A Heart To Heart With The Official 911 Story Believers

I am not talking to the people who understand something is amiss regarding the official story from the Government or its mouthpiece, the mainstream media outlets that enforces all the false narratives. I am not talking to those who argue if it was nukes or directed energy weaponry (whatever that may be) or nano-thermite or whatever was used to BLOW UP those buildings.

I want to reach out to those of you that still believe the story Bush and everyone else in Government still perpetuates (even the vaunted Ron Paul, who had a chance to illuminate this truth, but didn’t out of political expediency or whatever his kowtowing rationale is).

Now, you may feel that reading about 911 at a little ole redneck blog will not help you, so maybe you should call in to Dr Shlomo’s show and ask him about it (for, surely you question the storyline and seek truth)?

It takes one of two kinds of people to continue the lie. Either those on the take (getting paid to continue the lie) or a moron.

Don’t be a flag waving moron who can’t believe his own eyes when he looks at those buildings as they…


Kerosene fires, or planes did not bring down those towers, moron.

People planting some type of explosives BLEW UP those buildings. And yet, NO ONE has been held accountable, except a few patsies who couldn’t fly Cessnas but somehow were able to pull off miraculous stunt flying in giant jets. The real culprits, which include many of the Bush Administration fulfilling the directives of Israel and the Mossad, working in close conjunction with various Jewish security firms, were able to totally dismantle any security methods that allowed the false narrative to work (albeit, rather poorly).

The following video was done on the 10th anniversary, but still holds true today.

Your time is short, because many of know the official story is a bald faced lie. I relish the day that heads roll for this.

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9 thoughts on “A Heart To Heart With The Official 911 Story Believers

  1. of all the unmitigated chutzpah
    13 years, Cast Lead & Protective Edge…Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia

    AFRICOM ….what’s that ?

    … he points out that much of the alternative media’s coverage of 9/11 presents it in a similar way, from a fear-based perspective and selective information sharing, but to a different audience.


    He couldn’t get on Alex Jones’ show, because Jones would be implicated by his own
    (deliberate) fear-mongering….ooga booga big time..ok, not to be too critical but like Alex always just runs off for literally HOURS digressing while real people are on hold with real information and then wham you’re on and what’s that oh the bumper music…you got 10 seconds…
    Lenon’s great contribution is pointing out the fear-based mind control aspect of 9/11, and how once the fear-based damage was done, most people couldn’t consider any of the information rationally.

    Incidentally, this is a big reason why many in the alternative research community find it difficult to consider the distinct possibility that most or all of the purported victims of 9/11 didn’t actually die, or that most of the footage shown to us of that day was doctored or completely manufactured in a studio.

    Thanks for your work, Lenon, and thanks, John, for having him on again.


  2. some people have a blind spot six inches deep and a mile wide

    Interestingly, her first book since this ascendancy is neither a cultural manifesto nor a political memoir; it’s a small collection of tales from the Talmud, clearly Calderon’s first (literary) love.
    Each excerpt is followed by an expansive retelling by Calderon, filling in the gaps in midrashic style, as well as favoring points of view different from those of the primary narrative. Also following is a reflection on the story from Calderon’s perspective.
    For those unfamiliar with this mode of relating to Talmud —
    and that is, of course, 99.9% of the entire world — thanks to Talmudvision !
    this slim anthology is an excellent introduction to the literary excavation of “classic texts”.
    Not in the scholarly sense; “A Bride for One Night” does not spend much time with the layers of authorship and editing that academics have discovered within the Talmud.
    Rather, Calderon’s is a literary-personal-philosophical-political project,
    reclaiming texts that had been kept semi-secret and finding within those texts personalities,
    voices and themes that are fully three-dimensional, and often heterodox.
    View story at Medium.com
    The first time one makes this discovery, the thrill can be exhilarating.
    Many of us encounter Judaism as a set of inexplicable rules: do’s and don’ts, sits and stands.
    When I was immersed in Talmud study, this superficial Judaism seemed, indeed, like the thin,
    often dead skin atop a thriving organism.
    Calderon here focuses on Aggadic material — the narratives of the talmudic rabbis —
    rather than on the legal, halachic material.
    But for me, both were revelations, the polar opposite of the bland certitudes with
    which I had grown up believing as a “Good” so-called “Jew”.
    Calderon’s exegeses, often of talmudic tales that seem opaque and mystifying at first,
    open the outhouse door to this hidden world….of “Jewish” scatological stool sculptures.
    They reveal talmudic voices deeply troubled by talmudic values, critical of authority,
    aware of the subjugation of women and often at odds with what we suppose to be the dominant thrust of the Talmud itself……hmmmm.
    Read more:



  3. Who’s Right?

    I’ll come to the conclusion that
    My common sense requires
    When it’s 9/11 truthers
    Versus 9/11 liars.

    With supporting links at http://www.dcdave.com/poet15/140912.htm.

    “Truther,” “Birther,” Boo!

    The future of our republic
    Is, indeed, with danger fraught
    When we use pejorative labeling
    As a substitute for thought.


    Waxing Indignant over 9-11 Truth

    “How dare you!” they said;
    What else can they say?
    The facts of the case
    Will not go away.

    Skyscrapers came down
    Like they were demolished.
    The iron laws of physics
    Were neatly abolished.

    They fell straight and fast.
    It’s never happened before
    With fire as the cause.
    What about the steel core?

    To produce the effect
    That we witnessed that day,
    There had to be something
    That sliced it away.

    Five foreigners filmed it,
    Some said gleefully,
    But the cover-up master
    Just let them go free.

    One structure fell later,
    Like a judgment from heaven.
    Maybe God pulled it,
    That large Building 7.

    Of the many anomalies,
    I’ve listed but few.
    The string-pullers did
    What they set out to do.

    The war motivation
    They feared that we lacked
    Was duly provided
    When we were “attacked.”


    The Case for Free Inquiry

    You say they gassed six million Jews.
    I ask you how you know.
    You say it’s from historians;
    They agree that it is so.

    But what about the Forrestal death?
    They agree on that one, too.
    And until I checked it for myself,
    I only thought I knew.



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    • I have said here many times that Jews, religious or not, are now all brainwashed by that tainted, supremacist set of books. They can be utter atheists but the supremacist brainwashing originally initiated via this garbage, is now rampant all through the tribe. It is what keeps even the few decent ones silent. It is what keeps the tribe tribal.

      And sadly, even many Jews don’t realize this. They just go along with the brainwashing.


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