Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

Anthony addresses how Marxism was derived to counter Capitalism, putting all of us in a no -win situation that simply makes the rich richer and the poor even poorer. Neither is a system worthy of us. But most of us are too ignorant of how it all works and seams together. This ties it all together nicely.

Real Currencies

 (Left: Karl Marx knew he was doomed: ‘Thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well.  My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell.’

This profound sadness is now proliferating in the destruction of the lives of millions of people as ‘progress’.)

Moses Mordecai Marx Levi (‘Karl Marx’) was a ghostwriter for Rothschild.

Marxism is the controlled opposition against Capitalism, creating what would become the classical dialectic Capitalism vs. Marxism, that the elites use to get to World Governance through managed conflict.

Marxism’s main aim is to transfer the Capitalist Monopoly into State hands, claiming this will end Plutocracy, but ‘overlooking’ that the State is and always has been owned by said Plutocracy. In a dialectic both ‘protagonists’ have hidden attributes in common and Capitalism and Marxism are both Godless, Materialist and Monopolies.

Economically speaking Marx managed to hide that Capitalism is Usury, Banking. He promoted the idea of…

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6 thoughts on “Cultural Marxism: Managing The Ant Farm

  1. John 8:20…

    clearly behind the fogbank word “Jew” is the Money Changer

    but what does that mean ?

    or conversely –
    {since the Rothschilds/ Red Shields had economically subdued
    Ephraim & Manansah – Britain} … + {France & Germany}…

    when specifically did the Children of Israel
    {white people nations – Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32}
    turn into so-called “Jews”….?


  2. Yeahway

    over in the,… happily there is good news to report dept…

    comes now Abe “SNAKE BOY” Foxman…

    More than 756,666 anti-Cultural Marxist {JEWISH STATE OF MIND} events have been
    reported on U.S. college and university campuses this fall,
    more than twice as many as last year,
    according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League.

    The anti-JEWISH STATE OF MIND events have more than doubled in the wake
    stone throwing bottle rocket shooting peasants in a concentration camp operation in Gaza
    over the summer, according to an ADL report,

    “Anti-CULTURAL MARXISM / JEWISH STATE OF MIND Activity on Campus after Operation Protective Edge.”

    but don’t lose hope dear hearts not all college students are thumb-humping to
    delusional psychopathy {Jew Worshipping} at a speed of light pace, some
    are open minded to the truth and find the ‘Jewish” chutzpah gag to be …

    well gag & Magag…

    In addition, there were at least 300, 000 anti-Cultural Marxism demonstrations
    in the U.S. during
    Talmudia’s ZIONIST TERRORIST MASS MURDER Operation Protective Edge ,
    which was ironically enough subsidized by the BRAINDEADGOY ZOGUS TAXPAYERS….
    who are …ahem politically correct enough to
    allow the same ZIONIST “Cultural Marxists to print the currency and own the media and operate
    a kosher crack house called Congress…allowing an invasion of over 50 million
    anti-WHITE immigrants infused with CULTURAL MARXISM poopaganda and
    many other communicable diseases…besides “JEW” worshipping but just as deadly..

    all of these truth telling “demonstrations” appeared to be coordinated
    this past summer and were sponsored or co-sponsored by the Anti-Cultural Marxist
    pro-Palestinian student groups….who oddly enough do not “Jew” worship….!

    One anti-Cultural Marxist event this semester that like dude, WAY crossed the line into anti-Semitism [ANTI-JEWISH] was the distribution of fliers at the
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    depicting the Twin Towers and a HEXAGRAM SORCERY SYMBOL
    {so-called Star of David}
    and alleging that the 9/11 attacks was
    “an outside job” and “9/11 was Mossad.”

    ANTI-CULTURAL MARXISM BDS activity this semester was led by the <—– NOT !
    Student Senate president of Ohio University, – Uh OH ! –
    who dumped a bucket of “blood” over her head to represent the blood of Palestinians
    a representation of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge….so to speak
    Read more wiseacre accounts elsewheah…

    curiously Brian Desborough remarked in AD 2000
    that there were 3 million mind control robots on the shelf..
    so to speak


  3. more from the unmitigated chutzpah dept…

    That includes the International Criminal Court,
    which the Palestinians have repeatedly talked about joining in recent years without
    taking concrete steps. Erekat said the time for prevarication was over.
    “We are going to surprise you this time. We will sign the Rome statute,” he said,
    referring to the treaty that established the International Criminal Court in 1998.

    The United States, the European Union and Israel are opposed to any unilateral moves towards statehood, saying independence should only emerge via negotiations with the Israelis.
    Kerry said on Wednesday, however, that the current situation was unsustainable.

    The negotiations were suspended in April,
    with the Israelis opposed to the Palestinian National Authority’s plans to forge a reconciliation government with Hamas, and the Palestinians frustrated by persistent Israeli colony building.

    The Zionist JEWISH TERRORIST “Israeli” war on Gaza in July and August,
    in which more than 2,100 Palestinians and 73 Israelis were killed,
    also refocused world attention on the 70 year plus….Palestinian issue.

    Unilateral moves towards statehood are likely to make the Israelis even less inclined to return to negotiations, but Erekat said that was for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to worry about. Some opinion polls show 70 per cent of Israeli Jews now oppose a two-state solution, which has been the bedrock of negotiations for decades. Erekat said any other outcome would lead to an apartheid state. “If he believes that he can sustain the status quo and we’ll do that for him, forget it. This will not last beyond November 2017, we will not take it any more, business as usual,” he said.

    While any move towards independence would have far more chance of succeeding if it were backed by the United States or the European Union — even if the Israelis remained adamantly opposed — Erekat said WORLD TRUTH & JUSTICE momentum was shifting in the Palestinians’ favour.

    since the SATANIC “Money Changers” & Pharisees can’t pay HASBARATS and PSYCHO PATSIES
    enough to off set the blatantly obvious truth about the LIE that is the “JEWISH” narrative…!


  4. How long has Satan been the Devil? From honor to ruin in a few short moments.

    How long does it take to pull the trigger kill someone and have your life changed forever? Well this is about as long as it took for Hillel to become the Devil. This was not a long drug out affair it took place very quickly. Sin has a way of doing that to those who break the Laws that keep everything going in the right direction. From reading the Scriptures and believing what we read we can see that this ruin came sometime after Genesis 2 :1-3 and Genesis 3:1-5 yes in that length of time Hillel went from honor to ruin believe it or not, it can do the same for us as well. Sin is a horrible thing no matter how small it’s like a nuclear bomb when it goes off it ruins everything around it. See why our beloved pastor is begging us to learn to SIN NEVER AGAIN? Since the wages of sin is death, we must agree with pastor and the Scriptures that one has to be stupid to sin ever again.

    If all the trouble we see in the world came about in 6000 years the Devil must really be mad as hell. This God of the Gods ( 2 Cor.4:4 ) has an agenda, to stop the Creator from caring out His great PLAN. By believing ALL that the prophets have spoken we can see when this all started. The great thing is, we can also see when it will end and that may surprised you to know it won’t be long now. So what is written for our learning in the Scriptures? Lets see O.K?

    How long has Hillel been the adversary? What if the Scriptures say it has been a little over 6000 years? We can see that by taking the Scriptures and believing ALL that the prophets have spoken that in the book of Mattithyah 1:1 This record of the beginning of Yahshua Messiah the Son of David the Son of Abraham. Now the rest of the Genealogy can be found in Luke 3 all the way back to Adam the FIRST MAN. There are other records in the Scriptures that tell us who begat who and when. Even thou there may be a few out of place or missing a couple of folks we can still see enough to understand the this all started in the garden of Eden a few thousand years ago, not some umpteen unknown span of time, so lets just believe ALL that the prophets have spoken and go from there O.K? Can you see how we are then living on borrowed time? Viewing time as a pattern that leads up to the Kingdom age of the coming thousand years. 6 days are over, here we are on the threshold of that Kingdom. Lets see if we start counting one,two,three,four,…when was the FIRST DAY ACCORDING to the Scriptures Genesis 1:5 …And the evening and then the morning were the FIRST DAY! Have we got that so far? Now according to what the prophet wrote in Exo.20:11 Father Yahweh did all the rest of this creating in 6 days, one, two, three, four, five ,six! Are you with me so far?

    Back before Hillel rebelled against the PLAN of Father Yahweh to create man and make man into His image there were no Devil and gods that are lead by Satan the devil the God of this world that is worshiped by the whole Christian religion today around the world. 2 Cor.4:4 So can we use only the Scriptures and find out how, why, when, and where the Devil choose to fight against this wonderful PLAN? We read this great about this PLAN in Yahchanan 1:1-5 In the BEGINNING was the of PLAN of Yahweh,and the PLAN was with Yahweh, and the PLAN was Yahweh’s. Now in order for Hillel to have a reason to rebel and become the adversary to Great Father Yahweh and His PLAN she had to have a reason. After all remember who Hillel was before her fall.

    In Iyyob ( Job ) chapter 38:6-7 we read that Father Yahweh ask Iyyob, where were you when I laid the foundation of the world, and ALL the sons of Yahweh shouted for joy. Now we can see that ALL the sons of Yahweh were there and shouted for joy at the creation of this universe. This is when Father Yahweh created TIME, SPACE, and MATTER they were not around until then. So why in heavens name would these sons choose to become the gods of Genesis 3:1-5 Psalms 82 and 2 Cor. 4:4? It is very hard to understand how that a son of Father Yahweh that was there with Him would find any reason to leave Him and become their Father’s enemy and be known as gods. Yet that is what we read in the Scriptures. Surely they knew full well that to do so would cost them their lives. Hillel had to know that she would die as well if she did what she choose to do to Eve. This is the message we have written for us in the scriptures. The great prophet Yechetzqyah ( Eze. ) in chapter 28 tells us that Hillel was still perfect there in the garden of Eden until iniquity was found in her. Verse 13. In Genesis 2:8 we are told that Father Yahweh planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there He put the man whom He had created. That would be Adam 1 Cor.15:21-22 and 45 and 47. Now in Genesis 2:1-3 we have the very first Sabbath that was ever kept. How can we know this? Well remember Yahshua said that the Sabbath was made for man Mark 2:27. Since the Sabbath was made for man and Adam is the first Man, no Adam no man to keep the Sabbath. Since we read what occurred to Hillel in Genesis 3:14 after she deceived Eve we can see that up until this point in time she was still behaving her self. Now enters the thought into Hillel’s mind that this clod of dust that was made into Adam was going to be made into the image of Father Yahweh the cat was out of the bag. Had Hillel know before this point in time that Father Yahweh was going to do this she would have rebelled at that time. Hillel helped to create things out of the dust of the ground there in the garden of Eden as we can read in Genesis 3:14, lets look at that verse from The Book Of Yahweh Genesis 3:14 So Yahweh said to the serpent: BECAUSE YOU HAVE DONE THIS YOU ARE BITTERLY CURSED. I established you over all living things, and I established you over all flesh on the ground; but your ability to bring forth life from the dust will be taken away. You will go to your punishment, and you will be destroyed on that day by Yahweh, Who lives forever. Was Hillel’s position in the family of Father Yahweh not enough for her? Why would she not want to see Adam and all those who would be born from Adam and Eve become just like Father Yahweh as we see Yahshua Messiah in Father Yahweh’s likeness now? The malikam are created beings Yechetzqyah 28 and Isayah 14 tells us this. There is something very special about being born into the Adams blood line. We have a wonderful opportunity to believe ALL that the prophets have spoken, repent of sin ( breaking the Law 1 Yahchanan John 3:4 ) and convert to keep the Law and live forever with Great Father Yahweh and be known as His children 1 Yahchanan 3:1-Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of Yahweh!….WOW! What a great blessing it is to be called to Great Father Yahweh’s House and learn His ways and have this blessed hope. Praise Father Yahweh

    Come see if you too have eyes to see and a believing heart to believe ALL that the prophets have spoken. You can start by believing what you can read in Isayah 2:2 and Micahyah 4:1. In the Last Day Father Yahweh would establish His House and all nations will flow to it. That time is now that House is here …….come see.

    Yahweh’s Branch | …the House of Yahweh

    …the House of Yahweh



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