World War II Started Today In 1939: Learn Of The Greatest Story Never Told

If any of you truly want to understand why the world  has fallen into the death grip of  Jewish Control, one must understand the details surrounding World War II (and the happenings that led up to that war to save the world from Jewish Bolshevism).

So many alternative news sources parrot the Jewish owned MSM and the government lackeys who continually spout the official narrative regarding the “evil Nazis”, even when they simultaneously tell us that all the MSM and government lackeys tell us is lies (surely you aren’t all that deluded and incapable of the connection in your pea brain minds). You moronic regurgitators of government propaganda want people to believe you when it involves any other subject, but on this, you fall lockstep in with the very ones you constantly warn us about.


I have featured the following before here, but I cannot recommend this film enough if you want to break away from that brainwashing. If you will take the time to watch, I assure you that you will thank me for it later. This is one of the most powerful, thought-provoking films that I have ever watched. The production value is immense (especially the music score), but the educational value is some of the best that you will ever receive.

It is amazing and well worth every second you invest. I prefer the second link because it breaks it down into portions (the first link is the entire 6 hour movie), but either works!

Seventy-five years ago today World War II started.

The Greatest Story Never Told (A Six Hour Documentary)

The Untold Story Of Adolf Hitler

Produced by Dennis Wise – ATruthWillOutFilm


The Greatest Story Never Told (A Six Hour Documentary)

The Untold Story Of Adolf Hitler

Produced by Dennis Wise – ATruthWillOutFilm

As an added bonus, you can listen to Henrik interview Dennis Wise at a recent Red Ice Creations podcast. You can find the second hour here.

This is the first step to take to understand Real History, untainted by the Jewish controlled government, media and boot-licking “alternative sources” who would rather carry the Jews’ water than address the truth of how the Jews took control of that water to begin with.

I seriously cannot recommend this film enough!

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One thought on “World War II Started Today In 1939: Learn Of The Greatest Story Never Told

  1. Good on you B-man for posting this excellent film. How impartial Dennis was in his presentation of this information – just the Truth.

    I too share your enthusiasm in this film. It certainly made me well up at times.

    May I also suggest this great website

    As well as take the liberty of leaving this link with a collection of various links to this hot subject.

    Anyone who denies this Truth fits within these categories:


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