Stop The Jewish Hypocrisy: Open Borders For Israel, Too

The constant push for multiculturalism via illegal immigration that is tainting America (and causing white people to lose their heritage and a way of life that in my half a century lifetime have turned this country upside down) is a Jewish brainchild (but now many white Americans have fallen for it). Other than love for an individual, race mixing brings all sorts of issues to the couple (and their offspring), especially when the mixed couple is black and white. This isn’t about hatred, just reality. If two people love each, no matter what their race, then this couple must understand the potential issues involved, then do what is in their heart. That is what love is all about.

But much of what we are seeing nowadays has little to do with “love”. It is more about races being bombarded with rhetoric about there being no race… no real differences between people, their culture, their religion…  that everyone is the same.

In America we are barraged with this meme, but in Israel, (the other “white” country in the Middle East <snicker>) they don’t allow such inter marriage. Sounds a bit hypocritical to me since the storyline is largely a Jewish one here, with an intent to “muddy” the waters, so to speak, while in Israel, they want the waters kept clean.




I had a conversation with one of my best friends, Country Mo (who just happens to be a black guy… The Horror Of It) last week where I told him a bit more about my online activities (he doesn’t spend much time online… he and his family are poor) and my stance about whites and blacks (he lives with a white woman and has one child, another on the way). He agrees with much of what I say here, but told me that he dated black women almost all his life and married a black woman that ended in a bad divorce. This white woman is one of the best women he has known (his words) and he can’t go back.

This is understandable to me, but I feel that his children may suffer because of it. Frankly, I have never met a black woman that I could say the same thing about. Surely there is one somewhere, but I never met her.

I asked him if he thought I was a racist and he laughed. He said, “Do you think you’d be sitting at my kitchen table if you were?” (BTW: this guy is 6’4″ and about 300# and is stronger than an ox). He is the proverbial gentle giant that you do not want to piss off. But I also know that if the shit hit the fan, he would have my back (he has proved this to me before in a time of need).

None of this is about Superiority or any white supremacism. He knows that. It is simply the facts of life. I don’t read his Ebony Magazine and he don’t watch my Duck Dynasty (yet we can still get along… go figure).

My discussions with him are having another effect: He is beginning to understand the control the Jews have on this country and much of the world.

When he got it, it was like a “Coulda had a V8 moment”.

You should hear his thoughts on Mexicans. Or Obama.



Back to The Jews (Who Did IT):

I wonder if Ms Specter has learned how to be multicultural yet?

Will she be shagging any Nigerians soon?

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3 thoughts on “Stop The Jewish Hypocrisy: Open Borders For Israel, Too

  1. Brave of you B-man to dare to touch a controversial subject. But you covered it with respect. The Truth is not politically correct.
    I have heard on numeral occasions here in Britain, non-white people admit there are too many immigrants coming to this country. Some of these are friends/acquaintances of mine. So if they are saying it ……….

    However, we gotta be strong, detached and objective. I feel we gotta try hard and not make the obvious mistake of focusing on the problem, but look at the root cause (who is behind all this). International Jewry want us to focus on the problem and get engrossed in white nationalism/black issues, with their classic divide n rule. I know you know this B-man; I only mention this for the sake of other readers.

    This audio may be of interest to some people.


  2. time travel redux…

    somewheah recently there were photo’s of dig in the land of the Amorites
    and the bones of the “people” and the Animals showed horrible disfigurement
    from sexually tansmitted diseases…

    several times in the scriptures {white people History} the mixed multitude
    is segregated —-> OUT.

    for this space and time it would be Re-Segregation….
    and it is currently in Process,
    as well as the chemical and biological


    but fear not dear hearts for as Hosea wrote about the Day of Jezreel…

    The plain of Jezreel, extends from west to east,
    through the middle of Palestine,
    beginning at the Mediterranean and the mountain Carmel,
    and terminating at the egress of the Jordan from lake Gennesareth.
    Its length is from twenty-three to twenty-eight,
    and its breadth from nine to thirteen miles.
    The eastern part is called Sharon ;
    the western, the plain of Megiddo,
    See Judges 5: 33. 1 Sam. 29: 1-: 11. II Kings 2
    J: 29. , II Chron. 35: 22. , 1 Macab. 4: 49.

    Hosea 1:11


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