A Simple Request


I haven’t said much of anything about the Ebola fear story embracing America and the world (I’ve commented on it at a few blogs). I personally don’t believe much of anything out of the media or government and have concluded that the vast majority of news stories are bullshit. They are used to form your thoughts for you. To scare you. To cajole you into accepting whatever unGodly shit they have in store for us next. To me, Ebola hasn’t even really existed, as far as I can tell (for I don’t believe that all these people that are unprotected are doing so out of ignorance). They just aren’t worried about something they know isn’t there and can’t be caught.

Jon Rappoport has been on top of this issue (health, vaccines, etc are his expertise as a researcher). He is finally getting down to the nut-cuttin on this deal and asking the simple question:

Does The Ebola Virus Even Exist?

by Jon Rappoport

November 11, 2014


Readers know, from my many articles about Ebola, that I’ve stated the following:

I see no clear evidence that the Ebola virus has ever been removed and isolated from a human being;

The standard diagnostic tests (antibody and PCR) which are done to determine the presence of the virus are unreliable and useless.

Combining these two statements, along with further comments from several independent researchers, I’ll go a step further:

I see no clear evidence that the Ebola virus exists...

And I don’t either. Read the rest. The way I see it, if people start dying in mass around here, it won’t be Ebola (but will be blamed on it). Until they prove its existence, I am not biting. The vaccine programs are there for profit, not to heal everyone. Statistics show that they are not as efficient as claimed. Moreover, the people who control this (the CDC) have been caught in lie after lie about vaccines. Personally, I don’t trust them.

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9 thoughts on “A Simple Request


      A former member of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles, Greenblatt was involved in
      communal activity, though not necessarily by taking on leadership roles.
      “Behind the scenes, Jonathan championed many Federation and Jewish community issues,” said the Los Angeles Jewish Federation president and CEO Jay Sanderson.

      “For the position, temperament is important and Jonathan is very
      calm and deliberative — he won’t fly off the handle,
      which is very important in dealing with such a volatile issue like anti-Semitism,”
      said Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple.

      Greenblatt is married to Marjan Keypour Greenblatt,
      an Iranian Jew who was forced to leave the country after the 1979 Islamic revolution.
      His wife’s experience, Greenblatt said in his speech on November 6,
      served for him as a reminder that anti-Semitism remains a global problem.
      “Fighting this scourge and advocating for the rights of all is not
      just an intellectual pursuit — it’s personal for me, a deeply held value,
      one that has been seared into my soul,” he said.
      As well as having worked for seven years around the turn of the millennium as an associate director of a regional branch of the ADL, Keypour Greenblatt is a member of the Jewish Federation’s young leadership cabinet. She is co-founder, and currently director, of the Alliance for Rights of All Minorities, an organization devoted to promoting human rights in Iran.
      “The ADL made a brilliant decision, they get a ‘twofer,’” said Sam Yebri, an Iranian-Jewish activist from Los Angeles. “Jonathan’s political access and credibility and Marjan’s vast experience related to Iran, will also help the ADL tap into the Persian community.”

      Read more: about why David declined to wear Saul’s armor…


      “Jews” are “Israel”…?


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      • I know it seems kinda unfair to belabor the point about Israel the White People
        Nations being the Israel in the Bible whereas the Proselytes to Talmudic Judaism
        modern day so-called “Jews” are neither Judahites nor Israelites and are
        therefore not Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 …”Israel”…!

        and as is self evident the so-called “Jews” maintain just the Opposite that
        they the “Jews” have the Talmud/Torah and are therefore all 12 Tribes…
        and since Abraham was a “Jew” all the land of Israel belongs to the “Jews”
        and if you don’t agree with with secular Zionist terrorists or hyper “Jew”
        worshipping “Christian – Zionists”…you’re a rabid ANTI-SEMITE !!

        and a POTENTIAL TERRORIST in their “world”…

        Dig this Chutzpah…for home schoolers…find all the

        “JEW LIES” in this story ripped from the HEADLINES…TODAY !!

        Germany’s foreign minister said at an international conference on anti-semitism on Thursday that “hatred of Jews” was on the rise once more in his country and across Europe, fueled by spiraling violence in the Middle East.

        Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Germany’s Jews were subjected to threats and attacks at pro-Palestinian demonstrations, and the conflict between Israel in Gaza must not be used as justification for anti-semitic behavior….words and gestures as well as rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes

        As well as slogans like “Gas the Jews!” during some marches, in July at the height of the 50-day Gaza war petrol bombs were thrown at a synagogue in Wuppertal which had been burnt down on Kristallnacht – a Nazi attack on the Jews in 1938 – and rebuilt.

        “Bold and brutal anti-semitism has shown its ugly face again,”
        Steinmeier told an Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
        Zionist support group contrived and scripted event for Zionist Jews.

        Among the speakers was Karen Polak, from the hard to stop laughing at,
        Amsterdam’s Anne Frank House a recent Halloween funhouse…,
        who told delegates there had been …check this out…

        “lots of outspoken violence against Jews who obviously have
        no responsibility for the policies of the state of Israel.”

        Frank, a Jewish girl who died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945,
        wrote in ball point pen a posthumously published diary while in hiding that
        has helped teach post-war generations about the TALMUDIC TERRORIST
        Holocaust DOGMA – the murder of six million Jews during World War Two.

        “You see it time and time again – when tension in the Middle East rises,
        anti-semitic incidents in Europe rise,” said Polak….eager to avoid
        the obvious conclusion

        With far-right parties making strong gains in May’s European Parliament elections,
        the OSCE said all communities and faiths needed to be on the alert….to avoid the Truth
        According to an EU Zionist contrived “survey”,
        one in four Jews living in the bloc report having …dig this chutzpah…
        suffered an anti-semitic incident……is that a knee slapper or what…?

        Pinkas Kornfeld, a Jewish community leader from Belgium, PINKAS…really ?

        blamed the rise in hate crime on
        “people who want to import the Middle East conflict to Europe”
        and political extremists on the European far right and far left.

        Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations,
        said anti-semitic attacks
        “are not only a threat to the Jewish community,
        they are a threat to the larger project of European liberalism and plurarism.”

        Praising EU leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel for her firm stance,
        she asked why fewer countries were attending than at the first OSCE anti-semitism conference 10 years ago.

        “Make no mistake – we have a problem,” she sighed reluctantly.

        Read more: about virulent wildfire ANTI-SEMITISM all over everywhere all the time…

        is that good news or what…


  1. wouldn’t it make more sense to QUARANTINE the so-called
    “JEWS” on ….HOG FARMS until they stop being “JEWISH”….?
    If they were QUARANTINED on HOG FARMS…and could only eat what is there
    and what they could “grow”…we’d find out real soon what…TRIBE


    OUTBREAK…of Morgan Freeman…in PORK RIND ….village.


    “An apple a day keeps the {JEWISH} doctor away.”
    Where did it that saying come from?
    Some people go so far as to say that apples are the perfect food.
    Is that still true about the apples we are eating today?
    Apples truly are an amazing food,
    but you have to grow the right kind and eat them the right way…

    how’s that multicultural “JEW” worshipping moshpit thingy working ….


    • presumably at some point in time intelligent people will begin
      constructing/assembling a NEW PURE LANGUAGE that effectively
      eliminates the “JEW” worshipping stupidity from daily life…

      that would seem fairly simple with the Internet…but some people still
      watch TALMUDVISION and are seemingly addicted to FEAR PORN…!

      if you’re in the other room and just listen to the “SOUND” coming from the
      IDIOT BOX/TALMUDVISION it becomes fairly obvious…after only a short
      few minutes….if one has ears to hear…that is

      In Just the last ONE HUNDRED years over 300 MILLION NONJEWS
      have been mass murdered by the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN “JEWISH” narrative
      and the policies and procedures that oooze therefrom…while making a
      PROFIT of several hundred trillion “dollars”…while the BOOGA BOOGA
      EBOLA VIRUS…way down below even LIGHTENING STRIKES… & brings out
      the HENNY PENNY TURKEY LURKEYS….getting paid by the CDC…like
      Joyce Riley…who was loathe to discuss the “JEWISH” narrative for a long time
      wonder why that was


  2. Good way to keep Americans scared shitless so they huddle at home in front of the Boob Tube.

    It also showed Obama as being totally indifferent to whatever was happening then, helping route the Democratic wing of the ‘Wars for Wall Street and Israel’ party in the recent election.

    Read a 1995 book by Richard Preston called “The Hot Zone” which is based on facts and real people during several Ebola outbreaks, one in Africa and one here in the USA back in 1989.

    The USA outbreak still puzzles investigators, since African Ebola came to the USA via some Philippine monkey’s that were shipped here for medical experiments, as in how did African Ebola get into the Philippines?

    Except the plane carrying the monkey’s made a stop in Amsterdam, at the MOSSAD run Schiphol Airport, where most likely, our ‘friend and ally,’ Israel, infected the simians and shipped them on their way to Reston, VA.


    • Opium Production at record levels….
      65 “veterans” a day commit suicide….
      and in Texas we have Heroines…Like Dr. Donna Campbell….
      who just happens to be a real “Doctor”…

      Senator Campbell is endorsed by the NRA,
      Texas Alliance for Life,
      Young Conservatives of Texas,
      Texas Association of Business,
      Texas Medical Association,
      and Texas Association of Realtors.

      Senator Campbell has served as the Emergency Department Medical Director
      for several hospitals, including working for the third largest emergency medicine group in the country. She has performed hundreds of eye surgeries in
      Ghana, West Africa, volunteering with the Christian Eye Ministry,
      and later International Aid.

      In 2012, she defeated a 29-year incumbent to become the third Republican woman currently serving in the Texas Senate.
      Senator Campbell was born on a naval base and grew up with a great respect for the military and law enforcement.
      Her public service reflects these values….which sounds real good
      but what about the terrorists who print the currency …and own the media
      Israeli drug companies, such as Teva, are pretty good at producing imitation drugs quickly. Teva was truly disruptive to big pharma companies, since they often feared blockbuster drugs going off patent as Teva was ready and waiting with a quality generic imitation. It’s not so surprising that what is bad for big pharma is good for the patient and the consumer, and now an Israeli biotech company named Protalix is ready to replenish supplies of the experimental Ebola vaccine, ZMapp.
      The disease has already claimed the lives of 3,944, predominantly in Africa,
      but in the U.S., there has been one casualty and another one infected.
      The World Health Organization hoped to have a vaccine by November,
      but even if ZMapp can be available by the target date, supplies will be insufficient to meet requirements. However, the Times of Israel reports that Protalix can step in and produce as much ZMapp as is needed.
      executive vice president of research and development at Protalix,
      Yossie Shaaltiel, said, “Today, our production capacity exceeds our needs,
      and we would certainly be happy to have our company produce the Ebola drug for them.
      We know how to do it effectively,
      in large quantities and in a relatively short period of time.”

      how “Jewish”…


  3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was on PBS with Gwen Ifill….discussing the
    future of the “JEWISH” Democratic party….yesterday, and it appeared that
    the EBOLA virus was more pleasant to look at…seriously.


    but there is a whole raft of GOOD NEWS to report…everyday,

    REMEMBER ALL THOSE MONKEYS in that room with all those typewriters…?
    http://biblehub.com/kjv/exodus/26.htm <——- find a "JEW"…!
    All told there were 861 Jewish day schools across the country with a
    combined enrollment of 254,749 for the 2013-14 school year.
    Of these, 149 were non-Orthodox schools with a combined enrollment
    of 33,835, or about 13% of the total day school population.
    The first census in 1998 had counted 676 day schools with a combined population
    of 184,333. That census found 158 non-Orthodox schools with 36,897 students enrolled.
    That represented 20% of all day school students.
    In other words, non-Orthodox day schools — Solomon Schechter schools of
    Conservative Judaism, non-denominational community schools and Reform movement schools — have lost 3,062 students in the past 15 years, just over 8% of their enrollment.
    The Schechter schools in particular have seen a catastrophic decline,
    dropping from 63 schools with 17,563 students in 1998 to 39 schools
    with 9,718 students in 2013. Community schools have regained some of that ground
    but not all of it, growing from about 15,000 to 20,000 students.
    Serious dung doodling Orthodox day schools have grown in the same period
    from 518 schools with 147,436 students in 1998 to 712 schools with 220,914 students in 2013.
    But that’s not the whole story. ….Modern and Centrist Orthodoxy,
    both of which operate co-ed schools that prepare their students for college,
    have barely held their own; they’ve dropped from 47,000 students to
    46,000 and gone from 26% to 18% of the total day school population.
    By contrast, the two Haredi streams, Hasidic and so-called Yeshivish schools —
    known for extreme dung doodling and gender separation,
    distinctive clothing and devoting most of their
    school days to pilpul twaddle dung doodling "religious studies"
    — have experienced explosive growth. ….hmmmm
    Yeshivish schools have grown 59%, from 47,643 students to 75,681.
    Hasidic schools have more than doubled in population in the same period
    from 39,059 to 81,940. (Chabad-Lubavitch is considered a separate crime category,
    operating 80 schools with nearly 13,000 students, at least half of whom
    aren’t Hasidic but are drawn by Chabad criminal outreach.)
    Read more: about why Jesus said to put the Tares in the Ovens, and
    why there were never any so-called "JEWS" in the Old Testament,
    and why that Matters for people who live on the land mass called America..
    Americans live in a land where they think they have freedom of speech, but they don't.
    If they criticize TALMUDIA's mass-murder of Palestinians, or ask questions about the
    SIX MILLION lies supporting the holocaust DOGMA of Talmudic Judaism or ask why
    there are so many Jews in charge of Wall Street banks, or bring up the amazing amount of 'coincidences' that definitely puts JEWS & TALMUDIA as the 9/11 mastermind,
    or talk about the biggest scam in history, the predatory pack of professional LEDGERDEMAIN thieves at the Jewish run Federal Reserve, which has been looting wealth from this
    "Israelite" progeny of White People "nation" hijacked way before 1914, then they will
    soon find out they DON'T have freedom of speech, as they will be attacked either verbally
    or physically & or hounded out of their job or have murderous threats made against them
    and their family…..such a deal, eh ?
    guess what professional liars & murderers do for a "living"…?


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