A 911 Reflection By MNM: Guest Post


13 years ago I thought Al Qaeda did 9/11…..

go figure…..

As the Virginia Slims ad would say, “You’ve come a long way baby!”

13 years ago I had an autistic 2 year old in my arms, his 3 year old brother clinging onto my leg after I shooed the older 3 out to the bus and closed the front door.  I could hear a news alert on the tv.  I scooped up the three year old so I then had 2 squirming boys in my arms.  I turned around just in time to see the 2nd plane hit.  Everyone always remembers where they were and what they were doing when something big happens.  I was pregnant with our first daughter and working at the Y when the Challenger went down….My mother told me she was putting my first pair of baby shoes on my feet when she heard about JFK on the radio. 

I remember physically jumping as the plane hit.  The kind of jump you do when you accidentally open your eyes at the wrong part of a horror movie.  Usually one also draws in a gasp at this point.  I remember speaking aloud 4 words as I exhaled.  “The world changes today.”  I remember these words because my husband walked into the room and asked me to repeat it.  We stood there in shock…He had missed the information about the first plane.  He said “What kind of crazy accident just happened?”  I said it was no accident.

It is amazing the human mind’s reaction to high emotion situations.

0It is even more amazing when as time goes by America with the attention span of a gnat forgets to even think about a day like today.  It is even more amazing when as time has gone by you come to realize what you thought you knew from what you remembered wasn’t really that at all….Little did I know I would be sitting here the 1 year old and 3 year old are now 15 and 16 and they are playing ping pong in the next room.  Swearing because they think I can’t hear them…They said nothing was mentioned at school today about 9/11…..wow….how time flies….how soon we forget…..

My 5th grade daughter came home from school on 9/11.  She was ecstatic… “They know who did it Mom!!!   His name is Al…….Al Qaeda!”     Good job Dan Rather you……I remember wiping a ton of snot off my sweater from the bawling autistic 2 year old and tears from my own face as Katie Couric “Completely Composed” stated in a calm dead pan…..

“There you have it ladies and gentlemen….Tower number 2 is falling….”

At least Dan acted a little shook up…..Made me damn glad I didn’t stay in College to become one of them….A Talking Head…..a “Hairdoo”…..  I could never be like them professionally detached from tragedy of such magnitude.  Unless Tammy Faye Baker types became en vogue as news-anchors, mascara running down into their cleavage….I was meant to be a mom of 6….who stayed home with them….Being from Minnesota I was a shoe in…Fast talking Norwegian Blonde Beauty queen type…..I was voted most likely to become a news anchor and a vice presidential candidate…….Gretchen Carlson former Miss America was my hero….Now she works for Fox and Murdoch….I wonder if she knows?????  Norwegians suck at lying or so I have been told…Another flaw for the career that was not to be…..I consider myself most fortunate…

Now that I know about who owned the towers

LARRY….last name starts with an S….name ends in N.  Oh its the same name of my favorite comedienne Sarah Silverman!  Thats it!  sarah-silverman-jimmy-kimmel-break-up-1You know the gal who’s act included this sweet little comment...

“Yeah I am glad we killed Jesus!”

She is the non religious jew variety….but still says she is a jew…I thought that was a religion?  Don’t you have to believe in something?  Is she smoking crack when she says and I quote..…don’t believe in Jesus or God. But I do believe that fundamentalists in religion or anything else are bad, and that they have more hate than love. Jesus’ words have become so perverted over time — it’s been like a game of telephone. If he existed, Jesus would fuckin’ kill himself.
“People are always introducing me as “Sarah Silverman, Jewish comedian.” I hate that! I wish people would see me for who I really am — I’m white!”  WOW…SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO THINK SHE IS JEWISH WHILE SHE BASHES BLACK WOMEN IN HER LITTLE SKITS….SHE WANTS YOU TO KNOW SHE IS WHITE……….If you are not jewish why bring up the jewish thing all the time…oh yeah that’s right it is just your schtick….Go you! You Yiddish diva YOU!

Prove me wrong I say to the naysayers…..back to the towers with you….

Areas were documented to be closed….for “repair”  their was time and access…

Prove me wrong...Mr. S didn’t own the towers….didn’t put a TON of insurance on those asbestos riddled dinosaurs….didn’t bring in teams of “repairmen”…..oh and there were not enough Jews for prayers the morning of 9/11?  How many matzo balls just didn’t go where they always go that morning?

Now that I have seen video and interviews with survivors who talk about the “Pop Pop” explosions and I can the puffs of smoke a few floors below the collapsing roar of steel and dust….I hear people smarter than me speak of controlled demolition and what it looks like…and how the towers were designed there was no way the core would have “given way’ like that without help….the diagonally cut beams….

David_Dees_Larry_Silverstein_and_Giuliani_demolitionProve me wrong….

7 came down….pretty fast job….people did not understand….Shock makes your peripheral vision cloudy…7 seemed like an afterthought….

Dancing Israelis?   I only heard about dancing Muslims here in MN….Must have missed that one…Oh I hear they caught the fast train to Israel….am I right?  Whoops it was a plane….to bad it didn’t have mechanical problems…..get hijacked….blown up….

Prove me wrong….

Now that I know what a false flag looks like….Thank you David Icke...Your astute list of how to see a false flag was very helpful….Took me 12 years to find it….Couldn’t have done it without your list….I am a patriotic American…I am conservative….I am pro life….Obama and his cronies have taken my country from me dammit!!!

Wait….Since my mother was putting on my baby shoes back in November if 1963 they have been taking my country from me….wait….It started back in 1905 and 1917….In a country I was taught all my life was evil and told to hate….

A group of bar mitsvah buddies took down a dynasty, banished Christianity, gifted the world with Communism, over 40 million deaths…..that we are aware of….These people slaughtered a man and his wife and children,  cut their bodies into pieces and poured acid on them.  They used the riches from the dynasty to further their agenda….The order to kill the Tsar came from NYC….It came from AMERICA…Money came from America.  .The sack of doggy do Woodrow the first slick willie Wilson let it happen….We know who and what forced his hand….names changed to sound Russian….their accent the bad guys in every movie.  They beat up Rocky….Killed the Romanovs….Sucker punched America….Gave Toby Keith all the material for his Red White and Blue songs…..Made me believe….Made me buy a newer nicer flag for my house….made me light candles and hate muslims….NO BODY MAKES YOU DO ANYTHING WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION…..THEY DID NOT MAKE ME I BOUGHT IT ALL HOOK LIKE AND SINKER……DUMB BLONDE….

Prove me…well you know the drill….


Cameras sitting ready on rooftops ahead of time with the perfect angle to capture the necessary shocking video….to be played again and again partnered with the words Al Qaeda….Al who???? Oh yeah we all know it was them….Thank God Bush will get re elected because of all of this….Democrats are the devil….Some good came out of this horrendous day…Little did I know…..

Now I watch his reaction.…my eyes newly opened I am groggy but my vision is good enough to now read without the shock of that day messing with my mind.  Sitting there in front of children….book in hand….Texans are bad actors…..they are bad liars just like Norwegians but hey old George  had all sorts of help from sound bites and media…Americans with the attention span of gnats….pretty easy to pull off actually…..We were rabid for revenge….fit nicely into his little plan…Hey they tried to kill his dad we found out….Shock and Awe?  Go for it…Stand behind Israel…Stand in front of her…All around her….Pick up her tab….Sucker Christians into subscribing to magazines called “Israel My Glory”  and send money to some TV guy with a beanie on his head to send poor persecuted Russian Jews back to the land that is theirs…that they took…but hey….it’s OK….Kissinger said it was….Nixon was an Anti Semite the bastard….How is Kissinger still alive????  He’s got to be older than the cryptkeeper by now….


Patriot Act???? Assault on my constitutional rights?

You betcha but hey if it keeps us safe from that Al guy I am all for it…..

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29 thoughts on “A 911 Reflection By MNM: Guest Post

    • “you get a silver badge not an old tin star when you’re on the take”
      COPPER – Harry Chapin

      here’s a conundrum like a permindex…riddle inside an enigma..{thanks Joe}
      & hopefully Edoms Thorn can chime in…
      but if the issue is the ISIS…or the “Jews” who claim to be “Israel”
      how do Hindu “gods” swami’s and yogi’s enter the discussion…?
      [and WHY]
      was there previously a NUCLEAR WAR on Earth & Mars…?
      do Velikofsky & Sitchin & Tellinger offer some relevant data for consideration
      what about Senor Les Visible ?

      Israel and America want to destroy Syria, Iran and Russia by any means necessary.
      They create a phony terrorist army that is under the leadership of a Mossad agent pretending to be an Arab.
      The sense of hubris and privilege is extraordinary and why shouldn’t it be?
      The populations {BRAINDEADGOY} they lead are at an intelligence level of a canned ham.

      Now it is, in these perilous times that we see why the psychopathic Zionists took over control of the media, entertainment, publishing and the art world. If you are a dumbass, a coward or totally absorbed in some appetite or interest, you are easily snared in the lies they manufacture. When you add this combination up you can see it is a significant portion of the population. They don’t need to control the minds of the entire population; not even half. They just need a goodly sum that believes their lies and sets up an oppositional force that can be manipulated in any number of ways.
      ‘Am I dead or only dreaming?’ …….When is one actually dead?
      I presume you can be dead any number of ways.
      You can be dead to all kinds of things and still be moving about.
      Define : Money

      Of all the things that need to be dismantled, the media is number one.
      So long as it goes on manufacturing heinous lies,
      awful “government policies”…. will follow. . . follow the money.
      Define : Nation !
      The culture and society will continue to be shaped in awful ways.
      who determines value

      You do


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    to putting all the “JEWS” into the ovens of TRUTH, …& not just SIX MILLION !!!

    Dig this CHUTZPAH : …there were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament
    seriously…Abraham had a Talmud & Hated Jesus ?
    Moses had a Talmud & Hated Jesus ?
    and “Jesus” didn’t start the “JEW” worshipping “Judeo-Christain” oxymoron
    “RELIGION” of the Synagogue of Satan Psychopaths…!


    In a pre-Rosh Hashana meeting, Pope Francis and a World Satanic Jewish Congress delegation discussed the worrying international situation, including the persecution of Christians in the Middle East….seriously.


    Francis received the delegation, headed by the lower than a snakes belly WJC President Ronald Lauder, at his residence in the Vatican Wednesday night….for a feast of braindeadgoy organs.


    The delegation also included WJC Secretary General Robert Singer; the pope’s old friend Claudio Epelman, who serves as WJC Latin America director; and other Synagogue of Satan Jewish leaders, who had attended a Satanic Sacrifice WJC meeting in Berlin….during the full moon.


    The meeting took place in a “very intimate atmosphere,” Andras Heisler, president of the Hungarian Jewish umbrella organization Mazsihisz, told Hungarian media. He said Francis offered his best wishes for the New Year but also reiterated his statement made Saturday at a World War I memorial that today’s raging crises around the globe could represent a third world war,
    “one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction.”


    mocking, scoffing and Blaspheming…is a “Religion”…are “Jews” & “Catholics”
    CO-RELIGIONISTS like the “Jew Worshipping” “Judeo-Christians”….?

    did the Money Changers & Pharisees really come from the Levites & Judahites ?

    Read more: about Ephraim & Manasseh…& Benjamin…


    “Two men vent into a poob and ordered a glass beer. Dey hadna been in dat poob more dan vonce or twice before. Vell, day sip deir beer un’ dey sit talking un’ schmoosing. Dey sit un’ talk un’ talk. At last de barman leans over de counter and he says to dem: ‘Oot!’ Nu, dat’s how it is mit a shul. I come here every veek and Hakodosh Borukh Hu [the Holy One Blessed Be He — that is God] kens me vell, un’ he don’t mind if I take it easy. But dese bleggages dat come vonce or twice a year — no! Dey daven or dey shot op!”


    “’Bleggage,’ meaning scoundrel — one of two such words that Daiches mentions as exclusive to Scots Yiddish — is taken by him.to be a corruption of “blackguard,” which seems a reasonable guess. The second word, for which he gives no origin, is “trebblers,” defined by him as “those Edinburgh Jews who made a precarious living as itinerant salesmen, peddling anything from sewing needles to ready-made dresses.”


    The derivation is almost certainly from Yiddish traybn, a cognate of English “drive” that occurs in the expression traybn a gesheft, “to run a business.” (The word may have assumed this meaning because many peddlers drove carts or wagons with their goods from village to village.) Daiches writes affectionately about the trebblers who filled the trains every morning on their way to their various destinations and said their morning prayers en route. They “had perfected a technique for getting compartments to themselves, and even if they had not, it would have taken a hardy outsider to enter a compartment where a swaying, bearded figure stood chanting at the window.”


    Daiches thinks that Yiddish may have sounded less outlandish to Scots than to ordinary Englishmen because the Scots language shares some of Yiddish’s Germanic vocabulary and sounds that English lacks.


    Words like Scots “to hoast,” to cough, which is close to Yiddish hustn, or “lift,” sky,
    which is akin to Yiddish luft, “air,” exist in considerable numbers. ….really ?


    Sometimes the two languages almost coincide. “More light” in Scots is “mair licht,”
    which sounds exactly the same as Yiddish mer likht. In fact, Daiches writes,
    he once conversed with a stationmaster along one of the lines the trebblers traveled
    and was told by him that his father would speak to them in broad Scots and be answered
    in Yiddish “….with perfectly adequate mutual intelligibility….after only a few pints.



  2. As much as I kept up and keep up with current events, when the towers fell, I totally disengaged.
    I knew it was fake. It looked fake. I was astounded at the level of belief in something fake. I was astounded that we went into Iraq, when it was supposed to be Saudis who committed the crime. And the American public seemed to lap it up.
    It took me 3 years before I
    finally watched any of the footage. It just seemed totally unbelievable that these so-called Saudis could by-pass our
    Air Force. And if the planes did hit, as shown, it seemed to me, that wreckage would have been spread far and wide.
    This was a psy-op operation. traumatizing the people so that other evils could follow. We need to understand that demons now run our nation. I do not subscribe to the Yahweh war god, but I must admit, I found Sarah Silverman’s degrading smears on Jesus to be
    utterly disgusting. Have you noticed how it is perfectly fine to degrade Christians, but absolutely noting can be said against the Jews? We will now see them completely lose their minds and become even more outrageous as their evil becomes more and more visible.


    • so then did you unsubscribe from the Yahweh “war” God of the Children of Israel
      or you just never actually filled out a subscription form initially …?

      now seriously…do you think Jeremiah was a Liar ?


      for pray tell how do Khazar ANTI-CHRIST {ashkenazim} “Jews” who
      “speak Yiddish”
      and CHANT KOL NIDRE get into the Old Testament to witness

      “And Zedekiah king of Judah shall not escape out of the hand of the Chaldeans,
      but shall surely be delivered into the hand of the king of Babylon,
      and shall speak with him mouth to mouth, and his eyes shall behold his eyes;


      not meaning to be rude, but how do castles get built in the first place..

      how do barns get full, how do the people get fed…if everyone is laying about
      or a PERVERT ?
      how are NATIONS formed ?

      truly, how did the Almighty turn into a schizophrenic asshole “WAR GOD” …
      in your mind..?

      as a man thinketh in his heart so is he

      h/t Sean Connery


      • When I was about 6, after the usual mind control efforts of cultural religious programming. I asked my mother why god was so mean in the Bible. She said that god was mean until Jesus came along.
        No offense, but any intelligent person who can think for their own self, realizes the god of the Old Testament is a complete psychopath. Yahweh was a pantheon god of war. Like most people of the era, the Hebrews worshiped many gods and goddesses. After being beaten by the Canaanites and Babylonians the Hebrews were pressured to worship yahweh, war god, exclusively. You can read the “God Above the Gods- The War Between Monotheism and Polytheism” by Jonathon Kirsch (a Jew)
        If you want to dish out truth, you must be willing to take new truth in. Often, the truth hurts, but ultimately sets us free.


        • you’ve actually read the Old Testament ?

          did you find any “Jews” there ?

          No offense, but any intelligent person who can think for their own self, realizes the god of the Old Testament is a complete psychopath.

          personally I’ve found that inverting an issue is counter productive to a logical conclusion…meaning running backwards in time with a modern misunderstanding is not “Intelligent”
          No offense,
          but any “intelligent” person who can “think” for their own self, realizes the god of the Old Testament is a complete psychopath.
          Thinking defined means reaching a true conclusion…

          think about it….get the mug shots,
          call Roi Tov


          • Well yes, Anthony, what behavior can you expect from people who worship Yahweh war god?
            Unfortunately, we have Christians who are linked to Yahweh as well. That is why there is no outcry (save for the Presbyterians) against the horrors going on in Palestine. They can justify the murder of children and the theft of land, which defies international law, because the Jews must rebuild their Temple in Jerusalem in hopes of Jesus return. The madness continues.
            Try explaining the history of the Jews and their wicked Talmud to the average Christian, and you will see their eyes glaze over and watch out for the resulting verbal attacks!


            • fence posts are smarter, and look better…than the average

              sad story time…I actually had at one time not one but two
              “Baptist” preachers for Brothers in law, and a so-called
              “Brother” who was simultaneously a “Baptist” deacon
              and a “good” deputy sheriff…

              I understand…completely.
              but the truth of Deuteronomy 28 is getting more difficult to ignore by the
              JEW YORK nanosecond…
              truth is not on holiday



              • It makes me want to get out my family kilt. a dancers kilt, no less.
                And also, Scotland is leading the way on renewable energies, and is supposed to be fossil free by 2025
                That is, if there still is a world by then…
                There is also a similar movement in England (Nigel Farrage ) and France.


                • Rise Above,

                  I have not researched very much into “Gnosticism” and that IS because I am a Christian that understands that the Sons of ADAM has an enemy that will use any thing to separate us from the God of Abraham, and that enemy wants to kill ALL of the sons of ADAM what ever their faith may be. I do owe it to myself to do some more research in order to better understand so I will be able to have an intelligent conversation on it. Time is limited it is hard to determine where to devote our time.

                  I see from your comment that you do not understand that it was the Catholic Church and NOT “Christians” that burnt those book and many others. You also do not understand that the Catholic Church was created by EDOM/JEWS. You are also of the opinion that the so called JEW wrote the Bible, and that the Christian Faith is connected to the JEWS! And those are some of what is meant by “BLASPHEMY” as I also pointed out in the first comment. EDOM also created “ISLAM”
                  Rev. 3:9 I understood for years. But when I was writing my article “The Synagogue Of Satan: EDOMS Playground ” I did something that I had neglected to do for many years, thinking I KNEW, I looked up the word “blasphemy” and researched a bit and found that blasphemy is used in two ways. It can be applied to GOD, or PEOPLE!
                  S.C. 988 BLASPHEMY;
                  1) slander, detraction, speech injurious, to another’s good name
                  2) impious and reproachful speech injurious to divine majesty

                  I do not claim to know everything, but I have studied in the Hebrew and Greek, and researched the histories concerning EDOMITE JEWS. From my understanding what I have presented in these articles is the only thing that makes sense of it all. They explain why the Western White Nation have been a blessing to the world. WHY the White Nations are the only Nations that have forced open boarders and forced multiculturalism. They prove that MOST JEWS are of EDOM and not ISRAEL. I point out the first Government sanctioned GENOCID against TRUE JUDAH/ISRAEL by EDOMITE JEWS!
                  EDOM = The NEW WORLD ORDER
                  JACOB through the MESSIAH, JESUS CHRIST = The SOON COMING KINGDOM oF GOD!

                  With the Bible knowledge you have, you may be able to see what I am saying SURE seems to be true, from the Biblical Point of view. I say that “I have proven the word of God, with the word of God, as WE can see it made manifest in the world today!”

                  HERE are who MOST JEWS™ really are
                  “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”

                  Here are WHO Jacob/ISRAEL really are
                  “Why don’t these scriptures fit the so called “Gods Chosen”?

                  The SYNAGOGUE Of SATAN: EDOMS Playground

                  “GENOCIDE, INFESTATION, INFILTRATION: The Beginning”


            • You may claim to have read the scriptures, but you did not read them with “understanding”…. When you say “war god” you show your lack of understanding! I can only assume that you are ‘whining’ about how the GOD of Abraham commanded the Children of ISRAEL to kill a couple of specific “TRIBES”, that “IF” you understood, you would KNOW that they are of the same seed-line that WE are plagued by today! It is a part of the “BLASPHEMY” of those that say they are Jews and are not”. IF those EDOMITES (as Jesus pointed to) were Gods Chosen™, I would want nothing to do with ‘their’ gOD either! IF you are going to argue the Bible with the Bible I suggest you actual read the Bible with “understanding” without understanding you make yourself look like a Proverbs 18:2 “FOOL”. Gods words, not mine!

              Furthermore, you fail to SEE that there are many Christians that speak out against the EVIL that is “ZIONISM”! As I have pointed out at >>> “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”
              http://www.edomsthorn.wordpress.com >>> it is EDOM that God has allowed to create the Bastard State of ISRAEL, as we see it today.

              If what I have presented at my site is true, (and it is) your eternity is at stake, and is dependent upon your UNDERSTANDING! The Biblical and Historical facts that I have presented should not be ignored. WE are responsible for our knowledge. If we believe the lies of those that seek our destruction, “WE” have failed ourselves! The EDOMITE, “Rothschilds” control’s the publishing house’s and has infiltrated the Seminaries! Do you intend to trust ROTHSCHILDS or do you think it may be beneficial to research from a source that understands the WHO the enemy of humankind is?

              I do hope you will give careful consideration to what I have said!



              • Yeahway !


                and had the Children of Israel done as instructed…to the letter, just imagine
                which to me explains WHY….Jesus instructs his messengers to put the “JEWS”
                in the ovens of truth…along with all the “JEW” worshippers

                seriously….when did the children of Israel [White people nations] “Europe”
                turn into “JEWS”….and specifically what makes a “DOUBLE MINDED” man
                unstable in all his ways …?

                One of the first things about this ongoing nightmare that must be understood is just how old the current war is. ….{6,000 years?}

                We have been in this war since Israel entered the picture 67 years ago.
                seriously…Khazar “JEWS” are Israel…
                GOG & MAGOG are “Isreal” …the 10 northern tribes? REALLY !

                What makes this so damning is that both US Incorporated and Israel have been allowed to “OPT-OUT” of all the International Conventions when it comes to breaking International laws. No ‘other nations’ in the world are “allowed” to do this. However everything began with having given ourselves the non-existent opportunity to just opt-out because of either Manifest Destiny, in the case of the US, or because ‘god made Israel special’. Both “reasons” are not just illegal they’re obscene: Given the depth of the crimes that these two outlaw-states have been committing against the world since 1948.

                We’ve been at war in Iraq for over twenty years now. We’ve attacked Iraq four different times and we’ve lost every time. The reason we finally pulled out in 2011 was because Iraq was demanding that the US government and its troops would be subject to International Law, if ‘we’ chose to stay. This is the real reason behind the premise of not putting “boots on the ground in Iraq”.

                Apparently the pilots of the drones or the fighter jets are immune from international law, even if the “troops are not.” This is nonsense and it’s all illegal anyway—just as every one of the attacks on Iraq was also illegal—despite the fact that Israel ordered the US to attack Iraq, as their surrogate slave state, which “we” “JEW” worshipping
                psychophants and complete IDIOTS did. . . after sufficient “JEW” poopaganda from
                TALMUDVISION !!

                E. T. – did you happen to catch John Friend with Pastor Eli…show ?


                • Anthony, No I did not, …” happen to catch John Friend with Pastor Eli…show ?”… I may be a little slow sometimes. LOL But what was the topic?

                  What would happen if people would actually research and then respond to the information that has been presented to them? I mean give us an actual conversation that deals with our POINTS, with out providing their talking points, that have nothing to do with THE point! It is one thing to disagree, when FACTS are presented that refutes what has been presented, and that would be an honest, ADULT conversation. I am not talking about here so much, as it is EVERYWHERE! There seems to be a concerted effort to distract from any truth about the JEWS and who ISRAEL is. Many of the web sites I post at, appear to be over run with JIDF and/ADL trolls that have established themselves as being logical and rational so when some brings any information that goes against the so called Gods Chosen™ the trolls attack with lies and ridicule, and the sheeple at those sites go along with the trolls! (Does what I said make sense?) I see it a lot. I call them “SLEEPER TROLLS”!

                  World Net Daily banned me because I pointed out that there were many Christian that were being murdered and made homeless (by those impostors) in GAZA, and that as a Christian, to bless the anti-Christ JEWS makes the Christian EQUAL partakers of the JEWS™ sin! This is crazy! But it is as it says in scripture, the truth is made a lie and hated by those that have not the Father!

                  I saw your comment to me about how you listened to Pastor PETE in the 1990’s on short wave. WELL you would know me if you heard my voice. I was a regular caller there and at William Copper, Col. Bo GRITZ and many others! I was EDOMS THORN on world wide Short Wave for years!

                  Lets keep it real!


                  THANKS B’Man!!!


              • I lean toward Gnosticism. The Gnostics warned humanity against the Abraham god, Yahweh, the salvationist, off-planet, patriarchal,victim- abuser god. Look what happened to them. The Christians burned down their library at Alexandria, after viciously murdering Hypatia. I had an instant revulsion to the god of the Old Testament as a child, despite efforts
                to mold my mind otherwise.
                You probably don’t want to investigate Gnosticism, so why insist that I once again, subject myself to the horror show that is the Old Testament. Slitting one’s child’s throat to prove ones loyalty is not insane? Please. That is just common sense. But of course to accept the Bible, one has to reject common sense.
                The very image of Christianity: a brutalized, , and bleeding man on an implement of torture… always repelled me.
                I believe that Jesus was an Avatar figure. Many of his truths were already written down by other Avatars and wise ones who had come before him. I don’t doubt for a minute that he took on the Pharisees and Sadducees, writers of the Talmud, or take on the greedy money-changers. But in the final analysis, he supported Yahweh, pantheon god of War. I suggest you do some research on Hebrew pantheon gods. Christians love to be right, and can not accept anything otherwise, this goes directly back to the Hebrew origin of being special, chosen, exclusive. I guess all the indigenous forms of worship, including the brilliance of the Gnostics, just can’t measure up to the yahweh war god.
                But anyway, I do appreciate the fact that Christians are awakening to the horrors of what the so-called Jews have been up to. It is sickening actually, and no wonder Christians can’t handle the truth. It might make them start to question the connections of their own faith. I appreciate your passions and willingness to engage in discussion. Perhaps you might want to watch some YouTube video interviews with John Lamb Lash, a Gnostic, who has written a brilliant book on the Nag Hammadi scrolls, discovered the same time as the Dead Sea Scrolls. “Not In His Image”.
                End of Jewmanity..


  3. it may seem a wee bit of puffery, but dig this

    American Everyman is a Scot…

    “The honor of our letting the family display the crowned lion supporters references the long-standing service of the Creighton/Crighton family to the reigning Monarchs of Scotland.
    They were councilors, Chamberlains, Barons, Regents and Governors of both Edinburgh City
    and Edinburgh Castle.


    The crown is the Royal Scottish crown, indicating outstanding service to the Royal House.”

    Creighton Family coat of Arms



  4. something to look forward to….

    A museum inside Gesundbrunnen subway station in northern Berlin explores the ideology
    and the consequences of Hitler’s unrealized “Germania”, to the rumbling of
    underground trains passing through adjoining tunnels.


    “This is not about ‘Germania’ as the hobby of a dictator,” said the exhibition’s curator, Gernot Schaulinski. “It’s about the intentions of such a project, the ideology behind it,
    and those who suffered because of it.”


    A giant map shows plans for a magnificent boulevard, seven kilometers long and 120 meters wide, which was to be flanked by towering buildings which would celebrate German prestige.


    A 320 meter-tall “Great Hall” was to stand at the end of the avenue, dwarfing the neighboring Reichstag. Crowned with a 40-meter glass lamp, its green copper roof with an opening at the top was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome.

    Read more: about putting the TARES in the ovens…!


    ever tried hydro on a pizza with buffalo meat…?

    just sayin’


      • There was an English teacher @ Oakshire…ah the days back in the Shire
        Sally Raspberry Matthews…who also taught Archie Manning “English”
        in Jr. High….coupled with Peyton’s statement that with 21 Papa Johns
        pizza houses…he’s doing the land office business now that “pot” is “legal”.
        GO FIGURE…eh !
        personally it is just my opinion, but you know ….my imagination kinda
        goes into hyper drive when the thought of MILLIONS of “dollars” & access
        to INFLUENCE of the “MASSES”….enters the picture.

        define : Responsibility


        Yeah the minute man is going soft — the mirror’s on the shelf
        Only when the truth’s up there — can you fool yourself

        And while blood’s the only language that your deaf old ears can hear

        C Cmaj7 Dm
        And still you will not answer with that message coming clear

        Dm Dm7 G
        Does it mean there’s no more ripples in your tired old glory stream

        Dm7 G C F
        And the buzzards own the carcass of your dream?


        just to think of all those days Archie spent with the Saints…

        as Granny was wont to say….pitiful, just pitiful


        • I was an ‘Ain’ts fan simply because of Archie. I remember his glory days at Ole Miss vividly. My adoptive dad went to school with him during that time. Didn’t really know him very well (two totally different crowds).

          My dad’s other claim to fame was living in a duplex with Elvis and his family in Tupelo when they were 3 or 4 years old. They were friendly for a long time and he and my mom used to get back stage passes to concerts. Never got a car, but a mutual friend ended up with a T-Bird (he still owns and won’t sell it, even for the $1M+ he was offered).


          • love the stories, with that Southern style of tellin…my mother called it the gift of gab.

            “to reproach,” c.1200, via Scottish and northern England dialect, from a Scandinavian source, such as Old Norse gabba “to mock,” or from Old French gabber “mock, boast,” both perhaps ultimately imitative. Related: Gabbed; gabbing. Meaning “to talk much” is from 1786, probably a back-formation from gabble.( probably came from invasion of the Norse.)


  5. reproach ?

    when you get a chance see the definition of “reproach” in Strong’s for the
    last word in the first verse of Isaiah 4.


    and when Archie played at Ole Miss…as a boy who wanted to be a Quarterback
    more than anything else…to me there was NO ONE more exciting than Archie !

    what an ARM…..I practiced throwing like Archie, scrambling and throwing to
    drag patterns going the opposite direction…I’d be a Heck of a coach,
    if the opportunity ever presented itself…


    as fate would have it, my Dad acquired Archie’s autograph for me when he was
    in Memphis on account of his broken arm….

    I went to 1st and 2nd grade @ Holy Cross Lutheran just a few blocks south of Graceland
    and lived one house from Elvis’ cousin, and his body guard who was never home but
    kept his YELLOW corvette in his dads garage which was usually always open…
    and I really loved corvettes in those days, too…even though I was too young to “drive”.

    be sure and read Isaiah 3…for “Context”….!


  6. I don’t know any special tricks for exorcising your “Yahweh” {sic} misunderstanding…

    it probably won’t happen over night unless you get hit with some serious Light energy
    that causes the bulb to come on…
    that’s what I do like about science and space photo’s…and while I didn’t really Hate
    Willie Lambert {science Teacher/Oakshire 1972}…he hated me, but he did take us to
    SOUTHWESTERN…to see a LASER and the planetarium…which was cool, but he hated
    the “Bible”, and the “White Man’s” religion…and me.
    for some strange reason;… and oddly as mentioned previously, My Dad was the PIO for
    the Memphis Metro Narcotics squad, and I had on several occasions visited the
    Memphis City Police dept, evidence room, and the FAMOUS – MUG SHOT room full of
    MUG SHOT BOOKS….with LOTS OF NEGROES in them….but not Willie Lambert
    so one morning, I’m on Safety Patrol @ Oakshire and Willie Lambert gets to school
    a few minutes late, and as he is getting out of his car, he’s putting a roach in the ash tray…
    and I never said a word.

    I was also the only 6th grader inducted into the MOB @ ECS on Union Ave Ext…..


    • Dose of Reality with Brian S. Staveley, Justin Cooke, James Sloan – 09 / 24 / 2014 – Media Fakery Marathon Show: From 9-11 to Sandy Hoax to the Boston Legless Marathon, the Moon Landing Hoax, Fake Beheadings and Beyond

      Deep Immersion Interactive Webpage – Open While Listening to Audios to Follow-Along with Evidence Presented – Pause Audio, Study Images, Watch the Videos Mentioned, Re-Start Audio, as needed, etc.


      [audio src="http://www.therealnewsonline.com/uploads/6/5/2/9/6529494/9-24-14_part_1_of_4.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://www.therealnewsonline.com/uploads/6/5/2/9/6529494/9-24-14_part_2_of_4.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://www.therealnewsonline.com/uploads/6/5/2/9/6529494/9-24-14_part_3_of_4.mp3" /]

      [audio src="http://www.therealnewsonline.com/uploads/6/5/2/9/6529494/9-24-14_part_4_of_4.mp3" /]


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