Holder Quits To Pursue His Political Aspirations

Holder Quits, but why?


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18 thoughts on “Holder Quits To Pursue His Political Aspirations

    • I called to speak with John Ashcroft from the offices of the anti-Shyster
      in April of 01…about the Mass Murder of The Davidians
      a very impolite and rude “Jewish” asshole told me that I couldn’t
      speak with Ashcroft about a Mass Murder case

      why that asshole was “Jewish” I don’t know…

      but I can tell you this,
      not far from Mena, Arkansas is an Obelisk…
      the Albert Pike Obelisk
      you can find a Statue of Pike in DC
      when I went to Little Rock to deliver the 911 Tapes from Waco PD
      & McLennan County Sheriffs Dept to the OIC of “Ken Starr”
      “They” wouldn’t even give me the address…
      and finding the Masonic Lodge in Little Rock is not hard
      when you go to Vegas there’s the Vegas PD & Masonic Lodge
      butt up against each other on Charleston st.

      go figure….bring a slide rule

      In the Scottish Rite the Blazing Star is depicted with 5, 6, 7 and 9 points in the various degrees. In the 8th Degree “Over the Master is a five-pointed star, with three Hebrew YODs inside”. In the 4th Degree “In the circle, three triangles are interlaced to form a white nine-pointed star. In the center of the star is a Hebrew YOD, and in the nine outer triangles are the letters E, A, J, J, Y, A, O, A, H, which are the initials of the nine sacred words.” In the 14th Degree “The jewel is a quadrant (compass open to ninety degrees) topped by a crown, and with a nine-pointed star on the obverse, and a five-pointed blazing star (with the Tetragrammaton) on the reverse.” In the 18th Degree “A seven-pointed blazing star, also with a YOD, is now atop the mountain.” In the 24th Degree “a vermillion “Blazing Star” (pentagram) in the East”. Gershom Scholem notes that both the five pointed star and the six pointed star originated in Babylon or Palestine and were endowed with magical meaning and power among the “Arabs” {really?} {seriously?} of the Middle Ages who showed a tremendous interest in the occult sciences.

      [while the non occultic Talmudic Terrorist Sacrifice Christian Children ritually
      “JEWS” are being EVICTED from White People Countries left & right]

      The five pointed start (Pentagram) has been found on potsherds from the pre-cuneiform Uruk period of ancient Babylon. Pythagoras associated the Pentagram with “health,” “wholeness” and “blessings” and it was the Pythagorean sign of recognition and held sacred as a symbol of divine perfection. It is significant that Pythagoras appears in Indian Tantrik texts by name the name of Yavanacharya (“the Greek teacher”) and the Pentagram appears in early Hindu Tantrik writings and art. Therefore, it is open to speculation as where the Pentagram originated first, in India or Greece.

      To the ancient Hebrews, the Pentagram was the symbol of Truth and it found its way onto many Gnostic amulets. The early Christians associated the Pentagram with the Star of Bethlehem which led the Magi to the newborn Christ. Later Kabbalistic Christians would associate the name of Christ in Hebrew characters, IHShVH or Yeheshua, to the five points of the pentagram[13].

      The six pointed star was adopted by the Jews and known as “the Seal of Solomon” owing to the Jewish legend of King Solomon’s domination over the spirits through his ring with the “Ineffable Name” within the Star engraved upon it. The Christians later continued this usage. The virtue of this seal engraved with a six pointed star within which was inscribed the Hebrew ‘Yod’, was to serve as a shield against the evil spirits in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It holds a special significance in the Kabbalah, and thus, it could have been, that the Hebrew letter “Yod” was inscribed within the six pointed star and hung in the Lodge by the early Kabaalists[14] who became Speculative Masons.

      The Seven Pointed Star, called “Faerie or Elven Star”, is a Neo-druidic symbol
      (also known as the gateway symbol) of the entrance between our world and that of the Faery, the Otherworld. Each point on the star represents a gateway or path of the Higher Self to prepare one for entrance into the Otherworld. The Faerie Star has been adopted by many old and newer faiths. It’s first documented use was in the Kabbalah. It was also used by Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O. or Order of the Temple of the East), an international fraternal and religious organization that originated in Germany or Austria between 1895 and 1906, and was originally intended to be modeled after Freemasonry. It was used by alchemists to represent the 7 planets and 7 elements of the Universe. Christianity has even used the star to represent the seven days of creation, and to ward off evil. Pike’s ‘Morals and Dogma’ is replete with references to Alchemy and Kabaalists especially with reference to the Blazing Star, and it could therefore be inferred, that early speculative Freemasons, who were Kabaalists, introduced the seven pointed star into the first degree ritual.

      In the Scottish Rite we find the following narrative “Immediately after the death of Hiram the Builder, King Solomon selected seven of the most worthy and expert Master Masons to guard the Sanctum Sanctorum, and its “sacred furniture. Although only one guard was on duty at a time, their number was always seven — alluding to the seven cardinal virtues, the seven stages of life, the sabbath (7th day), etc……….The Lodge is hung in black, strewn with white tears. The seven-branched candlestick is burning in the East, and over the East is a large circle composed of a serpent with its tail in its mouth”. The seven-pointed star, therefore, encapsulates the hierarchical orders of classical mystical thought marked by the number seven, e.g., the seven planetary spheres governed by the seven planets of classical astrology, the seven colors in the rainbow, the seven days of the week, the seven distinct notes in a diatonic musical scale, the seven chakras of the Hindu metaphysical tradition, and the seven liberal arts and sciences of Freemasonry.


      dry your eyes


    • RIP
      Jim Traficant

      Former U.S. Rep. James A Traficant Jr. was buried today after a private service.

      That was done at Traficant’s request, said Heidi Hanni, the family spokeswoman.

      While Hanni said earlier today that she “wouldn’t anticipate” a public ceremony,
      she said around 5:45 p.m. today that Traficant’s family will have an event at
      some point in the next 30 days “celebrating Jim Traficant’s life.”

      A venue hasn’t been determined.

      “The family decided that the Valley deserved an opportunity to share in a celebration,” Hanni said.

      Traficant, was transported from St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown to the Hospice House in Beaver Township on Friday “to make him as comfortable as possible,” and he died at 11:30 a.m. Saturday surrounded by family and friends, Hanni said.


  1. Strike the root…

    back in the summer of ’97 I had an opportunity to attend to the
    Irwin Rommel School of Law at the Luxor in Vegas…and actually got paid {grin}

    If one had that time lapse capacity, one would be fairly surprised at how orchestrated
    all of these incipient and incremental exposures are. If one were able to add in a panorama perspective, one might begin to get a comprehensive picture of it all and even acquire
    some amount of confidence that what seems at time to be so substantial and unstoppable,
    are actually no more than cartoons on highly flammable paper.

    Surviving in this world at this time requires more than money and influential circumstance.
    These things can well be fatal liabilities, when viewed in a cosmic sense.

    Surviving, in a real sense, requires a mindset that knows;
    the stage upon which ones existence is acting out is temporary.
    This is a critical awareness to have.
    Trust me on this, it can save you major grief later on and if you are already in that later on phase, perhaps you know what I mean. . . .

    Knowing what is temporary and of importance, only in a relative and passing sense, makes it possible to appreciate what has a more lasting value.


    Getting stuck in a rotating rut; the hot pursuit of the hamster swine
    with the treadmill spinning blues is a mugs game. . . . See Body of Lies !!

    It’s the chosen venue of the majority of most and it ends up with you as a hungry ghost.


    If appetites are mastered, certain valuable abilities come into play, eventually.

    If it is the other way around and they run you, you are in more trouble than you know
    and the whole world is set up to maximize the attractions and intensify the resulting
    confinement of ones essential freedom.


    This is why no one comes out with a smiley face on the other end of the line.


    speaking of Musical Chairs…http://rommellaw.com/

    The children gather on a rug in Mrs. O’Brien’s kindergarten classroom, ready for
    the morning routine.


    “All right, can you show me sitting down crisscross applesauce style?”
    Kara O’Brien asks in a singy-songy voice.

    She plays a medley of songs for 5- and 6-year-olds.

    “Give them your right hand / Look them in the eye
    Put a smile on your face / Then you say, ‘Hi!’”


    The kids giggle and act out the words, shaking each other’s hand.
    Next comes a disco-tuned ABC song, then a song encouraging them to wiggle and shake.


    Every song has a purpose.


    O’Brien and other Jydstrup Elementary School teachers have kids in their classrooms
    from Ethiopia to Ukraine to Brazil, each with a varying grasp on the English language.


    This is more than just a morning routine — it’s a way to help the students learn English
    and respect students from different cultures.


    Such diversity isn’t unusual in a school where 37 languages are spoken and in a district
    with more than 85,000 students who speak 83 languages other than English.

    About 85 percent of the non-English speaking students speak Spanish,
    but also Urdu, Bulgarian, Turkish, Thai and Hindi…..but not “Yiddish”.


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