Crohn’s Disease Cured With Use Of Marijuana Oil

Shona Banda’s amazing story is just one more reason why people need to wake up about this miracle medicine and demand that it be made legal. Not just medically, but simply like cabbage. Usage in teens does not go up as has been shown in Colorado and other places. All the general accepted arguments have now been thoroughly shown to be the outright lies they were. There really is no defending the prohibition any longer.

Shona’s story touches me because this brave woman (and her husband) decided to take her life into her own hands. By scraping the residue from a home made machine and ingesting the oil, she healed herself of this terminal disease (I’ve known several people that had it and it is horrible what they go through). Apparently, she was able to buy some, but what if she were very poor and couldn’t afford it (black market, or legalized, which is expensive)?

It is a crying shame people have to resort to this… worried about illegalities… knowing that it is all a farce… many times choosing to suffer and die than fight for your life because of profits (for there cannot be another viable explanation for its continued prohibition). People could grow just a few plants for enough medicine to cure Crohn’s Disease, dammit!

Think of that.

h/t PatientsForMedicalCannabis

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6 thoughts on “Crohn’s Disease Cured With Use Of Marijuana Oil

    • edumaKashun…& current events…during the here and now

      hit it Jesse…

      By Jesse Paul,
      in The Denver Pot Post…

      Adams City High School was put on modified lockdown Friday morning after a student’s gravity bong — a device that uses the force of gravity to pull large amounts of marijuana smoke into a chamber — released smoke in a classroom, semi-officials said
      in a carefully worded press release you know which amounted to the same thing.

      “As a precautionary measure our students were placed on a modified lockdown to limit movement throughout the school,” the school said in a release. “School resource officers and nurses are on site as a precautionary measure to address the needs of students if necessary, you know like cookies and pepperoni pizzas and what not, no sardines, though.”

      Another strange but true story:

      College student files police report over 1 gram of stolen’s true !!

      The smoke was released during or about 9:45 a.m. in the Commerce City school,
      said Breanna Deidel, a spokeswoman for the school district.

      “Everybody is safe,” Deidel said.
      “The kid who did it is in the office meeting with the disciplinary team right now.”

      A strong marijuana smell was released into the school, Deidel said.
      Several students were monitored by the school nurse before they were released.

      By law The smoking student was not identified.
      Jesse Paul: 303-954-1733, or

      This story was first published on
      here’s the script…
      After 11 September 2001 the world community recognized the terrorist threat as the main threat and a global threat, reaching the understanding that countering this threat requires common efforts. As a result there was, in particular, a slight weakening of the West’s attacks on Russia because of its campaign against international terrorists in the Caucasus, while we did not object to the operation by the Americans and their allies in Afghanistan. The announcement of the formation of a broad antiterrorist coalition followed.
      At that time Washington displayed a certain readiness to collaborate, although in actual fact it did not intend to abandon the policy of “containment” with regard to Russia. More and more new NATO facilities moved up to our borders.
      Pretend International law was supplanted by the law of force (let us recall the aforementioned dismemberment of Yugoslavia, followed by Serbia, the occupation of Iraq, and the invasion of Afghanistan by the so-called coalition forces).
      and who can forget the Zionist Terrorists in Palestine and their Jewish State
      all of whom belong in the fiery furnace according to Jesus…@ Matthew 13: 39-42

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  1. Yeahway…

    how can a PLANT be “our” enemy…and the terrorists who print currency

    & Own the Media…be “our” saviors”…?
    blessings & salutations upon thee BMan…
    And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament;
    and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever…

    Context :
    The Parable of the “JEW” tares Explained…

    You must know by now that Arabs living in caves in Afghanistan did not knock down
    IMPLODE…{lotsa MOLTEN STEEL & Concrete dust} >> murdering approximately three thousand people in the process…..

    You must know that all the subsequent “JEW” CONTRIVED “UNJUST WARS”
    USA wars since
    that have “murdered millions of innocent people” were total frauds meant to
    rob defenseless countries of their wealth based on the false pretext of 9/11
    and the phony terror hysteria it precipitated…..along with the chinese water torture ISLAMOPHOBIA from the TALMUDVION….and like since it is the Israeli’s doing the actual
    “TERRORISM”, what about the mass murder of Concentration camp prisoners in Gaza
    using BILLIONS of so-called
    DOLLARS = { monetary units paid by the braindeadgoy in TAXES to the IRS}
    and the “JEW” Worshipping Zionist wannabes…you know like 24/7…& EBOLA and
    CELEBRITY GOSSIP …..and ADL/FBI…DOJ inflaming “Racial Tensions”…like you know…

    You must know by now that the U.S. government and mainstream media continue to
    insist the 9/11 Arab hijacker story is true, and that this false FLAG fact is being taught in
    “public schools” <——— {better take another look at that idea},
    creating the unfortunate situation in which the
    "government echoed by the media" is {JEWISH}
    foisting a deliberately false view [JEWISH NARRATIVE]
    of "history" on the people it pretends to "govern" {TALMUDIC LAW ENFORCEMENT},
    & RAPISTS & FLASH MOB TERRORISTS…and the ROID RAGE COPS…like you know…
    …and will throw them into the furnace of fire;
    in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
    in the kingdom of their Father.
    He who has ears, let him hear.
    speaking of hearing did you ever hear Pastor Peters talking about


    You must know by now that no children died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
    The PUBLICK school had been closed for years because of asbestos problems,
    and dozens of people in town got their houses bought for them for participating
    in the colossal JEW SCRIPTED GUN CONTROL stage play charade.
    You must know that this is the most bizarre event in American history since the Mass Murder
    even more bizarre than the false flag 9/11 demolition of three buildings in JEW YORK CITY.

    You must know by now that no SO-CALLED Jews were gassed by
    the "NATIONAL SOCIALIST" …Germans during World War II,
    and that the so-called Jewish Holocaust was a colossal hoax. …a WHITE PEOPLE
    " extortion racket", too and also like you know…n'est pas ?

    You must know that the Associated Press reported in 1947 that only 271,000
    or so people died in all the work camps,
    and those deaths were caused by starvation when Allied bombings
    cut off the supply lines to the camps…..towards the end of the
    WAR FOR PROFIT FOR THE "JEW" BANKERS who somehow managed
    to survive on the few trillions and the mass murder of over 300 million
    GOY in just the last Century…

    but hey with TALMUD VISION…to watch and be a NOTSEE
    {when Roe V. Wade was to be handed down, in early January of '74
    I was a freshman @ Bishop Byrne and Mr. Leoppard allowed the students in
    the "Religion" class to see a film of an actual abortion}
    who cares..anyway ?
    And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children,
    and the heart of the children to their fathers . . .


    And God said,
    Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth,
    and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
    curious thing is the word "government" is not defined for Americans or Christians
    as A GLOBAL JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE….except by those who watch TV…& "vote"..!


  2. Guy who disease…?

    Moses & Aaron Cohen…?

    Cohens disease…?

    The inaugural conference of the Israeli-American Council served as a platform
    for a blistering attack on the Zionist Porch Monkey President Barack Obama on Friday night, launched by his defeated rival in the 2012 elections, Zionist “Jew”
    worshipping Republican ….Mitt “how low can you go” Romney.

    The “naive” president, Romney said, “is weakening our military,
    distancing ourselves from allies,
    and being divisive and demeaning towards our friends.”

    Romney said that he was ‘stunned’ by Obama’s recent letter to Iranian leader Ali Khamenei.
    “That the president would write a letter of this nature, in effect legitimizing a nation and a leadership that is violating international norms and is threatening the world,
    is so far beyond the pale, I was stunned. I was speechless.”

    now you really gotta appreciate that level of stooping right there,
    I mean he’s like a mile and half ahead of Step N Fetchit…

    Romney was warmly received with a standing ovation by about 700 expatriate Israelis
    who are participating in the first-ever national political conference exclusively devoted
    to the expat Israeli community. …..hmmm!

    The conference, organized by the Israeli American Council (IAC)
    aims to establish the community as a “strategic asset” for TALMUDIA
    called ‘Israel” in the U.S., ….
    according to real SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Jewish ASSET activists,
    as a potent political force in the future.
    The organization was established in Los Angeles in 2007,
    but underwent dramatic development and expansion after
    casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s decision in late 2013 to serve as its main funder.

    Romney, who was interviewed by his former adviser Dan Senor,
    author of the popular book “Start-Up Nation,” told the crowd that he had
    flown on Adelson’s private plane last week from Alaska,
    where he had campaigned on behalf of the Republican candidate for the Senate, Dan Sullivan. Adelson sat in the audience, together with his wife Miri, who serves as the chairperson of the IAC’s Las Vegas branch.

    Also attending were Israel’s UN ambassador, Ron Prosor,
    who exhorted his audience to participate in hasbara efforts to defend TALMUDIA,
    as well as TALMUDIA’s new Interior Minister Gilad Erdan,
    who will address the conference on Sunday.

    Although the conference claims to be bipartisan,
    the only other politician speaking at Friday’s opening plenary session
    was former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, who quit the JEWISH Democratic Party in 2006
    and has since become one of Obama’s harshest critics.
    Lieberman’s “balance” to Romney, therefore, was to attack Obama for his “harmful” relations with ZIONIST TERRORIST JEWISH STATE TALMUDIA and for the “chickenshit” epithet used against
    Prime “ASSHOLE JEWISH TERRORIST” Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by an anonymous administration official quoted by skanky forked toungue pilpul twaddle champ Jeffrey Goldberg. Lieberman said of Romney….
    “in politics and in life I’ve never met anyone as honorable or as able” as him.

    now is that a knee slapper or what…?

    Two Democratic lawmakers are also scheduled to appear before the conference on Saturday, but both – outgoing Senate Foreign Relations Committee head Robert Menendez and Florida Congressmen Ted Deutch – are also expected to criticize Obama’s policy on Iran, though in milder terms than Romney. South Carolina Republican Senator of the log cabins sodomites for Talmudia Swishy Lindsey Graham, however, will probably be just as harsh as Romney, if not more so.

    Speaking after a kosher Shabbat dinner in a ballroom at the Washington Hilton Hotel, a short distance from the White House, Romney said that the U.S. should treat Iran as it did apartheid South Africa, as a pariah state whose leaders are shunned. He said that Obama “continues to diminish himself and America and leads bad people to think America can be pushed around,” Romney repeated verbatim the script of Jewish perfidy for filthy lucre.
    He also lambasted the fact that Obama had bypassed U.S. allies in the region, including
    [PRETEND] “Israel”….really TALMUDIA
    “The president is weakening our military and distancing us from our allies – which weakens us,” Romney said. “He began by going into the Arab world and apologizing for America, and saying we were dictatorial, divisive – and that we were dismissive of other nations. And the remarkable thing is that he now is doing that very thing…..cohen’s disease…
    But not to our enemies….but To our friends, too.”

    Read more: about when America didn’t have the TALMUDIA “JEWISH” state of Zionist Terrorists
    as our only friend and ALLY…and Americans didn’t have any enemies…in the Arab world,
    or the Middle East….


  3. I’d like to get about 100 of those
    BMAN FOR POTUS 2016 –

    before 22 Nov 14 for DEALEY PLAZA….
    & the UT & A&M game…

    While We Breath
    We Will Hope


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