Official Police Business

Sometimes they want to stick a catheter up your pee pee to prove you are a dopehead.

Sometimes they want to stick a needle in your veins without your permission (just because they can).

Sometimes its just a silly finger in the criminal’s anus.

Sometimes they show support for the needy, like this deputy who was making fun of retarded people on his Facebook Page.


Sometimes, its these heroes doing their dangerous job like this SWAT team that took down some very dangerous terrorist barbers:

“With some team members dressed in ballistic vests and masks, and with guns drawn, the deputies rushed into their target destinations, handcuffed the stunned occupants—and demanded to see their barbers’ licenses,”

Sometimes the cops just want to smell your feet (or panties).

Other times, they simply use made-up terrorist fear tactics to instill legislation (like the Patriot Act: not that anyone here would have seen this coming) that simply makes it easier to bust you for weed  and does nothing to actually catch non-existent terrorists.

And then we have the cops raping women and kids (apparently with several other cops watching and getting their jollies), some with the intent to EAT their victims. But don’t fret, Cannibal Cop is a model citizen, just like your next door neighbor:

But defense lawyers say in court papers he’s well on his way to becoming a model citizen. They say he hopes to become a lawyer and stays in contact with inmates he met during 21 months in prison.

And then, our vaunted terrorist catching organization called Homeland security is extremely preoccupied with catching these killer criminal panty copyright infringers (thank goodness that the panty making terrorists have been shut down).


It’s all Official Police Business.

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3 thoughts on “Official Police Business

  1. We’re being betrayed–openly betrayed–by people in positions of power whose
    primary interest is only to serve and enrich themselves.
    ZIONIST TERRORIST $$$$ FAUX-Government has become
    Maybe that wasn’t always true, but if it was, that “racket” was smaller and concealed.
    Today, it’s in your face.
    the ZIONIST PSYCHOPHANT “politicians” can steal,
    {Jesus Hating} treason is a way of life,
    any a claim of a “right” is dismissed as laughable …with CONTEMPT, boy !
    – …and we’re told that’s just the natural order of things….GOY !

    This country doesn’t need more laws, tougher enforcement or more prisons.
    What we need is more DNA GUNS AIMED AT SO-CALLED “JEWS” and trials for treason. . .
    and open season on STUPIDITY which starts @ NOON on FRIDAY…!!!
    Lot’s more….use of the words…”JEW” …”NIGGER”…. & … “QUEER”…!!!
    until even children are immune from the “JEWISH”…TV PROGRAMMING…
    is echoing from the Canyons…reverberating…

    The JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE posing as so-called “ZOG USGOV” must be
    held accountable for all of its betrayals….since well..even before the TRAIL OF TEARS…YEAHWAY !!
    We need to ensure that the JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE ZOG USGOV is held to the
    same LAW and levels of force as the people.
    There should be no more immunities, special privileges and titles of nobility for
    ZIONIST PSYCHOPHANT “officers” and employees of the JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE
    so-called “ZOG US GOV ” than there are for the little people…

    maybe if the “people” JUSTIFIABLY HOMICIDED TALMUDVISION and strung up some
    TV PREACHERS whoring themselves out for the “JEWISH” so-called STATE…!!!

    no one knowing the TRUTH must stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    Thank Jesus


  2. well in the good news dept.

    PENNSYLVANIA managed to find ERIC FREIN without shooting any of their own guys
    at least no reports emerged..who knows how many they lost…in the woods.


    A survivalist accused of allegedly KNOCKING OFF two Pennsylvania state troopers,
    leaving one dead and seriously injuring the other,
    was captured on Thursday, ending a seven-week manhunt for him,
    so-called authorities alleged.

    Zionist Psychophant State police confirmed Eric Frein was taken into custody but
    released no details….—terrorist/

    A ZOG federal TALMUDIC law enforcement official in Washington said Frein was
    armed with a swiss army knife and a sling shot when he was captured by ZOG U.S. marshals
    on Thursday. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the circumstances of Frein’s arrest and spoke anonymously through one of those devices that distorts the voice….

    Frein is charged with opening fire outside the Blooming Grove barracks on Sept. 12,
    killing Cpl. Bryon Dickson and seriously wounding another trooper.

    Zionist Psychophantic Police said they linked him to the ambush after a man walking his dog discovered his partly submerged SUV three days later in a swamp a few miles from the shooting scene. Inside, investigators found shell casings matching those found at barracks as well as Frein’s driver’s license, camouflage face paint, two empty rifle cases and military gear….and his
    baseball glove from little league.


    Saying Frein was armed with surface to air missles smuggled in from his ISIS handlers and extremely dangerous, so-called officials had closed schools and urged residents to be alert and cautious. Using dogs, thermal imaging technology and other super cop gizmo’s & tools,
    so-called law enforcement officials combed miles of forest as they hunted for the primary suspect Frein,
    whom they called an experienced survivalist at home in the woods.
    They pursued almost countless so-called tips and closed in on an area around Frein’s parents’
    home in Canadensis after he used his cellphone to try contacting them and the signal was
    traced to a location about 3 miles away.

    At times the Zionist Psychophantic script reading police ordered nearby “residents”
    to stay inside or prevented them from returning home….

    Zionist Police State Trackers found items they planted that they want people to believe Frein
    hid or abandoned in the woods — including soiled diapers, empty packs of Serbian cigarettes,
    an AK-47-style assault rifle and ammunition and two pipe bombs that were functional and
    capable of causing significant damage.
    Dig this Chutzpah…

    They also discovered a journal,
    allegedly kept by Frein and found in a bag of trash at a hastily abandoned campsite,
    that offered a chilling account of the alleged ambush and his subsequent escape into the woods.
    The journal’s author described Dickson as falling “still and quiet” after being shot twice.

    Zionist Psychophantic STATE Police spotted a man they believed to be Frein at several points
    during the manhunt, but it was always from a distance, with the rugged terrain allowing him
    to keep them at bay.

    Zionist Psychophantic STATE Police said he appeared to be treating the manhunt as a game.

    one thing for sure… Eric won’t be wearing his ICP outfit for Halloween


  3. Local Anti-Apartheid Campaigns to Get Involved in :

    There are lots of good resources on the web about Israeli apartheid and
    human rights abuses in the Occupied Territories.

    Below are just a few:—image-of-benjami/

    The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation has a great fact sheet and
    other resources to help understand apartheid in the Israeli Occupied Territories.

    OCHA, The UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is the
    United Nations’ agency responsible for humanitarian aid in the West Bank and Gaza.

    OCHA monitors check points and closures in the Israeli Occupied Territories
    and produces wonderful up-to-date maps.

    B’Tselem an Israeli human rights organization that monitors human rights abuses
    in the Israeli Occupied Territories. They have detailed maps, on the ground reports,
    statistics, and more.

    There is a growing global movement to have international anti-apartheid week in
    the first week of each month…. .
    If Americans Only Knew is a great site of analysis and information.

    For first hand experience of the occupation click here to read Skip Schiel’s blog
    and see his photography. He is a Quaker who documents the occupation.

    Discrimination and violations of human rights of Palestinian Refugees and inside
    the Zionist TERRORIST state of TALMUDIA:

    Discrimination inside TALMUDIA:
    Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel [view]
    The Arab Association for Human Rights [view]
    Plight of Refugees:
    Palestine Remembered Badil [view]
    Legal framework for Apartheid and Occupation
    Law Resource Center. This side lists Israeli Apartheid and Laws,
    and violations of international law


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