“White Supremacists” Epithet Is Used Because Everyone Is A “Racist”


No one in my personal life has ever called me a “white supremacist”. I have had a few call me a “racist”, but no one that knows me in real life has. The brainwashing of today’s society regarding race and the notion that white people should hate their own race because of slavery or white privilege, etc,  is deep. Personally, I don’t feel that I am “better” or “superior” to anyone. I do, however, acknowledge that many of my actions and thought patterns, compared to theirs, are morally superior. For instance: I don’t use certain circumstances to loot and steal (I don’t steal…Period). I don’t call for the death of black people. I don’t gather in large groups trying to Black Bear Hunt. I don’t take advantage of others.

I don’t consider another race inferior, just different (and in most cases, would not want to experience their way of life in any form or fashion). I am happy the way I am and celebrate the lineage that made me what I am.

I am not defending white people who hate others. They are there, but I promise you that it sure as hell isn’t the way the lying media portrays it (while hiding the reverse racism of others towards whites). No one I know calls black people nigger unless they are acting like a nigger. As I have said countless times here, I know more white niggers than I know black ones (I know significantly more white people than black people… not that there is a prevalence among white people to be niggery). In my book, its what someone does and how they act… nothing, whatsoever to do with skin color.

It doesn’t matter that most of us that can trace our ancestry back to early America and the slave days are actually a small number (most people having immigrated since then), or that a miniscule number of those families actually owned a slave. It doesn’t matter that the working poor whites where I am from work well with black people… both being desperately poor but both having the same commitments to make life better for their families.

Still, in the rural south, race relations are not as bad as many larger northern cities. However, when you get to larger cities like Jackson and Memphis TN, the obvious contradictions and ill will arise. Now, its not the old stereotypical white hatred of blacks, but the other way around. Black music “artists” (aka “rappers”) call for killing white people all the time. Black people attack white folk often, many times just out of hatred and some misguided belief that those they are beating somehow feel “superior” to those doing the beating (a false revenge, of sorts).

Searching online for “white supremacy”, you will find all sorts of links discussing how awful white people are… the advantages we have over other races, etc. I found this one for “white people” that showed up in my search:

White people (also delicately called Crackas, Caucasians, and Honkies) are pasty, melanin-deficient humans who have been sprinkled throughout the planet to manage its resources and boss around everyone of more humble colors. White people are smart–in ways that don’t really matter–and complain about stupid stuff, even though they have it better than every other race.

Whites discriminate against everyone else. Nonwhites, by comparison, don’t discriminate against whites, because they don’t have majority power, so it isn’t discrimination even if they do. And whites have stupid names to insult members of other races. No one else does that. These albinescent people are the only race that believes in space aliens. (George Clinton and Louis Farrakhan don’t count, because they are space aliens.) In fact, whites love to hear themselves talk so much that they assemble entire collections of their own words (known as books). This is in opposition to the more sensible method of linguistic collation employed by most races which involves painting pictures of antelopes onto cave walls.

Whites forced other races into poverty while hiding their objectives behind the “Word of God”. They are nespotic and afraid of anything they cannot control. They do not have a moral way of life–no respect for their mothers and they live entirely like snakes, except those in leadership. In recent years, they are trying by all means to be like blacks and their efforts have made them pathetic cool retarded chavs. Some want so badly to be black that they married blacks, causing their children to be increasingly black.

There is more (pretty funny).


I was curious what the Jewish dominated site Wikipedia would say about Black supremacy (I had just done a post in commentary to Mr Fred’s insistence that blacks have the power). Its opening statement was brief and to the point:

Black supremacy is the racist belief, and sometimes promotion of the belief, that Black people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds and that therefore Blacks should politically dominate non-Blacks.

Then I wondered  about White supremacy (it is chock full of juicy “white people are bad” references). But I also noticed that the opening statement had the same first sentence, then expanded quite a bit over the other link:

White supremacism is the racist belief, or promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds and that therefore whites should politically, economically and socially dominate non-whites. The term is also typically used to describe a political ideology that perpetuates and maintains the social, political, historical and/or industrial dominance of whites.[1] Different forms of white supremacism have different conceptions of who is considered white, and different white supremacists identify various racial and cultural groups as their primary enemy.[2]

OK, besides the obvious difference between black and white races (apparently only whites want to economically and socially dominate everyone else), there are some interesting nuggets there about the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam, Nation of Yaweh, etc (pretty much, all the noted fringe “crazy” black groups).

So, at this point, have you wondered what Wikipedia might say about “Jewish supremacy”?

I thought you would never ask.

david-duke-jewish-supremacismIt links directly to David Duke’s wiki page (convenient that there is no reference of its own in the Jew dominated site). Half way down this page (which is HUGE), most of the page pretty much dedicated to repeatedly calling him a white supremacist, KKK member, racist (and all the obligatory hook nosed references of outrage), you will find the link directly to his book.

This suggests that the term “Jewish supremacy” is only ever seen in some (preferably avoided) bizarre KKK racist’s rantings, making the entire notion CRAZY to thinking, honest searchers of the trumpeted repository of accepted knowledge, Wikipedia.

Now one might wonder why a Jewish dominated site would reference black and white supremacy, yet hide Jewish supremacy.

Maybe commenters can answer that question.

Alright, so you have convinced me that all whites are supremacists, well, because wiki says so. The next step is to ask if being a white supremacist is valid. Are we worthy of considering ourselves better than other races?

Is It Wholesome?

I’ve said elsewhere, and I think that Google ngram will back me up on this, that the phrase “white supremacy” is rising in use, especially compared to the term that I think it’s meant to supplant: racism. The advantage of this switch should be obvious. The label of racism could technically just as easily be applied to blacks, Asians, Indians, etc. as to whitey, even though it was popularized as a weapon against whitey. So the added value of white supremacy is that it specifies. It removes the potential of the progressive slur term to rise, like the sun, on the evil and on the good or to fall, like the rain, on the just and on the unjust. “Racist” can be applied (hold your applause for this pun) indiscriminately, but “white supremacist” inheres in the accusation the name of the target, the evil and unjust white man.

So is white supremacy defensible? Of course it is. In a lot of uses, like I just mentioned, it’s simply a tactical substitute for “racism.” In these cases, all “white supremacy” means is that you generally prefer the company of people who look more or less like you, think more or less like you, and share major components of your worldview. I’ve covered this ground before, but that preference is probably both biologically and socially selected for. And it’s an essentially universal feature of human psychology anyway. So rail against it if you want, but it’s not some bizarre and hateful attitude peculiar to “white supremacists.”

In other uses, however, white supremacy is taken to have a historical dimension to it that racism doesn’t necessarily entail. And here again: defensible. It’s even beneficial—wholesome—except in its most reductive forms.  What the Left will tar as “white supremacist” is typically just good old fashioned respect for your elders, your grandfathers and grandmothers and theirs. It’s the notion that European civilization, for instance, accomplished some things that other peoples on the earth could not, or at the very least did not. It’s the notion that we latter day descendents of theirs have a lot to look back on and be proud of. That their ways were good ways and worthy of continuance. (It’s customary here to launch into the list of achievements of Europeans and Americans in the realms of science, engineering, medicine, literature, the arts, space exploration, and the like. But I’ll spare you that.) The point is, like freshmen athletes at a high school with a lot championship banners hanging from the rafters, we ought to feel a little bit exhilarated and a little bit humbled. We ought to recognize that we’re part of a grand tradition.

If I remember correctly, patrician Romans kept wax busts of their most celebrated ancestors in the atria of their houses. These were the objects of their “ancestor worship,” which of course we enlightened/deracinated moderns pooh pooh. And they were family specific, meaning that they “arbitrarily” ignored the achievements not only of other people in the Classical World but even other renown Romans. But my guess is that exclusivity, that worship of those that came before you in particular—my guess is that was central to their purpose. I bet those sculptures reminded young aristocrats, the future rulers of the Eternal City, not only of the high standards by which they would be judged but also that the blood of conquerors, generals, and statesmen flowed in their veins. That they were up to the task. Ancestral memories chastised and guided and inspired. And that was not an evil thing, even though they obviously “marginalized” the famous members of other familiae.

And of course, yes, there are pathological versions of pride in your ancestry. You can see examples of such in the world today. There’s the cheap, historical jingoism which insists that whites were the only ones to ever do anything worthwhile. That all that’s good and just in the world originated with us. There’s also the rare person who talks about his people’s historical achievements as if they redound directly to his own credit. As if he could build Gothic cathedrals himself. As if he could write Hamlet, even though he’s very often a sort of degenerated and dissolute specimen of the breed. And both these forms are admittedly absurd and grasping. But it’s been my experience that these toxic versions are, like I just said, fairly rare. Your run of the mill “white supremacist” is perfectly fine giving other civilizations credit where it is due. And he’s fine with the fact that he doesn’t get a trophy just for showing up in last year’s winner’s team colors. He’s just proud of where he came from, and he wants to live up to the example of the people that got him here.


Worthy of a listen:

Tim Murdock – The Managerial Class vs. The Establishment


h/t Vulture of Critique (as I perused their links) and Bourban et Veritas

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23 thoughts on ““White Supremacists” Epithet Is Used Because Everyone Is A “Racist”

  1. deprogramming the braindeadgoy is a full time JOB…

    Willie Martin spent a lifetime researching and TYPING…he was a champion
    typist from HIGH SCHOOL…remember seeing all those High School basketball
    teams in those old Tarzan movies…with banners hanging from the vines in the jungle ?


    back in November of ’87, I went to see WHITE HAVEN play HILLCREST
    @ the LIBERTY BOWL…very few white folks were there, during the game
    the VIKING MASCOT and the cheerleaders for Hillcrest had managed
    in the far end zone to surround the TIGER mascot and were simply
    kicking the pooh out of that poor little NEGRO hiding inside that
    mascot suit…with a MEMPHIS POLICE OFFICER standing not 30ft away
    the mayhem was palpable…like those scenes in TARZAN when the DRUMS
    are pounding and the natives are hooping and hollering around the FIRE
    anyway poor {slave} white boys & girls from Scotland & England
    didn’t own the SLAVE SHIPS
    and didn’t profit from SLAVERY…
    1492….some went to Amsterdam…
    some went to start the sugar cane plantations in the NEW WORLD
    so they could set up their TRIANGLE OF TRADE…and rot the teeth
    and diminish the health of the WHITE EUROPEANS who were not
    but were quite obviously of the caucasian persuasion

    in the final analysis TRUTH is what really matters…
    what is the Truth about EXODUS 15 ?

    are the WHITE PEOPLE truly ISRAELITES …
    and what difference would that Make for “JEW” worshipping
    “Americans”…anyway ?
    I mean if righteous JUSTICE was executed first thing every morning
    and the people could keep all of what they earned and there was
    ECONOMIC JUSTICE in the land what difference would that make

    like Huey Long was singing…every man a millionaire


    • oops, I left out the Clayton Bigsby addendum…


      In his prophetic novel,
      1984, George Orwell envisioned the kind of society the world is rapidly becoming.
      A motto of that “future” time was,
      “Who controls the present, controls the past, who controls the past, controls the future.”
      Part of that mind-control was assisted by the Memory Hole.
      It was an incinerator into which where thrown any pieces of information about the past which were considered damaging to the JEW CONTRIVED “Big Brother System”.
      To demonstrate how close the “JEW” Establishment in our country resembles that of 1984, we present the story of William Dudley Pelley. Although the leader of a mass-movement that commanded headlines throughout the decade of the 1930s, his name is totally unknown today, except to a handful of researchers. Outside of infrequent, fleeting references to him in a few histories of the Depression Era, there are no books about his dramatic life; not even any newspaper or magazine articles.
      His photograph cannot be found outside the pages of The New Order, nor any photographs of his tens of thousands of followers, even though both his image and theirs dominated newsreels and publications of the time. His speeches are unobtainable even though they were heard by millions, sometimes over national-wide radio broadcasts. He attracted the friendship of legendary heroes like Charles Lindbergh and the hatred of legendary scoundrels like Franklin Roosevelt.
      Sinclair Lewis wrote a full length novel, It Can’t Happen Here, based on his life. Along with the works of Theodore Dreiser, H.L. Mencken, F. Scott Fitzgerald and other luminaries of the 1920s, his books entered college curricula in the forefront of modern American literature. Yet, no college course in Great Books today features any of his titles. He was one of the most important creators of the silent film, the author of such classic screen plays as The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Despite the man’s undeniable impact on his times, his name has been thoroughly expunged from contemporary history, his books (worse than banned or burned) unpublished, his political achievements consigned to oblivion….the memory hole.
      In trying to research the material for this article, after months of investigation, I learned that his only biography was written eighteen years ago, an obscure university thesis by an hostile ANTI-WHITE SUPREMACY “postgraduate student”.
      Some scattered fragments of additional data came from xeroxes of Pelley’s own moldering publications, via dusty library archives. Everything about him has been tossed into a genuine Memory Hole, no less thorough in its destruction but far more real then Orwell’s model.
      The truth hating Big Brother who blots out all information about William Dudley Pelley is the same controller of the past who makes sure there are plenty of school books and pseudo-documentaries for talmudvision and the “JEW” movies extolling the “greatness” of Martin Luther King, Jr. or any other porch monkey.
      What could Pelley have done that so struck to the heart of the
      “JEW” System of white people “GOY” HATE,
      that ignited such a complete effort to erase all knowledge of his existence from American consciousness?

      Horror in Russia
      most people are programmed to react emotionally instead of logically
      including Asians & Africans & Arabs & …even Eskimo’s & Hawaiians

      and so it goes



        straight white men, who as we all know are the most hateful hate-filled creatures on Earth. Just because somebody put a huge amount of effort into recording men behaving badly and came up with a whole bunch of blacks and Latinos doesn’t mean straight white men aren’t the real problem. Straight white men are like beavers, active only on the darkest of nights when we can’t see their nefariousness.


        What is an article titled “Under cover of Whiteness” about, you ask?
        It’s about David Horowitz and hundreds of other lapsed leftist who
        have arrogated to themselves the authority to speak for us, for me.

        Horowitz not only presumes to speak for us but has been permitted
        to steal our most precious heritage, our identity, our Whiteness.

        Save a place for Me, save a place for me, brothers and sisters,… in yo hearts,
        in yo hearts. Let me speak for meself!

        Of course, I’m angry! Every time there is a so-called debate about reparations, affirmative action, welfare, hate crimes against Whites etc.,
        there is Horowitz and a militant nigger and not a White man in sight.

        Mr. Khazar, J-w, Turko-Mongol, Horowitz can aggravate and enrage these animals and then run grab the horns of the J-w altar in a social sanctuary built especially for his non-White race. And again, leave us to face an impossible world of ‘his’ making.

        Oh, but Jimmy me lad, he’s watching the store! Hell no!
        No sane person would leave a store full of niggers and shop-lifting wet-backs in the hands of Khazars like MICHAEL SAVAGE WEINER or a David Horowitz!
        Just as has been the case since the fifties, nobody is watching the store!
        And you, Whitey, as always, are not even a participant in the “contest”.
        I lived in Anniston, Alabama when a bus load of blacks and beastly little J-ws like Horowitz rode through. I saw the J-w furnishing the money and the intellect,
        (their words) united in their successful enterprise to destroy my homeland.
        What kind of a fool of a White Man would trust a Horowitz?
        But he is sooo intellectual,…. Jimmy!


        have you ever read Hoskins’ book VIGILANTES OF CHRISTENDOM ?


  2. Thank you BMAN for yet another expose’ of the truth!

    Gods word tells us that the world would be blessed through JACOB/ISRAEL, and it is SO!

    To deny that the “White Nations” have blessed the world is to call God a liar. If those that do not believe in GOD, deny that the world has been blessed by the White Nations, they are being dishonest and a liars!

    Here we have a “JEW” run operation(Wiki) selectively providing facts (sic), and will use DAVID DUKE as some kind of source for “JEWISH SUPREMASISM” is another example of the controlled opposition! David Duke, whom I have known for years has lost all credibility with me, and many others, except true racist’s and ignorant JEW haters!. Here in Louisiana I met and worked to get him elected twice. My wife had him pegged from the first time we meet. He had a radio show on local AM Talk Radio also. We have had many one sided conversations, many times! I ask questions and he ran from them or ignored them, only to take over the conversation, hang up on me, and then state, “I am a traditional Christian” (or some such dodge) which means what? A ZIONIST? A JEW sympathizer? DUKE is controlled by the FBI! No doubt in my mind! He always has JEWS on his show, and has no clue what they are talking about, but he allows them to spew their propaganda! DUKE does not want to talk about the True ISRAEL Identity message, even though he is a “White Supremacist”! WHY? Is it because the so called Christian Identity Movement(C.I.) is RACIST? Does DUKE want to protect himself from being called a “racist”? LOL! The C.I.M. HAD to be infiltrated, or even created by the ADL/FBI, EDOMITE JEWS, that injected “racism” into the true ISRAEL Identity MESSAGE! This truth is very dangerous to the so called JEWS! If the world, (WRONG!) WHEN the world wakes up to the Chosen People Myth™, all support for the BASTARD State of ISRAEL well end, and then the Prophesy in the Book of OBADIAH will be fulfilled! SEE OBADIAH 1:18 >< READ that book! God is not a liar!

    DUKE is a tool of EDOM! Make no mistake! He will not respond to me any more! He has exposed himself for what he is!
    SUE ME DUKE! You know my name and you are exposed!

    I saw many other things in this article BMAN, that I totally agree with, and could respond to.. The perception of "racism" is a JEW creation, and is a tool of our enemy!
    But David DUKE is an evil, that needed to be exposed! As I said, I KNOW him well! And there are many source's that agree with my assessment.


    • I don’t know that much about Duke. I’ve listened to a few of his shows. Many things he discusses, I agree with.

      But there has always been something about him that makes me uncomfortable. I never really have put my finger on it… yet. I know he can go on and on and on, as if he loves hearing himself speak.


      • Too many people are too busy “exposing” people. Really? Then who are the real scumbags, because I can’t find a site where some jerk isn’t “exposing” someone else. It fucking shits me. When someone gives you information then fucking absorb it, don’t say, “Oh well, he seems credible but I don’t know”. To me “Edoms Thorn” appears to be a nut case or worse, “but I don’t know”, I’m new here. I find this site credible BMan but there’s always some dick eating away and trying to undermine perfectly good people. On all of these sites. I wonder who that could be? There’s only one enemy, the insidious JEW! And when he whispers out of the side of his filthy mouth, trying to subvert and subdue your thoughts, trying to make you second guess about who you can and cannot trust, and you believe him then you are done. You might as well be Stalin and just keep on killing everyone that you originally gave power to because some dick told you he can’t be trusted. Then you kill that guy etc, etc, etc! Enough!
        About the post.
        I was born white, I don’t know that I asked for it. What I see around me does not make me want to be anything else. I have no superiority complex about it, I’ve thought about how other races feel, always seen that they would love to be white, though that’s slowly changing, always seen that they want to live white, that’s not changing. Asians are now buying us out of house and home and our Jewish controlled Western governments are allowing it. Why? Well using the US-Jew led Russian Revolution as an example, the idea is that different forms of government are good for business. So the US Jews combine with the Russian Jews to form a different form of government and then both sets of Jews make big money by dealing with each other. This one didn’t work because Stalin was the pimple that grew on the Jew backside. Obviously Stalin’s only redeeming feature. Nevertheless Russian Jews OWN AMERICA! There is no Russian Mafia, there never was an Italian Mafia except for one controlled by the Jews. The Italian “Mafia” is always shown as a bunch of family loving Catholics who happen to be cunts! What about the original Popes? They were Jews! Call them Jews or call them Roman Jews if you want. The US “Mafia” was and is always controlled by the Jews. Parasites of the Gods!
        So now it’s time for the Asians to rule again. Once again go to the Jewish Virtual Library to see how infested these countries already are by Jews waiting to take over all business and all power.

        And remember, being white, (not a Jew) in this age is a blessing, not a sin.


        • I appreciate your participation. Personally, I really don’t know anyone here (Anthony and I have spoken and DC Dave and I have spoken and communicated many times. Edom’s Thorn has always seemed pretty cool, so I think I need to read through the comments (I admit that I have been travelling and busy with work, so I barely peruse the comments unless I see it is from someone new or they get caught in the spam filter… I have a certain number of links set that will trip the filter).

          I think that Anthony and ET have a particular view about Scriptures, who wrote them and who they are for that is at logger heads with most people’s understanding (including mine). According to them, there are no real Jews (that is a construct). But I continue to use the word as a descriptor simply because that is what they call themselves and it is what everyone else calls them. I want people to be sure of whom I am talking about, not necessarily the guys that have the view they do.

          I do find their beliefs interesting, but as long as people aren’t too over-the-top in addressing each other, I generally don’t erase, edit or ban. I have banned what I call Richard Noggins, mainly for harshly attacking, repeatedly other commenters (or me, a few times).

          As for you comments about this post, I don’t find anything to disagree with. And I have not seen anything by you to cause any problem (but maybe I missed it???).

          As far as I am concerned, you are welcomed here. If there is a problem from others, maybe they can let me know what the problem is.


          • OK, I think you are talking about the David Duke call out by ET.

            I don’t know one way or the other. Much of Duke’s stuff is spot on. But maybe he just doesn’t want to entertain ET’s views on Scripture or something. Maybe he is a crooked shill? I don’t know either way.

            I simply read his (and others’ work, including ET), take what it gives me and put away the rest (many times to revisit it later).

            I am not saying that ET or Anthony are wrong in their views. But I don’t necessarily agree with it all.

            My resistance is that it looks very much like Christian Identity (even though there appears to be nuances that are different). From almost all of my interaction with the better known CI’ists, I have had very bad interactions (Mike Delaney, Andre Whatever of Stormfront, and that crew). I’ve even had disagreements with John Friend on the subject and he is one of the most agreeable people in this movement.

            But there is definitely something different about these two here, from the others. Firstly, they have never stolen or abused anything here. They have never attacked me (maybe I missed where another person was attacked). Even though I am not completely on board with what they present, I find it all interesting to consider (and study, at times). But the previous CI interactions I had cause me to doubt many of their suggestions.

            No offense meant to Anthony or ET (I hope you know).


            • BMan,

              I understand. Not a problem.

              You said, …”My resistance is that it looks very much like Christian Identity “… THAT is what the EDOMITE JEWS DO! They filthy up truth with lies! I told you in the comment above that …” The C.I.M. HAD to be infiltrated, or even created by the ADL/FBI, EDOMITE JEWS, that injected “racism” into the true ISRAEL Identity MESSAGE!”…

              ALSO, I have claimed that there are TRUE JUDAHITE JEWS still in the world. But they are FEW! I believe they a the “SEPHARDIC” Jews that the EDOMITES call “LESSER JEWS”. I have proof of that if you want it.

              Christian Identity (CI) has first been traced back to the 1920s to Howard Rand (1889–1991).[16][17]

              Rand was a Massachusetts lawyer who obtained a law degree at the University of Maine. He was raised as a British Israelite, and his father introduced him to J. H. Allen’s work Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright (1902) at an early age.[18] While Rand’s father was not an antisemite, nor was even Rand in his early British Israelite years, Rand first added an antisemitic element to British Israelism in the 1920s. He claimed as early as 1924 that the Jews were not really descended from the tribe of Judah, but were instead the descendants of Esau or Canaanites.[19] However, Rand never claimed that modern Jews were descendants of Satan, or that they were in anyway inferior, he just claimed that they were not the true lineal descendants of Judah.[20] For this reason Rand is considered a ‘transitional’ figure between British Israelism and Christian Identity, but not its actual founder http:///www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Identity

              IT was because of RAND that the EDOMITES/Esau infiltrated and/or CREATED the CIM… RACISM was not there from the start!

              The “Askinazim” narrative was not even talked about until the Christ Hating JEW “Alfred M. Lillienthal” became an “Authority” on the so called JEWS! For years it was understood and EXPRESSED by those that understood history and the Scriptures that Esau/EDOM were the FAKE JEWS! All of these MYTHS about KHAZARS are from EDOM!

              The Scriptures point to EDOM, and that is why THEY have given us this KHAZAR crap! EDOM can not admit they are JEWS! But the Messiah pointed to EDOM in Revelation 3:9.

              As David Davidson says in “Palestine: Esau Claims Possession” (Destiny Magazine for May 1948, p. 155. Destiny Publishers, Merrimac, Mass., 01860): “The race of Esau were the Edomites, of Old Testament history, and included the marauding Sinaitic tribe of Amalek. The dominant physiognomy and aggressively intrusive characteristics of the race were derived from the native stock of North Syria through the ‘Hittite’ wives of Esau, and by subsequent intermarriage between the Edomites and ‘Hittites.’ After the Edomites (or Idumeans) were absorbed into the remnant of Judah, after 130 B.C., but mainly in the dispersion following the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Edomite-Hittite physiognomy eventually emerged as the European Jewish type; falsely called ‘Semitic’…Herod the Great was an Edomite and became the first ‘King of the Jess.’ As such he sought to destroy our Lord at birth. At that time the Idumeans had been comprised in the Jewish state and had been Jews in religion for over a century. They dominated the whole of Jewish life and our Lord, in revealing the nature of the Herodian or Idumean domination, refers to ‘the leaven of Herod’ as the antithesis of the leaven of the Kingdom of God’…In the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1) the effect of the intrusion is referred to as ‘the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.’ (Revelation 2:9; 3:9)

              PLEASE BMan. Find the time to research the Biblical and Historical facts that I have presented concerning EDOM.

              HERE are who MOST JEWS™ really are
              “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”

              The SYNAGOGUE Of SATAN: EDOMS Playground
              WITH that link, you will learn the truth about the word “JEW” and that “SYNAGOGUES” ARE FOR evil. And is only a “GATEHERING” like the CFR, Builderbergs….


        • WELL! I am sorry I burst your bubble! You remind me of those Alex Jones “WORSHIPERS”… When I am critical of their gOD (A.J.) or point out the facts that He ignores, the facts that I presented are ignored and I am then attacked with name calling and ridicule!

          You truly “don’t know”. Careful what gOD you worship!


    • what about Dan & the FAUX-White Supremacists…called “Jews”
      in “Israel”…whether Sepharvaim or Ashkenazim…dig this chutzpah

      “What are these strange practices?” I thought.
      “And how is everyone here not as puzzled as I am?”
      But I soon realized that my consideration of these practices as strange
      was a reflection of my own Ashkenazi-centric upbringing,
      and my own Ashkenazi-centric approach to Judaism.

      Rather than see these non-Ashkenazi practices as strange,
      or demand to be taught about them,
      I realized it was my imperative to learn more about them.
      At this point, I find myself now celebrating the change.
      After all, we are one people Israel. <—- !

      Admittedly, England’s Jewish community is very Ashkenazi-normative too.
      (Other parts of the United Kingdom are as well.)
      Many English Jews are also confused at their first encounter with
      Sephardi or Mizrahi practice.
      Yet in conversation I noticed that many more English Ashkenazim are
      comfortable with non-Ashkenazi practice than those in the United States.
      I began to wonder why.

      New York may be big, but it is a bubble.
      So often in the big Jewish communities of the United States,
      “different” practices get isolated into their own spaces.
      Sephardim in New York go to Sephardi synagogues or sit through
      a highly Ashkenazi practice.
      Note that few Ashkenazim go in the other direction.

      Simultaneously, ideas of normalcy in Jewish communities —
      and especially the traditional egalitarian communities —
      hew towards a highly Ashkenazi-centric model.
      Some point out, rightly, that most American Jews are Ashkenazi.
      (So are most English Jews.)
      Others fall prey to racist ideas,

      claiming that Ashkenazim were somehow more egalitarian,
      or that Ashkenazi practice is the basis of Jewish achievement.
      Neither is true — and the self-congratulation allows us to forget that
      non-Ashkenazi practice has just as much of a place in Jewish worship today.

      England more generally and Oxford specifically offer one potential
      way forward in this regard: integration of practice is not all that impossible.
      But, beyond this, we must copy England in another manner:
      honoring Sephardi and Mizrahi custom.

      As Sephardi-written articles in New Voices have said before,
      honoring Sephardi and Mizrahi custom as an Ashkenazi person
      is about more than eating mufletot, or appreciating the occasional
      chanting in Syrian or Gibraltarian tropes.
      One must learn about Sephardi and Mizrahi history —
      and certainly not in the “heroic Ashkenazi savior” mode.
      One must undo the conflation of Jewishness with Ashkenazikeit :
      For some Jews, matzoh balls are as foreign to their celebrations as fenugreek is to ours. And perhaps most importantly, one must become as ready to acknowledge Sephardi and Mizrahi practice as normative as one does Ashkenazi.

      In that regard, we again can learn a lot from England….like who is
      the Tribe of Ephraim…and Manassah, and Judah is not "Jewish", too.

      Read more: http://blogs.forward.com/forward-thinking/208473/learning-to-undo-ashkenormativity/

      can "Jews" really be Israel ?


  3. hurling epithets incongruously they taunted the others disdain,
    and spread disharmony like the autumn winds that blow the tainted leaves to the ground

    mean ugly white supremacists / right wing republicans…oy vey

    one downside to the whole WHITE SUPREMACY choke and puke psywar
    from the LIE FACTORY…is the inherent insensitivity of white supremacists
    to the suffering of the oppressed minorities…
    especially the graduates of crotch grabbing pelvic thrust university

    but young brash indignant white supremacist teenagers can be a real
    embarrassment not to mention guys like Jeff Foxworthy
    but could you imagine a stalwart straight arrow white boy
    in a LIBRARY demanding that the HOLOHOAX “literature” be relocated
    to FICTION…because reference works have to be factual…
    [audio src="http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-128766/TS-915233.mp3" /]
    wouldn’t that be a viral video …#tweet..

    But something feels different on this trip;
    I’m sensing casual anti-Semitism and seeing overt anti-Israel sentiment.
    And for the first time, I’ve felt uneasy as a Jew.

    At a government-run bookstore downtown, the week after seeing the t-shirt,
    I spied “Los Protocolos de los Sabios de Sion” — a Spanish translation of the notorious
    literary hoax “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” — next to the cash register.
    When my Venezuelan partner asked about it, the clerk insisted the book was
    his own copy and not for sale in the store.
    My partner — a lapsed Catholic — lied to the clerk and said we were both Jewish,
    just to see the reaction.
    The clerk, an unassuming 40-something guy in a baseball cap,
    started ranting about how …..
    1} Jews control the media and Hollywood,
    2}how the six-million-dead Holocaust figure was an exaggeration,
    3} how he was actually opposed to Zionism, not just so-called “Jews” …
    “Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism” who believe as a matter of faith
    the HOLOCAUST DOGMA OF JUDAISM….whole hog so to speak…

    He continued railing about “finding the truth through dialogue” as we inched out the door.
    Read more:


    Taken alone, each of these episodes may not have bothered me as much.
    That they all happened within the same month-long visit shook me.
    I started getting real night sweat heebie jeebie chills,
    thinking about how anti-Semitism is just a fog bank for full on
    WHITE SUPREMACY…{HOSEA 1:11} and can start as small as a mustard seed,
    and progress insidiously through a passive population until it becomes overt….
    and then the whole ….Matthew 13:39-42 ‘Harvest of TARES’ thing happens and then
    the HOLOCAUST DOGMA OF TALMUDIC JUDAISM is true according to Jesus Christ…!

    I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen here in the JEWSA next….
    well it probably won’t what with the Bolsheviks in HOMELAND SECURITY
    and the ADL/FBI….and all their crime syndicate “GANGS” ….all over the world.

    even in WHITE SUPREMACIST Venezuela
    but those teenagers…they can think up some pretty ingenious

    there are many who have a difficult time understanding that there
    are in fact NO JEWS in the Old Testament…and that the Children of Israel
    have never been “Jews”..David Duke, being a Politician has had to learn
    to speak to “good” Baptists like those that watch Duck Dynasty and
    believe that Jesus was a “Jew”…


  4. This is just more of the same old BS that was directed against the White American male in the 1990’s.

    Back then, we were responsible for a world of sins, and even if the sins had been committed 150-200 years earlier, didn’t matter since the perps were dead buy us white guys were around to castigate.


    • Yeah. Obviously, this has been going on since long before then, even. The Jews truly started getting their racism claws going in the mid 1900’s. It is why so many prominent blacks embraced the Communism introduced to them by Jews.

      But the accusation of 200 years ago is something that rubs me really wrong. As I learn more I realized that there were far more white slaves brought to early America than all the black slaves (sold by blacks, primarily) put together. Blacks (nor anyone else) talks about this.

      During the slave days, only 1.5% of southern whites owned slaves. Compare that to the Jewish percentage:

      According to the U.S. Census of 1830 a majority of Southern Jews owned Black Slaves. Ira Rosenwaike, a respected Jewish authority who has published Jewish population studies, has revealed that as many as 75% of the 322 Southern Jewish households held Black men, women and children as slaves. Rosenwaike is quoted on page 180 of the book, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. ” In Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah,” he continues, “the overwhelming proportion (over four fifths) of the Jewish households contained one or more slaves; in New Orleans over three-fifths were slaveholders; in Baltimore, less than one-fifth.” Nationwide, “probably close to two-fifths of the Jewish families of 1820 owned slaves…”

      Even more striking, in 1890 when slavery was abolished, two-thirds of all the Jewish families in the United States had at least one servant. Until the release of the Nation of Islam study, Jewish leaders had always denied that Jews owned slaves and had fed the popular belief that Jews had only arrived in the United States as poor immigrants in 1870.


    • isn’t that like collective punishment ?

      did you ever see the Movie …”The Good Shepherd”…?
      where they take this photo and just really “analyze” it…?
      did you ever see Kay Pollard Griggs talk about training NATO ASSASSINS..?
      Did anyone you know ever call Mexicans….BEANERS ?
      how many BEANERS have INVADED MAINE & ALASKA…?
      ….that could in fact be ISIS in disquise ?

      Imagine how corrupt you have to be to bandy about and continue to bandy about a future 9/11 event in one of the major cities of the state you represent?
      That’s pretty dark. Yeah… once it might have been more of a no contest about who was the most venal and routinely indifferent to their constituents, except for the rich ones. It used to be, at least at the level of appearances, that the Republicans would get the Voodoo Kewpie Doll but after the last 15 or twenty years it’s a tossup now.

      They are both 175 tons of shit in a 150 pound bag….seriously.

      Think about what it takes to walk up on a stage somewhere,
      over and over again and let promises flow out of your mouth like dirty water from a broken sewer pipe, or the effluent channel running from a manufacturing plant into some state river or stream and… and… never follow through in a single one of them and then… and then… come right back and promise the same things, with some new additions and then… and then… never follow through on a single one of those either.
      Meanwhile you spend all your recreational time fellating both the K Street and J Street, lobbyists and Zio’s in consideration of favors to be granted, once you get tired of milking the public till and you’ve made enough contacts to ensure being a worthwhile asset in the aftermath. So it is important that you get to sit on the right committees and this you accomplish by agreeing to ANYTHING requested by the mercantile overlords who run everything….because they print the freakin’ currency…& own the Media…
      They are not like you and I.
      This has always been an advantage for them because most people can’t comprehend that they would actually do the things they do.
      They are simply not qualified to believe their lying eyes.
      It escapes their capacity to grasp the reality of these creatures.
      They find it hard to imagine that these people would routinely and
      daily commit more awful and depraved crimes than any entrepreneurial,
      non political, or apolitical serial killer in memory.
      There has to be some other reason besides mere personal gain doesn’t there?
      Well there are a few accessories before and after the fact; blackmail and fear of torture, death and the unpleasant departure of those you love, that might come into play here and there but mostly, these people are primed for it. . . . like when the children of Israel
      had departed Egypt and crossed the Red Sea, and then…started MURMMERING…

      It is a crime to waste food. I state this as an unequivocal cosmic law. It is a cosmic offense to eschew gratitude. I’m sure we’ve all heard, “Waste not, want not.”
      …. It is the nature of the times that flawed individuals make flawed projections
      based on their own {very} limited limitations. ……..It’s that mirror thingy.

      It doesn’t matter what other people think.
      {thinking defined means reaching a TRUE conclusion}

      What matters is what is true…..seriously !!!

      Anyone can believe the worst of any of us but… is what they believe true?

      If it is not it comes to no account at all.


  5. we are in the time of Myths & Legends….

    you gotta “Believe”….
    אָלֹ֣ה וְכַחֵ֔שׁ וְרָצֹ֥חַ וְגָנֹ֖ב וְנָאֹ֑ף פָּרָ֕צוּ וְדָמִ֥ים בְּדָמִ֖ים נָגָֽעוּ׃ <—–

    post "Selection" kvetching….from Hollywood
    As the news started to sink in that the Republicans were back in control of the Senate —
    and Jeffrey Katzenberg's archnemesis McConnell would be leading the charge —
    Hollywood politicos turned their attention to Bobby Shriver, the industry pick to
    replace longtime Los Angeles County supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky,
    who was forced to retire because of term limits.

    The scion of American political royalty had received thousands of dollars in
    Hollywood campaign contributions in his effort to represent the Westside
    of Los Angeles and parts of the San Fernando Valley on the Board of Supervisors.
    His campaign finance report read like a list of Oscar attendees.
    Among the donors: Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, Oprah Winfrey,
    Tom Hanks,
    J.J. Abrams, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jimmy Iovine, Warren Beatty, Jessica Alba,
    Chris O'Donnell, Rob "Suck 'em" Lowe, Larry David, Ted Danson, Joan Cusack,
    Harvey Keitel and Michael Douglas…..just to name a few…

    By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery,
    they break out, and blood toucheth blood…..

    Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish,
    with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven;
    yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away….

    Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth:
    for the Almighty hath spoken,
    I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.

    The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master's crib:
    but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.

    Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers,
    children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Almighty,
    they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.

    Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more:
    the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint.

    From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it;
    but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores:
    they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment.

    Behold, the day of the Almighty cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger,
    to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

    For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light:
    the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine.

    And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity;
    and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease,
    and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible….

    I will make a man more precious than fine gold;
    even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.

    Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place,
    in the wrath of the Almighty of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger….

    And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up:
    they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.


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