Holocaust Survivor Stories by Karl Radl


Holocaust Survivor Stories


(Week Ending: 13/07/2014)

by Karl Radl of Semitic Controversies


And we are back; after an enforced hiatus, with more lame-brained, imagined and often simply impossible nonsense from the world’s most famous fibbers (aka ‘Holocaust Survivors’). Before we begin this week we should first note that Jack Rubin over at bat-shit insane jews anonymous (aka the Jerusalem Post) is now claiming that after paying billions upon billions of dollars in official; as well as billions upon billions of unofficial, compensation: the German people should foot the bill (yet again) for all the ‘needs’ of ‘holocaust survivors’.

Hey Jackie: get your facts right deary.

Germany has paid a huge amount of money to jews and Israel already (probably something close to a year or twos worth of GDP over the course of the last seven decades) for ‘crimes’ that nobody can show any actual evidence its former government committed. Demanding that Germany pay yet more money when your so-called ‘Claims Conference’ can’t even hide the fact that it has been fiddling its account books for the last decade or so (and still has millions upon millions in assets) so that ‘untold millions of dollars’ has been lost to ‘morally upright’ jews who can’t resist getting their greasy paws on gentile gold.

It is Shoah business though: ain’t it?

If you want more money: how about you show a bit of gumption and ask the international jewish community for donations? You know you really should otherwise you will give the lie the hoary old canard common to philo-Semitic literature that jews are ‘great philanthropists’ and donate to charity more than gentiles do.

blood-moneyAt least one ‘holocaust survivor’; Gertrude Stanley, who died recently had a £1.3 million fortune, while an Israeli ‘holocaust survivor’; David Azrieli, who died this week had billions of dollars

How about the jews use that to pay the expenses of the few million ‘holocaust survivors’ who still seem to be alive currently?

Perhaps you should practice what you preach?

My my… wouldn’t that be a change?

Don’t hold your breath though readers: Jack Rubin and the circumcised intellectual pond life that actually take his twaddle seriously won’t part with any of their fancy five course kosher dinners to support their own kind. Instead they will insist that is all your fault and therefore you should pay for everything (like these gullible Americans in Israel):

It is called a confidence trick and by god are the jews good at it!

Now moving on from a bunch of crazy jews to one who is quite clearly suffering from paranoid delusions that the ‘Natzis’ were out to get him.

Blue Hitler by Irving Kamrat

Blue Hitler by Irving Kamrat

I will quote this verbatim as it has be read to believed.

‘In the beginning, Nasya Kamrat recounts, her goal was to memorialize her grandfather’s story. Irving Kamrat’s life was saved by a German guard: Towards the end of the war, the Nazis were killing people by playing a “game” in which Jews had to count off, and were killed if they got the “wrong” number. One day, Irving was picked and taken to a room where he was supposed to be killed by hanging. The German guard, who he had gotten to know well, hid him in a bin filled with laundry from previously killed inmates, and snuck him out of the room. The camp was liberated shortly thereafter.’

Now lets apply some common sense to this: if the Germans wanted to kill people they would have just killed people dependent on their lack of usefulness to the Reich’s war effort. Lining people up and then killing them dependent on what numbers they call out is just simply absurd, both because it defies logic and also because the camp; was Kamrat states, was just about to be liberated.

Why randomly kill jews just before you are going to be overrun by the Red Army?

Why not either march them off on one of the so-called ‘death marches’ (aka making jews walk distances as opposed to being carried in trucks and trains [Oy Vey!]) or kill them all?

It simply makes no sense does it?

You either kill all the jews and get out of there or you march out of there with the jews as fast as you can.

You don’t hang around sadistically killing random people given that you are aware that; as a member of the SS, if you are caught by the Red Army then you will be automatically executed per their standing orders.

Yes lets hang around randomly killing people in sadistic games and wait to be executed ourselves.

Makes no sense: does it?

As to the other bit of the story concerning the ‘hiding in the laundry bin’: well that again is implausible given that it seems rather unlikely that a supposed ‘mass extermination camp’ would allow; presumably large, containers and hampers to go unchecked given the high likelihood of escape attempts and so forth.

Also given that a laundry hamper is a fairly light thing even when full of dirty clothes: wouldn’t everyone notice and become suspicious if it was seriously heavy, because there was a person inside it (whether or not it could be pushed or had to be carried)?

I mean come on: this story is blatantly made up. No ifs or buts about it: it simply doesn’t make any sort of logical or historical sense, but veritably reeks of an embellished story of ‘personal heroics’ that many so-called survivors appear to have concocted as a way of giving their life meaning.

Another such story is that of Charles Middenberg who; in a recent engagement at Warm Springs Middle School in West Virginia, claims that


Joshua Rider and
Charles Middleberg

he ‘knows’ his mother was ‘gassed to death’. We can even infer from the wording of the report; which claims these are his ‘memories’, that he believes he witnessed said ‘gassing’ (which would make sense as otherwise how does he know his mother was ‘gassed’?), but yet he was allegedly pretending; according to the same report, to be masquerading as a Catholic with a gentile Polish family at the time!

Whoops… contradicted yourself there didn’t you Charlie?

It is even stranger than that considering that even orthodox holocaustian historians acknowledge; however reluctantly, that they don’t know who was gassed and who was not in the camps.

More precisely they can’t actually prove any gassings of human beings took place in any of the German camps and they have to resort to what they like to call ‘convergence of [selected circumstantial] evidence’ to support the alleged ‘gassings’ taking place as opposed to actual evidence that they did indeed happen (which; considering the scale of the alleged killings, should be abundant but has been lacking for seventy years even after huge resources of manpower and money have been expended trying to find it).

It is unfortunate that the students at Warm Springs Middle School have yet to be trained in the critical interpretation of evidence (and nobody can blame them for taking Middenberg fanciful inventions as the ‘truth’), but the teachers and parents should be ashamed of having put someone who is obviously a bald-faced liar in front of their students/children as if he was actually genuine.

All they would have needed to do is read an orthodox account of the ‘holocaust’ to know that his ‘memories’ were fake!

Meanwhile a ‘holocaust survivor’ resident in Canada ironically named Pinchas Gutter has been promoted as the subject of a ‘documentary’ titled ‘Political, Polish Jew: The Story of Pinchas Gutter’ by the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation of Canada. In this documentary Gutter; who was born in 1932 into a Hasidic family in Poland, relates his experiences thus:

‘After the Nazis began terrorizing the Jewish population of Lodz, Gutter’s father sent his wife and two children to live with a relative in Warsaw, believing, incorrectly, that it would be safer there for his family. Eventually, he joined them in Warsaw

In the Warsaw ghetto, they endured terrible hardships. “We were like chickens in a coop,” Gutter recalls.

They survived the big deportations of 1942, but after the 1943 ghetto uprising was suppressed, they were caught by the Germans and sent to the Majdanek extermination camp. Gutter’s mother and sister were murdered. He thought he would meet the same fate, but muddled through. His father, however, was killed.

“I cried,” he says in a reference to his death. “I was 11 years old.”

To this day, Gutter finds it inconceivable that a crime so heinous as the Holocaust could have been committed.

In the wake of his father’s murder, he was savagely beaten by a German guard. He was then sent to a nearby labor camp, where ammunition and mines were manufactured for the German army. Toward the close of the war, he found himself in Buchenwald, which he describes as “hell on earth.” He was subsequently transported to a labor camp in Germany and forced to participate in a death march to Theresienstadt.’

>Heart-wrenching: isn’t it?

It just a shame that is all quite clearly nonsense given that firstly Majdanek wasn’t a death camp; and there is precious little evidence it could have been one as it was captured intact with no gas chambers (yet it has been the subject of numerous ‘holocaust survivor’ gassing stories), and that secondly the Germans wouldn’t have killed his father and left him; an 11 year old, alive considering that an 11 year old is a far less precious labour resource than a grown man.

Why leave the young child alive, but the fully-grown father not?

Also why kill Gutter’s sister and not Gutter if child labour was so useful to the war effort?

Much of a contradiction there?

I’d say so!

It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever: does it?

Then a German guard predictably beat him up; which is one of those absurd tropes of all ‘holocaust survivor’ stories in that a nasty Nazi badly beat them at least one, and to top it off he survived a ‘death march’ (aka requiring jews to actually walk a reasonable distance rather than waddle to the nearest train station or catch a taxi).

Pinchas’ ‘memories’ are quite clearly a bunch of nonsense pretending to be ‘recollections’ given that he uses all the standard tropes of ‘survivor’ ‘experiences’ and his claims defy any kind of logic to them and; as I have above demonstrated, actually contradict one another.

So much for the ‘power of memory’: huh?

Pinchas Gutter

Pinchas Gutter

Oh and just to cap off this week’s edition of ‘Holocaust Survivor Stories’ we should note that in Sydney, Australia an elderly jew is claiming that he is a ‘double’ ‘holocaust survivor’ because… wait for it… he was a homosexual and a jew.

Next he’ll be coming out claiming he a sexual relationship with one of his SS guards or something (as we all know SS personnel had sex with jewish inmates at the drop of a hat since jews are apparently so damn attractive and generally desirable that even those who hate them want to breed with them).

That’s it for this week folks.


Please visit Karl’s site for extremely in-depth analysis of past and current Semitic Controversies. Excellent site!

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4 thoughts on “Holocaust Survivor Stories by Karl Radl

  1. Oh gosh, I got so teary-eyed reading about those poor Jews that I couldn’t finish the article…. I’ll feel better after I watch the ‘world’s most moral army,’ the IDF, slaughter a few hundred more Paleos, that will show those fuckers, why don’t we just move them back to where they came…what’s that, their from Palestine? Uhh…

    I see, you’re a holocaust denier, aren’t you, a Jew hater, and an anti-Semite.

    Now I’m off to the bank to count my gold coins!!!!


  2. Wow, you’d think they would know when to quit…being so
    OBNOXIOUS …NEW YORK JEW …”Obnoxious” !!!

    so-called “Jewish” woman was ejected from a JetBlue flight after arguing
    about the Israel-Hamas conflict with a Palestinian passenger.
    Read more: about why the “JEWISH” narrative is analogous to wearing
    a turd on the forehead….as if nobody notices, oy vey !!


    funny story, back in 1979 March @ Ft. Leonard Wood a young “Jew” from NY was
    required to go into the CHAMBER OF GAS…with a mask,
    as part of the NBC training…
    naturally being a “JEW” he refused, and all the threats and coercion of the
    MILITARY training staff did not prevail on his “JEWISH” mind…
    he was put through several weeks of extra PHYSICAL training but was
    allowed to PASS ” basic training”, having not completed the
    GAS CHAMBER…experience.
    His dad worked for Levi Strauss.
    The first LEVI’S were made with HEMP and didn’t wear out.
    http://adask.wordpress.com/ <—– he saw a Tattoo !!

    "….can't have a HOLOHOAX w/out TATTOO's" . . . .Jim Floyd.


    • The last sentence of the Jew Dr’s account tells it all, doesn’t it?

      I just was completely outraged that I would be asked to leave a plane, being

        a Jew


      Rosenberg told ABC’s local affiliate in Palm Beach County.

      Why do I feel good that a Jew FINALLY gets a little of what everyone else gets? It seems to me that this particular woman should be placed upon a terrorist list.


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