RIP James Garner


h/t The Garner Files

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13 thoughts on “RIP James Garner

  1. Wow, did not know that…

    there was a time briefly back in 74-75 when I actually got to watch a little TV,
    Rockford Files, Columbo, Grizzly Adams…The “News”
    Marty Feldmans Comedy Hour…that was only on for 30 minutes
    but I always liked the music and the show ROCKFORD FILES
    and Jim Garner…and like Fess Parker, there were two men
    who managed to make it through the mine field in tact…
    the comments on his passing drew many of the same feelings
    from thousands of fans…ordinary people who admired his
    STYLE…American …The Good Kind
    When being an American was still something to be proud of…
    briefly got to visit with Dr. Elwell, in a get together for Richard Simkanin a couple
    of years ago…before Simkanin was taken back to prison to die.–year-old-former-concentrat/
    Ken Starr at Baylor…;_ylt=AwrBEiR2RM1TSA8AQxrQtDMD
    what would Rocky say;_ylt=AwrBJSCsOs1TNUEABTjQtDMD
    the Irony

    won’t be long, and we’ll all be together again…
    except those going to hell


  2. What makes you think Garner was White instead of just another of the thousands of crypto-jews given wealth in Hollywood? What did he ever do in favor of the White race and against the jews?

    It’s quite sad when even the truthteller sites praise actors and singers who did nothing but serve the anti-White agenda of the jews. They provided pacifying entertainment, which subtly and blatantly poisoned our minds — from birth.

    Wake up, please.


    • point well taken…

      !!! ….define Wake up…! – [PLEASE] !!!

      Hell define Israel….for that matter.
      I liked Jim Garner. I even like Jackie Mason & Andy Kaufman.
      each individual sets their own boundaries, YOU KNOW….!
      how defiant can one be in the face of the Almighty ?
      simple question…
      When did the Children of Israel {white people nations}
      – {12 Tribes -Company of Nations – Gen 49} –
      turn into Gog & Magog so-called ….”Jews”…?
      conversely, when did Mankind turn into just “humanity”…?
      is there any validity and relevance to Zephaniah 3:9 …
      er um in the WAKE UP dept. ?
      where are the GOG & MAGOG “JEWS” in Exodus 14…
      what TRIBE are “they” from…exactly, specifically…?
      how did they get there from Khazaria in the 8th century AD…?
      how could SEPHARVAIM inhabitants in Samaria, after the
      KINGDOM OF ISRAEL is hauled away in the Assyrian captivity
      time travel back to Egypt to be “JEWISH”…when crossing the Red Sea..?

      should SEPHARDIC “JEWS” in France beat feet for the stool sculpture deity
      CULT COMPOUND called TALMUDIA {Israel} …in Palestine ?

      probably hunting and fishing is better than watching TV…
      just walking in the woods, or helping an elderly neighbor,
      or spending some quality time with a child…teaching
      a little bit of TRUTH about the “JEWISH” narrative [John 8:44]

      we all have the opportunity to ADJUDICATE our selves…in Real time.

      and Wake up…


    • What makes you think he was not white?

      who did nothing but serve the anti-White agenda of the jews.

      Well, show me where he fucked white people over. Then, you might have a point. But I don’t attack every Tom, Dick and Harry over suspicions just because of the career they had.

      All you have done is sling shit with no real fact behind your assertion. Show me the fact.

      Since all I did was make a picture with a quote from his book, explain how I “praised” the man. It is the first time I ever even mentioned him here (blogging since 2007).

      Do you disagree with the point of the quote or are you just here to bitch?

      I don’t like bitches.


      • I gotta be honest Bman…
        sometimes you remind me of Cletus Purcell
        Two hundred and forty-six years ago, revenue agents in Boston impounded a large cargo ship christened Liberty that contained a bounty of untaxed goods. The owner of that vessel was a notorious scofflaw and extremist who had been cheating the government by withholding its cut of his commerce.
        The officials responsible for this seizure acted out of the smug assurance that the “decent” majority would support this righteous assertion of authority. They were wrong. Rather than rallying to the cause of law and order, the population turned against its government, assaulting officers and attacking their facilities.

        Noble Man
        and I really like Sally Field, too.

        footnote : “Rule of Thumb”
        English Common Law : A Man by Law could chastise his “wife” with a stick no
        bigger than his thumb, in those days hysterical females were not allowed
        to interfere
        with “business”…in town.
        which is why they had the stocks…for the unruly.


          • a fictional character of James Lee Burke
            side kick of Dave Robicheaux…
            mind you I don’t necessarily condone or agree with
            everything Burke writes…you know.
            when I was in Alabama, I read a few of his books.

            Les Visible poo poo’d one of his recent productions,
            and it is perhaps understandable why…given the NAZI meme
            and the “Jewish” narrative, and the butter on the bread ploy,
            what with the publishers and their concern for the bottom line
            and all…
            But loving New Orleans, like loving the state where my family has lived since 1836, is like falling in love with the great whore of Babylon. It’s not coincidence that the American incarnation of the mafia, or Black Hand, had its inception in New Orleans and announced its presence in 1891 by murdering the police commissioner. Keeping the tradition alive, U.S. Sen. Huey P. Long gave the state of Louisiana to Frank Costello and the Mob. The slot and racehorse machines came from Chicago; the credit line that bought them came from my family’s hometown, New Iberia. In my lifetime, one of the most despised politicians in the state was an attorney general who tried to shut down the cathouses and gambling joints in the southern parishes. In Louisiana we love the idealism of Don Quixote, but we have always made room for his libertine, hedonistic sidekick, Sancho Panza.

            But New Orleans is a tragedy, and not simply because of a hurricane. In the early 1980s, crack cocaine hit the city like a hydrogen bomb. Simultaneously, the Reagan administration cut federal aid to New Orleans by half. The consequence was disaster. The murder rate soared, matching Washington’s. White flight into Jefferson Parish was on a level with the Exodus from Egypt. New Orleans cops not only committed robberies and investigated their own crimes, they actually committed murders — in one instance the execution by a female officer of the witnesses to her crime.

            David Duke managed to put a black face on criminality and was almost elected governor of the state.

            Within New Orleans’ city limits, the population is 70% black.
            These are mainly hard-working, blue-collar people who have endured every form of adversity over many generations. But another element is there too, one that is heavily armed and morally insane.

            These are people who will rob the victim,
            then arbitrarily kill him out of sheer meanness. . .

            and the Israeli’s…?



  3. moving right along as they say…appearing as cavalier
    as Maverick might about the blood lust of the Zionists
    on the next lamp post you’ll notice another swinging example of
    unmitigated Chutzpah…

    In addition to the alleged plan to ship more weapons to Hamas in Gaza,
    Wicked Nasty Demons last week reported the Iranian-backed Hezbollah
    reopened an operational room …”SITUATION ROOM”…
    with Hamas to coordinate regional ice cream delivery developments,
    according to the “JEWISH” informed
    Mideast TERRORIST Zionist A**HOLES.
    The operational room, commissioned at the direction of Iran, is in Lebanon.
    It is coordinating with Hamas command-and-control in the Gaza Strip,
    the plan is to sneak blue bell ice cream into Gaza.
    Read more outside the box…
    and between the lines

    now you gotta axe yoself…
    How long O Lord…How Long…?


  4. just to be abundantly clear on the Cletus Purcell…compliment.

    knowing that there is someone willing to RIGHT the wrongs…
    some guy with the STONES to stand up and FIGHT for what
    is RIGHT and TRUE…even though sometimes he likes to enjoy life
    a little in ways that smarmy self righteous BAPTIST PREACHER WIVES
    in town would TSK TSK themselves into a wadded panty predicament
    and overlook the fact that the NOBLE MAN is entitled to have fun
    without harming others despite their {religious} self righteous “feelings”….

    maybe your genetic heritage is somewhat related to the “Heroes” of yore…
    you’ll probably be overjoyed to know finally there is some good news
    check this out, here’s some people who have already identified themselves
    publicly as being NON COMPOS MENTIS by “registering to VOTE”…but hey

    Voters strongly believe the United States is a more divided nation these days,
    and they think both sides are to blame. … {is that funny or what?}
    Most are also ready to do something about it at the ballot box in November.
    take a moment to savour that steaming pile…ahhhh…..oooohh
    The Zionist Occupied so-called U.S. is simply no longer in a position where it can
    effectively create political solutions in the Middle East….as if in GOOD FAITH
    “they” ever did….since no “political solution” is ever based on truth.
    As Chas Freeman analyzes the Zionist orchestrated & Scripted
    Obama administration
    over the recent years,
    managed to make the mess in the Middle East even messier than it usually is.

    Its addiction to ZIONIST TERRORISTS calling themselves
    “Israel”. . .

    (and its utter hypocrisy) has ruined its own dung doodling position:
    From the outset,
    used the “peace process” as a distraction while it created facts on the ground
    in the form of illegal settlements.
    Israeli expansionism and related policies
    have now made Israel’s peaceful coexistence with the Palestinians– and,
    thus, with Israel’s Arab neighbors – impossible.
    9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan,Palestine….ALL THE TIME…
    created the “moral hazard” that enabled “Israel” to put itself
    in this ultimately untenable position.
    Forty years of one-sided “American diplomacy”…seriously,
    aimed at achieving regional and international acceptance for “Israel” have thus
    perversely produced the very opposite – increasing international isolation
    and opprobrium for the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN = GOG & MAGOG …Jewish state.

    SERIOUSLY…. Who the HELL is “We”… will now “cover TALMUDIA’s back”
    at the JEW CONTRIVED
    “United Nations”….IMF…World bank…ZOG U.S…..KRACKHOUSE…
    as its ongoing mass murders and “intermittent muggings”
    of the ISHMAELITE population
    and complete its international delegitimization and ostracism….!
    {one cannot delegitimate that which is UNLAWFUL to begin with}
    WHO THE HELL is “We”… will pay a heavy political price for this stand globally,
    in the Middle East, and very likely in escalating terrorism against “JEW” worshipping
    “Americans” abroad and at home.

    It may satisfy “our” sense of honor…. <——- HUH ?

    But it more closely resembles assisted suicide than a strategy for the survival of
    " Israel" and "our"…. own position in the Middle East….

    ….Angel, planting trees in Israel…sure thing


    RIP James Garner


    • It’s unfortunate for me that I don’t have the time to read as I did even a couple months ago. I Googled the Clevis character and found references, but since I haven’t read any of it, I was unfamiliar.

      I find it funny when people come here and spout the kinda stuff dude wrote. I mean for goodness sakes, I hate the idea of searching for Jews under every rock.

      Speaking of rocks… the Rockford character was one of my favorites growing up. I really liked Maverick reruns, too. Almost anything Garner played in was pretty good.

      But thinking about the dude’s comments, I cannot think of a single example of his claim being true (that Garner was a crypto-Jew). But even if he was, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate his work.

      I can say the same thing for some Jewish comedians. There are Jewish musicians that I consider talented (too many to name, actually).

      My gripe is not with Jews, per se, because I think most of them are brainwashed into their false supremacy thinking. Many stop it or at least only do it in certain situations. My only carte blanch gripe against Jews are that many know what is going on but VERY FEW say or do anything about it. They are the “Decent Jews”.

      Just because a Jew has talent, though, doesn’t make them a decent Jew (David Lee Roth or Gene Simmons come to mind). As a matter of fact, both of those guys are ardent Zionist, supremacist scumbags.

      Anyway, hating every Jew is a waste of time and energy. But hating what their corrupt nature (and the fact that almost none of them will do anything about it) has done to the world seems a bit more worthy.


  5. I would have never thought this about Garner……pretty cool.

    I have to agree with your position Bman as per your rebuttal to Wise2Cryptos. We all live in the Jew dominated matrix, all of us our compromised in some way…….Shit, even just using Federal Reserve notes makes us complicit to their world wide scam. So yeah, Garner worked in Hollywood in the Jew business. So what? At least we can say that the Rockford Files was a pretty decent program as far as depicting a masculine, normal, white male enforcing the law. Nothing wrong with that. And not to mention it had the most rocking theme song ever in the history of TV.

    No need to waste time hating on every Jew. Gotta keep the big picture in mind.


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