Want To Get Rid Of The Hydro Heads?

I have known several people who became addicted to hydros (Hydrocodone). Some very close to me. Some have died from it or complications caused by it.

The death rate of over-doses has skyrocketed, especially when you combine the hydros with the oxys and other narcotics that are much stronger (and this isn’t touching the liver damage that the Tylenol found in hydros can cause).

So, what if you knew that everywhere that medical marijuana has been legalized, the death rates have plummeted 25%?

Right. Its just a coincidence.

America has a major problem with prescription pain medications like Vicodin and OxyContin. Overdose deaths from these pharmaceutical opioids have approximately tripled since 1991, and every day 46 people die of such overdoses in the United States.

However, in the 13 states that passed laws allowing for the use of medical marijuana between 1999 and 2010, 25 percent fewer people die from opioid overdoses annually.

Newsweek and a h/t to Patients For Medical Cannabis

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11 thoughts on “Want To Get Rid Of The Hydro Heads?

  1. isn’t the agenda to get the braindeadgoy to self eliminate
    or conversely win the Darwin Award and be an American Idol
    man things sure have gone topsy turvy, haven’t they

    from Gag & Magag ville…

    Comedian Sarah Silverman broke out a stool sculpture deity cult …”Jewish joke”
    as she took home an Elite trophy turd at the 2014 Elite Trophy Turd Emmy Awards.

    Silverman won the award for Best Writing for a Variety Show for her HBO comedy special –
    “Sarah Silverman: We are Miracles.”
    Upon being announced as the winner, she dashed up onto the stage barefoot and thanked her agents, saying, “Thank you to my Jews at C. A. A.”
    Prior to Monday night’s ceremony, Silverman set the internet abuzz when she announced in an interview on the red carpet that she had brought with her a vaporizer with liquid pot.
    Read more: out in nature..in the shade, with a spade, in the glade..
    or a misty glen..


    let the righteous be righteous still


  2. Behind oil, pharmaceuticals are the biggest money maker in our nation. The AMA is the biggest pusher of synthetic drugs in the country. Doctors love to push synthetic drugs on patients and appear to have little desire in the prevention of disease, and are adverse and even work to destroy the alternative healing herbs and natural supplement market. The following article describes how pharmaceutical corporations
    discover healing derivatives in plants, and patent the discoveries for their synthesized drugs. It is all about money and control, not genuine healing. http://consciouslifenews.com/kimberly-carter-gamble-cannabis-cure-cancer/1176207/


    • You left out the biggest money maker, the banking system. Who else can invent dollars out of thin air and charge interest on the fake dough? Big Banking also launders the illegal drug money, boosting profits for them even more.

      But I do understand your point and I agree.

      It is what I call Big Money. The entities you list (but we should also include private prisons and the law enforcement entities, too) are all part of it. Even “treatment centers” make mega dough from cannabis prohibition.

      Big Money keeps this miracle medicine from becoming the miraculous healing “potion” it has been for centuries, but we are too dumbed down to understand.


      • Yes, that all present fractional reserve system is the root of keeping big pharma in business. I was always struck with the
        fact that banks had to somehow launder drug monies, yet our government would consistently persecute and imprison the
        small dealers, thereby feeding the explosive prison industries, and allow the banksters protection. They feed off us. Did big money behind big pharma not know that handing out highly addictive, opium-based hydrocodone, as if it were candy, would not have the disastrous results on communities at large? Or was this deliberately planned? The following article is the historical description of how cannabis was criminalized in order to prevent humanity from receiving natural healing, and the numerous other positive uses of hemp. http://blog.world-mysteries.com/science/the-marijuana-conspiracy/


        • Its not new (drugs being released knowing the problems). I remember the 714 days (Quaaludes for the downer and Preludes for the uppers… from the 70’s). A Quaalude would make you feel pretty good. Several damn good.

          Preludes were injected as a speed. All pharma grade, no less.

          Same with Opium a century ago.

          They make money and cause all sorts of social ills, yet the miracle medicine is categorized as the same Schedule as Heroin (worse than the old Quaalude).

          It should make any thinking adult reconsider the brainwashing of our youth.


  3. Dig This Chutzpah….

    I am a Jewish {Jesus Hating} woman married to a non-Jewish man who was raised Catholic,
    but now considers himself a “common-law Jew.” We are raising our two young children as “Jesus Hating” Jews. …which is like really stupid but hey…That’s what being “Jewish” is all about!!!

    My husband’s parents are still semi-practicing Catholics, and his brother’s family are practicing Episcopalians. When we go over to either of their homes, they bow their heads, often hold hands, and say grace before meals. This is an especially awkward time for me, as I’m uncomfortable participating in a non-Jewish religious ritual, but don’t want his family to think I’m ungrateful.
    It’s becoming especially vexing to me now that my oldest son is 7. There’s no prelude to the pre-meal prayer, and no acknowledgment that my family might not want to participate in it, or might have a different ritual. ….for asking a “Blessing” for the food…from which “deity”…?

    What’s the best way to handle this situation, while still avoiding the truth ?
    Find a Way to Say Grace Together, …..Without Jesus

    REBECCA LEHRER: Your family sounds like a lot of families I know and I can relate personally.
    I’ve learned that these situations are an opportunity to find meaningful new ways of enjoying your meals (and lives!) together….in a stool sculpture deity cult compound of truth haters.
    You say you are uncomfortable with non-Jewish religious ritual…but you have a non-Jewish husband. Find a way to participate in his family’s traditions with an open heart, just as you hope they would when they come to your son’s Bar Mitzvah, or to your house for Pesach.
    Is it hard for me sometimes to decorate the Christmas tree at my in-laws? Sure. But this tradition gives them so much joy and holds so much meaning for them that out of respect and love, I have worked to find my own relationship with it…..now that is TOPS in the STUPID {spiritually BLIND}
    Department…as Jesus wasn’t born on Dec. 25 & the Bible specifically says don’t cut down the evergreen tree and decorate it…so if Jesus said to know the truth…
    I’m guessing the mention of Jesus during grace is what makes you uncomfortable.
    My suggestion is this: Tell them, with the support of your husband, how much you appreciate the prayer and that you and your children would like to be able to participate fully,
    but that the mention of Jesus is alienating. ….how else would a “JEW” feel ?
    Suggest some ways to make it more inclusive, and ask your in-laws for their ideas….
    Read more: about why true information matters and why all “Jews” can stop being “Jews”
    by simply knowing the Truth…about TRUTH HATING & “Jew” worshipping and Talmudic Judaism.


    so where are all the “Blessings” for “Jew” worshipping BRAINDEADGOY
    in the Multicultural moshpit….?


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