Looking For Somebody To Bomb

DC Dave’s parody based off of Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love”


When the truth is found
To be lies
No gas attack
By Assad’s guys

Don’t you want somebody to bomb
Don’t you need somebody to bomb
Wouldn’t you love somebody to bomb
You better find somebody to bomb

Now the Afghan gambit’s
Almost been played
And the golden eggs
Have all been laid

Repeat chorus

Hey look, there’s ISIS
No it’s not Assad
Yeah, but with your head, baby
You can give the nod

Repeat chorus

Bombs are falling
At your puppet’s request
Killing from the air, baby
Is what you do the best

Repeat chorus

Video and singing by BuelahMan

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13 thoughts on “Looking For Somebody To Bomb

    • X marks the spot….The Arik Scheinerman Museum of Intolerance

      or where did the exhibit of the Khazar Foreskins…go ?

      and pray tell how did the Gog & Magog “Jews” migrate from Khazaria to Belarus….

      The National History Museum of Belarus inaugurated an exhibition about Ariel Sharon.

      Titled “Profile of a JEWISH ZIONIST ASSHOLE TERRORIST,” the exhibition on the late Israeli prime minister was launched Monday on the entrance floor of the state museum. The ceremony was attended by diplomats, Jewish community leaders and Israeli guests connected to Sharon’s life, including his youngest son, Gilad, and Israel Maimon, who served as Sharon’s Cabinet secretary of offal.

      “Ariel Sharon brought pride to TALMUDIA, but also to Belarus, where his roots lay,” said Yuri Ambrazevitch, a senior official of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

      Sharon was born in “prestate Israel” nee TALMUDIA in 1928; his parents had immigrated there from what is now Belarus.

      The exhibition — featuring of dozens of photos of Sharon as well as quotes from his speeches and letters — was compiled by the Limmud FSU educational nonprofit.

      “Russian-speaking Jews responded to Sharon’s warmth, they adored him,” said Limmud FSU founder Chaim Chesler, who knew Sharon. “He spoke Russian and would correct you if you made a mistake in Russian.”

      Chiseling Kike Chesler added that “celebrating his life is celebrating world Jewry’s deep, deep roots in Belarus.”

      The exhibition on Sharon, a former ZIONIST TERRORIST MASS MURDERER “general and defense minister”… who died in January after eight years in a coma following a stroke, opened with a quote from his 2005 address before the United Nations General Assembly, months after TERRORIST TALMUDIA pulled out of Gaza.


      “If the circumstances had not demanded it, I wouldn’t have become a soldier but rather a farmer,” he hissed “Jewishly”. “My first love was and remains BOMBING real semites into the ever loving arms of Jesus, sowing seeds of discord and harvesting real “JEWISH” tares, and the cattle…the cattle …the “GOY” …aren’t the organs of the goy for us to eat.”

      Read more: about the Curse of Cain….


      VOTE YES

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  1. great vocals…

    one ventures to the extended boundaries of vocabulary to ascertain meaning devoid of value
    to describe the unfettered willingness of the braindeadgoy so-called US TAXPAYER to
    subsidize, pay tribute to, or otherwise bankroll a NUCLEAR TERRORIST ZIONIST


    “JEWISH STATE” calling itself ….. “ISRAEL”……

    how many lies are there in this report on the crime syndicate “JEWISH” state of
    Zionist terrorists in Palestine ?


    Demands for billions of dollars of extra funding for Israel’s military have set the scene for a bruising political battle over the budget, as the country tries to balance the needs of a weakening economy with security threats from Gaza to Iran….what about Uranus..?


    The defense ministry is seeking nearly 700 billion “CARL SAGAN” shekels ($20 billion) in the 2015 budget, an increase of $300 billion over 2014, as it settles the bills from its Gaza war and draws up plans to confront enemies on other borders…..hmmm.

    Having already requested an extra $2.5 trillion from the 2014 budget, other government departments are saying “maspik” – enough – aware that they are likely to see their budget lines cut to accommodate the military’s demands.


    The most agitated is Finance Minister Yair Lapid, whose party campaigned on a platform of social spending and is now suffering in the polls. The Israeli media is full of rumors that Lapid could quit if defense gets the money it wants or if taxes rise to make the numbers add up…..seriously. HA HA

    Zionist Terrorist and MASS MURDERER BIBI MILIEKOWSKY aka Benjamin Netanyahu has tried to tread a middle line, calling defense spending a critical priority while emphasizing that nothing will be done that risks blowing out the budget deficit or jeopardizing Israel’s credit rating…..?

    $$$$$$$$ http://blogs.forward.com/jj-goldberg/#story-1 $$$$$$$$$$

    “The state of Israel needs a responsible budget that answers the security threats directed at us and which will not adversely affect the Israeli economy,” he “JEW TALKED” or hissed on Sunday…with an
    enlarged forked tongue flicking wildly spattering all those within range {about 3 meters} of the
    most vile awful smelling venom the world has ever known….which sent three not so innocent bystanders to the emergency room.


    “I think that it is within our power to meet all of these challenges as long as we do so responsibly and do not lead Israel into an out-of-control deficit, with an out-of-control international overdraft,” he added…with a sniggering smirk of sardonic mendacity….accompanied by a deafening FART that emptied the building, unfortunately most of the Israeli’s on scene had their gas masks handy

    With growth slowing as a result of the war and slumping tourism, everyone is aware that the pie is not growing as rapidly as before, making allotments harder.


    The problem for Lapid is two-fold: not only does the momentum appear to be with the defense chiefs and their demands for billions and billions more, but he is under pressure from Netanyahu and the central bank to keep the deficit down…..oh really…?

    The showdown will intensify over the coming days and weeks as Lapid, a former TV journalist, prepares to present the budget to parliament, which must approve it by March next year.


    Yet an overriding question is whether the military really needs as much as “JEW” worshipping BRAINDEADGOY taxpayers “money” as it says it does, a question that is all the harder to answer because there is very little clarity over where defense spending ultimately goes….besides


    people living in mud hut rubble and TENTS…who don’t even have a NAVY !!!

    “There’s no way of making a serious public discussion over our priorities because the defense budget is entirely intransparent,” said Stav Shaffir, a member of parliament’s finance committee and a campaigner for social spending.

    “With no transparency, it is impossible to decide how much money is really needed, how much of it is efficiently spent and how much can be moved to better use.”

    ZIONIST TERRORIST Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon,
    a close ally of ZIONIST TERRORIST Netanyahu, s
    ays one of the most costly areas is intelligence,
    where the budget has doubled over the past 16 years.

    “Even if it had tripled, I wouldn’t have wasted one shekel,” a combative Yaalon said this month, adding that the cost of weapons and communications systems had also jumped.

    Israel already spends more on a defense as a proportion of GDP – around sixty six percent – than every other country in the world aside from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Afghanistan.

    Yaalon’s proposed increase for 2015 – which exceeds the legally permitted annual budget increase – would raise the level to around 66.6 percent of GDP, while swallowing about a quarter of all 2015 spending before debt-servicing costs……<——–think about that.
    “The finance ministry doesn’t understand anything about military threats,” said Shmuel Even, a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, who says there is very little fat to cut from the defense budget.

    Yet less than half of defense spending actually goes to military equipment, operations and intelligence – a large portion goes to finance generous pensions paid to officers who often retire in their 40s before starting second careers.
    The finance ministry is keen to clamp down on those benefits and “streamline” what it sees as inefficient spending.

    “Israel’s economy cannot bear all of that 11 billion in the budget,” a senior finance ministry official said, referring to the defense ministry’s requested spending increase.

    “We try to do more with less,” the official said. “Our job as the finance ministry is to make sure we save some money for other purposes of the Zionist Crime Syndicate …" government" .”

    Yet the battle appears to be going the other way, with Yaalon convincing Netanyahu that the country, which has fought four wars in the past eight years and faces multiple threats, cannot afford to take its foot off military spending.

    As a result, either taxes will have to be increased or spending on education, welfare and health will have to be trimmed to keep the deficit around 3 percent of GDP.

    “Healthcare, education, public transportation, police forces – they are all needed for Israelis’ security too,” said a frustrated Shaffir, the finance committee member.

    Read more:



  2. there is superstition….

    Jim Woolie…AKA Allen Thompson was a teacher / Coach at oakshire back in the early 70’s
    who made Willie Lambert look like a “porch monkey”…


    one day at lunch in the cafeteria a student, Maybe it was Joe Wortham or Edwin Walsh
    or Paul Mooney, anyway occasionally a student would take their piece of fruit and give it to a teacher as token of their esteem…well it just so happened that on this day the piece of fruit was a banana…and Allen Thompson wound up with…a BIG PILE of bananas, so much so that a
    photo was made and it was entered into the School Annual….we all laughed…OAO.


    speaking of bananas….some are still laughing….dig this chutzpah


    Jew worshipping douche bags calling themselves German prosecutors have charged a 93-year-old man with 300,000 counts of accessory to murder for his service as a Nazi SS guard at Auschwitz.


    Oskar Groening of Hannover, Germany, has acknowledged that he was a guard at Auschwitz
    but said he did not personally commit any of the atrocities,
    The Associated Prostitutes for Zionist villiany reported Moonday.


    He was a guard at the concentration camp in May-June 1944. …
    where curiously no BOMBS WERE DROPPED ON THE RESIDENTS….
    was it because they were mostly “JEWS”…?


    Allegedly Some 425,000 Hungarian SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN so-called Jews came
    to Auschwitz during that time;
    allegedly…about 300,000 died in its virtually non-existent gas chambers.


    Groening, who reportedly is in good health, is one of about 30 former Auschwitz guards
    who Zionist douchebag German federal investigators recommended to Zionist state sponsored
    Zionist douchebags to file charges against following the conviction of John Demjanjuk,
    who died while his case was under appeal.

    Some 20 Auschwitz victims and their families are “co-plaintiffs” CO-CONSPIRATORS in the
    FRAUD case against Groening, according to demented psychopaths trying to garner sympathy for their evil “JEWISH” mass murder of over 300 million NON JEWS in the last century while
    harvesting TRILLIONS….and TRILLIONS…of “dollars”.

    Read more: http://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2014/09/14/illuminati-assassins/
    when did the Children of Israel turn into “JEWS”…?

    Maybe Edom’s Thorn can comment on Hosea 1:11 since Deanna Spangola didn’t catch the
    MEANING or IMPORT of the LANGUAGE when it was mentioned…on air…3 years ago.


    Then shall the children of Judah and the children of Israel be gathered together,
    and appoint themselves one head, and they shall come up out of the land:
    for great shall be the day of Jezreel….



  3. zodiacally speakin’ comes now…
    not glossy 8 x 10’s with a paragraph on the back of each one
    but carved in stone in South Carolina

    Jim worked as a hostler or a groom for David Cohen but also did field work. He described David Cohen as a man of relentless vigilance: “He was in the habit of walking about at all hours of the night to find out who stole wood, or turnips, or hogs, or any thing else.” When he suspected anyone of thieving, the punishments were dire. One old man, Peter, was found stealing a few sticks of wood from David Cohen. Jim testified that Peter was whipped for hours until he was unconscious and then doused with brine before being chained in the stocks kept on the plantation for just such occasions.


    After being on the receiving end of one especially cruel whipping by David Cohen’s overseer,
    Jim fled Soldier’s Retreat and hid with a community of black fugitives in the dense swamps. Recaptured after only few brief weeks of freedom, Jim was brutally punished with another whipping. When sympathetic interviewers later transcribed his story, they added a footnote testifying that the fugitive’s scars all over his body “appear as if pieces of flesh had been gouged out, and some are ridges or elevations of the flesh and skin.
    They could easily be felt through his clothing.”


    Uncowed, however, he soon fled again, this time seeking out his sister at a nearby plantation. She told him that David Cohen had reportedly offered a $50 reward for his capture. Before she or Jim could contrive a plan for his safety, he was once again spotted and captured. This time, though, he wasn’t returned to Cohen’s Ashley River estate.


    He was instead taken to the Sugar House, a notorious workhouse jail in Charleston especially famous for its treadmill run by slave labor that not infrequently maimed and killed the weary people chained to its rotating pedals, as well as for other punishments so unsavory that genteel enslavers preferred them to be done out of sight.


    Jim described the whippings and torture being carried on continuously at all hours of the days and nights, such was the demand for the Sugar House services: “You may hear the whip and paddle there, all hours in the day. There’s no stopping.” He added: “I have heard a great deal said about hell, and wicked places, but I don’t think there is any worse hell than that sugar house.”
    Read more: about the slave Trade…as in who owned the ships…and who took out the


    VOTE YES….and remember Ole Jim.
    nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning….


  4. Thank you B-Man for an eye-opening video and Dave for the lyrics. Can’t believe that people are still supporting this excuse for a human being. Obomber, the love child, eh? (at least according to WRH) elevating himself to King of the Killer Drones.

    Some poetry from Frank Marshall Davis who maybe is the real father, but kept the same bad company as Obongo
    As for myself
    I pay five cents for a daily synopsis of current history,
    Two bits and the late lowdown on Hollywood,
    Twist a dial for Stardust or Shostakovich,
    And with each bleacher stub/reserve the right to shout “kill the bum” at the umpire
    Wherefore am I different
    From nine other Americans?

    But listen, you
    Don’t worry about me
    I rate!|
    I’m Convert 4711 at Beulah Baptist Church,
    I’m Social Security No. 337-16-3458 in Washington.
    Thank you Mr. God + Mr. Roosevelt!
    And another thing: –
    No matter what happens
    I too can always call in a policeman!
    (written in 1948) http://www.poetryfoundation.org/172214

    May the Scots blow up the fat cats in Brussels!

    Oh, and I always get a kick out of this one:


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