The Beast Suffers From Karmatic Retribution

Forgive me if I don’t shed a tear for this lunatic bitch:

Joan Rivers In Medically Induced Coma… Near Death

You see, Little Johnny, miracles DO happen.

h/t cj303 addict

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6 thoughts on “The Beast Suffers From Karmatic Retribution

  1. must have been a real choke and puke time in that OR…

    whew, maybe The beast & Arik Scheinerman can share some toxic brainwaves…

    in JEWTOPIA…

    Who drives the abortion industry in the United States?

    Want to hazard a guess?
    If you said that the main movers and shakers behind the pro-abortion movement
    in the U.S. are Jews, you win the grand prize.
    While there are, of course, pro-life Jews who are disturbed by the abortion rates in
    both the United States and Israel, I would venture to say that they are certainly in the minority, especially in the U.S. Their low regard for Gentile life at any stage of development is reflected in the number of abortions performed by Jewish doctors
    (about half of all abortion providers are Jewish)
    in Jewish owned so-called “women’s clinics” for the braindeadgoy,
    (about a half of all such clinics are owned by Jews)
    which is way out of proportion when you consider what a small percentage
    of our population that so-called Jews comprise.

    now guess what are the most unreported RAPES in the US…
    by demographics…


  2. Still wondering who is calling her back so soon after her friendly remarks about the Palestinian people. “They deserve to die. They started it.” Now what, words turning into self-directed swords? Almost seems like it. If you believe the Rebbe (Schneerson) the teachings of the Talmud are words of the living God. God himself asks the opinion of the earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven. I hope they can solve this one.


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