Another Weed Lie Abolished: Smoking Does NOT Make You Stupid

Even in children:

Latest science shows there is no relationship between cannabis use and lower IQ

From Alternet

Moderate cannabis consumption by young people is not positively associated with changes in intelligence quotient (IQ), according to data [2] presented this week at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology annual congress in Berlin, Germany.

Investigators at the University College of London analyzed data from 2,612 subjects who had their IQ tested at the age of eight and again at age 15. They reported no relationship between cannabis use and lower IQ at age 15 [3] when confounding factors such as subjects’ history of alcohol use and cigarette use were taken into account.


“In particular alcohol use was found to be strongly associated with IQ decline,” the authors wrote in a press release cited [3] by The Washington Post. “No other factors were found to be predictive of IQ change.”

Quoted in the Independent Business Times, the study’s lead author said: “Our findings suggest cannabis may not have a detrimental effect on cognition, once we account for other related factors particularly cigarette and alcohol use. This may suggest that previous research findings showing poorer cognitive performance in cannabis users may have resulted from the lifestyle, behavior and personal history typically associated with cannabis use, rather than cannabis use itself.”

The investigators acknowledged that more chronic marijuana use, defined in the study as a subject’s admission of having consumed cannabis 50 times or more by age 15, was correlated with slightly poorer exam results at the age of 16 — even after controlling for other variables. However, investigators admitted [2]: “It’s hard to know what causes what. Do kids do badly at school because they are smoking weed, or do they smoke weed because they’re doing badly?”

Commenting on the newly presented data, the meeting’s Chair, Guy Goodwin, from the University of Oxford, told [2] BBC News: “This is a potentially important study because it suggests that the current focus on the alleged harms of cannabis may be obscuring the fact that its use is often correlated with that of other even more freely available drugs and possibly lifestyle factors.”

In a recent review published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the NIDA Director Nora Volkow alleged [4] that cannabis use, particularly by adolescents, is associated with brain alterations and lower IQ. However, the IQ study [5] cited by Ms. Volkow as the basis of her claim was later questioned in a separate analysis published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. That paper suggested [6] that socioeconomics, not subjects’ cannabis use, was responsible for differences in IQ and that the plant’s “true effect [on intelligence quotient] could be zero.”

previous assessment [7] of cannabis use and its potential impact on intelligence quotient in a cohort of young people tracked since birth reported, “[M]arijuana does not have a long-term negative impact on global intelligence.”

MARCH 15. 2014 (20)

pt_1022_345_oWe were permeated with lies as we grew up. I came up in the late 60’s and 70’s when it was more accepted, but still had the stigma (it was just the beginning of the Drug War and everyone knew Nixon defied his own advisers to do so). The Drug War Profiteers have used every imaginable lie and distortion to keep this medicine from your hands, especially the tired old “it’s for the children” garbage. Even many commenters here over the years have argued with me on this very subject, when I knew anecdotally and via experience with many teens over the years that it was mostly scare tactics, perpetuating the lies to keep the MEDICINE illegal (thereby keeping Pharmacuetical companies, drug rehabs, private and state prisons in business; not to mention the extra loot for the police force that would rather do the easy job of busting the stink instead of, say, busting rapers.

According to the Department of Justice, there are currently over 400,000 untested rape kits collecting dust in police evidence rooms nationwide, and many other estimates suggest that this number could be as high as one million.

As a result of this horrific negligence, roughly 3% of rape cases in America are actually solved, despite the fact that many rape kits have a high chance of leading to an arrest, since most rapists are career criminals who have their DNA on file.

In some cases, the victims even know who their attackers were, but they can not prosecute these criminals because the evidence has not been processed by police.

Bobbie Villareal, Executive Director of the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center, admitted that many police departments cut corners in rape cases because testing is expensive, and the investigation requires a lot of work.

Busting for the stink doesn’t take much work.


Now, just because I call out the liars on this subject does not mean that I think children should be getting high. I don’t. I won’t want my child doing it until she is grown and makes that decision for herself. So, why the seeming contradiction? Because the one thing I know weed CAN do is demotivate certain personality types (and that has a lot to do with the type and potency of the cannabis). I have known people who smoked the joints too much and ended up on the couch with no motivation to do much of anything.

As a matter of fact, one of the smartest people I know was a very heavy pot head. He would wake and bake and smoke all day long. He didn’t want to do much else. (On the other hand, I worked with a guy in construction that was high all day and could out work anyone on the site)

picture-1-67-tmTHIS, if anything, should be the warning to kids (to anyone, for that matter). Know what you are partaking of and how it affects you. Limit your usage if you do not want to abstain. Find people with experience that you can talk to (but be careful of the narcs ready to snitch on anyone to get that blue pat on the back). Best thing is to wait until you are an adult and move to where it is legal. Someday, I believe in the next few short years, it will legalized virtually everywhere in the US, except for the most backwards states such as mine.

Realistically, though, if this substance was legal and readily available like alcohol, people would learn which strain helps them the most without the lethargy and demotivation.

As it is, you take what you can get and hope for the best. Legalized, all of that goes away and you choose exactly which “bourbon” or “Scotch”, “Irish whiskey” you desire and works for you.


h/t Patients4MedicalMarijuana and The Free Thought Project

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6 thoughts on “Another Weed Lie Abolished: Smoking Does NOT Make You Stupid

  1. B’Man: Even when it is proven to help heal CHILDREN, the powers that be are so fucking stupid and callous that they will giddily watch a child suffer just to get a conviction:

    Via: CBS:

    In March, one mother traveled to Colorado to get a bottle of cannabis oil in hopes of easing the agonizing pain her 15-year-old son has lived with for the past three years.

    What she calls a mother’s instinct may land her in jail, reports CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz.

    “I broke the law, but I did it to save my son,” Angela Brown said.

    For years, the Minnesota mom searched for a way to end her son’s chronic pain.

    Trey appeared healthy, but a baseball accident in 2011 led to a build-up of pressure inside his head.

    A line drive to Trey’s head caused bleeding in an area of his brain the size of a golf ball. Doctors feared he wouldn’t survive.

    But when he finally woke from a medically induced coma, his mother said the old Trey was gone.

    “He’s the shell of himself,” Angela said. “He’s in so much pain, and that causes depression.”

    With depression came daily migraines, muscle spasms and uncontrollable outbursts.

    “I cry like every day before I go to bed,” Trey said.

    And the pain is intense.

    “Like my brain is about to blow up, cause there is so much pressure,” he said.

    To try to ease his pain, Trey’s parents tried 18 different medications, but little helped. Angela believes some of the drugs’ side effects even made her son suicidal.

    “He told me, ‘mom, I don’t want to live, I can’t do this anymore,’” Angela said. “It’s not fair, it’s not fair. I have been so angry.”

    But through out it all, she’s tried to be as positive as possible.

    “People keep saying, ‘Oh you’re so strong,’” she said. “No I’m not! I begged him and I said, ‘We will find an answer.’”

    Desperate, she began researching the benefits of medical marijuana. The family drove to Colorado and obtained a bottle of cannabis oil. It’s legal there, but not in Minnesota.

    Angela said after a few drops, Trey’s pain melted away.

    “It was a miracle in a bottle,” she said.

    But the miracle didn’t last.

    “It stopped the pain and stopped the muscle spasms,” Trey said. “It was helping me go to school until it then got taken away and then school was really hard again.”

    It was taken away when his teachers asked why he was doing better in school.

    “I said ‘Well, I gave him an oil that we’d gotten from Colorado,’” Angela recalled. “‘It’s derived from a marijuana plant.’ And then you could feel the tension in the room.”

    A week later, the sheriff’s department confiscated the oil and county prosecutors charged Angela with child endangerment and requiring child protection. If convicted, she could face up two years in prison and $6,000 in fines.

    “It’s asinine,” Angela said. “I didn’t hurt my son; I was trying to prevent him from being hurt.”

    While she recognizes the substance is illegal in Minnesota, she defended herself saying it’s “not illegal in other states.”

    CBS News reached out to the county prosecutor, law enforcement and Trey’s school district.

    All declined requests for an interview citing the on going case.


  2. I had a friend of mine with a bunch of bumper stickers on his van…

    one said :
    If the people Lead
    eventually the leaders will follow

    there is a huge difference between LAWFUL & “legal”…!
    license defined is permission to do that which otherwise is illegal
    Americans must STOP licentious behaviour
    because “JEW” worshipping has killed more than 300 million in the last century
    and shows no sign of abating…
    the cartoonist Booth {New Yorker} could have captured the look on the
    face of the black bat suit wearing Judge McBride in the Richard Simkanin Trial
    when Larken Rose
    was on the Witness stand, and McBride asks Larken…
    “How do you manage
    to spread your 861 message, anyway “?

    Larken replies matter of factly…”The Internet”

    do the math

    put the “JEW” worshippers in the OVENS of truth and remind them that it is the
    ENEMIES of Jesus who print the currency & Own the MEDIA and tell sniveling idiots
    who look rancid and cold that a plant is our enemy and the “JEWS” are God’s CHOSEN
    “PEOPLE” Israel…

    and then just walk away



    Denver TALMUDIC police and federal TALMUDIC agents on Tuesday morning
    raided multiple “marijuana” growing operations across Denver….singing
    “Rocky Mountain High”….then when they got to the part about everybody
    around the campfire…
    they’d chest bump and give each other high fives…much to the chagrin of the raidee’s

    At one site,
    a Denver police officer was seen in a blue hazmat suit entering a building
    on North Bryant Street.
    The low IQ officer’s suit reeked of marijuana….as he had just finished huffing a blunt
    He told The Denver Talmudic Pistule that he and other TALMUDIC police were executing a
    “search warrant” and that several were being “executed” around town….
    by avaricious Talmudic terrorists…and they are paid, plus they can keep what they steal
    James Gothe, group supervisor of the TALMUDIC {JEWISH}
    “Drug Enforcement Administration’s special support unit”… in Denver,
    offered little comment about the TALMUDIC operation.

    “It’s a very large and successful rectal defolade investigation,”Gothe said.
    “We’re assisting.”…he smirked sardonically like the cat that ate the canary

    When asked if it was an “illegal marijuana operation”, {see Genesis chapter 1}
    Gothe said it’s an “ongoing operation” so he could not comment other than to say
    that the TALMUDIC TERRORIST [JEWISH] operation involved the TALMUDIC
    Denver Police Department and the Colorado TALMUDIC Attorney General’s Office.

    ever see any “ongoing operations” in the Constitution ?



  4. oops, somebody jumped the gun

    this Just in From Mr. A on a Walkabout in Las Cruces

    Authorities said Martin and Chan had recently transported a prisoner back to the town where Sheriff Mack lived when the Brady bill case was in the Supreme Court, Safford, Arizona,
    and were returning to Santa Fe when they checked into Hotel Encanto, 705 S. Telshor Blvd., on Monday afternoon.
    Later they went across town to Dublin’s Street Pub, where they drank and argued,
    according to the news release.
    That philosophical disagreement fight apparently escalated after midnight as Martin and Chan returned to their seventh-floor room, arguing loudly about the “Jewish issue” and Hemp,
    witnesses reportedly told police.
    Somehow Martin was fleeing toward an elevator when Chan allegedly fired,
    striking his TALMUDIC LAW ENFORCEMENT colleague in the back and arms with an
    undisclosed number of rounds…..
    A man staying at the hotel, Rayburn Thompson, reported via Twitter at 12:32 a.m. that he was awoken by six shots.
    Witnesses reportedly told police they saw Chan armed.
    Several officers arrived, eventually locating Chan in a stairwell near the hotel’s roof. Nearby was a semi-automatic Glock handgun, which investigators believe is Chan’s duty weapon.
    At the time, the news release notes,|newswell|img|World%20News|p
    the officers were unaware that Martin and Chan were sheriff’s deputies from
    northern New Mexico….
    Just NW of Taos is a Bridge…if you get there early before traffic picks up
    you can go and do a Jerry Jeff Walker right in the middle of the bridge and watch
    one of the worlds small wonders…


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