Know The Truth About What The Jews Are Doing To Palestine

The Truth

The Lies

1) “Hamas fired 1,394 rockets at Israel!”

How many rockets, missiles, tank shells, cluster bombs, white phosphorous bombs, bullets, cannons and grenades has Israel unleashed on the Palestinians? It’s a sad situation and only reflective of the evident bias when you can count to the 3rd decimal point the number of Hamas projectiles but be completely clueless about Israel’s arsenal.

2) “Israel is defending itself. What would you do if someone was firing rockets at your country?!”

A: If I occupied a people, placed a crippling trade and economic embargo on them, placed them under siege, humiliated them daily via military and police checkpoints, controlled their water and electricity, constructed apartheid “Jewish-only roads”, shot their children, bombed their schools, mosques and businsses, illegally seized their lands, destroyed their crops, demolished their homes, threw thousands of them in dungeons and treated them like sub-humans and they fired rockets at me – I would probably stop doing all of the above.

Secondly, Israel has been mass murdering the Palestinians for over 60 years – long before any rockets were fired and long before Hamas was even in existence. So this is nothing but a fallacy designed to deflect the reality of the situation and mislead others. Finally, Israel’s indiscriminate use of heavy weaponry in civilian areas is a war crime, not self defense.

3) “This is Hamas’s fault, they use human shields. Israel doesn’t target civilians!”

A: Excuse me, when you launch an unbridled, indiscriminate attack from warships, fighter jets, tanks, artillery and helicopters on a CIVILIAN AREA – what do you expect to find there – breakdancing hobbits? When you attack civilian areas, you kill civilians. It’s not Advanced Chinese Mathematics.

Gaza is the most densley populated place on earth. It’s an open air prison. So when Israel fires into these areas it is going to kill and maim people every time.

Secondly, according to the Israeli Human Rights group, Beit Selem which tracks both Israel and Palestinian deaths, dozens of children as young as 4 years old were killed with gunshot wounds to the HEAD AND CHEST. Not to mention the videos coming through showing snipers killing rescuers. Bombing ambulances and hospitals also has to be the most cowardly thing a military could do. So I’m afraid this “doesn’t target civilians” statement doesn’t hold up the facts.

4) “Israel is the most moral and humane army in the world. Who else calls/texts people and drops leaflets warning them to evacuate before a pending attack?”

I love this one.

“Please be notified in 5 minutes, we are going to destroy your home.”

In other words, Israel publicly announces to thousands of civilians their full intent to perpetrate yet another war crime and you’re asking us to somehow acknowledge this as some type of humane gesture? The gall.

How about a rapist or murderer “notify” their victims by sending them text messages/leaflets that they’re coming shortly to rape and murder them – does it make it any less perverse? If this is the level of desperation Zionists and their sympathisers have stooped to, then it’s little wonder public opinion is God willing, starting to turn against them.

As for “evacuating”…

Have you seen a map of Gaza? If so, could you please explain to me where the Palestinians are supposed to “evacuate” to? To the north and east, they are blocked by Israeli walls and military checkpoints. To the south is Egypt’s closed crossing thanks to Israel’s slave, Sissy. To the west is the Mediterranean Sea. So what do they do, swim for it and hope they can make it to Cyprus or Turkey before Israel “defends itself” again and machine guns them all in the water?

Go to a UN shelter? Wait, they tried that already TWICE – once in Qana, Lebanon and once in Gaza a few years ago and Israel “defended itself” by bombing the shelters massacring a total of 352 civilians. Add to this, Israel’s naval and air forces who have killed thousands of people are constantly patrolling the areas. They are surrounded from every imaginable direction and you sit from the comfort of your sofa sipping $8 coffee then froth at the mouth demanding they evacuate.

Have a nice day. “

Contrast and Compare




I encourage everyone to visit White Wraithe’s blog, Pragmatic Witness ( to follow along with the Palestinian’s horrific ordeal.

h/t commenter Khaldi at New York Mag

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18 thoughts on “Know The Truth About What The Jews Are Doing To Palestine

  1. The JEW BUTCHERS are going all the way this time, intent on ‘wiping Gaza off the face of the Earth.’

    What vile, shit-eating scum these fucks are, no evidence of humanity in these cancerous organisms that are infesting the Earth.
    No wonder they’ve been kicked out of dozens and dozens of nations over the centuries.

    Looks like the next MOSSAD False Flag will be staffed by Palestinians.


  2. Good Jew versus Bad Jew (good cop/bad cop)

    Siegman said Tel Aviv could have prevented the disaster that is being played out by ending the occupation of the Palestinian territories in the first place. “Couldn’t Israel be doing something [to prevent] this disaster that is playing out now, in terms of the destruction of human life? Couldn’t they have done something that did not require that cost?
    And the answer is, sure, they could have

      ended the occupation



  3. Yeahway….

    when specifically did the Children of Israel become the “PROSELYTES”
    {two fold child of hell..Jesus} to the BAD FAITH – Devil Religion – “TALMUDIC JUDAISM…?
    any photographs…signed affidavits…proof…evidence…anything at all…
    paintings, garbled notes, ROSETTA STONES….
    cryptic sentences in an ALIEN ….

    THE LANGUAGE… did modern day “Proselytes” who call themselves “Jews”
    manage to get all 12 Tribes in Genesis 49 to turn into PRESTO – “WALLA” “JEWS” ?

    a miracle, ….NAME ONE BLESSING for America, for Europe, for Palestine that
    comes from blessing the Proselytes to the Devil Religion of BAD FAITH which is
    TALMUDIC JUDAISM…John 8:44 !!!
    Just One !!

    in any Language …..from the “WE FEEL YOUR PAIN”…dept.,

    This was on the Upper West Side of Manhattan,
    JEW YORK CITY {TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT}…as “THEY” say…the ones who manufacture
    how about that LA RAZA GORILLA ARMY MS 13…on top of the “countless” gangs
    already primed for the BIG EVENT…when the carefully scripted ….
    “what do you think, I play tennis…”
    now if you had access to the “SITUATION ROOM” what would you imagine the
    “POSSIBILITIES” are …presently, Jane….from
    the epicenter of the liberal American shtetl,
    a place so ubiquitously Jewish that even the smallest grocery store posts Friday night candle-lighting times each week. So to see even this mildly anti-Israel graffiti was a surprise.
    For the first time since we moved to the neighborhood a couple of years ago,
    we felt uncomfortable, targeted, as people who care about Israel and as Jews.

    Though we share serious misgivings about the way the military conflict in Gaza began and is being prosecuted, and we grieve for the horrendous loss of life, we also believe that Israel does have a right to defend itself against a terrorizing organization that seeks its obliteration. If Israel’s actions warranted the end of its sizable financial support from the United States, what about neighboring Egypt — also a recipient of billions in aid — whose government has killed peaceful protesters, imprisoned journalists and put a democratically elected leader in jail ?

    ever notice the change the subject by comparison…apples to oranges trick..?

    Read more:

    Just one offer of proof that Ashkenazim “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism are actually
    the Children of Israel from any Tribe of the Children of Israel…or are they
    Grafted in so to say by the oozing of the Talmud…?

    but let’s change the subject and try to pity the poor little “Jew”… some more,
    The virulent reaction around the world to Israel’s latest incursion into Gaza is making me rethink that argument, and I know that I am not alone. “I’ve never been as concerned, frightened, worried and confused as this,” the historian Deborah Lipstadt told me.
    “Maybe it’s not 1939, but it may be 1934.”

    We liberals simply cannot ignore the pernicious way the Israeli invasion of Gaza and the horrible civilian death toll there has given an anti-Zionist cover to attacks against Jews as Jews.
    In France, England, Belgium, India, etc., etc., Jews are being held responsible for Israeli actions they may not even support. In Turkey, the prime minister tells CNN that what Israel did to Palestine
    “has surpassed what Hitler did to them” and then confirms that he said it.
    Unfortunately, I could go on….and freaking ON & ON…

    “Liberals need to recognize that there is no comfort in their position,” said Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum, himself a liberal. Arguing that these anti-Zionist actions are not also anti-Semitic is “making a distinction that goes against the reality of what we are experiencing today.”
    now seriously….try to find a Yiddish speaking Khazar “Jew” from Gog & Magog land
    in Numbers 10…or any part of the first five “books” or any “book” thereafter…excluding

    unfortunately for the Palestinians and all NON JEWS on Earth the word
    Israel….needs to be properly defined to exclude and eliminate the PRETEND
    “Israel” that is the “Jewish state” of Psychopathic MASS MURDERERS with NUKES.
    plus they print the currency….
    OWN the Media, the mind control machine and the LIE FACTORY…
    and every two bit WHORE politician that is green with envy to snuggle up
    close to the wretched ZIONIST TERRORIST ASSHOLES called “JEWS”….
    {The originators of State Sponsored Terrorism & False Flags….}
    In PUBLICK….!
    With his last term as a “JEW” worshipping dingbat “CHEER LEADER” for Mass Murderers
    and playing a “governor” {of Texas}, Perry has signaled that he will try again for the privilege
    of telling giant whopper “JEW” lies in PUBLICK while he pretends to “run to the White House”
    after his failed attempt at humor all but left him in the lurch,
    He visited Israel last year for an economic development trip and to announce
    the opening of a branch campus of
    GIG ‘EM AGGIES…. Texas A&M University….to teach “Jews” about the “Red Heifer”…
    since real “Jews” can’t grow crops…according to God.
    “I’ve borne witness to the present-day threats that are facing
    the people of the stool sculpture deity cult compound TAL MUDIA ,”
    Perry said, adding:
    “Against this backdrop, this backdrop of terror and hostility,
    the members of the stool sculpture deity cult TALMUDIA… persevere.”

    like when you’re constipated..mentally …Physically {NO BLESSINGS}
    and spiritually because everyone on Earth repeating the “Jewish” lie that
    Jews are Israel….24/7…all the time…no matter what, is that like God’s way
    of showing all people on Earth what

    check this out, when the word posterity is used in the preamble
    and when Jefferson uses the word Israel in the eulogy of Washington
    the definition of the word is NOT a “Jewish” state in Palestine with Gog & Magog “Jews”
    murdering Palestinians and stealing their land and homes…because they allegedly
    are all 12 tribes returned from their DIASPORA wandering and are merely
    reclaiming what God gave them while they were camping out for 2,000 years in
    Khazaria…Gog & Magog land, and converted en masse to Talmudic Judaism,
    a religion that requires its adherents to hate the Deity of the Children of Israel,
    for that is the “FOUNTAIN OF HATE” the Hate the Truth religion, and the
    “We the People of the united states, in Order to form a more perfect Union,
    establish Justice,
    insure domestic Tranquility,
    provide for the common defence,
    promote the general Welfare,
    and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
    do ordain and establish this Constitution for the united states of America.
    Define : Nation

    and most certainly the “Jewishness” of bombing people in Gaza
    using Billions and Billions of “DOLLARS” of blood sweat and tears stolen from the
    TAXPAYER Goys by the IRS and swindled by the “JEW” worshipping Congress
    to mass murder Palestinians in Gaza…a “Concentration Camp”…is God’s way
    of showing the whole world what Satanism “Jewishness” is…Evil at its core.

    31 Jew Lies…is all it takes


  4. Yes, the MASS of Israeli Jews SUPPORTS this slaughter and their Murderer-in-Chief:

    JERUSALEM — The airwaves are filled with images of death and destruction in the Gaza Strip. President Obama is pressing for an immediate cease-fire. More than 50 Israeli soldiers have been killed.

    But at home, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is riding a massive wave of popularity.

    Domestic support for the Israeli leader’s prosecution of the war in Gaza, which has left more than 1,200 Palestinians dead, has only grown over the past three weeks, as the Israeli public and political class rally behind an aggressive, definitive campaign against Hamas and its rockets and tunnels. The deep support among Israelis, from left to right, for the military’s Gaza offensive and Netanyahu’s leadership is almost unprecedented, political analysts say.

    A poll this week for Israel’s Channel 10 news, conducted by the Sarid Institute, found that 87 percent of Jewish Israelis support continuing the Gaza operation. A survey by the Israel Democracy Institute found that 95 percent of Israeli Jews think the operation in Gaza is just, and 4 of 5 oppose a unilateral withdrawal. Just 4 percent said the Israeli military has used excessive force.

    And in another survey this week, by the University of Haifa, 85 percent of Jewish Israelis said they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Netanyahu’s leadership.


  5. spontaneous coordination and the hive mind…
    seriously, did Elijah sing the Hava Nagilah in Yiddish..
    that is the issue…since the Children of Israel in the Old Testament
    are in fact Not “Jews”…

    so-called “Jews” come along from Talmudic Judaism and claim to be Israel
    because they Hate Jesus and have a Talmud that says they are “Jews”.

    kinda blurring a whole lotta lines, over a significant swath of History,
    any elementary reading of the Old Testament will yield not a single
    Ashkenazim “Proselyte” to Talmudic Judaism….not one.

    so this Milikowsky guy from Poland…with UNCLEAN HANDS…
    a “JEW” MASS MURDERER…running a global extortion racket…

    with nukes…

    WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would launch an international campaign to cancel the Goldstone Report after its author, ex-South African Judge Richard Goldstone, wrote in an Op-Ed in the Washington Post that Israel did not intentionally target civilians as a policy during the Gaza War, withdrawing a critical allegation in the report.
    Netanyahu said he had asked his security adviser, Ya’akov Amidror, to establish a committee focused on “minimizing the damage caused” by the report.

    “There are very few instances in which those who disseminate libels retract their libel. This happened in the case of the Goldstone Report,” Netanyahu said Sunday at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting. “Goldstone himself said that all of the things that we have been saying all along are correct — that Israel never intentionally fired at civilians and that our inquiries operated according to the highest international standards.

    “Of course, this is in complete contrast to Hamas, which intentionally attacked and murdered civilians and, naturally, never carried out any sort of inquiry. This leads us to call for the immediate cancellation of the Goldstone Report.”

    is the issue of “Ahkenazim Proselytes”
    not the most Important issue concerning
    the psychopathic “Jews” claiming to be Israel ?

    how did the Children of Israel “White People Nations” in Europe turn into
    eastern “european” khazar “Jews”…turko-mongolian…inbred…”Jews”…from Poland.
    there just aren’t any “Jews” in the Old Testament…
    which is GREAT NEWS for “JEWS”…and everybody else
    especially the Palestinians which means the “JEWS” can kindly GTFO…NOW.
    or go to HELL….

    “”So just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall it be at the end of the age.
    The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, and will throw them into the furnace of fire; in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    for the record


  6. From a comment at RealJewNews by Clarence Ozgood:

    I can’t do a damn thing to stop it.
    And it’s killing me.
    I can’t sleep.
    I can’t concentrate on my work.
    I can’t look a Jew in the eye.
    I can’t do a damn thing.
    And their attitude is “So, what are you going to do about it?”
    It’s just killing me.
    All the babies.
    All the blood.
    All the misery.
    And I can’t do a damn thing to stop it.

    Then, he adds:

    And deep down I know, they’re coming after us next.

      B’Man’s comment:

    It is time to end the rampage in Israel. It is time to stop the control mechanisms in place that allows them to do these things. It is time for everyone to fully understand the dangerous, insane, murderous mindset of these psychopaths. It is time for the world to AGAIN stop the Jews, because they WILL NOT stop themselves (which has been the problem throughout history).


  7. People may not be able to do anything directly about the carnage in Palestine or for that matter Obama’s U.S. support, but I’ll be you’ve got Jew neighbors or good Christian neighbors that support the Jews. Maybe it is time to stop cooperating with their right to support, defend and enable.


  8. Will the Jews poison the wells of Palestine, as they have for centuries (h/t Good Squad):

    To begin with it is clear that at the Lent just passed Pultus Clesis de Ranz had sent this very Jew to Venice to buy silks and other things for him. When this came to the notice of Rabbi Peyret, a Jew of Chamb6ry who was a teacher of their law, he sent for this Agimet, for whom he had searched, and when he had come before him he said: “We have been informed that you are going to Venice to buy silk and other wares. Here I am giving you a little package of half a span in size which contains some prepared poison and venom in a thin, sewed leather-bag. Distribute it among the wells, cisterns, and springs about Venice and the other places to which you go, in order to poison the people who use the water of the aforesaid wells that will have been poisoned by you, namely, the wells in which the poison will have been placed.”

    Agimet took this package full of poison and carried it with him to Venice, and when he came there he threw and scattered a portion of it into the well or cistern of fresh water which was there near the German House, in order to poison the people who use the water of that cistern. And he says that this is the only cistern of sweet water in the city. He also says that the mentioned Rabbi Peyret promised to give him whatever he wanted for his troubles in this business. Of his own accord Agimet confessed further that after this had been done he left at once in order that he should not be captured by the citizens or others, and that he went personally to Calabria and Apulia and threw the above mentioned poison into many wells. He confesses also that he put some of this same poison in the well of the streets of the city of Ballet.

    He confesses further that he put some of this poison into the public fountain of the city of Toulouse and in the wells that are near the [Mediterranean] sea. Asked if at the time that he scattered the venom and poisoned the wells, above mentioned, any people had died, he said that he did not know inasmuch as he had left everyone of the above mentioned places in a hurry.

    (Found here)

    I say its time to throw the Jew down the wells that they taint (thanks, Borat):


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