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10 thoughts on “ISIS?

  1. Ya Ya
    ever see the “Wilderness Trail”…

    Okay…how about ‘Brave Heart’…with Mel Gibson

    maybe you missed it in all the hullabaloo, but on 28 Feb 93 @ Mt. Carmel
    where the Branch Davidian’s had endured a withering MILITARY ASSAULT
    on their Church, Home, and Sanctuary, which in Texas not far from the Alamo
    wone would think would be pretty much INVIOLATE, nevertheless the Zionist Terrorist
    ADL/ATF assaulted the Davidians from the air, first with automatic weapons from the
    helicopters killing several Davidians such as Jae Dean Wendell a former Police Officer from Hawaii
    and Winston Blake who was not White, and Peter Hippsman who was, the ATF continued their
    UNLAWFUL/CRIMINALLY INSANE assault until they had exhausted their “ammunition supply”
    and were “allowed in GOOD FAITH” to recover their DEAD & WOUNDED after an alleged
    “CEASE FIRE” had been arranged because they were “out of ammo”….

    Anyway, given the multitude of crimes committed by the “MEDIA” {Jewish} and the
    ADL/ATF the “TALMUDIC LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY” was chomping at the bit to get a shot
    at a crazy cultist…preferably a “head shot”…so what one hears on the 911 tapes is a dispatcher
    suggesting that all the dark {BLACK} clad SWAT teams out in the pasture {after dark} might consider
    getting on a radio channel as in the SAME radio channel to prevent anymore skirmishes
    from breaking out…and quite obviously since quite a few of the wounded and dead of the ATF
    were the result of “Friendly Fire” well it just wouldn’t look too good for a bunch of Texas boys
    to show up at Hill Crest or Providence hospitals like the ZIONIST TERRORIST ADL/ATF
    with self inflicted gunshot wounds or “Friendly Fire” gunshot wounds cause quite
    honestly that just looks real stupid…

    nevertheless, since trayvon, and the Ferguson case where thugs are little boys unfairly singled out and killed without “Due Process” now comes the Lone Wolf “White Male” REAL ANTI-SEMITE
    type who likes to play in the woods…and people wonder why all that military hardware from
    the Pentagon is winding up in the hands of the Zionist trained STATE POLICE….and Eric the Red
    is going after Eric “Frein” in the woods of Pennsylvania….one can sense the dread and fear
    of the “local residents”…all those scary movies wrapped into one and brought to real life
    like Sandy Hook & Columbine and Aurora & Boston….

    At night, mother-of-two Cathy Tolomeo sits in the living room of her house in the Pennsylvania woods with a can of wasp spray, fretting that a suspected cop-killer armed with two high-powered rifles might be lurking in the dark.

    doesn’t that just grab you…and make you want to outlaw weapons in the hands of the Militia and
    white boys who HATE THE GOVERNMENT because it is run by “Jews”….?

    where is John De Nugent while all of this is going on…since Edgar Steele isn’t available
    to be his Lawyer….


    “I pretty much haven’t slept since this started,” Tolomeo told reporters for the “Jewish Media” on Friday, a day after Frein was added to the FBI’s most-wanted list.
    “I sit in the living room and I listen for every noise….Everything you hear…
    — whether it’s a deer, the house settling or the wind blowing — you panic….GET IT ?.”

    Tolomeo is afraid of her own shadow and her cats shadow also and won’t let her energetic daughters — ages 4 and almost 2 — play outside their Greentown house, which is about 20 miles from the Blooming Grove barracks and two miles from the alleged deranged gunman Frein’s home.

    The older girl’s school is closed, like many others in the search area.

    “She’s cooped,” the mom said. “She looks outside and she wants to go play and she can’t.”

    Her nutless {sans testicles} wonder of a braindeadgoy husband,
    Jason … says he tenses up every time he sees a strange car with a rebel flag on it
    and just about pees in his pants….

    When he drives up the road, he’s on edge…and you can tell by his white knuckles and his
    wired look like he’s been drinking coffee and taking no-doze for 3 days…you know.

    “He could be anywhere,” he said.
    “We could go up to the stop sign and he could jump out from the garbage dumpster
    or a tree or something.”


    YA YA


  2. OUTSTANDING! Thank you!

    ISIS is also occultic in meaning too. In relation to Horus, where we get the word horizion. Or rather I think, horiZION. 🙂
    For example, I have in my possession a very old book of Occultic Teachings. ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages’ by Manly Palmer Hall. It covers topics of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbological Philosophy. Between pages LVI and LVII is a foldout illustration. Called: The Bembine Table of ISIS. Beneath it says much. Including, [excerpt] in the bembine table of ISIS is the philosophy of sacrifice, rites and ceremonies by a system of occult. [end excerpt] They love their ritual sacrifices. They love their high holidays. They celebrate the bombing of King David hotel which betrays so much. Normal non psychopathics would grieve, not celebrate. They obviously did that to themselves, and consider it a success. They danced in NYC on 911. The Weehaken five rejoiced in the ritual sacrifice. Watch who celebrates the next time something terrible occurs. It will be the same group.

    Regarding the occult, B’nai B’rith is Masonic. Judaism practices kabballa. TPTB are occultic as hell. ISIS ancient or modern has nothing to do with Islam. But then neither did “al-CIA-Duh”.

    And as for Islam. Do these idiots really think they can make up some califate (sp?) and Muslims will just embrace him? Bullocks!
    Not unlike setting up some fake new pope in Ireland, and expecting all Catholics and other Christians to follow. NOT!

    The beheadings are so fake. So over the top. Reminds me of the Daniel Pearl fake they produced in Abu Gharib prison. Same s*it, different day. Some footage shows obvious CPR dummy as “victim”. And amazing lack of blood for severing so called arteries! This is all quite revealing: VERY Interesting! Their HOMEPAGE! They are soooo Busted!

    They are getting more sloppy, or arrogantly think the sheeple are so brainwashed that they can’t see. Which tragically still does happen all too often. People who rely on “news” have no clue they are plugged into a matrix of illusion. The dog gets wagged on every news PROGRAMMING SESSION. Snog said it best ” Propaganda, as education” ( In their Happy Prole song )
    This is a good flashback. Notice how he says: “Woof Woof”

    Remember too, laws were passed some time ago, justifying that they can lie to us with impunity.

    Oh, and notice too, as always orange outfits on the “victims” (actors). But what country has orange jumpsuits? The US. Hmmm why doesn’t anyone ask where these so called “Moooslims” get their prisoner garb? It was orange in Iraq. It is orange still. It is all so glaring.

    And something the sheeple never find out for themselves… To force conversion is opposite of what Muslims believe. In Islam there are NO compulsions. Free will is God given and cannot be taken away. Sincerity is the only true faith in any religion. But if they self defend, they are “Terrorists”. Only people who see the matrix for what it is know such things are bullocks.

    I wish more people would stop falling for the fake boogy man du jour. They treat the masses like a flock of crows in a cornfield. Strawman gonna getcha! FEAR=MIND CONTROL.

    People need to stop reacting, in this Problem—> REACTION—>”Solution” loop they keep playing. Cause humanity loses in that game every time. But in order to do that, people must awake first. Only then will there be wars where no one shows up.
    If another false flag occurs it will be by the same gang as perpe-TRAITORed all the other false flags. But now they will blame their new “Al-CIA-Duh” ISIS. Codeword for Mossad. Dressed in costumes for the camera.

    I know more people are awake now than ever. But the numbers are not where they need be. To reach critical mass to stop this madness. What will it take to awake the rest?

    Thank you for your excellent blog!


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