That Shitty Little Country


Mr. Bernard followed up by saying,

“Why should the world be in danger of World War III because of those people?”

I have never heard this quote until today and thought a tribute for the truthful commentary should be made. He caught hell, of course, from the Koshies, but at least his bosses didn’t cull him like the Jews were insisting.  It is important to note that he didn’t live but another 3 years or so (died at a young 62).

Personally, I have a tendency to call Israel that “little shithole in the desert“, but I think the sentiment is the same, right? And it is a shithole, best I can tell (and apparently many Jews agree because they want to go back to Germany… beware, that is a link to the Jewish Daily Forward).

Oh, and the fact that they permeate this place (America), seemingly in far greater numbers than the touted “2% of the population” the lying media always tells us about (it seems they make up at least 25% since they are EVERYWHERE in positions of power and influence). For a comprehensive list of just the actors that are Jewish (mindblowing) see here. To view an even greater list of who runs America, go to Who Controls America?

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13 thoughts on “That Shitty Little Country

  1. C’est vrai…
    vous desirez renseignements…?
    In is interesting to note that a mere “eleven minutes”
    after the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN
    declaration of the Palestinian partition and “independence”
    on May 14, 1948,
    Zionist KNEEPAD WEARING “MASON” President Truman recognized so-called “Israel”
    as an independent Zionist TERRORIST “Jewish” State of psychopathic ASSHOLES
    hell bent on
    defecating a “shitty little country” in Palestine….!!!
    Are we to suppose that this wasn’t the result of previous arrangements?
    FREEMASON President Truman,
    in defending this action of instant recognition to top
    State Department and embassy officials said:
    “I am sorry gentlemen, but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are
    anxious for the success of TALMUDIC/SATANIC ….Zionism.
    I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents.”

    These actions are not in accordance with the best interests of the people of America,
    and should be condemned by all people of good will.

    Certainly those who earnestly desire peace should not want to jeopardize the safety
    of over 7 billion people for the political ambitions of less than three million. . . .

    I believe Gilda Radner was murdered by the Synagogue of Satan for mocking
    their shitty little “religion”…and their stool sculpture deity cult compound

    if Ishmael could not have been a jew
    because his mother was not a jew, then how could Isaac have been a
    jew since his mother was Sarai of the Chaldees?
    Now if she was a
    jew, then her parents must have been jews, Genesis 11:28, and
    therefore Abram could not have been the first jew.
    In fact
    {Jew Worshipping} so-called “Reverend”,
    I don’t know how you can preach that Abram, Isaac or
    Jacob were jews since the King James Bible does not call them
    jews. In fact reverend, nowhere in the Bible will you find that
    Moses was a jew, or that King Saul, David or Solomon were called
    jews. Try as you may, you can read over five hundred pages of the
    Holy Bible and not find the word jew. The first time you will see
    it is in 2nd Kings 16:6. And by the way, nowhere in the Holy Bible
    will you find the jew’s called God’s chosen people.
    I would suggest that next Sunday morning you tell your
    “JEW WORSHIPPING” so-called congregation
    where you got the ” authority ” to change the Holy Bible,
    or admit the
    “JEW WORSHIPPING” seminary/cemetary taught you wrong,
    and that as a result of that false training,
    you have been preaching the error,
    which amounts to a false doctrine….or PURE SHYTE !!

    and in consideration of Deuteronomy 28…looks like the
    “JEWISH” narrative is a monumental LIE…of historic proportions

    and literally “KNOWING” the TRUTH about the “JEWISH” lie will allow the
    individual to be free of the lies…

    and then No one on Earth would have to “JEW” worship
    or be a “JEW”, and all those little “jews” could just leave the
    stool sculpture deity cult compound


  2. On Monday,

    the nine talmudically tranced justices will consider whether the administration of
    Porch Monkey Barack Obama must follow a law enacted by Congress that allows
    U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem to have “Israel” listed as their birthplace on passports.
    What appears to be a dry legal question is a foreign policy mindfield/minefield for

    the SO-CALLED U.S. ” government”, {who is the GOV in America ?}
    which has refused to enforce the law ever since it was enacted in 2002.
    The concern for the so-called United States is that the law could be interpreted as an
    endorsement of so-called “Israel’s hotly disputed sovereignty claim”
    over Jerusalem,
    a holy city for Judaism, Islam and Christianity….dig that “Chutzpah”…!

    why not define “Holy” first ..?


  3. Do a Google search for “The Rabbis Speak Out”
    “Imagine how it will be if, G-d forbid, the idea of Zionism becomes a reality. Then the sinners will be kings, the troublemakers will be high officials, and the young snakes will be leaders. Then your enemies will rule over you!
    (Introduction to Daas Harabbanim, 1902)
    SEE True Torah Jews Against Zionism


    • another good read is…” Oh Jerusalem ” …

      curiously though the Children of Israel never turned into “Jews”…
      which is totally FANTASTIC incredibly wonderful news especially for
      the “Ashkenazim” so called “Zionist” Jews…!

      ever see a plant jump out of the ground…roots & all and attack
      ANYONE ?

      a tree did fall on the candidate for Governor of Texas Greg Abbott
      which is why he rides around in a wheelchair…

      VOTE FOR CHANGE… From slick video ads online to scrawled chalk messages
      on college campus sidewalks, intense get-out-the-vote drives are mobilizing
      in Oregon and Alaska to legalize retail sales of HEMP to anyone old enough to
      drink or purchase “ADULT” beverages.

      But backers of the legal-HEMP ballot measures in both states have a challenge
      that their predecessors in Colorado and Washington state didn’t face
      two years ago — increasing turnout of young voters in a midterm election.

      Young voters,
      who as a generation are more likely to support
      “recreational HEMP”,
      usually turn out during Zionist POOP presidential selection years,
      but stay home during midterms, when the electorate skews to older
      and allegedly more conservative so-called voters…..conserving…what ?
      a kneepad wearing psychophantic “JEW” worshipping “shitty” little country

      THE JEWSA !! ???

      I confess to watching “LONE SURVIVOR” yesterday…”Starring” Mark Wahlberg
      glorifying the UNCONSCIONABLE “GWOT” War in Afghanistan for OPIUM
      in the ZOG US MILITARY…think of all the money spent to make that movie with
      “MILITARY” equipment…mainly HELICOPTERS…

      In what appears to be the largest-ever joint protest by senior Israeli security personnel, a group of 106 retired generals, Mossad directors and national police commissioners has signed a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to DIG THIS CHUTZPAH !!!

      “initiate a diplomatic process” …CAN “JEWS” do that ?
      based on a regional framework for peace with the Palestinians….as
      certified BAD FAITH actors ?

      Several of the signers said in interviews that “Israel” the Zionist TERRORIST
      “JEWISH” stool sculpture deity cult compound had the strength and the means
      to reach a two-state solution that “doesn’t entail a security risk,”
      but had not and could not manage to reach an agreement because of
      …. “weak leadership.”
      “We’re on a steep slope toward an increasingly polarized society and
      morale decline,
      due to the need to keep millions of people under occupation on claims
      that are presented as security-related,” Major General Eyal Ben-Reuven .

      “I have no doubt that the shit for brains “JEW” prime minister seeks
      “Israel’s” welfare, …{SO-CALLED “JEWS” cannot be Israel} <—– FACT
      but I think he suffers from some sort of "political blindness" that drives him
      to scare himself and us.” [TALMUDIC PSYCHOPATHY = BLINDNESS?]
      The letter was initiated by a former Armored Corps commander, reserve Major General Amnon Reshef….said that he was “tired of the reality of rounds of …
      fighting = MASS MURDER,
      every few years instead of a genuine effort to adopt the Saudi initiative.” <——FIND A "JEW", Kitty
      {with a TALMUD who Hates Jesus!}
      Read more:…or buzz off !!
      One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that
      sojourneth among you.

      did you ever hear the story about why Moses had a speech impediment,
      or what the "Israeli's" sprayed on the Egyptians in the Sinai in June of '67 ?


  4. I have always suspected that the 2% of the population number is another specious Kosher claim. I suspect it’s from the same bag of lies and tricks they get the precious 6 Million figure – only this one works in reverse. In fact, they’ve literally overrun entire communities in The Northeast and Florida. They’ve become so prevalent in New York that entire cities look like a Yiddish Shtetl I have little doubt that the 2.5% claim is no less of a devious scheme to portray them in the media culture as a tiny little minority that could never wield the kind of controlling grip on every nerve center of our society that they actually do.


    • David,

      We are on the same page here. If their purported numbers are but 2% of the overall population, the appearance is far more. Sure, in media they seem to be 75% or more of what you see on TV. They own media, so maybe that explains it. But they also are too prevalent in politics and academia. Far more than the bogus numbers they tout.

      Now, down here, I hardly ever see them (thank God). But they are around the larger areas (Jackson, Memphis, etc). I have never seen one of those black hats down south in my entire life. For whatever that gets me.


  5. is the Ultimate Pogrom….Here in the time of HARVEST

    the harvest is the end of the world;
    and the reapers are the angels. As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire;
    so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels,
    and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
    And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.
    Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    In Texas we interviewed Bobby Ray Inman, an intelligence officer with a glittering
    track record at the CIA, Naval Intelligence and as a former director of the NSA.
    My contacts in the UK intelligence world had always told me “he is one of the good guys”
    and I quickly discovered why.
    He was frank and clear.
    The top Israeli commanders, he explained, had known exactly what they were doing
    when they attacked the Liberty and when it came to holding them to account,
    the US government rolled over for them.

    We filmed an annual memorial ceremony in Washington, D.C.
    It was emotional,
    visceral and tense, with survivors, family and friends gathered in the morning sun.
    Listening to a sole bugler playing the US Navy’s lament, ‘Taps’ is a memory that will never fade.

    Years earlier, I had visited the US military graves in Arlington Cemetery but now,
    following the ceremony, I got to go there again with Dave Lucas,
    one of the survivors of the attack and a truly wonderful man.


  6. Lot’s of great stuff to digest here. The 2% population figure is their favourite and certainly doesn’t look right. But they can rule us just as easily if that is the correct figure. The trick is merely to enlist crypto Jews. Bribe people. Promise them wealth and power. It shouldn’t surprise anyone how greedy people can be. That sort of person will do anything for the Jew without realizing that the Jew has Satanic prayers allowing them to renege on promises. You should check out how Jews are nominated into the House of Lords in Britain. Does anyone believe that European aristocracy is not infested with Jews?
    Anyway, a minor film called “They Live” shows just how the bad guys (not called Jews but you know what they are), manipulate the greedy into helping them and keeping their secrets. The “Jews” in this film are monsters but not to the naked eye. You have to see through them. That’s Jewish enough for me and the DVD is readily available. Yes, 2% doesn’t seem right. When you see all the names concentrated on a video screen, such as film credits or lists of Fortune Five Hundred billionaires, and all these people have Jewish names the perception is that there must be way more than 2% of the population that are Jews. Maybe, but they can rule because of all the bought and paid for crypto Jews and Christian Zionists. With that kind of help 2% of the population can easily rule the rest.


    • I call the crypto Jews and their minions “Sycophantic ass-kissers”, but it is much worse tha a little ass smooching. It is, indeed, carrying forward their plans. They are made promises that include wealth, power, and fame (especially among the politicians).

      I’ve seen They Live (wasn’t it an ex-wrestler or something that starred in it (I could Google it). It’s the one that you have to wear the glasses to see them as they really are. Its been used as Jewish control meme for a long time.

      I am trying to figure out f the 2% is accurate and it just seems low or if the Jews intentionally are misleading the world in what their numbers truly are (much larger than is claimed). But like you said, even at 2%, if they can buy enough cover from the ass-kissers, then they still get their plans carried out.


      • Thanks for replying BMan.Yeah it was Rowdy Roddy Piper who starred. Guess who coined the word “Star”? How is an actor a star? Well a Jew makes an ordinary person a “star”and makes them believe it. The fact that Roddy stuck his finger up at them (the Whoos) in the final scene never fails to inspire me. Anthony Clifton seems to have his finger on every relevant site. I’m going to admit I don’t have the time to go to every site, I have about 50 on my RSS Ticker which is a Firefox Addon. It flows and I hook on to any headline that seems relevant at the time. My faves are realjewnews, Hofflandia which seems to have come to a stop, though Hoff has a second site, a library, David Duke and Joe Cortina who seems to expose himself more and more as the years go by. I guess if you’re not being imprisoned you are prepared to say more. And so we come to Brendon who can be over the top and has done prison time in one of the two most backward states in Australia. NT is not a state. Someone on Hofflandia made me aware of him and all I can say is he belongs to the unafraid. I try to be but I don’t know if I am.
        Last thing is that we are from all parts of the globe but we have a common knowledge of the truth. I may make a comment but not respond to a reply. I want to but there’s only 24 hours in a day and many relevant sites to read. Most of the time I’m happy that I’ve learnt something new. For instance I didn’t realise that Kissinger was a Jew way back in the 1970’s. I always pictured him as an ugly little German boy in lederhosen running home to mummy because the big boys had laughed at him. When I learned he was a Jew, and I always disliked Jews, my real education began.
        Cheers BMan


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