings as how the state of talmudia is not actually
    you know..there is a lot about LAW that most people don't really know much about
    and if they did…
    another aside,
    the week before the Bork nomination, I had dropped by Joe Biden's office
    to you know, give him a piece of my mind…and he naturally declined, upon leaving his office
    I encountered Judge Bork who was exiting the office across the hall…I Introduced myself and we rode down the elevator as he autographed my WASHINGTON DC Pamphlet, kindly…
    incidentally, his wife was a former Nun…and one of the most beautiful Womans on Earth.
    who I had the pleasure of meeting @ the Thomas Moore Society meeting the night Michael Novak
    spoke on the subject of the Nicaraguan elections and an interesting translation of
    NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, for those assembled…
    Edward Joseph Taborsky (1910-1996)

    Dr. Edward J. Taborsky, Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas at Austin,
    passed away after a lengthy illness on November 12, 1996.

    He was born in Prague on March 18, 1910 and was educated at Charles University where he received his doctorate degree in law and state sciences in 1934. After completing his military service in the Czechoslovak army, Dr. Taborsky became an official of the provincial administration in Bohemia and in 1937 he joined the Czechoslovak Ministry for Foreign Affairs, where he became Personal Secretary to the Foreign Minister Benes.

    After the Nazi conquest of Czechoslovakia in 1939, he escaped to England where he served from 1939 to 1945 as Personal Aide to Czechoslovakia’s President-in-Exile, Eduard Benes. In 1945 he was sent to Sweden as Czechoslovakia’s Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. He resigned from this position after the communist seizure of Czechoslovakia in 1948. After a brief period of teaching at Stockholm University, he went to the US where he taught at different universities until his appointment of Professor of Government at the University of Texas, where he remained until his retirement in 1990.

    He was the author of numerous books and articles on Eastern European and soviet affairs. In 1991, President Havel conferred on Dr. Taborsky the Order of Thomas G. Masaryk

    told Dr. Taborsky about the Aggies' report on the cow patty they got from NASA…

    he laughed…


  2. hate to pass this one up…

    another Grimm reality…
    Grimm, the gentle, former chair of the Justice Commission of the Colorado Council
    of Churches had endured his own stressful week. He found himself the unlikely
    target of attacks in the so-called Jewish media prior to the PC-USA vote thanks
    to his Facebook profile. No, it wasn’t because he’s a member of the “9/11 Truth Movement,”
    nor due to his penchant for posting updates about crop circles and UFO sightings.
    Rather, the trouble started on June 14 shortly after he announced to his 515 friends —
    as well as the entirety of cyberspace — that “America is the Promised Land.
    We all know this. Come to the land of opportunity.
    Quit feeling guilt about what you are doing in Palestine, “Jewish friends”…..
    Stop it. . . .that’s right..just STOP BEING A “JEW”cause it’s stooopid.
    “Come home to America!”
    Perhaps he should rethink his privacy settings.
    Initially, I read Grimm’s message as a quirky political plan to relocate Talmudia’s Jews to an American homeland. I was intrigued because of my own research into Mordecai Manuel Noah’s abortive efforts to establish a Jewish city-state in New York in the 1820s.
    But Grimm wasn’t following in Noah’s footsteps; he’d never even heard of Noah. . .
    what a big day that was…Noah was the grand poopbah “HEAD OF THE CAPTIVITY”…
    in a “Christian Church”…!
    {see Rabbi Levingers’ History of the Jews in the US}
    Nor was he a real-life bespeckled {sic}Moishe Pipsqweeik sprung from the
    pages of Philip Roth’s Operation Dingbat Shylock to spread the goofy gospel of
    “Dipsy Doodle Diasporaphorisms” …oy vey, already !
    in order to evacuate TALMUDIA of its buzzard beaked so-called Jews….poor things.
    In fact, Grimm’s fairy tale proposal was limited only to American Jews living in the
    dung doodling stool sculpture deity cult compound, a fact he later clarified.
    Because they have the benefit of dual citizenship, he hoped these
    American-Israelis would simply “come home.”
    The notion that America could be the Jews’ promised land had been
    “stuck in [his] gizzard” for many years, Grimm explained.
    But it was his time counseling traumatized vets that finally pushed him to go public.
    “The Jewish people here are very prosperous as a whole [and] have great influence,”
    he said, “and if I were a Jewish young person living on the West Bank I’d say,
    ‘Why am I here?’ […] Everything says to them they’re under the toadstool and also besieged
    by the dung doodling dingbats called RABBI’S. Why live like that?
    It has a terrible effect on the brain to live with that kind of stress.”
    What initially seemed like an impulsive Facebook post gradually assumed the shape of well-intentioned, if misguided, seriously..misguided,
    concern for the welfare of American-Israeli dung doodlers…
    with a corner on the market of unmitigated CHUTZAPH !!!
    solve for J…just blast right passed F…!
    Read more: about cartoons & the Jewish narrative…


  3. I apologize for the trip down memory lane there…
    what with all the off topic links and what not…sometimes
    a good laugh helps…

    sometimes you’d just like to have
    a tactical nuke
    In accepting this mound of misinformation, your council has disregarded the overwhelming consensus opinion of the worldwide body of respected science and healthcare which includes over 100 highly respected organizations, healthcare providers, healthcare experts, U.S. Surgeons General, public health experts, the Deans of the Harvard Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Public Health, as well as the US Centers For Disease Control and the US Environmental Protection Agency, two of the most highly respected regulatory agencies in the world.
    Is this truly the irresponsible manner in which you want your elected officials to make decisions?
    Steven D. Slott, DDS

    amazing…Chemtrails, Invasions, Zionist Terrorists, Economic Terrorists
    go figure


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