MNM Reviews “Unorthodox” Judaism: Guest Post

I want to introduce MNM to the site. We have been sharing emails after I was approached regarding my views on Putin, Russia and the Jewish Question. It has been enlightening for me to see another as they begin to learn the truth about who actually runs this world and the taint they have given this Earth. I asked if I could share a bit of the email I was sent, as a Guest Post and was given permission, which looks at the book Unorthodox and explains the realities of the Hasidic Sect of Judaism.

Just finished a book called Unorthodox which was written by a woman who turned her back on her Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn NY. 51XkF05EpVL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Fascinating read. She was attacked by her kind all over the internet after the books release so you know a nerve was hit….Hard…

Some things I found out.

They are taught Christians have no souls.

That a Christian baby girl is “Niddah” from birth…Which means unclean or cast away.

Hasids are looked down upon by the Ashkenazi version. They have class warfare within their sects. They do not intermarry.

These folks are into the Talmud but they are not Zionist which is a huge surprise. Non Jews are just in the not saved category but Hasids are not for Israel. The grandfather in the book stated their is a difference between Zionist Jews and Non Zionist Jews.

The same grandfather was in a panic on 911 and told his granddaughter he was afraid of backlash on their community because he felt that Americans would blame the Jews for 911. Ha ha little did he know it would be a careful construction by Zio’s to blame the Arabs. Something most Americans still believe today. I found his reaction to 911 most interesting.


These folks have their own ambulances their own policing within their community. They have their own courts. The regular cops just leave them to their own mostly. 3 crimes were mentioned in the book.

An old man had been found to be molesting young children and had photos of these children in his apartment. Apparently it had been going on for years. Of course Hasids always have sympathy for other Hasids and the said he had been molested by a nazi guard in the concentration camps so he went away for awhile until things calmed down and then was back with his family like nothing had happened.


A murder occurred where a father caught his son masturbating which is a mortal sin upon the boy and his family. Rather than have this mark on their family from God the father slit the boys throat and cut off his penis. The ambulance and rabbi folks had him buried within a half an hour with no death certificate.

Some black kids got into the community and burglarized some old widows home. One was caught and beaten within an inch of his life. Huge “racist” treatment verbally along with the beating. They were able to get away with this but if it happened in a white Christian neighborhood well then… know….


Yup….garden variety orthodox or non religious Jews deny all they want everywhere else but I am a Goy as are you. In the book they are taught we are soulless. Unclean…. Like animals…..You and I and everyone else on the planet are doomed…except Jews. Even the non religious kind will be saved just for having Jewish heritage.

anime-period-ghosts-450x270This woman’s husband could not even hand her a plate or a cup or touch her in any way when she was having her period. She is unclean. She has to check her self with cotton strips and then take them to a rabbi who pronounces her clean and then she needs to take a ritual bath before they can have sex. This is done in a special building. They are attended to by other women who are old and not married or old and widowed. There were stories of young women being molested by these attendants. If you have a stain on your underwear and you are unsure you are supposed to take it to a rabbi to examine….talk about kooky……maybe they have a panty fetish I dunno…

These folks are into the Talmud but they are not zio. They just want to be left alone to their weird little world. One Hasidic Rabbi had the nerve to accuse the Israeli families whose sons were abducted and killed that the parents were responsible for the deaths for letting their kids go to school near such a dangerous area. He did it publicly and it was all over the internet which is kinda shocking.

The books name is Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman. Again she was railed against in comment boards all over the net. The book is 3 years old. No one mentions the atrocities committed like the murder molestation and beating. They just slammed her for her being a traitor….

American Peace Activist Killed By Israeli BulldozerAnother person I never knew about was Rachel Corrie. Why have I never heard of her but know everything about Treyvon Martin? I have never head of her because she is White. She was ran over by a bulldozer trying to protect a Palestinian Doctors home from destruction by an israeli soldier. She had a bullhorn a blaze orange vest on and when she refused to move the driver lowered his blade and ran over her….twice. There are pictures on the net. She is a hero in
Palestine. I consider my self pretty well informed. I was raising 3 under the age of 5 when this happened but it was barely touched upon in the news so that is how I missed it. Everyone I have ever asked in casual conversation whom I know personally have never heard of her or the atrocity committed by Israel. You and I both know why…….nothing was said by Pres Bush about it….He never said she could have been his daughter… O was so fond of TM just because of the color of his skin. Rachel Corrie was a Christian….a white blonde Christian…..

Penelope Cruz and Selina Gomez have come out in support for Gaza. They have been skewered by the media for this…..

lenta2Gaza is a purposeful distraction from what is going on in Ukraine. Almost a million people have fled. None of what you hear on the news is even close to the truth. Our non friends are at work….again Putin is made out to be the villain. The resistance are not terrorists they just want to be declared their own republics in Dontesk and Lugansk. So we the west bomb them. Kill civilians. Bomb farming villages with no weapons. The resistance are wearing orange and black ribbons. These ribbons are St. George Ribbons. This is hugely significant because they are a Christian Element. They are the remnants of the White Guard who was the resistance against the Bolsheviks. We know who they were. Their real names sound like a Bar Mitsvah party on steroids…….From my sources, Putin is trying to restore Christianity in the Schools in Russia. He will protect the russian speaking people and has harbored all of the refugees. The
stories about mistreatment are not true. This is a good against evil. Yes Putin was KGB but according to my sources he played along to get where he is. His ancestry is vague and no one seems to know much. He has been flying under the radar. The people who have the loudest criticism about him are Jewish
Journalists….surprise….not….Ukraine is being punished for it’s history of antisemitism. They were punished and almost starved in to oblivion in the Holodomor which has just recently been declared in the mid 1980’s as ethnic cleansing…..They were starved…Way more perished than the 6 million Jews that are claimed to have been killed in the Holocaust. The number of victims of the Holodomor are more than double. Some say close to triple….You and I both know the reason why we were never taught about this atrocity in school…


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11 thoughts on “MNM Reviews “Unorthodox” Judaism: Guest Post

  1. The truth is coming out. I was shocked to read how the Talmud teaches Jews to mistreat and abuse the”Goyim”. I was also shocked to read in the Talmud the sanctification of child rape. I was shocked to learn that the Bolshevik Communist revolution was carried out by mostly Jews. I am now learning about the Jewish connection to WW2. And of course there was the great revelation about the Rothschild/Warburg plan to create the “Federal” Reserve. What I want to know, what I really, really want to know is this: Does the average Jew know all of this information? Or have they been in a cultural no nothing state like the rest of us? If the average Jew does know this information, then it is high time they begin to tell the truth. Because they sure don’t seem to have a problem, voicing concerns over any other issue that might arise. Thanks.


    • the average “Jew” for the last 1300 years has lived in a virtual dungeon…
      in the bowels of the stool sculpture deity cult compound…with no hope

      NO ESCAPE from the predatory…liars & murderers who are the Pharisees
      & Money Changers…{ECONOMIC TERRORISTS} !!

      so no the average “Jew” is conditioned to believe that all 12 tribes in Genesis 49
      are “Jewish”….! The chutzpah.

      Jeztz everything is quiet, I’ll go.
      Rain penetrating my jacket.
      Someone makes coffee
      in the air supervisory barracks.
      In the puddles floating gasoline,
      shimmering like a rainbow,
      Clouds are reflected in the fact
      I would ‘like to flown.

      Above the clouds freedom must be no limits.
      All fears, all worries, they say,
      remained hidden underneath, and then,
      would what appears large and important to us,
      suddenly void and small. {Germany is Judah}

      H/T – MachtNichts

      dig that parting glance from the moo cow….
      and thanks for a heart warming compliment…MN !

      “Of course, objective validity doesn’t allow for emotional … isms.
      Nevertheless, danke schoen for a beautiful song!


  2. It’s a long long road….from which , there is no return !

    the REALLY REALLY “GOOD NEWS” is that miraculously …
    and this cannot be repeated often enough…

    No One on Earth after knowing the TRUTH about the Luciferian “religion” of Talmudic Judaism
    HAS to stay in the . . . . —–> {TALMUDIA} <—– . . . .

    curiously, yesterday a friend called to me and said…come, come and see…
    look right here on talmudvision…there's Pirate TV gonna show how America
    "created" Israel…only it didn't come on the TV…but on another raw sewerage "channel"
    was another "Show" about the Mass Murder "Mind Control" project @ Waco…on MSNBC
    so I watched some of it..
    on another "channel" they had some spoofers [NatGeo]trying to refute the troofers of 911…
    what a sad joke that was…

    what is stunning to me is the number of PROFESSIONAL IDIOTS on Talmudvision,
    truly stunning…one might say " I'm ASTONIED" !!!

    consider the IRONY of the abject hypocrisy…of the "Jewishness" of it all…

    one of our most valuable possessions is our IMAGINATION


  3. Child rape, dealing in illegal drugs and stolen diamonds, beating up on blacks and assaulting female bicycle riders for their ‘immodest’ dress… that’s all in a day’s work for Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg, which is a neighborhood in Brooklyn.

    Did I say work? Scratch that, the Hasidic males don’t have time for work, since they spend part of the day reading their book of magick, the Talmud, then the rest of the day arguing with each other what the book meant, so they get government welfare.

    Their deviant lifestyle and psychotic behavior is part of the reason the JEW MSM endlessly spills propaganda about the Muslims, to keep Americans dumbed down and hating the Jews enemies, and to keep us ignorant about the real danger living amongst us.


  4. “Some people say that it is the Talmud that made the Jew what he is. I take another view. I say it is the Jew that made the Talmud.

    I believe that the urge for human sacrifice comes not through religion but through race; the idea is, I think, an original one, and came to me from observation on one race in particular, that known as the Armenoid or Hither Asiatic race, which I consider has a decided instinct towards sadism.

    It is, I believe, the strong Armenoid or Hither Asiatic strain which exists in the Jewish Nation upon which we have to lay the responsibility for many unpleasant Jewish traits and practices, among them Ritual Murder.”
    Arnold Spencer Leese, 1878-1956 “It was not Christianity we fought for, but Judaism and Jewish Revenge (WWII)”

    I think that if we don’t make ourselves privy to the past, I mean learn about history :-), chances are current events are taken out of context or not understood at all. Which, of course, is mostly the case. Thank you, Jew!


  5. Hello B’Man did you see the following site? Eva is doing a good job trying to show the EVIL that is ZIONIST ISRAEL. to the Christian Zionist’s that can see no EVIL in JEWS™. You may want to give her some support. She is one smart courageous lady.

    In Gaza
    Eva Bartlett


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