Sweetie Misdirects For His Tribe

Washington’s Blog has been a place I have gone to for a variety of subjects for years; even before the blog added new writers/posters. I have linked to them here many times. There has been a small conservative lean to the blog, but I always felt that it was balanced, over all, but more importantly, I felt they presented truth as they understood it. That is simply being genuine… right or wrong. They are not afraid to address some taboo subjects like Fukushima, wars of aggression, the police state and addressing the criminals in the US Government (and elsewhere). Carl Herman started posting (a bit of a conservative stance) and I generally enjoy and appreciate his writings (although I do not always agree), but at least I think he is genuine. David Swanson also adds his “anti-war” voice to the mix, but he has lost much of his allure since his Downing Street Memos blog (that I followed early on). I soon found out that he (nor anyone else at WB) will call out the real culprits… the Jew. I thought it was just the politically correct meme that those who seek Big Blog status are forced in to. Now, I am not so sure.


A parody of the shill Zuesse’s book

Recently, they seemingly felt they needed to add an even more left leaning view, (something Mike King at the Tomato Bubble calls a “Hitler-hating liberal historian“), but apparently only if the person was against Obama and the current Government. Enter “Sweetie” (Eric Zuesse) who describes himself as an “award winning” investigative journalist and a “progressive”. I read online that zuesse means “sweetie” in yiddish (I can’t confirm it, but after seeing Eric’s picture, it would not surprise me if he is a tribe member). I have taken exception to many things he has written (and have shared my concern with the blog owner in the comments section). Personally, I think he is detrimental to the blogsite, but I don’t own it, so Eric is safe from my hatchet.

Eric is was a Democrat (I say “was”, because he recently said he quit his love). I like to think that my continual assertions that either R or D is a dead end and that his following and championing the Dems just makes him a crucial part of the problem and that he should adopt my stance: “Ne’er an R or D Again” was instrumental in his abandoning the insanity of that or any party.

My political hero is Franklin Delano Roosevelt

That figures. Maybe if you knew the real Rosenfeld, you might differ, but that is not very likely because you apparently believe the official historical narrative fed to you by the tainted sources that have hoodwinked most of America’s voices (yes, even the “national award-winning” ones).

If you seriously want to learn about the real Rosenfeld, you can learn a great deal about him by a real writer, DC Dave Martin. Here are two to start off your real education, Eric:



There is much more should any of that penetrate the brainwashing.

I am the vice chairperson of my local town’s Democrats

That, in and of itself, is all one needs to know about your purpose. You are immersed and a critical part of the problem.

I voted for Barack Obama three times

Just proves you have no insight or awareness of an individual’s real persona. To the contrary, I knew what he was from the get-go (and shucks, I am just a dumb ole redneck). As a matter of fact, I warned people just like you about him all along and was met with the same stupid rhetoric you use here.

Who was right and who was wrong, Eric?

Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, ad nauseam.

You don’t even know what they were or what they stood for or what they did.

You could learn a lot from my site. It is where real history is taught.

Eric easily gets his panties in a wad and lashes out at some commenters (and maybe this is what Washington’s Blog ownership was going after… controversy to bring in more readers). I don’t follow the number of views, so that is just speculation. Yes, he despises Obama, but not before he voted for him THREE times (and I am quite sure tried to convince as many gullible fools to vote along WITH him and his ignorance).

(Funny, this dumb ole redneck had enough discernment to see through Obama’s lies, yet Zuesse didn’t.)


Sweetie has gone on a bender lately, trying desperately to nazify some of the conflicts our neocon Jew ruled Government (and Israel’s JEWISH, murdering cabal, as well) are conducting. He has a disconnect somewhere in his brain stem, because he is mimicking the likes of Alex Jones (who is a known shill and Jewish protectorate). But not only those obvious “alternative media” shills, but he regurgitates the MSM meme like a parrot (and he thinks that people won’t notice). He goes to lengths to distinguish a small “n” nazi and the big “N” Nazi, saying that Jews can be nazis. He lists Victoria Nuland and Yats and the whole Jewish run cabal as a “Nazi” in his titles (ad nauseam) and within the body of his articles, even when they are virulent Jewish maniacs who would only ever be equated to a Nazi so the meme of misdirected ire can continue and the tribe be protected from their guilt. It is a misdirection that I tried to address, but have found that his responses border on idiotic (probably just the fact that the shill has been outed, he doesn’t have a sound argument). At first, I thought it was just the brainwashing of his tribe (or his immersion in the tribe’s rhetoric), but now I am convinced that he is a shill… a Hasbara troll Sayanim. A person cannot be that disconnected from reality, especially if he has researched and written about the times (he wrote some book about Hitler, supposedly).

As usual with Jewish trolls, they write about a subject, not from an academic point of view, but with a plot in mind, details and truth be damned.

I find it pretty hypocritical that he and the site  constantly speak of how the Government and media lie to us on virtually every subject, but somehow they fall for the Big Lie with such childlike abandon. So, in my rational thinking process, I question when did the Government and media start lying (as I have here many times). Did they start recently? Say, with Bush Senior? Was it before then, maybe Nixon’s time? Were they lying to us about the Gulf of Tonkin or the USS Liberty attack? JFK? Maybe they started around the Korean War or the Cold War?

Perhaps all the propaganda about WWII and the evil Nazis was the truth and afterwards something happened and the Government/Media started lying afterwards.

Oops. But what about WWI or the Fed’s implementation or the IRS or the reasons for the Civil War?

OK, so, it must be that the Government/Media (Jewish owned, run and dictated) lied to us before WWII, but began telling us the truth DURING WWII and then started lying to us after WWII up until the present?

Right, Sweetie?

No, Zuesse (and the others there). These same lying bastards have been lying to us for a very long time. Long before WWII. Long before the Holohoax.

Jews are not Nazis (or nazis) and it is the height of stupidity or the depth of collusion to misdirect, that anyone, including Sweetie, could write such garbage with a straight face.

I will not link there again until they get rid of the sayanim that has infiltrated their ranks.

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11 thoughts on “Sweetie Misdirects For His Tribe

  1. should be some kinda put up or shut up deal…
    probably there is..
    but I don’t think the braindeadgoy are gonna just jump up
    and do an immediate 180.
    Some “democrats” are so CLUELESS…most that I have known watch TV
    religiously..Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, NPR, PBS…

    just way too freaking gross for me all those lisping sodomites and
    twinkled toed fairies goo gooing about anal intercourse & miscegenation
    and the Chosen People NIGHTMARE from Khazaria…triple yuk !

    Republicans and white males who support the Zionist terrorists
    provoke an instantaneous response in me having to do with brass knucks and lead pipe
    and maybe my Carl Yastremski 34 Louisville slugger real wooden bat

    like you know there’s Fukushima, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Zionist Mass Murder
    and all the left / right dingbats can prattle on about is false paradigm nonsense
    and don’t even understand the Federal Reserve & the “Jewish” media..
    we need some engineering TUNNEL MACHINES to bore the the BRAINDEADGOY
    SKULLS…so we can plant some C-4 in there and break up the TALMUDIC LOGJAM
    Nuclear Tunnel Boring Machines (NTBM’s)
    Method and Apparatus for Tunneling by Melting
    Publication number: US3693731
    Publication date: 1972-09-26
    Abstract of US3693731
    A machine and method for drilling bore holes and tunnels by melting in which a housing is provided for supporting a heat source and a heated end portion and in which the necessary melting heat is delivered to the walls of the end portion at a rate sufficient to melt rock and during operation of which the molten material may be disposed adjacent the boring zone in cracks in the rock and as a vitreous wall lining of the tunnel so formed.
    The heat source can be Noble Gas or nuclear but for deep drilling,
    preferably a nuclear reactor.
    George Washington’s Farewell Address had the words GOOD FAITH very close to
    the sound advice…
    “don’t get too attached to a FOREIGN COUNTRY…like the “Jewish” state.”
    kinda prophetic…



      from the toxic cesspit that is Hollywood comes now reports of recent
      how do turds become “Elite”…a group of pretentious assholes voted today
      secretly for their favorite turd in the punchbowl…and henceforth will be known as the “Elite”…Turd in the Punch Bowl….that is Hollywood….is that it ?
      Nearly 200 Hollywood elite from actors to directors to studio heads signed a statement condemning the Cartoon Character “Hamas”…dig this Chutzpah…
      as its Zionist CONTRIVED….”conflict” with Israel continues….No shit.


      “Hamas cannot be allowed to rain pathetic do nothing bottle rockets on Israeli cities,
      nor can it be allowed to hold its own people hostage.
      Hospitals are for healing, not for hiding weapons.
      Schools are for learning, not for launching missiles.
      Children are our hope, not our human shields,”
      read the statement signed by members of the Creative Community for Peace
      and posted on its website on Saturday….for Galaxy wide ridicule.

      The statement will appear as an ad in Hollywood publications including….
      Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter and…dig this …”
      what “Variety” of UPPER CRUST Turds do you like best….TODAY


      The statement also said that the signatories….ahem, furthermore
      “are saddened by the devastating loss of life endured by Israelis and
      Palestinians in Gaza. We are pained by the suffering on both sides of
      the conflict and hope for a solution that brings peace to the region.”

      Among those not signing the document are: Robin Williams, James Garner,
      Mel Gibson , Randy Quaid, Tim Robbins,

      Low down stoolies, sorta semi floaters like Aaron Sorkin, Sylvester Stallone,
      Roseanne Barr, Sherry Lansing, Seth Rogen and Kathy Ireland..signed the Document.

      Read more: ….in Proverbs.

      …so like making an issue out of word abuse like the word Elite on an up against the wall
      Red Neck website is like pissing in the wind…if I can Just get off this L A Freeway

      ‘the earth will open up and swallow the real estate…’


    • HEY!!!

      Talking about “DRILLING”. I have been trying to get the SHEEPLE in my area and EVERY WHERE, to understand exactly what is going on with the BIG FRAUD that FRACKING “FRACKING” is! They are establishing the infrastructure to poison the water supplies of those of us that are living in the ‘country’, intended out come being, “A BRAVE NEW WORLD” etc. not to mention the MANY other dastardly results (earth quakes) that can be achieved by this process… But it appears that the people are to FRACKING STUPID to understand the FRACKING FACTUAL information that I have presented!!! I have tried to get the local News Reporters to examine these FACTS, and expose the FRACKING TRUTH, but they seem to be unwilling to speak out even though the FRACKING FACTS, points out that this is an EVIL PLOT brought to us by our EDOMITE ENEMIES!.

      Here are the PHUCKING FRACKING FACTS!!!! THANKS to WHITE WRAITH for doing her part!!! She does more that should be expected from her!!!


  2. The Israeli army has released what it says is a page from a seized Hamas training manual that would appear to support its case that Palestinian militants deliberately use the cover of residential areas for combat operations…..um…er um where else are they gonna go ?

    Hamas, which denies it puts civilians at risk by storing and firing weapons from built-up areas, dismissed the document as a forgery intended to justify Israeli attacks that have killed hundreds of children, women and other non-combatants….um ere um so the Israeli’s are not to blame for the
    Outright Theft of Land, Property and all the improvements on the Land of Palestine from early in
    the last century….so like the deal is the Palestinians brought the Ashkenazim Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism from Khazaria into Palestine because they are the “Jewish” people and have a Divine decree
    to slaughter and steal and wreak HAVOC on the countryside and proclaim to be “Israel”…from the Bible.

    Israel has been criticized by the United Nations and others for its tactics during the war, including the shelling of densely populated areas and attacks on several U.N. schools, which the Talmudic Terrorist Zionist “Jews” from Khazaria the Ashkenazim Terrorist “Jews” calling themselves ” Israel”
    … says militants were using their homes and businesses for cover…if you can believe that.

    While many Talmudic legal experts say Hamas is operating outside of international law by firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli towns and cities from built-up areas in the Gaza Strip, they stress that does not absolve Israel of responsibility to comply with the laws of war itself,
    notably on endangering NONJEWISH …”civilians” huddled in an open air concentration camp of bombed out rubble and rotting festering dead bodies..and no water.

    The Israeli army said the training manual was found in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun at the end of July, when troops were operating inside the enclave. The full manual is 102 pages long, the army said, but it released just one page of it.

    That page appears to set out guidelines on how to hide weapons and ammunition in civilian areas, how to transport them into buildings and how to conceal or camouflage explosives.

    It is marked at the bottom with “Izz-el-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Training and Guidance Branch, Engineering Corps”. The al-Qassam Brigades are the military wing of Hamas, the Islamist group that has controlled Gaza since 2007. Unlike other Hamas documents, the page bears no Hamas logo.

    “The process of hiding ammunition inside buildings is intended for ambushes in residential areas and to move the campaign from open areas into built up and closed areas,” reads the document, written in Arabic.

    “Residents of the area should be used to bring in the equipment,” it continues, adding: “For jihad fighters, it is easy to operate inside buildings and take advantage of this to avoid (Israeli) spy planes and attack drones.”

    Read more: about the A D L , The “KKK” , the SPLC, the “Counter-Intelligence” cartoon series
    that is the ‘Jewish’ narrative…


    wait just a “jew” york second…aren’t the REAL TERRORISTS the Zionist “JEWISH” TERRORISTS..
    aren’t the pitiful, pitiful way on down the BANG for the SHEKEL scale ** bottle rocket**
    “right to self defense”….2000 to 1 ratio beleaguered Palestinians who publicly execute collaborators…
    not to mention the total infrastructure damage and
    permanently wounded including women and children kinda just making the
    scales of Justice do the tilto-whirl…like a chinook carrying 4 tanks and a load of RPG’s…


    cue the domestic BOLSHEVIK war on the White American Male “Christian”…
    On Talmudvision, the “Movies”, the so-called “Music” the multicultural moshpit
    SOCIETY programming 24/7 on the “Jewish” media….all the time….so call time out
    YEAH YOU….just call time out on all their BS…walk away, don’t listen to their
    Talmudic Twisting PILPUL TWADDLE “Jewish Gibberish”…in fact call down heavy artillery fire
    from the Host of Heavenly Angels who stand at the ready to HARVEST the TARES…
    you just gotta believe…you’re in the time of Legends



    and the Earth will wobble like a drunkard at NOONDAY…
    and the Princes & the Magistrates will grope in the darkness..

    go ahead on Braindeadgoy…”Jew” worship some more…
    look at all the “BLESSINGS”….from “JEW” worshipping…24/7

    doing as Jesus commands…”to know the Truth”, is exactly opposite of
    “JEW” worshipping
    These unpleasing but truthful messengers are stating or corroborating one clear, simple finding:
    Our culture has been taken over by literal psychopaths, and all who are not psychopaths are nevertheless living under their thumb, affected by them, perhaps influenced by their persistent lies, and suffering miseries through them that mankind would otherwise never experience.
    This is the message of the experts.

    Whether we fight psychopaths or not, we are still on a psychological and moral urban battlefield, suffering wounds, deprivation, misery, despair and sometimes premature death in their world.

    And that is just the good part.


    The bad part is the possibility of World War III, with millions of people turned into hate-zombies with devastating weapons of mass destruction at the command of rejoicing psychopaths

    What American Zionist “JEW” worshipping so-called Judeo-‘Christians’ Say About Gazans…
    “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
    Author Sinclair Lewis
    Such love, understanding and compassion, which I believe was a major part of JC’s new gospel of loving thy brother and feeding the hungry, tending to the sick and sheltering the homeless.
    Why these ‘Christians’ have such a heart, they’d be the first in line to crucify JC again,
    if he came back to Earth one more time….for the children in the hospital.

    All over a “Letter to the Editor” at the “Augusta Chronicle,”
    right in the heart of Bible Thumping “JEW” worshipping BRAINDEAGOY country.

    JC must be proud of these kind of loving disciples,
    they really stir one’s heart!

    very much like unto the simple suck bomb physics of the famous Tim McVeigh bomb
    that sucked out the steel reinforced concrete pillars from the interior of the Murrah Building

    almost a miracle actually


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  6. Excellent article. I saw through Eric Zuesse the first time I read one of his Jewish propaganda articles. As for WB, well I’ve had my suspicions about that blog. Jews need to keep Nazism (their word) alive in order to rule over the goy and to keep reeling in the shekels. I read somewhere that the Jews wanted to keep the reparation payments going, aka extortion payments, by awarding the shekels to the grandchildren of the alleged holohoax survivors!

    I swear in almost every show or movie I’ve seen whether it was the whole show or previews there’s always a reference to Jewish suffering or Hitler or the Nazis etc….I hope I live long enough to see the holohoax and other lies exposed in the mainstream media. I’m 60 so I’m not holding my breath it happens. I can only spread the truth about the Jews and their lies.

    I do however believe that the low level Jews have no clue about the Jewish plot to rule the world. I do blame the ones who blindly support Israel and refuse to do the research. As one commenter wrote in response to my post about Eric Hunt’s documentaries, “I don’t need to look at Eric’s website because I know evil when I see it”, and this is the problem with most Jews and non Jews alike. I recall my awakening and though it was somewhat of a surprise, it wasn’t a total surprise. After all and as noted in your article;
    “OK, so, it must be that the Government/Media (Jewish owned, run and dictated) lied to us before WWII, but began telling us the truth DURING WWII and then started lying to us after WWII up until the present?”

    There are even some who will acknowledge the Pearl Harbor lie but everything else about WWII was true. Or they will parrot that the Big lie quote was made by Hitler or Goebbels, or Hitler was part Jewish, or he was in bed with the NWO, etc…. and all of these claims are made by the alternative media types. The alternative media actually evokes the lies about Hitler and the NSDAP more than the MSM.

    The partnership FDR formed with Stalin pretty much cemented the beginning of the communist take over of America and I believe that the cold war happened due to Stalin’s feelings about Jews. I believe I read where he began to purge them out of government positions, which led to his death/murder. The communists’ change of address was not immediate but this quote best describes when it happened and how the word democracy became mainstream when referring to the US form of government;

    “Communism born 1917 died 1991, her lies the fraud as you will see, my name is now Democracy”


    • Thank you, Sir, for your comment. I had never heard of sweetie until his arrival at WB. There was a shift-change at the blog around that time, telling me a Jew bought it and brought in the shills. It was getting too big for its britches and shekels speak volumes.

      As far as Jews getting MORE? Hell, why not? They are stealing everything else that isn’t nailed down. We might as well willingly give them all our personal savings and all we owe for this lie. Looks to me like we have enough fellow Goyim that believe.

      Lower level Jews. This is what keeps me from being an all-out anti-Semite. I realize that there are many who are hoodwinked by the lies, just like the Goyim are.

      HOWEVER, I also say that the way to stop the onslaught is for the little jews (I call them Decent Jews and there aren’t very many) to call out the Big Jews for their murderous thievery and wanton death cult. Until the little jew stops their own tribe, they are guilty. There is no more leniency towards them than towards the shabos goy who profit from the Jews’ hegemony over us. I suspect that more and more little Jews know the deal and keep silent in order to profit from the corruption (profit, as in easier access to politics, media, education, academia, and of course, finance.

      This inside trek keeps them in the money and they won’t call out the scum.

      I think that you might find several good articles on FDR and communism infiltrating America (all by DC Dave) around here.

      I truly appreciate you dropping by. Always welcomed!


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