Genuineness of Opinion


Lately I have had several conversations with people I know in person (and those that I meet here in Cyber Land) where the subject of TROOFERS (Truthers) came up. Basically, what I look for are people who are genuine. I can have enlightening conversations and learn quite a bit from people I feel are honest and mean well. Where I have a problem, especially on line, is with those who I begin a dialogue with and find that they are full of shit, or worse, intentionally trying to lead people astray.

Its not simply a personality conflict, but a gut level instinct that tells me I should not trust that person. Maybe its a small lie. Maybe its just jumping in on a meme and too bull-headed to turn away when proved wrong. Maybe they are paid to tell bullshit. Who knows? I just know that something happens where I become convinced that the person is not wholly trustworthy. Not genuine.

It doesn’t matter to me if I disagree with someone, as long as we can discuss the differences and I feel that the person is honestly portraying 28cbdec938d6e2ef3e3ddf50260e8889what they believe. In person, I have virtually no problem being able to have a conversation and judge fairly readily if they are full of shit or not. We have so many non-verbal clues that are unavailable in this cyber world.

The one thing I hope that people who visit here feel is that (right or wrong) I am genuine about my opinion (this is an opinion blog and a place where I share other REAL writers work like DC Dave). With Dave, I feel he is genuine and has a motive to help people understand the world we live in is full of lies and misdirections to keep us baffled and in the dark. If I didn’t, I sure as hell wouldn’t put up his work. It is the same with Kenny, Greg Bacon, Digger, Noor, Whitewraithe and most of these blogs that you see linked on the right hand side (some are admittedly informational and I don’t personally discuss much with them). It is the same with Anthony (who comments frequently), even though I may not always agree 100% (or even understand) some of what he shares. Same with almost everyone who comments here (and I do appreciate your contribution very much).

I probably don’t say that near enough.

There are many others that I have shared their work in the past and found out after the fact (as I learned more) that they are, in fact, liars, set to deceive for some motive. At first, when I became suspicious, I would try to discuss the issue with key questions (usually knowing the answer before it was given), testing them. People whom would offer good information most of the time would say or write something very odd, which caused me to question their motive and I would get one of my gut feelings (instinct, I suppose) telling me there is something amiss.

genuine_fry_futurama2It happened early on with a guy who once participated here (named Glenn). He turned into a weird fruitcake and began to attack me here over things that were meaningless. It happened with Kelso (who contributed here for a while) until his true Jewish self started to shine. Rosie is genuine, but I felt her separate as I became more Jew-wise.

And its the same with many other vaunted TROOFERS. I don’t think these people are honest or genuine in their actions. I feel there is an ulterior motive to their work. I once linked to their work, but soon took them all down because they could not be trusted, in my opinion.

The problem is that I know there are mutual folks who share my stuff and participate here that may not agree with my opinion on those that they still saddle up with. They may feel that these folks are giving them the straight poop (just like I did at one time). But that doesn’t mean I think they are full of shit because they may not have learned the same lesson I did (yet).

And here is the rub.

On many issues, I will be in agreement with those people. But that is how disinformation works, 95% truth and 5% of Bullshit. And its the bullshit that makes the other 95% suspect.

The only cross word Kenny and I ever had was over a moron that kept posting bullshit here, then at Kenny’s place (bringing Kenny’s aDW-no-one-can-really-tell-and-no-one-really-caresSideshow in on the outrageous behavior he was showing here). I took the bastard to task, spanked him with a good cyber back hand and Kenny wrote me to ask me if I minded him deleting my comment (of course, I did not mind).

That was the nature of Kenny. Slow to anger, quick to reach out and mend. He was genuine. The guy he was protecting is/was not. That is why he is no longer allowed to comment here, because virtually everything he writes is offensive and offers nothing to the dialogue.

I am not wasting my time with dick heads. There are but around 4 or 5 people that I have ever banned here, always because they are Richard Noggins and generally because they attack another commenter without any apologies.

The links you see on the right hand side have changed somewhat over the years as I progressed in knowledge. But there are a core of bloggers that have never changed (including Kenny, Greg, Noor and a few others). I think they are genuine, even though I don’t always agree with their sources. But I think they want to share information and allow us to make up our own minds.

pic Genuine 2

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13 thoughts on “Genuineness of Opinion

  1. Good to have you back from hiatus. We all need time to decompress, grieve, be still, meditate, commune within and with nature. Sorry about your friend Kenny.
    Yes there are tricksters everywhere. Many of us, have intuitively known all of our lives that this life is unecessarily constricted by lies, secret agendas, various deliberate manipulations. In some ways, disinformation is worse than outright lies. Like a spider, they lure us into the web of deceit. Is is being done deliberately with full conscious awareness? or due to ignorance of the whole picture, an over-inflated ego, or possible mental illness? The key is how willing a person is to admit when they have been ignorant of truth, when presented with information that is verified. No one person can have all the facts. That is why we have an internet. Where did humans get the idea that concensus can be reached without respectful debate and sharing of information? It makes a whole lot of difference in where we choose to place our belief. The search for truth itself, should be
    a holy endeavor.
    Stay strong, and do your best not to allow other misguided humans who attempt to misguide others, to steal your joy or your peace of mind. I appreciate all people such as yourself, who endeavor to bring to light, the hidden truth. It takes courage, and a deep faith in goodness to prevail over ideals which threaten our freedom to be authentic, genuine. so thanks.


    • see also straining at a gnat so they can swallow a BOX CAR
      LOAD of…camel…poo

      Three GIANT swastikas were scrawled on a Yale University dormitory,
      the Yale Daily News reported….almost breathlessly…

      The JEW WORSHIPPING “university” immediately responded after
      the anti-Semitic vandalism was uncovered
      outside Dufree Hall in the Ivy League school’s Old Campus on Sunday
      , Truth Revolt reports

      By Monday the college’s dean, NUTLESS WONDER Jonathan Holloway,
      sent a university-wide email informing students, faculty, and alumni of the
      that there are NO JEWS in the Old Testament…which is GREAT NEWS for the
      whole world
      even students at the university…
      On behalf of the ANTI-REDNECK university,
      Holloway wrote in cursive with much feeling…
      “I condemn this shameful defacement, perpetrated anonymously under cover of night,” then Holloway scribbled in crayon…“There is no room for hate in this house.”

      There was a university wide effort to remove the swastikas, which were drawn in chalk, from the sidewalk, but, Holloway wrote, their faint impression remains. Late last night, three students got down on their hands and knees- with dish soap and lysol wipes, – and scrubbed the remaining etches of the symbol…..of HATE.

      The perpetrator or perpetrators are still unknown, although this incident may be tied to the swastikas found on white boards in the university’s Vanderbilt Hall earlier this semester.

      This MUCHO GRANDE really really terrible BAD incident of anti -semitic vandalism follows the rise in anti -semitic acts on numerous, which is considerably fewer than countless, college campuses, like Emory University and Crotch Grabbing Pelvic Thrust

      Read more:

      “I used to play the Trumpet once but now I play guitar”…Chapin


  2. Yeahway

    and as a follow up…

    isn’t that the whole point of being a redneck in the first place <——Racism & Anti-Semitism !
    reserving the right to make up your own mind…at home {in your castle} <—– Extreme Anti-Semitism
    when the Almighty presents a choice isn't it <—–find a "Jew"…!
    sensible to make the right choice ? <—– any "Jews" there ?
    otherwise stupid would change true
    …and in all honesty,
    as the record will reflect upon further consideration and
    reproof, most of my contributions amount to little more than
    cut and paste and rewrite for hyperbole, metaphor, or analogy
    give or take a "Joke" or two just trying to get a laugh or a chuckle
    at our own expense as it were…cue pogo.—vote-for-palesti/
    and in the final analysis, an attempt to try in whatever diminished capacity that
    impedes my ability to detail and demonstrate that the "Jewish" narrative is a
    BIG FAT LIE….and no one on Earth knowing the truth about the stool sculpture deity cult
    COMPOUND has to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound once they know the
    blessings be upon thee and thy house BMan
    in good faith…
    is there a more important issue on Earth besides the
    Israel isn't a "Jewish" state of mind….ISSUE ?
    {see if that link works-it wouldn't for me}

    happy celestial events

    and then some, . . . RIP Kenny


  3. Thanks BM for the compliments.

    To me, the one true gauge of a person is their stand on 9/11. If they know or are willing to accept that 9/11 was a False Flag, masterminded by Israel with help from traitors in the WH, the Pentagon and the CIA, FBI and NSA, then I can let slide whatever other opinions they might have, after all, our freedom to think is the only thing the Zionist pigs can’t take away.

    Even if they believe in the Jew LIES surrounding the biggest FRAUD of the 20th Century, the holoHOAX, I can even let that slide, since Americans have been the victims of a well-planned and carried out massive brainwashing campaign about the holoHOAX since birth, so to break free from that ‘matrix’ and see the truth takes quite an effort.

    But the serious test is 9/11, which we MUST expose or we can kiss our nation and our kids goodbye.

    “9/11: Israel’s Masterpiece”


    • I totally agree. To me the Holohoax is a much bigger mind fuck, but 911 is so recent and blatant (in your face), that it really is the nut-cuttin’ issue of the day.

      When I first got into blogging, you and Kenny were some of the first to show me the criminals who did 911. I have since looked to you two as a source on 911 (and now you get in to the Holohoax and Jewish supremacy thing).

      Kenny will be missed. Now, you ain’t going nowhere.


  4. I live not too far from Seattle Pacific University where there was a shooting on June 5th this year.

    Dennis Cimino of Veterans Today made a statement on one of Jim Fetzer’s broadcasts around that time that it was a “hoax” and that there had been an emergency drill just prior to the shooting “according to a fellow researcher” that he does not name.

    So a few days later, I went to the campus and asked about two dozen students and workers there at random if 1. they had been there during the shooting and 2. if there had been a drill prior to the shooting. The ones who had been there that day (most of them) gave me puzzled looks and said there was no drill. No one ever affirmed what Cimino was putting out.

    I haven’t written anything about it yet (I have health issues and a full time job) but will as soon as time permits.

    I find VT to be a major source of BS mixed with truth, so IMO it’s a psyop of some sort. I don’t know if Fetzer is just naive – he seems to accept a lot of his guests at face value.

    At times I can get things wrong, but it’s not deliberate. It can be a chore to sift thru everything and I always welcome corrections.


    • I am torn regarding Fetzer (and Cimino). I recently wrote Fetzer telling him I appreciate his work, but differed in opinion regarding the Ferguson, MO thing being racially motivated (a white cop hating an innocent black child), which he had been spouting on various programs.

      In many ways I agree with him. But on the few that I bothered to make contact about, in hopes of finding mutual truth, I was met with difficulty, to say the least. I was not argumentative and maybe his response is just short.

      I’ve seen him come around on the Holohoax thing (which is a Big Deal). He seems to think 911 was orchestrated by the same Jewish people I think did it. I mean, in many ways, I agree.

      He certainly has command of facts and when allowed to carry on, can present a factual case as well as almost anyone. His “debates” against Johnson and others regarding Sandy Hook were farces in that all the opposition could do in most ways was scream and accuse. Now he is delving into dead Beatles and the such (which, as far as I know is true… just weird).

      I wrote him to mention DC Dave’s work on Forrestal and FDR, but he never acknowledged that (which was the main reason for the email).

      Some things are suspicious and others are spot on.


    • Gordon Duff, the head of VT, has already admitted he lies about 40% of the time in his VT articles. What one is supposed to make of that statement, don’t know, but it’s not good for an outfit like VT to have a professional liar in charge.

      Duff has a hair-trigger and will waste no time making personal, degrading comments about people commenting because they don’t swallow his version of everything, which makes him suspicious or maybe just an egomaniac.

      Whatever it is, Duff needs to stop acting like he knows the whole story on 9/11 and treating those who are still researching some of the finer points alone, attacking others seeking 9/11 truth only hurts the movement.


    • well, Andie, I gotta tell you, the SPU thing was a jew Capstone hoax, and you are full of sh*t. Anyone who looks at the video can see it’s bullshit. the so called shooter walks in, two assholes in the room don’t budge. then he shoots a girl in the shoulder, who doesn’t flinch when the blast would have violently tossed her at least 15 feet…and then she proceeds to text. are you serious? do you do any research? I bet not.
      you are a bozo jew and an apologist for jew fakery. if you can tell me that this girl could withstand the shotgun blast and not be thrown violently away from the blast, you’re a moron.
      I don’t like ad homs but I detest jew disinfo faggots like you are, putting out bullshit.
      get a fucking clue. it was a fucking hoax.
      amazingly there is no damage to masonry, wood or anything in the building. initial photos showed just a few shotgun shells on the floor, magically about 80 got added. pieces of drywall up against one wall changed and got added.

      the girl who allegedly was the victim is not the same one in the video. don’t bullshit the world with your bullshitting, get a clue. spread the hasbara somewhere fucking else.

      these are jew hoaxes like Sandy Hoax. they are NOT REAL.

      this PAUL LEE that was the victim, nobody knows him at his alleged place of work. and the stupid crisis actor who was supposedly wounded, not one friggin get well message to her from classmates.

      this is a typical jew hoax. no more, not less. case friggin closed.


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