Sgt. Terrance Yeakey


h/t Vulture of Critique

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12 thoughts on “Sgt. Terrance Yeakey

  1. I’ve read the story about this man, maybe from DC Dave, can’t remember.

    He’s a true hero and patriot for trying to stand up to the thugs that pulled off the Murrah bombing and paid for it with his life.

    Compare this brave soul to the phony heroes that get paraded before us on a regular basis, like the assassins in the US Army or Marines that go overseas and kill civilians to help protect Israel and fatten Wall Street’s bottom line.


  2. Thanks for the compliment…most of what I know didn’t come from the ADL/FBI…

    Jerry Longspaugh, Hoppy Heidleberg, Glen Wilburn, APFN-Ken Vardon, David Hall,
    Gentry, Pat Shannan, a number of first responders…and a few in the “media”…
    but dig this chutzpah…
    “It is for their own salvation, not for Jewish salvation, it’s so they will see the second coming of the messiah,” said Abraham Foxman, the yeast infection face of the leaven of the pharisee of the Anti-Defamation League and a longtime critic of Eckstein. . . .Foxman snake talked with
    forked tongue flicking…
    “A campaign of Christians to send Jews to “Israel” is morally offensive.”
    Read more: About Jesus telling his messengers to round them up and put them in the

    “OVENS” @ Matthew 13:39-42…!

    “The Jewish Agency for Zionist TERRORIST TALMUDIA are the terrorist “JEWS” tasked with
    bringing new TERRORISTS to TALMUDIA,” JAFI spokesman Avi Mayer stressed in a terse official response to the Fellowship’s move. “As part of its activities, The Jewish Agency works with various government ministries and other organizations interested in aiding its efforts to bring
    TERRORISTS to the Jewish state.”

    Both JAFI and the Fellowship promised to cooperate in their work with potential TERRORISTS,
    but sources involved in the aliyah process said the new competition could drag the Israeli TERRORIST government into the debate and force it to take sides…..really ?

    Currently, potential TERRORISTS in the Former Soviet Union [KHAZARIA]
    must go to the TERRORIST Israeli Embassy, where Nativ, a government agency,
    determines their eligibility based on each individual’s ability to prove his or her
    ZIONIST TERRORIST KHAZAR “Jewish” ancestry.

    Now, Nativ representatives will also have to decide where to refer the potential immigrants once their eligibility is approved: to JAFI, as they’ve done for all comers in the past, or to the new operation, funded by pro-TALMUDIC TERRORIST “JEW” worshipping “Judeo- Christians”….

    or FAUX-Christians…

    Truth needs no defense


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