Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

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19 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

  1. I admire Cruz and Bardem for being courageous and principled. And they’ll never work in Hollywood again, but the Jews don’t own Hollywood, why that’s anti-Semitic and against all sorts of thought crime laws!


    • Yes. And I have despised Joan Rivers from the first time I saw her on Johnny Carson decades ago. She has never been funny and now I understand that it is because she has a stone cold jewish lump of flesh somehow beating in her chest keeping her ugly ass alive.

      The only thing she ever said that I found amusing was calling Obama a fag and Michelle a tranny. But because Joan is a Jew, there is a liklihood she was lying (they can’t help themselves).


    • Oops. She and her hubby backed down (apparently after being harassed by Der Juden).

      Whether it was Voight’s letter or the numerous other critiques of the couple, the pushback worked. Cruz released a statement noting that she was “not an expert on the situation” and that she only wished to promote peace.

      Its all here at the JTA (and one should go read the comments by the vicious Jewish mongrels who champion death and destruction of the REAL semites).

      It is apparent that even people of good will, without the Jewish murder-lust ravaging their minds, MUST NOT “bite the hands that feed them”. Anyone who asks for justice for those little children must first get the permission of the Jew, you see.

      Joan The Hag Rivers weighed in even more taking Selena Gomez some shit:

      urged her Instagram followers to “Pray for Gaza,” then followed up a few hours later to add that she was “not picking any sides.” That was more than enough for Joan Rivers, who capped off a pro-Israel tirade by sarcastically mocking Gomez as “that college grad,” then added, “Let’s see if she can spell Palestinian.”

      Like MachNichts, it is time for that depraved, ugly beast to retire and climb back into her lower hell she came from.

      All in all, it is pitiful that these people of conscience have to keep their mouths shut when praying and asking for peace… banned or shunned by the Jew who owns them… but the criminally insane Jewish assholes who own the media/Hollywood/etc and their minion actors, producers, etc can say all sorts of nasty lies about these innocent children… then attack the people of conscience (which must be due to jealousy because they have none) without any scorn or retribution from their peers should tell you all you need to know about who runs this country.

      Personally, I won’t put up with any Jew telling me that the murderous carnage they are supporting is valid or worthy of nothing but disgust and further illumination.


      • Wait a second! Are you saying that if you come and kidnap and disappear my brother I’m not allowed to bomb your mother, your father, your sisters, brothers and cousins, your entire neighborhood and then your entire town and kill anybody and everybody, just so I can bring you, a single person, to justice? Since when? What are you living in the stone age? War is war man! Collective punishment of non-combatants is how it works buddy! If you didn’t want your entire town to be massacred to the last child, dog and cat, then you should have thought twice before disappearing my brother!

        Of course, in the case of the three Israelis, the whole incident of their kidnapping and disappearance could easily be a media-manufactured acted PsyOp hoax that never even really happened to excuse the ritual-murder bombing and mass-killing of more Palestinians.


  2. now seriously….if you were God

    In September 2012, Lady Renouf came to Canada on a speaking tour.
    She told her audience in several Canadian cities that it were Germans who suffered
    the holocaust at the hands of Allied Forces and not the Jews at the hands of Germans.
    “The British wartime strategy was to dehouse the German population and burn them alive. Churchill sought to create a holocaust. There was a deliberate intention to kill the German people. This was decided at an Allied conference by Churchill and Roosevelt in 1943,” she said.

    As we know, the entire world is a stage. And Americans are the stooges.
    Oh, and the article says that about 100 “Americans” have gone off to fight on the side of the IS.
    Let me translate this for you: “Homeland Security, the FBI and all police departments are going
    to own your ass completely.”

    Just what they need.

    Now if 100 “Jew” worshipping Americans go off to fight for TALMUDIA – well that’s a great thing,
    just ask TALMUDIA’s ambassador to TALMUDIA, Dan Shapiro.
    But I digress.
    Let me digress for a second. Here’s TALMUDIA-Firster Rep. Steve Israel, tweeting from TALMUDIA, that the US must bomb the IS. If the Zios want it, you know it has to suck….rotten eggs.
    of course “Israel” has never been TALMUDIA, and so-called “Jews” cannot be Israel
    whether they are SEPHARVAIM so-called “Jews” or ASHKENAZIM Gog & Magog
    so-called ‘”Jews”…who are “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism…

    so-called “Jews” will never be “Israel”…..

    The Almighty did not choose the “Jews” the Money Changers & Pharisees did…


    • I listened to Henrik interview Max Igan on Red Ice yesterday while travelling. I believe Max is genuine, but he finds it very difficult to call a Jew a Jew (I know, I know), but insists on “zionist”. He claims that judaism is really a good religion (although he doesn’t believe in any organized, Abrahamic religion).

      I wanted to scream.

      How is it that in 50+ years I have never met a decent Jew in person? Why is it that every one I have encountered has lied to me, ripped me off in some way, taken advantage or simply treated me in their normal, supremacist “chosen” way?

      How can anyone, at this point, distinguish between zionists and jews?

      He also believes in the Khazar theory (I dunno). But my contention is that Jews are but the mongrel breed of humanity… having stolen a few good genes from interbreeding with Europeans… but are locked up in their life-long teachings/brainwashings of victimhood, racial supremacy, and that the world owes them something for the fake narrative that has their brains so fucked up.

      I keep saying that the easiest way to stop the Jew World Order is for whatever decent Jews are out there to stop what is being done in their names. Other than a handful you might see on the MSM (which can’t be trusted anyway), there is nothing but Jews carrying on to take advantage of what the criminals provide for them (which is just a continuation of the brainwashing they receive from birth).

      Hence, one cannot differentiate with any real accuracy or goal of success between zionists and Jews. If you could, the Max Igan imaginary decent Jews would stop what is going on.

      They don’t and basically don’t want to.


      • Judaism is subscribing to a criminal code which is practiced, from usury on down, on non-Jews.

        Any genetic Jew like Michael Rivero, Henry Makow, David Cole, Gilad Atzmon, Benjamin Freedman, Myron Fagan or Krusty the Klown Kapner whot does not subscribe to this talmud/torah criminal code of theirs and therefore does not want to be a Jew simply for having born to those genetics (given that we accept that race does not trump all and humans have will-power to overcome their genetic pre-programming) has to make the Bobby Fischer declaration:


        P.O. Box 50307
        Pasadena, CA 91105
        June 28, 1984

        The Editors
        The Macmillan Company
        866 Third Avenue
        New York City, NY 10022


        Knowing what I do about Judaism, I was naturally
        distressed to see that you erroneously featured me
        as a Jew in ENCYCLOPAEDIA JUDAICA. Please do not make
        this mistake again in any future editions of your
        voluminous, pseudo-authoritative publication. I am not
        today, nor have I ever been a Jew, and as a matter of
        fact, I am uncircumcised.

        I suggest rather than fraudulently misrepresenting me
        to be a Jew, and dishonestly abusing my name and
        reputation as a kind of advertising gimmick to improve
        the image of your religion (Judaism), you try to
        promote your religion on its own merits–if indeed it
        has any!

        In closing, I trust that I am not being unrealistically
        optimistic, in thanking you in advance for your
        anticipated cooperation in this matter.

        Truly yours,

        Bobby Fischer,
        The World Chess Champion

        c: Keter Publishing House
        Jerusalem Ltd.”


  3. Advice would be to speak one’s mind, one’s conscience.
    Cruz and Bardem are quite wealthy- they do not need hollywood (not that anyone with integrity and a brain does).
    They can set up their own studio (if they haven’t already done that), and distribute their independent films outside of the Russian Jewish mob movie distribution channels in the US. Mel Gibson did and made a almost half a billion dollars on Passion of the Christ, avoiding the typical shakedown.
    The principal reason Mel Gibson was attacked so viciously was his decision to make a move about the crucifixion of Christ outside of the controlled narrative of “jewish suffering”, showing the nature of the vicious predator money changers and Pharissees outside of the influence of the jewish hollywood intellectual plantation (just review the history of “Shoah” stooge Steven Spielberg and his reliance on monopoly/cartelized economics to create tripe and brainwash those will little critical thought process:


    to get a flavor for that) and distribute the film outside of the typical channels, thus avoiding the grift. That competitive threat caused that huge media backlash against Mel Gibson, which was only exacerbated by his poor choice in a younger woman (Ukrainian honeypot?).

    So Cruz and Bardem are counseled to go it alone, with others who are/will be banned from hollywood and rely on the BDS movement which is young and rapidly growing and related organizations which can count on the genocidal acts of Israeli psychotics to distribute their films and target their audience. Their movies will be far better and their art will be free from the grift, influence and parasitism of the typical distribution channels.

    And they can afford to do it. Now, they just need to do it.
    I am guessing that what they produce will be enlightening and entertaining as well.
    And yes Penelope is a beauty and Joan is a horrendously ugly wildebeest in more ways than just looks.


  4. Robot Face aka Joan Rivers aka Joan Alexandra Molinsky of Brooklyn, spawn of Russian Jewish immigrants, seems to be the typical product of the tribal ‘entertainment’ industry. Thinking they are indestructible, can play god and lord it over us. Friend of Donald, the crook, who uses and looses other people’s money in his real estate adventures, Joan won Trump’s apprenticeship in 2009.

    Given the Jewish fascination with the human body parts needed for sex or cleansing, Joan is using off-coloured jokes in her routine frequently. Not funny. Past time to take her mask and herself into retirement. Followed by Jon Voight and his daughter, Angelina Jolie, etc. etc. If you call them Zionists or Jews, it really doesn’t matter. It’s all the same chutzpah.

    And, Anthony, if they don’t have to remain a Jew, who really isn’t a Jew, why don’t they crawl out of the sewer? Maybe they like it down there? What amazes me to no end is their tenacity to claim superiority over everybody else while swimming in a dirty sludge pond.


    • And,…. Anthony,

      if they don’t have to remain a Jew, who really isn’t a Jew,
      why don’t ” they ” …{just simply} …crawl out of the sewer ?
      When specifically did the First “Jew” oooze onto the terra firma ?
      was it Cain…Canaan, Ham, Esau…Bad Figs of Judah…?
      The Pharisees & Money Changers…before the letter “J” was invented…?
      Maybe they like it down there?

      What amazes me to no end is their tenacity to claim superiority over
      ” everybody else ”
      while swimming in a dirty “STINKING MUD” sludge pond.

      actually this is fairly simple MATH…
      how many NONJEWS are there on Earth…?



      • Agreed, the math is simple, the implications are manifold. I have much respect for Eustace Mullins and his theory of a socio-economic parasite compared to a biological one. But it doesn’t matter if you use the 18th century J (German), I (Latin and Greek) or Y ( English). The outcome is the same – Yids. The general cohesiveness of the International Jew and the diaspora is something to behold. Even if ‘they’ try and pull one over their own, to make the brainwashed scaredy cats run to Israel for fear of ‘anti-semitic’ attacks, you have to admit they have a plan. Seems like some of the Ukrainian Jews are already making aliyah.

        I don’t know if that plan originated with the Pharisees and the Moneychangers. My reliance on the bible is not that great. Foremost, because I don’t wish for an Armageddon compared to an Apocalypse, and everyone seems to quote Revelations.

        Just a little greeting from across the pond (not sludge, not dirty, and not muddy)


          • would it make any difference if the people who are “Germans” today are the
            people described in Hosea 1:11 as Judah..?
            and why would that matter, as in the proper use of the word Israel ?
            especially for a people disinclined to review objective validity…
            as a condition for any “decision making process”…like in the reduce oops dept.
            which usually kicks in as a matter of self preservation early on in most cases

            NOT ANY MORE…
            subjective analysis is counterproductive to a meaningful beneficial decision
            especially if no quantifiable benefits accrue in the form of “Blessings”.

            curiously “Germans” and American so-called “Rednecks” display this subjective analysis
            approach to most all decisions and have a difficult time with objective analysis.

            which is why the No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo analogy is used…to bring into
            SHARP FOCUS…”Broad Daylight Awareness” understanding that there were never any
            so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament…that at that time those words were written to for and about the Children of Israel who had never met one single solitary “Jew” ever..
            and they were the progenitors…”forefathers” of the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, “Germanic”
            Scandinavian …”Peoples”…or the “Christian West”…nations now hogtied to the
            “JEWISH” state called STRAIGHT UP……”ISRAEL” where a gang of Gog & Magog
            “JEWS” threaten the entire world with MASS MURDER CHUTZPAH…!!!

            …and where are the “blessings”…

            maybe Obadiah, and the minor Prophets, and Jesus @ Matthew 13 :39…
            maybe just maybe if White Men weren’t so convinced STUPID will change true…

            just sayin’

            you got a pretty cool blog Bman . . .


  5. Never count, ever, it’s war. Unless it’s WW2… in that case you better count and count correctly, if you do not give the proper sum you are (in many nations) now a criminal.


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