I’m Giving Myself To You


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One thought on “I’m Giving Myself To You

  1. stand by for mind control…

    a shabbas goy like the porch monkey is a comedy figure in the “Jewish” stage play…


    Yet another despicable example of how the Forward aligns itself with Talmudia’s enemies.
    The man openly called for Benyamin Natanyahu to sit in the dock for war crimes and it is
    even on JEW tube. And you want him to judge TALMUDIA ??? He already has.


    Why would TALMUDIA cooperate? They are not fools.
    BTW- I think the editors of the Forward should take note of an event tonight at ….
    the gay “shul” Beit Simchat Torah. Obviously,the institution is “progressive” by definition.
    But they are leaving to join another group because they are tired of their anti-Israel leftist leadership and they are supportive, very supportive of TALMUDIA.
    There is much talk about getting rid of long time stool sculpture deity cult “spiritual” leader, Sharon Kleinbaum.
    As for the Forward,your animus against TALMUDIA does not appeal to the average Jew.
    They are repelled by it. There is no balance. You have Hamas Jew Killer, Abu Marzook in a puff piece.

    Emily Hauser. BDS. There might be liberal Jews that are in need of a liberal publication.
    But when you have kin running several times a day to air raid shelters ,trust me , you are losing readers…..

    Read more:


    1) The head of the inquiry commission comes from a Jewish family

    William Schabas, chosen to chair the inquiry committee, a move compared by TALMUDIA to “inviting ISIS to organize religious tolerance week,” has strong Jewish roots.

    His paternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Galicia in Central Europe who moved to New York in the turn of the 20th century. “I was not raised with any religion,” Schabas told the Forward, but he’d go on occasion with his father to synagogue. “I’m not a religious person but I’m very comfortable and proud of my Jewish ancestry, It’s part of me,” he said. “I feel very good and positive about it.” Schabas also fondly recalls family meals at Jewish delicatessens.

    Schabas is a member of the advisory board of the Rene Cassin organization, a London-based Jewish human rights group. His father, Ezra Schabas is a leading figure in the Canadian classical music scene. A clarinetist, conductor, music teacher and theorist, Ezra Schabas is a member of the Canadian Royal Conservatory and has won many musical awards. He was educated in New York, served in the U.S. army in World War II and later moved to Toronto….

    “….always with a sense of humor comrade Zhilkoff.”


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