Putin Never Quits

DC Dave’s parody derived from Puttin’ On The Ritz

Did you hear the Kagan wife and her recipe for strife
With the crass effrontery to push U.S. hegemony?
A hacker heard the callers making plans for using dollars
For neocon reign, this time in Ukraine.
If you’re blue and need it spelled out for you
It’s called the doctrine Wolfowitz…but hey,
Putin never quits.

Provocateur snipers, and mercenary vipers,
We all know it’s the pits,
But Putin never quits.

Prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution
And calling it color revolution (pollution)
Make them mix where global bankers swing big sticks,
We’re taking off the mitts,
But Putin never quits.

Now I’d like to ask you Daddyo
Have you heard of Operation Gladio? Oh no?
It’s NATO’s very rotten underbelly,
But what’s giving us fits?
Putin never quits.

Original poem:

Video and singing by BuelahMan

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3 thoughts on “Putin Never Quits

  1. so like there are these scientists who have this DNA gun
    that turns present day so-called “Jews” into harmless
    virtually lobotomized state citizens who pick up trash
    and clean restrooms among other menial low wage “chores”
    as extra credit points like S&H green stamps…kinda

    but over and above the humane treatment of former so-called
    “Jews” is the real reason the DNA gun was made in the first place…
    see there’s this gizmotron that locates the Snake farm where these
    GHOULS & VAMPIRES gather to freak each other out on their freaky
    “JEWISHNESS”….which is pretty snakey if you know what I mean..
    Anyway when the TRUE JEWS are located the DNA GUN is aimed in
    their general direction and Glory Be…

    SNAKE FARM….something the “Jewish” media never covers @ 30 Rockefeller Plaza


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