Medals? We Don’t Need Your Stinking Medals!


A Dutch man who risked his life to save a Jew during the Holocaust gave back a medal he received for his actions in order to protest Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Henk Zanoli, 91, returned his medal to the Israeli embassy in The Hague after a member of his family died in an Israeli strike in Gaza, the Haaretz daily reported Friday.

Zanoli and his mother were recognized by the State of Israel and its Holocaust commemoration authority, Yad Vashem, in 2011 for hiding a Jewish child in their home from 1943 to 1945.

A great-niece of Zanoli is a Dutch diplomat whose husband was born in the al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza. Last month an Israeli bomb killed several members of his family, Haaretz reported.


“It is particularly shocking and tragic that today, four generations on, our family is faced with the murder of our kin in Gaza. Murder carried out by the State of Israel,” Zanoli wrote in a letter to the embassy explaining his decision to return the medal. “For me to hold on to the honour granted by the State of Israel, under these circumstances, will be both an insult to the memory of my courageous mother who risked her life,” and to relatives in mourning in Gaza, he added.


h/t DC Dave

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7 thoughts on “Medals? We Don’t Need Your Stinking Medals!

  1. and this is a bright shining example of no good deed goes unpunished…
    in the ….
    GET {You} SOME GOOD KARMA …dept.

    Pat says:

    I have said all along that KARMA is selective, Gilbert.
    You selected it to NOT include Lasha and Kaminski. You controlled it.
    I select it is totally fantasy.

    If you observe a few decades you will see that many bad folks never suffer at all and live long lives…. while many innocent children suffer greatly…as in Gaza….and in the Ghetto. {see Chicago}

    **The myth of KARMA is used to stop good people from taking action against the “bad people”…
    {how id the get to be so bad, were they born that way, is it genetic?}
    {who determines “BAD”?}
    Jews just love to promote the fear of KARMA,
    as a suit of protective armor for them if you believe it.

    Why was it OKAY for David to “Justifiably Homicide” Goliath…
    and it is not OKAY for Americans to Justifiably Homicide Talmud Vision
    and the SCRIPTWRITERS & THE “MEDIA” Owners & The Currency printers
    of the synagogue of Satan…?

    allegedly the quote is attributed to Churchill….
    “You can count on the American people to do the right thing…after they have tired everything else.”

    oh yeah, don’t forget about the “Emet Group ” back in 2001 reported by Joel C. Rosenberg
    in – 18Aug2001 – …
    “A group of “American” businessmen {Jewish Billionaires} are setting up a WAR ROOM in DC….”

    ah, the treasures of the Sierra Madres


  2. in the clear as mud dept…the TALMUD.

    Brown is the most recent in a long string of unarmed black youth who have been shot,
    one that includes Trayvon Martin, murdered while walking home from buying candy
    , and Jordan Davis, another unarmed black youth killed for refusing to turn the “music”
    down in his car. Older black men are not immune; Eric Garner was killed by an apparent
    police chokehold for the offense of selling untaxed cigarettes….would it have mattered if
    he was a “Native American”…instead of an “African American”…?

    As the contrived & stage managed “civil unrest” in Ferguson re-launches much-needed
    conversations about race — and racism — US Jews must see this as a call to action on injustice broadly as well as a time to kickstart difficult conversations within the stool sculpture deity cult compound that is the Jewish community. And not just around the kind of explicit,
    hate-filled racism we heard from Donald Sterling this spring, but pressingly, around the more subtle undercurrent that enables more explicit racism but often goes, unnoticed, unremarked upon, and thus, unchecked.

    The men who killed these youth justified their violence by saying they felt threatened.

    The Talmud does teach us that self-defense is not just allowed but required.
    But there’s a caveat: There must be reason to believe someone is trying to kill you….
    now you gotta love that CHUTZPAH…right there…so the people in Gaza “a concentration camp”
    of refugees want to “unjustifiably Homicide” the Zionist Terrorists who murdered their families
    and stole their homes & farms & “Country”…

    Yet Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Jordan Davis were not trying to kill anyone. All they wanted to do was live their lives, like so many other young people of color. Their mere existence as black teenagers in US public space was perceived as a threat. A 2013 Urban Institute study showed that murder is much more likely to be ruled justified if the killer is white and the victim is black compared to the reverse situation. That trend is so pervasive that it was considered newsworthy last week when a jury found Theodore Wafer — the white man who murdered unarmed black teenager Renisha McBride when she knocked on his door, seeking help after a car accident —
    guilty of second-degree murder.
    HNK on the death certificate meant…”He Needed Killing”
    “It is difficult to be assured that the act was thus necessary and done in good faith…”

    BAD FAITH ooozes from the Talmud…& is what makes “Jews” soooo freakin’… “Jewish”.

    say did anyone else see a photo recently of a guy with monkey on his back….



  3. and if your not one of those monkey on your back types…
    or 24/7 “Jew” worshipping isn’t doin’ the trick…just watchin’

    Sovietized Israeli trained Police say a California woman was cited after climbing into the giraffe exhibit at a Madison zoo and getting kicked in the face.

    A Sovietized Israeli trained police report says 24-year-old Amada Hall, of San Luis Obispo, California, climbed over one fence and almost got over the second fence encircling the giraffe enclosure at the Henry Vilas Zoo about 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

    A 2-year-old, 12-foot-tall giraffe named Wally gave Hall a lick,
    then turned and kicked her in the face….initial inquiries of the maternal “Jewishness” of the Giraffe
    are unavailable presently as part of the provisions of the Guacamole Act of 1918, and are currently sealed for 50 years.

    Zoo staff told police that giraffe’s are capable of killing lions, so the woman was fortunate that her injuries were not life threatening.

    Police ticketed Hall for harassment of zoo animals, which has a fine of $686.

    The police report says she told officers she climbed into the exhibit because she loves giraffes.

    here’s how the EFFFFFING “Jew” thing works, these ASHKENAZIM “PROSELYTES” to
    TALMUDIC JUDAISM go all asshole sideways claiming to be “Jews” and then Abraham
    is a GOOD JEW because GOD HIS OWNSELF is a GOOD JEW so all ISRAEL belongs to the “JEWS”
    Get it ?

    The land of Israel – every grain of it – belongs to the people of Israel.

    It was given to them by G-d in his covenant with Abraham.

    By virtue of her diligent adherence to G-d’s commandments, Israel will come into undisputed possession of the land.

    No man can take this away – not even the porch monkey president of the United States.
    Judaism: The Temple Institute on the Parsha: The Land is Ours…and that ends today’s trip
    to the “JEW” zoo…of psychopathic assholes with nukes


    • You just forgot to mention the most vital Jewish value of pikuach nefesh, the preservation of human life, Antonio-Davidovitch. 🙂 Don’t those visibly Jewish excel at it? Of course, as a hyphenated Canadian redneck, I am hit with a double whammy in the oops department. Seems like the Ukrainian Jews are not making aliyah to Israel after all. The plan goes the other way around. Bring them all back into the original snake pond. True or false, I don’t know.

      As for karma, the law of cause and effect, try to destroy a wasp’s nest and, if you’re not careful, are hit with instant karma. Don’t have to wait for another life time. But since it’s described as a law it sounds awfully Jewish. Unless karma qualifies as a natural law, which I don’t know either. Gosh, so much to learn, so little time.

      By the way B-Man, I watch Duck Dynasty too. Those guys are hilarious and have come a long way, I think.


      • I read the article at Zen’s place. Khazaria seems to be at the upper side of Eretz Israel, so it seems self explanatory (if true) that it is just an extension of that goal. But, as usual, even bigger than expected.


  4. don’t forget Helen Thomas…we’ll always remember her fondly…

    “Hey-hey, ho-ho, National Guard has got to go!” the group shouted.
    An officer told the crowd that Nixon was not inside the building.

    About 75 protesters were sitting outside of the building as several officers on bike patrol monitored the crowd. Police put about eight people in plastic and metal cuffs, and the crowd began to move back to Kiener Plaza.

    One of those arrested was Hedy Epstein,
    a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor and political activist.

    She wore a black T-shirt that read, “Stay Human.”
    She was one of several who led the march of protesters with a banner that,
    in part, read,…. don’t shoot.

    She walked the half block from Kiener Plaza to the state building and was in the front line of people who stood by the door leading.
    She was one of eight who were led away by police for failure to
    disperse from the front door of the building.

    She told The Nation after her release, “I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager.
    I didn’t think I would have to do it when I was 90.”


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