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Dude nails CNN


h/t peak crackers at zengardner.com

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10 thoughts on “Zionist News Network

  1. luckily Dana Bash didn’t draw the short straw….

    Yeah… it takes me awhile to get around to what I want to say,
    because the country traveled in the process, serves as an environment to
    present the particular thoughts being arranged for view.
    Call it stage scenery.
    I find that this tactic on my part is imperative because the overall impact of appearances
    is frighteningly negative and many wander bewildered in these times and many are pressed
    in against circumstance; up against it economically, emotionally and not knowing where to turn.
    Basically, you might say, the {quavering falsetto} dissonant tenor of the times is overwhelming.
    It’s a chaotic caterwauling of unfortunate souls in torment and a supporting choir
    of millions led astray…..down the “JEW” worshipping slippery slope
    It’s not as bad as contemporary rap “music” but it’s a great deal more authentic.

    wonder why Jesse Jackson didn’t blow the shofar in Ferguson…?


    guess that hymietown remark was still reverberating with Al Sharptons employers

    Bunker Hunt passed away

    maybe one day soon the TRUTH will shine like a supernova for all to see

    at least for those that don’t have ZIONIST SLUDGE on their wipers ….


    • I happen to own a shofar. I haven’t gotten it out of storage in 7-8 years, so I don’t know what shape its in.

      When I bought it, I knew nothing about Jews or what blowing a shofar was supposed to be or do. It was simply something that reminded me of an ancient trumpet (of which I do play very well). I could play that thing probably as well as any Jew alive, but the sound is so awful I am not sure why anyone would want to hear it.


      • so-called “Jews” will blow anything with a hole in it…
        and the “Jew” worshipping braindeadgoy will snatch defeat from
        the Jaws of victory every time….

        a basic understanding of the 1st Commandment yields that nugget

        May the Almighty bless Arthur Topham…

        and Robert Fox…returned to Canada to face “Justice”…

        and for the record it was I who asked Judge Vickers Cunningham,
        in a court room full of attorneys during the trial of Robert Fox in Dallas
        county in December of 1999 for “DISPLAY FICTITIOUS PLATE”…after a 70 day
        pretrial detention in solitary confinement, for a definition of “United States”,
        not knowing at that time that Blacks 7th had just been issued and there is no definition
        for United States in Blacks 7th…go figure.
        Anyway after asking the Judge for the definition the courtroom immediately
        ERUPTED with laughter and the Judge began to bang his gavel in earnest and demanded
        appropriately “That will be enough out of you, YOU are dismissed”….and that is where
        I blew it…I should have reminded the Judge that I was there to tell the whole Truth…
        and nothing less, and I should have continued with ….the rest of the story.

        but hey,

        Everywhere you see people seeking to fit in with what is contrary to their best interests because it is the prevailing wind of the Temporary.
        They are trying to fit in the way cattle respond to being herded and they are being herded and for what amounts to the same end result, more or less.
        If one could see this, one would not do this, so…

        regardless of how one views scripture,
        http://biblehub.com/text/deuteronomy/28-1.htm <——- NO JEWS !!
        it’s a case of the blind leading the blind with the predictable result….
        imagine that…

        Truth is not on holiday


      • Bman, if I’m not mistaken, the shofar is used to train the Jews how to bleat and whine in the most unpleasant manner. An essential part of the culture.


  2. Wait there’s more…

    from Melody Road…

    We should be shocked and disgusted by the fact that this crime may have taken place,
    and we should feel that our sense of the holy has been trampled on.
    This was no ordinary violation, in a lot of ways.
    But in other ways, it’s just a starker version of a story that takes place all the time,
    just not in Jewish ritual space.
    Perhaps this incident can wake us up to that painful truth as well.

    Read more:


    just sayin’….catch the irony
    to the whole “Jewish” thingy…


  3. Mr buelah, when you have a moment i wonder whether you could recall for me a documentary that you posted on this blog perhaps a year ago about a man who discovered healing effects when he laid naked in a pile of earth. I have tried to google and got nothing. I would very much like to watch it again and share it with a friend. Thanks in advance 🙂


  4. “Get the fuck outa here”

    I love it! Looks like the peasants are better informed than the Jew thought and they’re getting more uppity day by day.

    Time to move up the date of the next Jew False Flag before too much truth gets out.


    • it’s like a full court press..
      or an 11 man BLITZ…
      or a sledge hammer to the queen and a wrecking ball to the king

      but either way it goes you still got a Jewish state called “Israel”…
      and what are you gonna do about it…?

      until the last baa baa sheep BRAINDEADGOY can say EMPHATICALLY
      and in a very convincing tone of voice…”There were never any so-called


      in the Old Testament” PERIOD !
      the problem will not be SOLVED.

      STRAIGHT UP !!!!

      DEFINE ISRAEL – {Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 & Revelation 7}

      here’s the “Jewish” narrative version….from the Talmudic narrative…

      the one that starts with G*D converting to Talmudic Judaism in

      ANNO LUCIS 000001…!

      The treatment of Arab civilians concerned Israeli leaders from early days of the
      PRETEND nation’s War of Independence,
      even before ZIONIST TERRORIST “statehood” was declared on May 14, 1948.
      [Recognized immediately by FREEMASON HARRY S. TRUMAN]
      In the early months of the war, waged between ZIONIST TERRORIST Jewish and
      SELF DEFENSE Arab “paramilitary groups”…” sharing the land of Palestine”
      under British mandate, both sides, for the most part, did all they could to avoid
      the burden of prisoners — whether this meant simply killing those they captured
      or leaving them be if they were judged to be no immediate threat.

      But once {PRETEND/FAUX} – “Israel” became a ZIONIST TERRORIST “state”
      with an organized military force, and NUCLEAR TERRORIST AMBITIONS
      it changed its policy for dealing with local Palestinian civilians found in combat zones. Some were expelled, creating one of the most contentious and sensitive chapters of the ZIONIST TERRORIST “War of Independence”…or the GLOBAL JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE HEGEMONY displacement of 3 million Palestinian refugees by REAL TERRORISM. But in many cases the order was to take all able-bodied men as prisoners and torture the hell out of them, out of fear that if left behind, they’d join the fight against Israeli forces.

      Read more: about why “Yiddish” speaking ASHKENAZIM so-called “Jews”
      cannot be Israelites….or “Israel”….presumably the Northern 10 Tribes of
      the Kingdom of Israel….that never, not even once, had any so-called “Jews”
      living therein…PERIOD….it’s in the Bible.


      but seriously, what part does the Truth play in the decision making process
      and why must the congenital LIARS & MURDERERS throughout all History
      be relied upon for any information concerning the unfolding of events…
      anyway ?

      what if, something else….happened on the road to Damascus


      “For one who has my friendship, he also has my counsel. Take this very much to heart my friend, once contact has been made it is only a matter of time. There is no departing away again. There is no trial or test, for the purpose of demonstration, that I cannot accomplish through you. Learn to look upon past events with new eyes.
      Learn further not to look to the past at all, nor the future either. It is here and now where and when I appear and eternity is here in the here and now. Everything that happens and everything anyone is in anticipation of is in the here and now.
      Heaven is here and now for those who have been granted entry and one of the greatest prizes is to gain entry while still resident here.
      That is assured for anyone who wants me more than anything else.”
      there is no deliberate irony attempted in this collage of word art…



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