Presstitutes: A Literary Toast

Poem and Narration by DC Dave Martin

A Literary Toast

Let’s hear it for our propagandists,
The people who bring us the news.
Unencumbered by troublesome scruples,
They’re proud of their compromised views.
There once was a time we admired them.
We thought they were principled fighters,
But what we see now is more worthy
Of the Union of Soviet Writers.
That they should be liberty’s guardians
Is truly a shame and a pity,
These shills and these flacks,
These stooges and hacks,
These sold-out scribes
Who report on the tribes
Who rule from our capital city.

Let’s hear it for news commentators,
Those masters of punditry,
Who share with us all their opinions,
Wide-ranging from A down to B.
Standing right there in the spotlight,
They could do some significant things,
But we’d sooner expect wooden puppets
To dance without handles or strings.
Impressing no one but their colleagues,
They’re not even learned or witty,
These shills and these flacks,
These stooges and hacks,
These sold-out scribes
Who report on the tribes
Who rule from our capital city.

Let’s hear it for all those reporters
Who learn how the contest is played.
If they will just write what’s expected
They can be handsomely paid,
But most garner practically nothing
And eventually fall off the ladder.
The losers depart mostly wiser,
While the winners grow gradually sadder.
Let’s hear it for all those survivors
Whose road to the top is not pretty,
These shills and these flacks,
These stooges and hacks,
These sold-out scribes
Who report on the tribes
Who rule from our capital city.

David Martin

Link for Union of Soviet Writers

Video by BuelahMan

Bro Kapner may not agree.

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7 thoughts on “Presstitutes: A Literary Toast

  1. dig those mugshots…

    speaking of bad {faith} press…

    The Kingdom of Man

    The Kingdom of Man is ruled by the rulers of the world includes everyone
    who is not in the kingdom of God.
    These men and women have no knowledge of God and are not filled with the Holy Spirit.
    As a result, these men and women are under the law and are subject to sin without grace.
    However, God has appointed this kingdom with the responsibility for keeping peace here on earth. Thus, Luther says that Christians, even though they are a part of the Kingdom with God,
    must work within the Kingdom of Man in order to help bring about peace in this world.
    Christians must work towards this end because Jesus commands them to love their neighbor.

    so-called “Jews” however since they Hate Jesus are NOT your neighbor…DE FACTO
    no man can serve two masters

    woe unto ye scribes and Pharisees


  2. This just in :

    “In my own lifetime, I have seen Jewish children thrown into the fire,”
    Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor, wrote.
    “And now I have seen Muslim children used as human shields, in both cases,
    by worshippers of death cults indistinguishable from that of the Molochites.

    “What we are suffering through today is not a battle of Jew versus Arab or Israeli versus Palestinian. Rather, it is a battle between those who celebrate life and those who champion death.
    …..It is a battle of civilization versus barbarism.”
    The ad is sponsored by …..Dig this Chutzpah…This World: The Values Network,
    an organization founded by outspoken dung doodling deviant and Jesus Hater
    U.S. “Orthodox Rabbi” ….Shmuley “Pilpul Twaddle” Boteach.
    The stool sculpture deity cult ad has run in several U.S. newspapers including the Jew York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.
    The latter is published by News Corp, which also owns The Times.

    Boteach last week accused The Times of being part of a British media
    “already infamously skewed against the dung doodling cult in Talmudia that has Nukes.”

    The Times rejected the ad because …..
    “the opinion being expressed is too strong and too forcefully made and will cause
    concern amongst a significant number of Times readers,”
    according to a statement from a representative of the newspaper,
    the New York Observer reported.

    The Guardian confirmed recently that it had agreed to run the ad.
    The Observer praised the decision.

    “The Guardian may be left wing but they obviously believe in free speech and allowing their readers to hear the voice of a Nobel laureate about a very important issue,” the report said.

    The Guardian, in response, said that the paper’s “acceptance of an advert does not mean,
    of course, that it endorses the views and claims made within it.”
    Read more: about the ongoing fraud and substantial misstatement of fact
    that is the “Jewish” narrative…..

    … does anyone have any video of the Nazi’s bombing the “Jews” in the concentration camps…?

    …here’s a public service announcement…wanna be a peace keeper…
    keep your cameras handy when you see a “Jew”walking down the street,
    so you can capture the moment the MOSSAD thugs attack…for a STAGED attack.

    makes being a “Jew” in publick….a little more exciting, eh…reckon that was the Zionist PLOY
    from the git go…aside from mere blood lust…and BAD PRESS


  3. moreover….
    their “rock” is not OUR ROCK….

    About two years ago, following a contrive TALMUDIA Antiquities Authority rescue dig in
    northern Jerusalem between the neighborhoods of Ramat Shlomo and Shoafat,
    a large stone quarry was found,
    dated to Second Temple times – the period when the Western Wall was built.
    The quarry was higher than the Temple Mount, which led the archaeologists to posit that it produced stones for the Temple, because it would have been easier for Herod’s builders
    to transport the giant stones from there down to the building site.
    Difficult as it is to discern the difference between the stones,
    Emmanuel says the ancient builders could do so:
    “This is lesser quality stone, but they quarried it anyway.
    Herod’s contractors apparently cheated him,” he says.
    Meanwhile, scholars say there is no concern over the stability of the Western Wall’s stones,
    given their massive size.
    But Emmanuel says that future generations will have to
    come up with a material that can be injected into the stone and slow the erosion
    of the more sensitive stones.
    There will also be a problem of Jewish law to resolve by then:
    The Western Wall rabbi, Shmuel Rabinovitch,
    has ruled that the stones of the sacred wall must not be coated with any protective material.
    However, Emmanuel and Levinson’s research may be applicable to other antiquities sites in the shitty little country full of Gog & Magog ASSHOLE Zionist Terrorist “JEWS”….who are not EVEN
    from the TRIBE of Judah..
    Read more: about the American Free Press and why Michael Collins Piper calls the “Jewish”
    Psychopathic Asshole terrorist “STATE” of Gog & Magog “Jews” ….”Israel”.

    heads up on the between the lines…”Rock”, leaven of the Pharisees, Hypocrisy,
    outright lying, and avoiding the Truth no matter what….
    busing, affirmative action, civil rights act,
    promotion of misecegenation/race mixing
    on Talmudvision…& “Movies”…”Foreign Aid” and “gift”
    nonrepayment loans to Talmudia…the TERRORIST “JEWISH” state…
    bombing Palestinians {actual Semites} in a concentration camp….


  4. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that the holoHOAX museum in DC is one or so blocks away from the US Treasury Dept.

    These grease balls would steal the pennies off a dead man’s eyes:

    Fake $100 bills eluded detection with rare quality

    It was the most popular counterfeit $100 bill in circulation, and for more than a decade its makers were a mystery to the U.S. Secret Service.

    Agents collected and analyzed the fake greenbacks, which first popped up in Israel in the late 1990s.

    So when Secret Service agent Adam Gaab came across four of the fake $100s on May 17, 2012, shortly after they had been detected at a Loan Max in Northern Virginia, he knew he had the rare chance to link a bill back to the person who passed it.

    The investigation evolved into a two-year international odyssey that culminated in the indictment last week of 13 Israelis and Americans of running one of the most successful counterfeiting operations in U.S. history. Hundreds of agents were involved by the time they executed raids and arrest warrants in five states in May and June that resulted in the capture of the 13 suspects and the seizure of $2.5 million in fake bills and a printing plant in a Cherry Hill, New Jersey, warehouse, according to federal authorities.

    Agents identified the ringleaders as two Russian-speaking Israelis: Itzhak Loz, 46, and Ronin Fakiro, 45. Loz and Fakiro, who have been in custody since their arrests in May in New York, made hefty profits on the sale of their bills for 20 percent to 50 percent of their face value, according to the agents and court papers.


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