Vladimir Jewtin: Sycophantic Jew Ass-Kisser

Vladamir Jewtin

See here.

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11 thoughts on “Vladimir Jewtin: Sycophantic Jew Ass-Kisser

  1. So Bad Vlad is just another JEW NWO thug, posing as some kind of rational alternative to the West?

    Fuck a duck, is there no sanity anywhere on this planet?

    On Monday May 5, 2014 the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin passed a Russian Federal Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” aimed at opposing attempts to infringe on historical memory in relation to events that took place during World War II(the Great Patriotic War), according to the Kremlin. This is a clear sign to fascists worldwide.

    The brief summary wording of the law (the full text of which was not accessible at time of writing) has been posted on the Kremlin website and recognizes the findings of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and while not explicitly stating such as did a draft of the bill proposed in March of last year, would make Holocaust Denial a crime in the Russian Federation as this comes under “facts recognized by the international military tribunal”.



    • Putin’s Passion: Israel’s Security. Putin is rather soft on condemning the slaughter in Gaza. Is it that he is really a hero playing chess very cleverly playing [e.g. keeping his enemies close] … as one self appointed leader of the alternative truth movement insists? If so, it appears that Palestine and the Palestinians are but easily sacrificed pawns in the game.


  2. Still not convinced he’s a sellout. Blow some smoke up the Jews’ asses. How much real history do the Russian people know? At some point, the Russians may get the truth on the Holocrock but I don’t think Vlad needs to take it on.


    • I asked Mike King (TomatoBubble) what he thought and he says something very similar.

      And as I said to him, I am sick and tired of people, especially the ones (like Putin) who could stop it with just a few words, but doesn’t.

      And, when one considers the Holocaust denial statements and legislation passed, the system is set up (like much of Europe) to punish anyone asking or questioning the narrative. And not only that, the legislation is based off of the Nuremberg trials, which the Soviets were found years after the fact to have provided false documentation, testimony and the soap/lampshade stuff.

      Sorry. The man has his chance to give the real history to his people (and the world) and all he is doing is kissing the Jew ass.

      I am sick and tired of every major government leader kissing their ass, especially when it affects the world so negatively..

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      • Bman, understand. I don’t claim to know. I just think he may, emphasis, not think it would benefit. There’s no love of the Jews in Russia. Holocrock denial laws are not going to paper over their memory of what the Jews did to them. If he did challenge it, he would alienate a lot of people who can see thru the lies about Syria, Ukraine, the economy, etc, but who haven’t figured it all out. Seems he’s got some Jew-op to deal with every damn damn with the Jewkraine etc. I’m willing to wait.

        Meanwhile, here’s a gem from Rivero who has nothing to lose: “Hitler thoroughly believed that genocide of Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals was absolutely the right and moral thing to do. ” 2 August 2014.

        Hang in and be well. Thanks for the site. AJ


      • I find all this hard to digest. Perhaps too blinded by King’s The War Against Putin. I trust Mike in almost everything he writes. This, below, is Putin’s speech at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre:


        Guess his jew stance is clear. And never a peep about the Bolshevik (jew)slaughter of 66 Million Russians 1917-1957. For such an intelligent seeming man to believe in the holohoax, which is so easily disproven, is more than disheartening. I hope King follows these revelations through and puts out something that is definitive on this.


  3. Many Americans are such ignorant pussies that it’s most likely we’ll never see any justice for either Palestinians or the getting raped 24/7 by the Jew banksters poor and middle class in our lifetime.

    Sure, there are a lot of blogs out that act indignant about the Jew slaughter against Gaza, but they frame their blogs in a calm, balanced, sober and rational way, saying what they want to say without really pointing out what the problem is, and then they get a bunch of replies from parrots who have deluded themselves into thinking they are really free.

    Those blogs will keep blogging about the Jew in a calm, balanced, sober and rational way until the world collapses around them, and then wonder what in the hell happened.

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  4. maybe it comes down to who can ignore the “JEW” elephant in the room the longest…
    call it a nuclear chicken…event.
    since Birobidjan is the “Jewish” homeland and most Russians would gladly pogrom
    a ‘”Jewish” schtetl in a “JEW” york minute, anyway…
    it sure brings some obvious facts into…laser beam…

    namely the influence of the so-called “Jews” on the “government” of Russia, the entire
    Global Hegemony “Agenda” of the Bolshevik/Zionist…New World Order Cabal of
    economic terrorists and the covinous collusion of the Media and the Zionist
    worshipping – ZOG…. US CONGRESS…of skanky ass two bit whores…

    #6 by Anthony Clifton on August 3, 2014 – 10:31 am

    Your comment is awaiting moderation…..

    better yet, let’s have a look at a “good” writer…who also believes that cutting the cancer out
    is better than dissolving it with truth…and that “Cutting the cancer out” or
    taking care of the rabid dog –
    is the most important item on the priority list…
    who is it John, who is that is swift to shed innocent blood…
    300 million in the last century…and counting…
    the “white people nations”, 1st world nations,
    {controlled and manipulated by economic terrorists}
    because they are the braindeadgoy “ISRAEL” sheep people who are really Israel,
    or the
    JEWS are the Talmudic Terrorists…”Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism…Zionist “Jews”
    who claim to be Israel… but obviously are lying…
    or God & Jesus are liars…which one is it ?
    By John Kaminski
    Treat Jews equally: in the exact same way they treat the Palestinians and everyone else.
    is the simple fact that Abraham did not have a Talmud, and was from Syria…
    so go figure, eh


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