Washington’s Blog: Jew Protection Racket

I held out hope that the ownership of Washington’s Blog (a blog I have linked to here many times over the years) would see that Eric (Sweetie) Zuesse was a hack protecting his tribe. I would question his motive or point out the idiocy of his “Jewish Nazi” mind-numbing stupidity in the comment sections. I didn’t cuss the man, but would call him a tribe member (ouch). The last comment I made was saying Eric was either lying or is an idiot if he didn’t think Jews were instrumental in what was happening in the Ukraine. His comment was that Obama and McCain were Christians (heh).

I recently asked him about the “ethnic cleansing” in Ukraine that he keeps writing about (without ever explaining exactly what ethnicity is being cleansed). I asked if it was the Jews killing the white, Christian Russians. You see, eric is so stupid that he cannot fathom why Ukrainians would be pissed off that Jews run Ukraine after the Holodomor. I suppose Sweetie thinks like every other stingy, thieving Jew.. that the world owes the Jew something. Even those poor souls in Ukraine that remember the Jews that came in and starved them by the MILLIONS.

And he responded (I also had a couple more positive responses to my interaction with the Jew Protector, Eric, along with quite a few votes up by the Disqus participants). Something tells me it was this support that caused WB’s ownership to rethink allowing my participation. I mean, you can’t have someone (especially a “bigot” as Sweetie lovingly designated me) ask questions or point out what a hack a new blogger is or explain where the ills emanate from.

But now Washington’s Blog has banned my comments (and deleted them ALL), telling me that the site is corrupted and now a Jew Protecting site uninterested in the real causal factor of what they continually bitch about DAILY. They are now owned by the Jew, the soul-sucking entity that is causing all their bitch in the first place.

Fuck them. I had to point it out to you, for your information. It cannot be trusted for truth, unless your truth is dependent upon the Jew meme.

Now For The Real Truth (you won’t get from Washington’s Blog any longer)

You see, when the neocon Jews were able to push Jews on the Jew hating citizenship of the Ukraine, it might just have some bad feelings come from those poor souls. Its not enough that Jews run all the Ukrainian media and banking, now they have a president and foreign minister and others trying to acquire positions in high government that are all Jews. None of that matters to a tribal fuck, like Eric (or Washington’s Blog). You see, because WB is now politically correct, sucking the shit directly from the Jew ass. And btw, the same shit happened here in this country long ago, but I would bet you a dollar to a donut that Sweetie would say I am just a bigot for pointing to this absolute truth.

Sweetie banned

22 thoughts on “Washington’s Blog: Jew Protection Racket

  1. woosies


    By God…you told them some truth and they “outed” themselves
    their countenance witnesses against them like SODOM !!


    in this brief time period where shameless “JEW” worshipping
    perverts proudly display their shocking intellectual duplicity
    makes it all the more easier for the Angels to HARVEST the TARES


    you should have seen Paul Rodriguez of the Washington Times when he “rolled over”
    for the ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI…and his “salary”…plus he got a promotion and a “Raise”.

    aren’t you glad you don’t live in Jew Jersey…

    McGreevey resignation reveals Zionist political toxic waste dump

    Jew Jersey Governor James McGreevey’s resignation — with an admission that
    the middle-aged father of two is a flaming “QUEER” homosexual — has highlighted
    a number of details that underline the extent of Zionist corruption in
    ZOG US scum …politics.

    McGreevey’s Levantine Lothario, Golan Cipel, is reportedly preparing to sue the
    ex-Governorfor ‘sexual harrassment’ for a ‘gay relationship’ he and the Governor conducted.
    McGreevey met Cipel while the Governor-to-be was on a junket to ZIONIST TERRORIST TALMUDIA
    in 2000 — the gift of Jew Jersey ZIONIST TERRORIST Jewish federations.
    He made his catamite his liasion to the ZIONIST TERRORIST Jewish community during his 2001 campaign for Governor, with staffers finding Cipel accomodation.


    Adding to the thread of sexual corruption running through the scandal : “Cipel had been sponsored for a work visa and given a job in 2001 by [Jewish] real estate developer Charles Kushner, McGreevey’s biggest political donor, recently indicted for hiring SHIKSA prostitutes as part of a scheme to scuttle a federal prosecution into fund-raising.”

    In the hysteria of the ZIONIST TERRORIST contrived post-911 situation McGreevy appointed
    Zionist FAG Cipel to the newly-invented post of security adviser at a cool $100,000 per year, without a background check and despite the fact that Cipel’s resume showed his (official) security experience limited to a stint as a conscript in the TERRORIST TALMUDIA FAG fleet.


    As an Israeli citizen Cipel was not even allowed a security clearance. McGrevey finally relented to the pressure of those who smelled the over-ripe gefilte and shifted his ‘boyfriend’ to the office of liasion to the State’s Jews — again at $100,000 per annum.
    Golan Cipel was the Governor’s right-hand man….


    “He planned the governor’s overseas trips, including a trip to Zionist Terrorist
    “TALMUDIA”, and conducted a study of the Jew Jersey-TALMUDIA Commission.”

    and “Jew” worshippers cannot be “Christians” !


    • yeahway…where are the “Jews” in Obadiah..?

      I like Devvy Kidd…but it strains credulity at times to see
      how far someone can go without using the word “Jew”…!

      “During his search for answers, each question Hooper asked led to another, until eventually he deduced that the official story of how 9/11 transpired simply couldn’t be true. Besides the emotional upheaval of that realization, Hooper faced the added pain of feeling isolated from family members and friends, who shared neither his conclusions nor his conviction that America had been betrayed. So, as a way of reaching out to loved ones, Hooper decided to make the film, in hopes that it would help them grasp the facts that had shattered his worldview.”

      One of the new pieces of information in the film I had not seen is a clip
      by Susan Lindauer. Who is she?


      “Former Congressional staffer Susan Lindauer covered Iraq and Libya at the United Nations, as a U.S. Intelligence Asset and back door channel on anti-terrorism from 1993 to 2003. Most notoriously, in the summer of 2001, her team warned about a major terrorist attack involving airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center.


      Lindauer also campaigned heavily against the War in Iraq, and developed a comprehensive peace framework through her back-channel in the run up to War.
      This is the story of what happened when Lindauer tried to disclose the true facts of Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence and the 9/11 warning to Congress and the American people.
      It details the nightmare of her arrest on the Patriot Act and her imprisonment without a trial at the notorious prison inside Carswell Air Force Base in Texas.

      Extreme Prejudice is a true life spy thriller.


  2. I gave up on Washington’s Blog many years ago when he deleted my comments which suggested the possibility that the destruction of Iraq might be about Israeli aims rather than oil.


    • speaking of spades…

      er um shana tova


      “O ummah of Islam, the world today has been divided into two camps and
      two trenches … The camp of Islam and faith,
      and the camp of kufr (disbelief)
      and hypocrisy …
      all being led by America and Russia,
      and being mongrelilized by the Jews,” al-Baghdadi said.


      In another such video released on Twitter,
      IS told jihadists to….you’re gonna LUV this one…
      “Break the crosses and destroy the lin­eage of the grand­sons of mon­keys.”

      Some jihadist supporters are calling on the group to open a new front against Israel.

      “@ISIS_Conquests Hey #ISIS please do us all a favour & open up a front against Israel. Surely they are the greatest enemy of humanity?” Akhmet Qassam, a supporter from Scotland, asked the group on Sunday. Another Tweet read, “@ISIS_Conquests If you open up a front against Israel I’m sure your numbers will increase hugely.
      Also give you some legitimacy.”


      At the same time, IS may be growing cautious about drawing unwanted
      attention from Western FAUX-intelligence and TALMUDIC law-enforcement
      agencies even as it seeks new recruits….dumb enough to join the “Mossad/CIA”
      cartoon agency formerly known as the United Fruit Company, Al Nusra,
      and the most famous outlaw Tag Team Al & Ben Quida !!!


      “All Brothers and Sisters…Don’t meet with IS members while you’re living in the West…Move out of the West & then you get in touch with IS,” @Dawla_Newsmedia
      wrote a day after Zionist contrived ADL/FBI AKA… “U.S. law enforcement”
      caught Shannon Maureen Conley,
      a 19-year-old woman from Denver who was also an aspiring hemp merchant,
      trying to leave the U.S. to join the IS in spreading the good news of hemp & pizza.



      • in celestial dynamics Truth can’t be censored…

        It’s a Universal Law

        only thing is stupid is it’s own Prison, spiritually & Physically
        induced by fear and born of ignorance

        DIG THIS CUTZPAH….in the arbitrary & Capricious dept. –
        it is no small coincidence that since the Synagogue of Satan
        Money Changers …”print the currency” & Own the “Media”…
        & Operate a Kosher Crackhouse called CONGRESS & Own the
        ZOGUS so-called “GOVERNMENT”…et al.

        the so-called “accounting” is from FY to FY…2012-13, 2013-14,
        2014-15…according to the GAO
        Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Request
        In February, GAO submitted its fiscal year (FY) 2014 budget request for a modest increase of 1.9 percent to bolster its staff capacity and retain its highly skilled workforce. Consistent with guidance from the appropriations committees and OMB, the FY 2014 request was based on the annualized level of the initial continuing resolution (CR) which provided a slight increase over FY 2012 in FY 2013. Since that time, several actions have significantly reduced GAO’s FY 2013 appropriation from $511.3 million in FY 2012 to $479.5 million in FY 2013, including 1) a reduction of $5 million imposed in the final CR resulting in an enacted level of $506.3 million, and 2) the $25.7 million sequester and $1 million rescission required by the Budget Control Act–a total reduction of $31.7 million or 6.2 percent below FY 2012.


        GAO appreciates the flexibility Congress provided in the final CR to help partially offset these reductions by increasing GAO’s authority to spend collections and use prior year available balances to cover mandatory workers’ compensation costs. However, these reductions to GAO’s FY 2013 resources required that GAO take a number of actions to curtail spending plans, including reducing planned hiring by nearly sixty percent–dropping GAO’s staffing level by over 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff to 2,884 FTEs. FY 2013 represents the 3rd consecutive year of reductions in GAO’s staffing level.




        OKAY…back regular programming {See Telefon}
        Manchurian Candidate, Long Kiss Good Night,
        The Good Shepherd, True Lies, Body of Lies…



  3. Not too long ago, I was one of those people who read so-called alternative sites such as Alternet, Truth-Out, etc. ad nauseum.
    I slowly came to reason that the articles, and comments just stewed in how awful things were, blaming the mysterious
    “shadow government” and “oligarchical elite” but beyond scapegoating the nefarious Koch brothers, never named names, and never, never, ever dug deeper than the surface. This is done intentionally, just stewing people in the gatekeeper’s stew of the victimhood of ignorance. Perhaps an official recipe could be written regarding this distasteful concoction of “Gatekeeper’s Stew”?
    It was only after I researched information on the creation of the “Federal” Reserve, did my eyes begin to open. Don’t let being
    ousted off a blog site worry you. It only proves you were getting too close to the truth, and setting off the alarm bells of protecting the true criminals. Now we know all about “Washington’s Blog”. Thanks for sharing and going to bat for the liberation of humanity.


    • Oh, its not the first one. All my earlier participation at “liberal” sites (Crooks and Liars, Digby. HuffPo, DailyKos, and others have all banned me long ago). Eric whatever-his-jewish name at redstate banned me. Other “conservative” sites have banned me. None for abuse, but asking the wrong questions.

      I have had many contradictory comments at Wash Blo and never even a warning. Now, even though a bit contentious, EVERY comment I ever made is deleted?

      Something changed and the more I pointed it out, the more others were thumbing up my comments and more Jew wise started commenting.

      But Jews like Sweetie now (somehow) have enough clout to pull this off. The place is certainly corrupt. It is too bad for the few writers there that I could read and believe genuine, even if I disagreed with them. In Sweetie’s case, he is not at all genuine and obviously hacking for his tribe. And Wash Blog protects him and bans my meager contribution.



      • did you ever see a guy playing football recover a fumble and run the wrong way
        and make a touchdown for the other team…?

        Robert Ransdell’s campaign slogan on view in Kentucky

        “With Jews We Lose”? No, this isn’t a poster from Nazi Germany.
        It’s a campaign placard currently on view in Kentucky, where
        write-in candidate Robert Ransdell is running for U.S. Senate.


        His party, The White Guard that accepts all former so-called “Jews”
        who now Love Jesus and Hate the Liars & Murderers called “The Jews”,

        “seeks to show White people the facts regarding the Synagogue of Satan
        Jewish role
        in America’s decline as well as highlight the destructive effects that multiculturalism, diversity, and political correctness have had on this country
        since the JEWISH “Federal Reserve” started printing “currency”
        and deeming it “legal tender”.”


        We here at the “Jew Media,” as Ransdell calls it, had a few questions about his views.
        And so we emailed him.
        To our surprise, he answered back. Highlights of the interview include:
        his belief that Christian Zionists should relocate to HELL or JEWTOPIA
        that no Jews are white, and that there’s no group out there more arrogant than members of the Synagogue of Satan …. “tribe”….

        and then there’s this FROM REAL DOCTORS…

        The Lancet will not retract a letter slamming Israeli policy in Gaza
        in light of evidence tying two of the authors to support for
        ” white supremacist” “NEO-NAZI”…Anti-Semite David Duke.

        The British medical journal’s editor, Dr. Richard Horton,
        dismissed evidence
        that two of the five authors of “An open letter for the people of Gaza,”
        published in the August issue, had distributed a video by Duke,
        according to The Telegraph….WND, News With Views, INFOWARS,
        even SNL did a skit…involving a donkey.

        Horton called the revelations
        “utterly irrelevant” and “a smear campaign.”


        The letter described Terrorist Talmudia’s…TERRORIST “Gaza campaign”
        as “a massacre” and “a ruthless assault.”


        NGO Monitor, a media watchdog, unearthed emails of Dr. Paola Manduca,
        a geneticist at the University of Genoa, and Dr. Swee Ang, an orthopedic surgeon, forwarding a video titled
        “CNN, Goldman Sachs, and the Zio Matrix”
        in which Duke accuses “Economic Terrorist Jesus hating ” Jewish banking”,
        media and political figures of conspiring to create
        “an unholy tribal alliance.”


        Duke has had links,ties and semi-formal relations with the
        counter-Intelligence {ADL/FBI} operatives in the Ku Klux Klan and
        ” neo-Nazi groups”,
        as well as apolitical bird watching groups and tree huggers,
        hemp peddlers, toe tappers and wash board players in Zydeco bands
        with high yellers and redbones…who drink JAX beer…when they can’t
        get a cold shiner bock….

        “The House of Rothschild” has been largely forgotten.

        It is also one of the most misunderstood films of the period.
        With George Arliss masterfully taking on the dual roles of father and son
        Mayer and Nathan Rothschild, his portrayal of Mayer Amschel is seen by some as anti-Semitic. If one watches early segments of the elder Rothschild fidgeting
        with coins and figuring out how to avoid paying taxes, you are made to feel uneasy
        , just as you might when watching some productions of
        Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice.”
        A Jewish money-lender is rarely a character of choice for Jews,
        but the reality was that Jews were indeed money-lenders.


        Arliss, who had earlier portrayed Shylock on the London stage,
        brought that characterization to Mayer and was setting up a story that
        begins with the subjugation of Jews. As we learn more of the family’s
        predicament and the excessive restrictions and attacks brought on the
        residents of Jew Street in the ghetto, we soon empathize with Mayer,
        his wife and five sons. I saw one would-be scholar present this
        coin manipulation segment to high school students out of context,
        making the claim that this was an anti-Semitic motion picture.


        In 1940, Fritz Hippler would insert this film segment into his film,
        “Der Ewige Jude” (The Eternal Jew), but Arliss had no such intent.

        Arliss and Zanuck took great pains to create sympathy for an honest Mayer Amschel and to cast the Jew as a persecuted minority deprived of rights….

        what are the odds…


  4. If you’re not getting banned from commenting on many ‘news’ blogs, then you’re not telling enough truth!

    They’re either so brainwashed they can’t think or they’re getting paid to be propagandists.


    • Washington’s Blog has given us many good news bits and generally had good information. But they always seem to stop just shy of the finish line.


      I have had many comments published there over the years (mostly in appreciation and support). But when they began allowing outright Jew protection to occur and to not acknowledge the obviousness of my assertions, I began to think it was more than political expediency/correctness. It is more than getting more numbers (especially Jewish readers). It is outright protection of the very ones that are causing the damned problems WB always bitches about.

      Something tells me that they have been bought and if I were a fly on the Skype wall, I would bet that WB knowingly accepted the bribe (whatever that may have been). I think that if the blog sees more publicity, we will know damned well that they took it.

      Carl Herman would do well to separate himself from the pack of lying ass-kissers, but something tells me he won’t.


  5. My email to the owner of Washington’s Blog:

    It is revealing that not only did you ban me from commenting on your blog, but that you felt it necessary to delete ALL of my comments. This without a single warning or utterance that my commentary was off base (unless you believe everything Sweetie says, which appears now to be evident). I also noticed how many upvotes my comments had started to get and the fact that others who understand what I see also began chiming in to take eric to task over his mendacity. We can’t have that, now, can we?

    You have shown yourself to not be the truth seeker you elude to and have proven that either you have been lying all along or have been hijacked recently. People will notice this change, especially with my help, but you must know that it will not go unnoticed. Maybe you just hope it will go away and support the insinuation by your writer, Sweetie, that I am simply a bigot or “anti-Semite” (booga booga). A bigot uses hatred and intolerance. I have no hatred for any soul alive, but I also will not kowtow to the likes of you who kiss the ass of the very ones that keep us in the dark. Hatred for the oppressive actions of Zionist Jews is not hatred of people (this is something eric can’t grasp, but I thought you might). Calling out the culprits is not anti-Semitic or bigoted, it is logical and needed. But not to the ones who are covering for them.

    You have allowed the Jewish influence to rule your blog, to the consternation of us who realize exactly where the the blame lies.You allow misinformation to flourish and disinformation by certain writers to become Washington Blog’s persona.

    It proved to me, finally, that your blog is a gatekeeper blog with the occasional interesting information, but like Alex Jones, et al, you are protecting the very ones who have brought on the influences that control the very people you complain about the most. It can only come from two reasons: either you are as dumb as a box of rocks or you are complicit.

    Either way, you have shown me and many others the nature of your game. I get emails daily asking why I deleted my comments at your blog, when the fact is that some asshole there did it.

    Well, good for you.

    You got rid of one thorn in your Jew protecting side. But it has been noticed by more than this dumb ole redneck.


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