Join The American Armed Services…

… and get your fill of man to man combutt.

Though women are more likely to be the victims of rape in the military, male-on-male rape is still a serious problem sweeping the U.S. armed forces.

In a recent GQ article, more than a dozen veterans and current service men came forward to tell of their sexual assault, and how the military institution failed  time and time again to bring their predators to justice or get them the psychiatric help they needed.

When a man enters the military he is ten times likelier to be sexually abused, and in 2012 alone there were an estimated 14,200 reports of male rape.

And no one will protect you.

Mamas and daddies who still support sending your sons into the military, even if it is because they cannot find a job at home, need to rethink what you may be doing to your child.

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2 thoughts on “Join The American Armed Services…



    when John Paul Jones declared his immortal words there was no
    ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’ policy from the pentagram…or any
    “See Something Say Something” …from the Bolsheviks [JEWS] at DHS….!!

    one of the major MENTAL/SPIRITUAL “hurdles” for the average “GOY” to climb
    over, since POLE VAULTING is out of the question since OBESE MORONS can’t
    even run fast enough to get away from their SCARY shadow,….

    is the FACT that the Old Testament is simply not about any so-called “Jews” !!

    Anthony Clifton ….under study of Elijah…troubler of all Israel !
    ….look some ravens bringing me some flat bread with sesame seeds
    Await Moderation October 1, 2014 @ 4:37 am…
    There are no Khazar {Gog & Magog} “Jews” in the Old Testament,
    in fact the real “Hebrews” cannot be “Jews”…because to be a “Jew” the adherent

    to Talmudic Judaism must HATE Jesus…and have a Talmud.
    {and besides the Israelites are Not “Jews”} …especially in the Old Testament}

    the children of Israel from the Kingdom of Israel cannot be “Jews”
    just as the descendents of the inhabitants of Judea {Kingdom of Judah}
    cannot be “Jews” either, so there are “””NO JEWS”””… in the so-called diaspora…

    BN- *(This bishop also wrote in the New Testament an Epistle to the Jews in diaspora.)
    No Tribe listed in Revelation 7 is ….“Jewish”…! {or Gen 49 & Deut. 32}

    See Daniel 7….seriously.

    Jesus declared that the TARES are going in the Ovens…of TRUTH.

    the so-called “Diaspora” of the so-called “Jews” is a “Jewish” myth….!
    there were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament…!!!

    presumably even Edoms Thorn would agree that all the Tribes of the
    “Company of Nations” in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 are not …

    “Jews” [Edom, Kenite, Canaanite, Amorite, Jebusite, Hittite, Hivite, Elamite, Girgashite}
    hating Jesus with a copy of the Talmud…

    doing the Kol Nidre chant on Yom Kippur….with mezzuzahs on the door posts…!
    sometimes reading between the lines might be difficult for those that are cross-eyed
    from watching too much Talmudvision…and swigging on that Diet Coke…

    {notice the ads!}

    criminal justice…how does that happen without an inversion of the natural order ?

    see also….{October surprise}

    and JERICHO….!


  2. Yeahway…

    Thanks BMAN…for letting me RANT about –

    THE ISSUE….I’m seriously in the mood for an Epistlemological throw down
    and the Truth is I get no real Joy at seeming to “pick” on those who don’t
    want to start at the beginning of the book and just prove where exactly
    the first so-called “Jew” jumps out of the outhouse…or sewerage ditch..

    with a boat load of genuine inverted scatalogical nonsense wrapped into
    a tightly wound ball of stinky mud covered with “Magic Dust”…so it sparkles

    Anthony Cllifton Await Moderation October 1, 2014 @ 1:19 pm
    There are no “Jews” in the Old Testament…

    the Children of Israel did not turn into “Jews” in Egypt.

    the children of Israel from the Tribes of Judah, Benjamin & Levi
    did not turn into “Jews”…in Ezra & Nehemiah’s time…either.

    Ashkenazim “proselytes” do not have to remain the stool sculpture deity cult compound…”THEY” the “Jews” could come out…

    A “Jew” must Hate Jesus and have a Talmud to be a “good” “Jew”.

    and in the way back machine…Julian Bond comes to Dallas to help
    the “Jews” get the ADL contrived HATE CRIMES BILL passed in the State
    “Legislature”…and lo and behold..

    All in the community:
    St. Luke “Community” RED COMMUNIST United Methodist Church,
    a politically CORRECT influential black church, is miraculously struck by illiterate vandals
    the night before a crucial debate on a hate-crimes bill in the Texas Senate.
    Though the vandals painted a swastika on the church,
    fears that the desecration was racially motivated quickly subside when an investigation reveals that the culprit most likely was someone who looks like Maxine Thornton-Reese….
    or Debbie Wasserman Schultz…actually it was a young coloured boy who was paid.

    now if the Children of Israel {White People} in Deuteronomy 28 are not getting any
    “Blessings”….it must mean the “Jews” are not “Israel” or “God’s Chosen People”…
    since the “Jews” are not racking up any Blessings for Texas…or America.

    Jesus said put them in the ovens of truth…turn them into ashes….


    mucho gracias


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