Ebola in New York?

NYC Officials Assure Public Most Puddles Of Bodily Fluid On Streets Not Contaminated With Ebola

News in BriefhealthdiseaseNews ISSUE 50•42 Oct 24, 2014

NEW YORK—Hoping to downplay fears of a potential Ebola outbreak in New York City, health officials assured residents Friday that most puddles of bodily fluid found on the streets are not contaminated with the deadly Ebola virus. “I want to emphasize that the pools of vomit, urine, and other fluids people may notice as they walk around the city are very unlikely to be contaminated with Ebola,” said New York City health commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett, adding that such fluids, as well as occasional clumps of feces, were almost certainly not deposited onto the streets and sidewalks by an infected individual. “While we are confident that these substances are free of Ebola specifically, contact with them may pose other health hazards, so we encourage all New Yorkers to continue stepping over them as always. There is no reason for anyone to change their normal routine.” Bassett went on to say that any individual who displayed the symptoms indicative of Ebola should immediately refrain from discharging bodily fluids in public.


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2 thoughts on “Ebola in New York?

  1. Holy Annointing Oil,

    Bman…is that Brother Nathanael Kapners’ Cousin,

    small world, eh ?

    wasn’t Will Smith in a flash forward movie about
    a time in a big city when the Zombies come out at night..

    maybe it was New York…

    These things need to be said again and again and again.
    They need to be shouted from the rooftops, in the parks, on sidewalks
    and in food courts or wherever the spontaneous force of unbridled freedom
    is joined with courage and conviction, wherever that occurs, should it occur AND…
    it should occur. We must be quit of these lives of quiet desperation.
    We have to embrace the challenges of our humanity or we will cease to be human.
    Even today, all round about us, people are dropping onto all fours in time lapse action
    as a result of the most driving imperatives of their life.
    Do not let these be the driving imperatives of your life.
    Do not let fear put it’s hand on the tiller of your ship of life.



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