What Is Military Action?

According to Fox News, it is and it isn’t:


Can anyone explain to me how these people can live with themselves after being such lying fools? Are Americans so far gone that they don’t see it?

Looks that way to me.

h/t Zen

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7 thoughts on “What Is Military Action?

  1. back last summer …{of ’13} I shared your Freaky Friday
    Religious Talk show with the Sanctified Sisters talking
    about the ‘Monkey Shine’ with Jim…he got a real chuckle

    Anthony Clifton says:
    September 25, 2013 at 7:29 am


    it was shortly after that comment that I discovered Jim wasn’t breathing…
    365 days ago Jim “Braveheart” Floyd went to be with Jesus
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    remember the Tanks at Waco flying the Alabama Flag…

    I asked Carlos if the Committee was abandoning him and covering matters up.

    No, he replied, it was quite the opposite. He was briefing them on virtually a weekly basis.

    They had uncovered a lot more information than he had.
    What he knew he couldn’t talk about, except that one tiny part of it was that,
    not only the initial ADL/ATF raid, but the entire siege, had been funded out of money
    dedicated to the International Zionist contrived war on drugs to minimize the
    “competition” and streamline “profits”…

    One might say that the entire Waco Mass Mind Control Operation was funded by official embezzlement, since all legal guidelines for use of those millions had been violated by
    bot the Zionist ADL/ ATF and ADL/ FBI….which is like just so patently obvious you know

    There were other things, he added. But these could simply not be let out.
    They were sufficiently shocking to the Committee and they were genuinely concerned , if known, they might inspire violent retribution from ZOG hating radicals…..

    I said I’d heard statements like that — the truth about Waco could not be explored, for fear of violence, but discarded them as agency excuses.


    Carlos said no — the fear is real, and it’s not poppycock.


    The truth is really that grim. The Committee had not yet figured out how to reveal the truth
    without running this risk, and until it did, it had to disavow his work and sit on all the other information….that didn’t jibe with the Jewish terrorists running the so-called Zionist
    Occupied Untied States Government…

    Much of the data was in the hands of certain key reporters, and they were
    sitting on it for the same reason.
    But it would come out in time…..like in 50 years


  2. Mainstream media has lied so much, and for so long, how can any of us figure out the truth anymore?

    “Oh what a wicked web we weave, when we practice to deceive.” Walter Scott
    It is a known fact, that psychopaths do not have a conscience, therefore are unable to feel distress over their own manipulations.
    Psychopaths are also unable to take any responsibility for their actions, it is always someone else’s fault.
    Apparently, they sleep just fine, most likely, in glee, that they have caused so much mayhem for others, being so special and all.
    As far as the sheep awakening, it is happening, bit by bit, human by human, and could come in the proverbial, “twinkling of an eye”, perhaps giving new meaning to the term, “revelations”. Could be the end times actually refers to the end times of the controllers who are
    causing such unecessary suffering.


    • I hope that your idea of “end times” is accurate.

      It is so strange that more people do not understand what you are saying about MSM lies and distortions. Even the many alternative sites that tear the MSM new ones on almost every angle will still propagate the MSM storyline about things like WWII and the Nazis. Many refuse to address the Jews of Communist Soviet Union and what they did.

      My contention is that there is NOTHING of real truth that comes from ANY MSM rag or TV. The only time you might get truth is on subjects that don’t rock the Jews’ gravy train or puts them in the horrible light they actually live in. If there is a cat stuck in a tree and the MSM reports it, its likely true. But if that cat were hung in the tree to die by a Jew, you will never hear of it, or they obscure the fact that it was a Jew.

      And from my recent interactions at alternative sites like Wash Blog, it is apparent that even they can be bought.

      I trust no MSM source for anything. The sooner the rest of America does what I do, the sooner we can fix this shit. And even with alternative sites, one must be very cautious because it is so easy for them to be purchased and corrupted.

      This is why I call this place my opinion blog and not a news source. One can read my thoughts and go to the link to form their own opinion. I don’t care if someone agrees with me, as long as they research my opinion for themselves. I also refuse any money, for I do not want to be considered corrupt or bought.


  3. We are spirits living in a world of energy systems. Unfortunately, it takes time for systems to change. Recent polls say that
    the majority of people, 60%, no longer trust mainstream media. But I don’t think the majority have yet disengaged from watching TV, nor stopped
    reading the owned newspapers or NWO magazines such as Time and Newsweek.
    Humans are creatures of habit, and our culture has been so deliberately compartmentalized, and mislead, in every conceivable manner, that people simply have not
    put the puzzle together. Most people are busy in their self-created dramas, not to mention literally running from one activity to the next. Introspection and insatiable curiosity for the reasons behind the unecessary suffering. is not a gift that all choose to develop. But more and more, people are turning to the internet for news. Why do you think the controllers keep trying to censor/control the internet?
    Congress now has a 14% approval rating, Yet many how many still believe their own representatives are on the up and up? As far as people not wanting to acknowledge ye old Abraham followers as the culprits of Bolshevism and involved in WW2, remember, most of us in the west, were traumatized by the hollow hoax story during our formative years. It was seared into
    our consciousness, and done so quite deliberately, in order to carry on the great control that has been exerted upon us all. It has only been in the last couple months that I have discovered that Bolshevik communism was a creation of Jewry.
    For one to acknowledge such a magnitude of deception, one must be willing to experience great discomfort and call into question absolutely everything one has been told as true. Gone is the great lie that Jews have been the savior of the human race, and gone is the belief that Jews have been the eternal victim. Suddenly, one must confront the fact that the so-called victim has been the perpetrator. However, I still hold out faith that many Jews are in the dark as well. I just go back, time and again, to the fact, that the god of the Old Testament was the original psychopath. Anyone who continues to follow such a god, is simply ignoring common sense, and living out of a mind control paradigm, part of the hologram, fostered when our brains were still in a jell-like state.
    Many, can simply not handle the truth all at once. So it comes in stages.
    I have lost friends over this. But the seed has been planted, and in due time shall sprout. Truth is stronger than a lie, and eventually flourishes. Stay strong, don’t get discouraged. The truth will out itself, all in due time. People who tell the truth, are like lightning rods. You obviously got the feathers of truth ruffled on Washington Blog. I have noticed the reluctance of sites to honor truth as well. They could be clever gatekeepers, attempting to hold their audience who are at various levels of awareness, or still in denial themselves. or just plain scared of the boogeyman. Who really knows during these strange days? The thing that hurts one the most, is for others to view one has “hateful” or “anti-Semitic”, which could be nothing further than the truth.
    I believe your work is to free the truth, so that humanity might have a chance to flourish, not perish.
    Take time to honor your brave heart. One hasn’t really lived until kicked off at least one web blog. Call it your red badge of courage!



    {I really don’t enjoy doing this so much}… but here goes
    one more time for the children in the hospital

    it’s just my opinion but if there truly is a “God”…CREATOR/ALMIGHTY

    the Almighty is not limited by our feeble imaginations and doesn’t live in some twisted
    {JEWISH} FAUX-NARRATIVE purloined by the children of the devil…

    Abraham did not have a Talmud & Hate Jesus.


    There are no “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism in the Old Testament…No “Jews”.

    Adamic man {White people Nations} is not “colored” or a Human,


    and “we” are not all the same…or EQUAL.
    eventually the LANGUAGE must be pure..

    and to help PURIFY the LANGUAGE just go through the OLD TESTAMENT with a
    RED MAGIC MARKER and when you see a “JEW” with a TALMUD Hating Jesus…
    DRAW a BIG RED HEXAGRAM on that page…!


    just as there were no African American “Dallas Cowboys” at the Alamo snorting
    COCAINE with WHITE {Israelite} Whores….there were NO JEWS in the OT.
    I hate to see you throw the baby out with the bath water, but confusing historical
    events in favor of the “Jewish” narrative, which is a BIG FAT LIE, seems kinda
    contradictory to reaching a true conclusion…especially when “Military Action”
    might be involved…


    I only mention that CAVEAT on account of having been through 96B @ Ft. Huachuca
    during the Carter Administration

    one of the main points stressed during the Intelligence Analyst training is using correct and
    accurate information…and with one piece of information …being cross referenced in 25
    different steps…or procedures…to you know..like preventing a FALSE CONCLUSION
    that would get one of “our” guys killed…with “friendly fire” like the ADL/ATF …!

    I’m kinda hip though to the utter disgust with knuckle heads and morons
    who “JEW” worship at the drop of rabbi swinging a headless chicken or a
    Sarah Silverman yammering on and grabassing about killing Jesus, again.


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