Majdanek: The Rodney Dangerfield of “Death Camps”


Many have never heard of this “death camp” in Poland, but back just after WWII it was considered one of the worst for gassing Jews (and everyone else). The Nuremberg Trials for all the evil Nazis had evidence presented by the Russians that said over 1.5 Million people were murdered there.

Today, however, the liars have been forced to admit that there were only 78,000 deaths (in total), 59.000 Jews.

That place gets no respect.

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3 thoughts on “Majdanek: The Rodney Dangerfield of “Death Camps”

  1. six million Jew lies…oy vey !

    ..why that is necessary for the children of Israel

    Bild, the largest circulation paper in “JEW” occupied Germany Friday called
    on all “JEW” worshipping Germans to….dig this Chutzaph….
    “raise their voices against anti-Semitism”….. ! seriously !!
    A banner headline said: “Nie Wieder Juden-Hass (Never Again Jew Hatred).
    The paper’s late owner, Axel Springer, was a “friend of” the Synagogue of Satan
    TALMUDIC TERRORIST so-called “Jews” who are PROSELYTES to the Synagogue of Satan
    Talmudic Terrorist STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT and strong supporters of Talmudia
    which is JEWTOPIA …..a steaming pile of “JEW LIES”….approximately 6 million…give or take.
    The newspaper’s statement is a repudiation of the rash of recent “anti-Semitism”
    in German demonstrations against TALMUDIA’s Gaza “war”,
    {F16’s against sling shots…is a war…Tanks against stone throwing…a war ?}
    Bild skankster & professional PUTZ Kai Dieckmann, hissed “Jewishly”….
    He lisped like a Jew Fag that the newspaper’s “Jew” worshipping so-called journalists
    feel a special obligation for repeating JEW LIES on account of their addiction to filthy lucre….
    and that is in essence what they are in fact paid to do….repeat “Jewish” lies…verbatim.
    “We as Germans take the lessons and the “responsibility of the Holocaust” seriously
    and we will always be on the side of the Synagogue of Satan “Jews” …from the
    STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT…{which is the essence of “Judaism”}
    when its existence is threatened.”
    Dieckmann says critics of TALMUDIA should voice their opinion in front of the
    GIANT TURD TALMUDIA Embassy and not in front of the synagogues of Satan.
    ….find the word “Jew” in this text …
    Dig this CHUTZPAH….
    “Those who do this are pure “anti-Semites”,
    and there should be no place for them in “JEW” worshipping …. Germany.”
    Read more: …about what Jesus is talking about when He says
    “and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers,
    Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them:
    but gather the wheat into my barn.”,_Jr.
    the whole nine yards
    The Son of man shall send forth his angels,
    and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend,
    and them which do iniquity;
    for real.


  2. YEAHWAY….

    and furthermore…for all the unbelievably dense “good Baptists”
    who just don’t “get it”….try not to let a little thing like common sense
    trip you up on your way down to the alter to sacrifice your great grandchildren
    to the dung god of Talmudic Judaism that freaking prints the currency….
    in your “Jew” worshipping concentration camp…

    The Zionist dung doodling Mass Murdering Terrorist Israelis are systematically
    murdering Palestinians and driving them out of their homes and have been
    doing so for more than half a century. Palestine is Islamic holy land.
    There has never been a more clear-cut case of legitimate defensive jihad.

    But this issue is a no-brainer. Anyone who reads the Qur’an with a scintilla of understanding, anyone with the faintest acquaintance with just war theory, anyone who even remotely comprehends that our God-given human nature loathes {UNLAWFUL} aggression and authorizes self-defense, knows that not just every Muslim, but every human being with a conscience is required to help the Palestinians defend themselves against genocidal Zionist aggression.

    What’s more, this one is winnable. A wedge can be driven between the psychotic über-Zionists and the slightly more rational realists who hold power in the West.
    we will work hard enough, and fight hard enough,
    we will bring the formerly – {on account of Talmudvision & “Jew” worshipping}
    “Christendom” – the “West” aka…. {1st world nations/true Israelites}
    to admit That Jesus told the truth about the Synagogue of Satan “Jews” in John 8:44
    and now the liberation of Palestine is necessary for
    Five or six million cannot hold out against two billion forever.
    like this is SIMPLE Math …dude.
    Like apartheid South Africa in the 1980s,
    Zionist “Israel” today is approaching its expiration date.
    gog & magog “Jews” still can’t be Israel….they aren’t even Hebrews.
    There are fake jihads happening all over the world…Takfiri jihads, fourth generation warfare jihads, Dragon-fu imperialist-sponsored divide-and-conquer jihads. These misguided spasms of pointless violence are libels on the noble word “jihad” – a word the Zionist-dominated Western media has dragged through the mud…..the stinky “Jew” mud.
    To hell with all the fake jihads. The real jihad is in Palestine.
    Onward to victory.

    You got to hand it to them and… the cosmos certainly is going to do that.
    They got some stones to go bombing hospitals and schools.
    In no other race on Earth are MOST of the members evil but that is the case with this one.
    World wide outrage is shaking the atmosphere. Few believe their transparent BS.
    Meanwhile, it’s 24/7 “Putin is Evil!!!” The world as we knew it is in the shallows of the river
    bed and the dam has broken upstream.
    There is a roaring sound in the air but most everyone has no idea what is causing it.
    Is it a train?
    Is it a low flying aircraft?
    Is it Netanyahu farting out of both sides of his mouth?
    Sooner or later, mostly sooner, in cases like this,
    sound turns into substance….

    for real.


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