Cannabis Legalization Leads To This

Looks like the Cherokee County Republican party chairman, John Lloyd Ellis resigned from his position when the law found weed growing on his property. He must have recently tried it for the first time as in the video. I didn’t realize that there were some aware Republicans… Imagine that.

The Horror! A TEN Minute Orgasm for the ladies.


Interestingly, the original article suggests that the product can get you high, but not under its normal usage:

Foria doesn’t make anyone high, however, unless they spray it into their mouths — which he says is safe to do, just like any marijuana edible. For that purpose, he says just one to two pumps of spray is enough.

Seems to me that mustache rides knock out two birds with one stone.

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5 thoughts on “Cannabis Legalization Leads To This

  1. use ’em if you’ve got ’em…
    on another front…there’s this…unbelievable Chutzpah
    the skanky ass “Jew” front… Rabbi Shmuely Boteach said,
    “Elie Wiesel is one of the most respected human beings alive,
    a Nobel Peace Laureate, and is the living face of the Holocaust.
    No greater expert on genocide exists in the whole world.
    His call for the end of child sacrifice by Hamas,
    who use children as human shields, and a stop to their genocidal charter,
    which calls for the murder of Jews everywhere,
    could only offend the sensibilities of the most die-hard
    anti-Israel haters and anti-Semites.”
    Read more: about where so-called “Jews” go for eternity…
    a lake of fire…with everlasting torment…JEWTOPIA.

    after listening to john Friends’ radio show yesterday it might not be a bad idea to stock up on
    that cannabis product…and consider the near future options for good health…

    baa baa baad times ahead…


      • it’s all the way at the end…pretty good show,
        I’ve known quite a few “behind the scenes” guys…over the years
        and met quite a few who actually were there where the action was..

        here’s a screamer…FREE SPEECH….!!

        The skanky ass “Jew” worshipping University of Illinois rescinded a job offer to an incoming professor who harshly criticized TERRORIST ASSHOLE “JEWS” in
        TALMUDIA on Twitter…..

        Steven Salaita, who was offered a job at the Champaign-Urbana campus in the
        American Indian studies program, will not be hired, according to a report by the website Inside “JEW” Worshipping Higher Education.

        The move reportedly was made in response to alleged concerns of his ahem…”civility” following a series of tweets in which Salaita criticized ASSHOLE TERRORIST “JEWS” MASS MURDERING CONCENTRATION CAMP SURVIVORS in GAZA and supporters of TERRORIST ASSHOLE “JEWS” in stark terms. Inside Higher Education cited sources familiar with the university’s alleged “decision”…..

        Salaita’s tweets included, “At this point, if Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised? #Gaza.” Another tweet said, “Ever wonder what would happen if the KKK had F-16s and access to a surplus population of minorities? See #Israel and #Gaza.”

        Read more:

        happy trails


    • Real Life , and the Consequences of Death

      Let us get one thing crystal clear: We in the the United States of America, do not live in an informed genuine people’s ‘democracy’ nor do we have a government or mass media that is honest and transparent that serves the needs, interests, and aspirations of everyday ordinary Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow people. <—–white supremacy to state the obvious, plus a double bonus
      it is also anti-semitic.

      It is time to cease being in denial and dispense with "JEW" contrived ….mythology.
      The so-called government of this nation – [ZOG] – is owned and operated, in real terms, by the power elite of giant avaricious corporations, including the corporate-stream ‘news’ media. In fact, the U.S. government, including so-called ‘elected’ representatives, has become, in reality, nothing more than a corporate clone, replete with self-serving pimping political parasites intent upon keeping everyday ordinary people dis-informed, divided, and controlled on the de facto plantations of the Democrat and Republican parties….run by skanky ass "Jews". Snakes really.
      The politicians of this nation from Barack Obama on down, including both Democrats and Republicans, have repeatedly demonstrated that they are adroit at lying, dividing, and manipulating—not truth telling. They are irreconcilably wedded to a corrupt and dishonest corporate-owned political system, taking their cues from the relatively tiny, filthy rich, national and global power elite—always at the enormous {SPIRITUAL} economic, physical,
      and psychological expense of the everyday ordinary people of this nation and those
      throughout our precious "Mother" Earth….which was apparently an accidental "Creation"
      spoken into Existence by the Divine "Word"….according to the "Spaceman" that Noor knows.
      These elected so-called people’s ‘representatives’ in the executive and legislative branches of the corporate-owned U.S. government are in essence anything but genuine representatives of the struggling "masses" of everyday ordinary people of all colors and both genders in a terminal "Jew" worshipping Society where the skanky ass "JEW" snakes *** freaking print the currency ***
      and as noted
      "OWN" the "MEDIA" which is to say the MIND CONTROL MACHINE…like dude, IN REAL TIME,
      and like DUDE there are like over 3 million mind controlled robots on the shelf,
      strike that,
      IN PLACE NOW for the next phase of the AGENDA….

      They are {agit props} …stage props in the political theater of the {totally} absurd —
      …..keeping people perpetually divided,
      manipulated, and controlled in a corrupt political system that
      has gone absolutely berserk.
      And the judicial branch, has for the most part, become a terrible and sick {bad} joke —
      acting essentially as kangaroo ping-pong systemic rubber stamps manufacturing plant.


      • Red Ice Creations: I listen often. Henrik is excellent and he has great guests (that sometimes tell off on themselves, as did Gordon Duff’s recent Obama Love fest and his admiration for all things Jewish.

        But, I listened to this yesterday, which touches a bit on what you share (no great detail, but allows one’s mind to consider):

        It is in regards to a reinterpretation of some of the Gnostic writings and how the Jews are infected with some sort of natural occurring “bug” that causes them to be the hate filled supremacist liars they are (which has infected others through their interbreeding into other races).

        It was very interesting and touches on natural and supernatural happenings. If true, it actually answers many of my questions (I don’t know if its true, but worthy of me looking a bit more closely).


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