Three Jew Lies…

God is Jewish…
Moses was Jewish,
Jesus was Jewish.

~Anthony Clifton

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4 thoughts on “Three Jew Lies…

    • absodamnlutely…soitnly…!

      Just the facts…Today, T.E. Lawrence remains one of the most iconic
      figures of the early 20th century.
      His life has been the subject of at
      least three movies
      — including one considered a masterpiece—
      …over 70 biographies, several plays and innumerable articles,
      monographs and dissertations. . . bicycle helmets and T-shirts
      actually Lawrence was a flaming Anti-Semite, and really was
      incredibly disturbed by what the Rothschilds unleashed on the
      Arabs…on behalf of the West….formerly Christendom.
      His wartime memoir, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, translated into more than a dozen languages, remains in print nearly a full century after its first publication.
      As Gen. Edmund Allenby, chief British commander in the
      Middle East during World War I, noted, Lawrence was first among equals:
      “There is no other man I know,” he asserted,
      “who could have achieved what Lawrence did.”
      Part of the enduring fascination has to do with the sheer improbability of Lawrence’s tale, of an unassuming young Briton who found himself the champion of a downtrodden people, thrust into events that changed the course of history. Added to this is the poignancy of his journey, so masterfully rendered in David Lean’s 1962 film, Lawrence of Arabia, of a man trapped by divided loyalties, torn between serving the empire whose uniform he wore and being true to those fighting and dying alongside him. It is this struggle that raises the Lawrence saga to the level of Shakespearean tragedy, as it ultimately ended badly for all concerned: for Lawrence, for the Arabs, for Britain, in the slow uncoiling of history,
      …..for the Western world at large. – {formerly Christendom}….
      Loosely cloaked about the figure of T.E. Lawrence there lingers the wistful specter of what might have been if only he had been listened to.

      Read more: about the Pharisees and Money Changers with specific attention
      to deliberate and malicious ledgerdemain and the Leaven of the Pharisees.

      That and Mass Murder for profit…

      was America a Myth


  1. parenthetically one must also remember that not one single
    so-called “Jew” HAS to be “Jewish”….for the RECORD.
    Notwithstanding that all PROSELYTES…”2 fold children of hell”,
    {the rancid and cold toxic inhabitants of the stool sculpture deity cult compound}
    could in the blink of an eye…stop being “Jewish” and simply
    The story of the Children of Israel is not about the “Jews”.


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