ZIONISM: Demonic Jewish Death Cult by Arthur Topham


ZIONISM: Demonic Jewish Death Cult


Arthur Topham

July 14th, 2014



Recently my wife and I  had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with my daughter and our granddaughter at our home here in the Cariboo region of beautiful British Columbia. It had been four years since we were able to do this as my constant legal battle with the Jewish Lobby group B’nai Brith Canada over the past eight years placed me in a position where we were unable to travel and visit family.

Finally seeing our ten year old granddaughter was a joy indeed and a very heart-warming reminder of just how precious one’s family truly is.

But all the while that we were enjoying each others’ company and having fun and reminiscing about past times and future plans, across the world in Gaza, Palestine, the Israeli Jews were busy with their endless blood-letting and slaughter of Palestinian children, women and men in their diabolical and insane effort to murder every non-Jew in the former Holy land that stands in their way of gaining absolute control over lands and resources that never ever belonged to them from day one.


As I watched and listened and prayed for the cessation of bombing and mayhem I looked in vain to the West for some display of outrage but, beyond those who have always stood up for the Palestinian people and their just cause to remain the owners of the lands stolen from them since 1948, I looked in vain.

Where was (and is) my government as this slaughter of children and defenceless adults goes on daily with sickening and disgusting furor?

Please read the rest at the link.

This is a powerful “rant” that each and every human being on Earth needs to hear and understand. Just substitute American criminals’ names for the Canadian ones. Its all the same when it comes to serving the murderous Jews of Israel.

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4 thoughts on “ZIONISM: Demonic Jewish Death Cult by Arthur Topham

    back in 1981 the night Harry Chapin went home on a fiery chariot,
    there was a LUNAR ECLIPSE…
    and it was also the birthday of a friend of mine…
    when “we” have some event or HAPPENING that leaves an indelible
    impression on our “minds/hearts” {soul} maybe we remember it
    better, as a reference point…sometimes “our” emotions cloud
    or occlude the reality of what happened, sometimes “our”
    LANGUAGE is defective or has room for improvement…
    [to be more precise,even] specifically….
    when did the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN become “our” government ?
    {John 8:33} {Matt. 3:9} {Rev. 3:9}
    did “we” vote for that, did “we” have an OPTION to not participate..?
    *Where was (and is) “my government” as this slaughter of children and
    defenseless adults goes on daily with sickening and disgusting furor?
    …{is Jesus the King…?}
    from No More Myths…@ Kenny’s :
    “Read the falsified history of the Jews and their fables derived from the myths
    of other cultures as written in the Bible.
    {does this ATTITUDE reflect some animus towards Jesus ?}
    Ignore the contradictions, absurdities, atrocities, and scientific and
    “historical inaccuracies” therein. . . {seriously !}
    Ignore evidence, reason, and critical thinking, and have faith instead,
    because the Bible tells you to…”
    {“oh ye of little faith”…}
    how can “we” confuse things so “we” stay in a conundrum,
    {JEW SEWAGE DITCH}…mental, physical, spiritual whirlpool
    swirling around the same false assumptions based on the same lies
    over and over again…
    WHY ?
    When did the Children of Israel….
    WHITE PEOPLE NATIONS ….TRANSFORM …{in the twinkling of an eye}
    turn into….http://www.dcstreetsorcery.com/
    the Gog & Magog…so-called “Jews”…
    in the stool sculpture deity cult compound calling itself
    ISRAEL….today ?
    in the do we actually have a choice dept.,
    depends locally on who is sovereign,

    n’est ce pas


    [7 billion people, 2 comments]….

    are you familiar with Cletus Purcell ?


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