Granny Stewart’s Driving Skills

Granny Stewart

It appears that Tony Stewart (from NASCAR fame) intentionally ran over a guy – or – he has the equivalent racing skills as his great grandmother shown in the picture above. Check the video and tell me if he gunned his engine and swerved into the kid. It wouldn’t be his first anger issue.

In July of last year, Stewart also was involved in an incident at the Canandaigua track. He sparked a multi-car wreck that sent two drivers to the hospital with injuries. Stewart has had run-ins with what some call temper-related issues throughout his career. He was fined and put on probation by both NASCAR and Home Depot for an incident with a photographer after the Brickyard 400 and also investigated by the Sullivan County, TN sheriff’s department for allegedly shoving a woman after the race in Bristol. A safety worker from New Hampshire is accusing Tony of punching him after Stewart wrecked out of the July race. When you have Stewart’s status, people also line up to make claims against you.

Personally, I can’t stand big time racing, although as a kid, it was one of the things that the community would turn out to see. Nowadays, its about like professional Baseball… unworthy of my attention. That is until one of the best car handlers in the business intentionally kills another guy. Like DC Dave pointed out to me, had this been the other way around (Kevin Ward, Jr spinning his tires and hitting the vaunted Tony), he would already be under the jail.

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One thought on “Granny Stewart’s Driving Skills

  1. I see that one of Stewart’s defenders on says that Stewart “gunned the engine to get around him.” Meanwhile. The MSM are interviewing only Stewart’s fellow NASCAR drivers who don’t do that type of racing and weren’t there and blacking out Ward’s fellow drivers who were there. 21st century America in a microcosm.


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