Banking Is Institutionalized Murder! by Anthony Migchels


Banking Is Institutionalized Murder!

by Anthony Migchels of Real Currencies


Martin Luther. Say of him what you will, below’s quote is truer today than ever.


This is exactly how it is! It is not one word too much!



usuryIt has nothing to do with ‘oh, it’s so honest, so reasonable, that 5% per year’.

Look at how complete nations are gutted to pay off some filthy rich trillionaires.

Billions of people live in desperate destitution because of Usury, dying prematurely, completely unnecessarily. People commit suicide, haunted to the grave by creditors. It tears families apart in financial stress. By the millions. Throughout the West. The World. It is purely genocidal, there really is no way to get around it.

And we have built our entire economy on this horrid plunder. On this monstrous sin!

When will we again see the simple truth as the ancients always did?

Banking is simply institutionalized Usury.
Capitalism is simply Banking.

The two rose to prominence together in Amsterdam, London and New York.

The whole Capitalist monopoly has been bought with the proceeds of compound interest lending. They are emasculating the West with interest on the debt. The Banks openly try to endebt us to the point where all our income is sucked up by debt service! Years of deflation have made our debts weigh even much heavier in real terms.

Look how the tumors of ‘the financial sector’ are metastasizing, with their ‘bonusses’, ‘derivatives’, LIBOR manipulation, asset bubbles, defaults, bribing politicians, evictions and repossessions, Gold manipulation, media power, globalism, bail outs, bail ins, fomenting of wars. It is all an outgrowth of the cancer of Usury.

We are already thoroughly enslaved through Usury, it’s not a doom scenario, it is the way we live!

In the aftermath of Usury prohibition in the medieval era, around the time of Luther, the main argument for allowing Usury was that without it people wouldn’t lend. And lending was necessary for the economy, the rationale went. There was (at least perceived) a scarcity of credit.

interest-free-credit1But today we can provide all the interest-free credit we will ever need at zero cost. In several ways!

The ‘time value’ rationale that Jesuits in Salamanca cooked up in the 16th century has been totally discredited and is irrelevant in a decent monetary system.

Notwithstanding credit and money scarcity, the medieval man worked only 15 weeks to feed his entire family in the Usury free economy. Bones found in England show that people there only achieved the same height as the late medieval Briton in the sixties of last century.

Compare that to the sweatshops of the 19th century, the heyday of Capitalist domination over Labor.

Imagine what our life would look like without Usury, and with plenty of dirt cheap credit  plus today’s technology!

Even the Jewish Question is ultimately just another front for the Usurer!

It’s the Trillionaires and their banks and their World Government/Currency that we need to shut down and replace with interest-free monetary systems. Most Jewish people are just their bitches, easily sacrificed, just as we are. Without their Usury, ‘the Jews’ no longer are very formidable.

Usury is behind, or at the very least severely worsens, every problem on the globe. It is THE defining problem of the 99%. It is the issue of issues.


Root Out Usury!

Root Out Usury!

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8 thoughts on “Banking Is Institutionalized Murder! by Anthony Migchels

    • A dickhead, as usual. Glad you stopped by. Your site probably needs the link traffic. You’re welcome.

      The thing about Anthony (as I have always claimed) is that when it comes to Usury and Capitalism, he is spot on. When he went out into the gullible netherworld of MublinDickLand, where someone (a shill, much like yourself) has convinced him of the complete misdirection regarding the NSDAP, Hitler and Jewish association (much less family connection) and control of the NSDAP, etc, then he has missed the mark on that subject.

      He is as wrong as you are. I said so. I’ll say it again.

      The difference between he and yourself is that he doesn’t bother coming here, posting link after link, on comment after comment, hurling insult after insult, trying to make a point that has been already so utterly disproven that it makes you shine as the ignorant shill you are. In other words, he isn’t the dickhead you are. So, he is welcome, while you are held with disdain and loathing… relegated to spam filter with the likes of the Catholic Rabbi freak that hates you with a passion and thinks that we are in cahoots in some way (just proving that being hated from both sides must mean I am on to something).

      As for Anthony Migchels writings: at least he writes interesting stuff, unlike yourself and your quite shitty, misdirection-intended, Jew loving/worshiping rag.


      • that vectoring analysis is a handy tool…,7340,L-4537515,00.html

        thanks for the unintentional …” LOL “! ….Ja Ja !

        curiously, after a series of interruptions, as Dave’s
        Letter to Historians caused a few um
        I’ll never forget the Final Exam for Dr. McFarland’s
        pre-civil war “Freshman” History class @ ETSU fall ’77.
        that semester I had Dr. Preda for French & Dr. McFarland…
        and upon returning from N.O. to see the King TUT exhibit,
        I spent the night before studying with a friend of mine
        from HS who was a KA pledge and spent most of the
        semester in a state of total or semi-total inebriation
        and after staying up all night “studying” {he had borrowed
        Stan’s notes}…as if mine weren’t good enough..anyway we
        took a break about 5am and went to Red Coleman’s and I bought
        a bottle of Lancers, cause I had some apple pie and cheese, and
        wanted to have a glass of wine and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese
        with a piece of apple pie, anyway..went in to Take the test, and all the
        suddenly I had to PUKE, and I mean right now..didn’t make it to the bathroom
        and got a B on the final exam…oh well.
        What are the odds ? …the same Dr. McFarland.


  1. DUH !
    Jew Worshipping starts with one big fat “JEWISH” lie…!
    doubleminded “JEW” worshippers always confuse Israel with “JEW”….!

    Israel is a people…a COMPANY of Nations…White People/ “Christendom”
    formerly, now we’re called THE WEST…Rothschild lackeys…or simply
    “JEW” worshippers…and “OUR” interest lies with the professional
    LYING MURDERERS who claim to be “Israel” …what are the odds ?

    who is “we”…
    Some “White” People commit suicide,
    haunted to the grave by “JEW” creditors.
    It tears “JEW” worshipping families apart thanks to “JEW” contrived
    “financial stress”. ….on easy ZERO DOWN easy credit terms.
    $$$ ….see CREDIT KARMA…free !!!
    By the HUNDREDS of millions. Throughout …”the West”. . . .!
    The known World.
    It is purely “JEW” contrived genocide,
    there really is no other “beat around the bush” way to get around it….
    if one can THINK….!
    $$$ – And “we” have built “our” entire economy {language} on this horrid plunder. .$$$
    Oh this monstrous sin….see ISAIAH 3.

    When will “we” again see the simple truth as “our” ancestors always did ?
    Jesus said to put the 6 million “JEWS” in the OVENS of Truth..!!



  2. Funny isn’t it? We are told that government is necessary to keep the wolves at bay, the thieves and crooks, the MURDERS ! Look at any government today, they are the biggest crooks liars and thieves. They are the biggest MURDERS ! So who will protest us from them? Ultimately, its up to us to do that. It is time to put these wolves down, world wide !



  3. The return of Dublin Mick! And here I was thinking that a Nazi sinkhole had been turned against him to prevent the truth from reaching the people.


  4. truly that is the function of truth…

    a flaming sword, wielded with righteous indignation against that
    which is repugnant to Justice…
    or at least Americans who could define the word “government” as
    being formed for the purpose so stated …to “establish Justice”…

    er um…
    at what point in time did the Children of Israel “turn into”….so-called Jews ?
    …and Neil Tyson was the TA for my Astronomy class @ UT in spring 86.
    what are the odds…?
    sometimes a full measure of a Man might not be all the unflattering things
    that his so-called friends and “family” might say, but what his enemies

    did Jesus really make a whip and whip the money changers ass’s
    after overturning their tables…


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