RIP Kenny

One of the most insightful, gracious, and important influences on me as a blogger (and an online friend), Kenny (of Kenny’s Sideshow) has passed away. He was an inspiration to me and many others. He had a knack for being levelheaded and could research subject matter with the best of them. He had an excellent taste in music and featured hardly-known golden nuggets often. He was inventive and funny. He was one of my first links when I started this blog and have featured his posts/wisdom here many times (including making this video and this video from his imaginative side).

He passed away suddenly on Sept 18. He was 62 years old.

Although I never met him in person (having only spoken with him on the phone a few times, had many email exchanges, and the sharing of comments on each others blog), I considered him a friend.

From his obituary (I did confirm the email notification):

He was a wonderful man who loved his family more than anything.  He also loved his fur children, his Jack Russells, Taz and Tessa.  Kenneth enjoyed music and played guitar, mandolin and drums.

He will be missed.

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35 thoughts on “RIP Kenny

  1. Oh, say it ain’t so. My worst fears when his posting ceased come true. He took me into his neighborhood and encouraged me. He was a model, unique… His posts often mirrored with at least a link. I had hoped he was just hunkering down. Let there be wailing. We have lost a great one.


  2. To say I am shocked is an understatement. I will miss Kenny so much.
    Such a nice fellow, so humble and honest, just real honest good people
    Hailing from Canada and Kenny being an American, I never felt he was judgmental or looked down on me for being a Canadian. Just total acceptance from one human to another
    I will wipe the tears from my eyes and wish his family well
    My deepest condolences to his loved ones.


  3. I remember Kenny telling us he was sitting in his enclosed porch looking out on the road in his rural neighbourhood. Some ‘official’ goon was walking up his drive-way on what business I can’t recall. Immediately, I could connect with him, don’t ask me why, and even picture it. Non-judgemental and encouraging healthy debate, Kenny was one peach of a human being. My heart goes out to his family.


  4. I am just now being introduced to essays written by Kenny, due to this post.
    I can feel a loss as well. Any time an intelligent, moral, enlightened and awakened human, who has the guts to go public, with truth, then passes from this world, it is a loss for all.
    Why do the evil seem to thrive? seem to live so long? Dick Cheney’s black heart continues to beat. David Rockefeller seems to have a secretive power keeping him alive.
    I am not religious, and totally reject the Yahweh WAR god, that we were all psy-oped with. But I do believe that our spirits go forward. Space propels mass. Now Kenny is free of this evil world, and all its harassments and indignities. He did all he could.
    Truly, he did all he could. May all who were touched by his life and now death, be comforted, inspired, and redeemed.


  5. He was so responsive and compassionate, funny and fair-minded. A champion for truth. I want to know how he died, 62 is way too young. I’ve never met him, but he was a huge influence in my life and I’m sure for many others, too. God reward you greatly for your constant and fearless work, Kenny!


  6. I’m sorry to hear another fine Truth warrior has passed. Equally sorry (apologetic) for only just hearing about it.

    The way things are at present – I would suggest he is the lucky one.

    RIP Kenny.


  7. I have to go out in about 10 minutes and just found this headline. I am in total shock. In tears. I will return after for more information but for now, the world must mourn. Kenny left a legacy that must be protected.
    I will raise a toast to him over the fire pit tonight. Fitting.


    • And so I did raise a goblet of fine local berry dry wine to the sky to Kenny, somewhere in the wilds of Metchosin on Vancouver Island. Surrounded by loved ones and beloved animals it seemed fitting because it was just the life that Kenny helped lead the fight to preserve. But seriously, we have all lost a very dear friend who got out just in time. His great soul is still intact somewhere out there.


      • I tried three times to meet with Kenny last year. We never could get our schedules to match. I spoke with him on the phone and he was exactly as I envisioned him. I wish we could have had a meal and a beer together.

        I am not sure what it is about Kenny’s death that is affecting me so much. Maybe it is realizing how quick this “battle” can be over for an individual.

        I wonder if Kenny thought he made much headway? I think that mostly I am wasting my time.


        • No way BMan….

          you just got promoted

          field grade ….4 stars

          dimensional analysis doesn’t wear lead boots
          we’re headed for the stars…

          riddle me this one…when there were so-called “Gnostics”
          where were the Jesus hating “Jews” with a copy of the Talmud …?


          {how do Yiddish speaking “Jews” who Hate Jesus and have a copy of the
          Talmud get into the Old Testament?}

          that question is posed to help clear the way for curing the confusion
          that arises from the emotional attachment people have to their
          familiar {SHEEP} territory…[PROGRAMMING] from those in


          is “Authority” defined as those who print the currency and own the media
          and operate a crack house called CONgress ?

          in my little world, there is hardly a collection of more refined,
          honorable and decent people than are represented on this page

          do you know what will become of Kenny’s website,
          and have you spoken with his wife …?


          • I have not contacted his wife. I am not sure that my wife would care, but maybe his would. Mine doesn’t support me, nor really gives a damn (thinks it is a waste of time). But I guess I could be hitting the dives and gathering hos.

            I did consider adding something to the condolences page of the funeral home showing how much his participation in the cyber world will be hugely missed. I know I was disappointed to see only two comments there. I bet the cyber world would light up that comment section. I would be afraid that some asshole would chime in BS if I mentioned it or tried to coordinate it from here.

            It might behoove us to grab whatever we feel is worthy at his blog and save it for posterity. I don’t know if anyone in his family was active (or even knew of his online activities). It may stay forever or be deleted by them.

            I still go to Dr Doug’s little blog and YT channel periodically.


              • Thanks for the vote of confidence. I would be honored, but certainly do not think I would be best suited (for a variety of reasons).

                In my comment at the funeral home site I mentioned that the family (the only ones allowed to see the email address) could write with any questions. Let’s see if anyone writes and wants to discuss his site.


            • RE: The passing of Kenny, at age 62.

              He’ll be truly missed.

              His death occurred on September 18th, and quite suddenly from all reports, however I’ve not discovered further details.

              It surely must have been quick though: Kenny’s last blog comment was posted at 10:35am on September 18th…

              If any reader of this blog wishes to leave a condolence message for Kenneth Ray Kirkham’s family, they’d probably appreciate reading it.



              • For Kenny and those who’ll miss him.

                Calling All Angels

                Santa Maria, Santa Teresa, Santa Anna, Santa Susannah
                Santa Cecilia, Santa Copelia, Santa Domenica, Mary Angelica
                Frater Achad, Frater Pietro, Julianus, Petronilla
                Santa, Santos, Miroslaw, Vladimir
                and all the rest

                Oh, a man is placed upon the steps, a baby cries
                and high above you can hear the church bells start to ring
                and as the heaviness,
                oh the heaviness,
                the body settles in…

                somewhere you can hear a mother sing.

                then it’s one foot
                then the other
                as you step out onto the road of hope
                step out on the road
                how much weight? how much?
                then it’s how long? and how far?
                and how many times, oh…
                before it’s too late?

                calling all angels
                calling all angels
                walk me through this one
                don’t leave me alone
                calling all angels
                calling all angels
                we’re trying and we’re hoping

                but we’re not sure how.

                ah, and every day you gaze upon the sunset
                with such love and intensity
                why it’s ah…
                it’s almost as…
                if you could only crack the code
                then you’d finally understand what this all means

                ah, but if you could…
                do you think you would?
                trade in all? all the pain and suffering?
                ah… but then you’d miss the beauty of the light upon this earth

                and the sweetness of the leaving.

                calling all angels
                calling all angels
                walk me through this one
                don’t leave me alone
                calling all angels
                calling all angels
                we’re trying and we’re hoping

                but we’re not sure…

                calling all angels
                calling all angels
                walk me through this one
                don’t leave me alone
                calling all angels calling all angels
                we’re trying, we’re hoping
                we’re hurting, we’re loving,
                we’re crying, we’re calling…

                cause we’re not sure how this goes.


                Don’t know for sure. but suspect that Kenny, a family man and musician himself, would love these beautiful childrens’ video.

                Personally, I get uncontrollable goosbumps everytime I watch and listen to Anderson Family Bluegrass’s rendition of “Calling all Angels”.

                Rest Well, Kenny.


  8. one time in Albuquerque I met a Man who had died on the Table at the
    Emergency room…he told me about the Angels that he saw as his
    “Soul” {being/self} left his body and drifted up…

    his words were thus :
    “If we could see what they look like “we” would never
    have any fear”….he said they were about 70 ft. tall

    all my life I have been surrounded by those who only know and believe
    what they have been told by others or found out at the Baptist Church,
    Catholic Church, Synagogue or Mosque….

    and if some truth conflicts with what they have been taught to believe
    well they ain’t going there…in there mind{s} and hearts{s}

    I don’t send “money” or donations to people I otherwise would because
    I just don’t have it to send, thanks to my so-called FAMILY & FRIENDS
    who don’t, you know “support” what I do because they are good
    Baptists or fraidy cats…or selfish, self centered assholes who
    couldn’t discuss the parable of the good Samaritan in a month
    of Sundays….

    but I would send 10$ to Kenny’s family as a token of my esteem
    and would encourage others to do the same, simply as a de facto
    exercise in proving the CYBER reality of family {extended} that
    “we” haven’t met yet…

    I am to see a magistrate before tomorrow to address a citation
    from an individual who might have been present 28FEB93
    @ Mt. Carmel…

    is it possible to put the Mailing address for Kenny’s family here for others
    who might wish to send a card or letter to the family ?


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