B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Lets Examine the Word JEW by Edom’s Thorn

ET and I have been having an email conversation about the subject that he and Anthony Clifton share here often, which is that we call the Jews “Jew” erroneously (they are not Israelites, but Edomites that have hijacked the Israelites’ promise and have assumed the name Jew due to a mistranslation of the word Judah, a geographic location). That may not be an exact representation of what ET thinks… but then again, that is one of the points I am trying to make to him in our discussion… I don’t understand the rationale behind it all nor what it benefits mankind to know the accuracy of the word.

As I told him, the main reason I still use the word Jew is because that is what the Jew uses to name himself and that is what everyone else in the world understands them to be. It may be inaccurate, but so what? What good does it do us to call them Edomites instead of Jews?

To me, using the word Jew over and over with an intent to show what a dangerous bunch of controlling, supremacist monsters most of them are (and the others are complicit because they won’t stop the monsters and use the tribal connection to benefit themselves in some way at the downfall of the rest of us) will go a long way to stopping what they do to us.

But I am open to understanding the real meanings. I just want someone to explain (where I can understand it) what good it will do? And, what is the end result of knowing this? Are we (white people) supposed to embrace being the Israelites of the OT and take back the heritage the Jews supposedly stole from us (if you do a Google search you will find Jewish sites which espouse that Edomites are white people, where this theology ET shares says the opposite)? That should not surprise anyone that knows Jews are liars.

Are we supposed to embrace the God of the OT and the atrocities He meted upon the Israelites and many others? And how does that reconcile with the God of the NT, which is radically different that the Israelites’ God?

From a comment ET left here:

Lets examine the word JEW.

…”In common speech, the word “Jew” is used to refer to all of the physical and spiritual descendants of Jacob/Israel, as well as to the patriarchs Abraham and Isaac and their wives”…

“In common speech” There are many things in common speech, like “gay” I say “homosexual” but most say “gay” what is correct? Gay was coined to distract from the abhorrent act of homosexuality! So “common” does not make it correct! And besides “Jew” NEVER applied to the House of ISRAEL! That is a FACT! So we should follow the world and use a word incorrectly or should we follow the model given to us in the Bible from the ORIGINAL text?

Secondly. Abraham and Isaac could not have been called “JEWS” because Jacobs son JUDAH had NOT been born yet!
This is an easy to use Strong’s Concordance (S.C). I recommend a hard copy 1980 or older, because I have found MANY “changes” in the ‘NEW’ S.C. found in this on-line version, it is great for finding a verse by typing in a ‘KEY’ words, but I have found to many errors and omissions. An easy to use online Bible HERE.

The meaning for the words JUDAH/Judahite and JUDEAN have been “altered” to “FIT” the modern misuse of the word JEW. Jew is the ‘bastardization’ of the word JUDAH. The simple addition of the word, ‘JEWISH’ is a perversion of the Original TEXT. The addition and use of the word ‘JEW’ is for confusion and deception, as with word GENTILE!

In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word is; …”S.C. 3063 “Yehuwdah” …”The name of Five Israeli Also of the tribe descended from the first, and of its territory: Judah”…
S.C. 3064 “Yehuwdiy ‘patron from 3063; a Jehudite (i.e. Judaite or Jew), or desc. of Jehudah (i.e. Judah):-Jew”…

In Zechariah 8:23 “Thus saith the Lord of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you.” …” it is S.C. 376 + 3064 Which is “Man” of “Judah”…

In the New Testament. The word Jew mentioned in. John 4:22″ …for Salvation is of the Jews”. is RIGHTLY translated from the GREEK S.C. 2453 it is; “Ioudaios”, pronounced ee-oo-dah-yos and means “JUDEAN; AS A COUNTRY i.e.belonging to Judea” ‘FROM’ S.C. 2448 and 2455″….
THAT is ALL that is found in the Strong’s Concordance from 1980. Nothing omitted and nothing added!
The on-line Blueletter has it as follows, which is not a deception on Blueletter’s part, but is as it is found in the New Revised Strong’s Concordance
1) Jewish, belonging to the Jewish nation
2) Jewish as respects to birth, origin, religion

S.C. 2453 in my Hard Copy shows it is ‘FROM’ S.C. 2448 and 2455.

As used in Matthew 2:6 S.C. 2448 “Iouda” Judah = “he shall be praised”
the fourth son of the patriarch Jacob
the tribe that were the offspring of Judah
the region occupied by the tribe
a city of the tribe of Judah,….

As used in Hebrews 7:14 S.C. 2455 “Ioudas” Judah or Judas = “he shall be praised”
the fourth son of Jacob
an unknown ancestor of Christ…..

Now that is the CORRECT Translation for those that care about the truth! It appears that the word JEW in John 4:22 was NOT “JEW” and should have been “JUDAHITES” Based on what I know about EDOM and the Rothschillds creation, The ILLUMINATI and their ownership and control of the majority of the Publishing House’s and infiltration of the Seminaries, that is how we have the word JEW in our Bibles.
For more on the Historical Facts concerning the word “JEW”


More on the word “JEW” from a “JEW”

…”As I have explained, when the word “Jew” was first introduced into the English language in the 18th century, its one and only implication, inference and innuendo was “Judean”. However during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries a well-organized and well- financed international “pressure group” created a so-called “secondary meaning” for the word “Jew” among the English- speaking peoples of the world. This so-called “secondary meaning” for the word “Jew” bears no relation whatsoever to the 18th century original connotation of the word “Jew”. It is a misrepresentation”… Benjamin Freedman


I have always said that there may be some that are called JEWS today that are of the House of Judah as they were in Jesus day. And many of them may be the “Sephardic Jews”. (I just stumbled on Obadiah 1:20 How did I not see it? more on that later on HERE) The PEOPLE of Jesus day, and Jesus himself, knew who those Edomites were. EDOM was in control of Jerusalem in Jesus’ day, and are again today. JESUS said this of those Impostors;

Matthew 23:31-33 Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?
S.C. 1081 GREEK ‘gennēma’ is Greek for ‘generation’
1) that which has been born or begotten
a) the offspring or progeny of men or animals.

Let’s assume this is all correct (and I have no reason to doubt it). What next? Even if we get the entire world to see it and start using the correct nomenclature, so what? How does that stop them from doing what they do? And if they are not the true Israelites, so what? They are liars. This is what they do.

To me, it is the next assertion, that white people are the true Israelites who should take the mantle of what is in the OT. ET didn’t get in to that above, but it is the issue that bothers me the most.

To learn more, you can find ET’s blog at http://edomsthorn.wordpress.com/

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68 thoughts on “B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Lets Examine the Word JEW by Edom’s Thorn

    • The entire story contained in the Bible is
      a Story about the Children of Israel who have never
      EVER been “Jews”…

      But That doesn’t stop TALMUDIC – ZIONIST – JEWISH
      that being JEWISH means….”Israel” in the Bible.

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu MILIEKOWSKI

      JERUSALEM – PALESTINE — TALMUDIA’s prime minister says he’s
      pushing forward a bill that enshrines in law that
      Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people….

      At his weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu
      said Israel is a Jewish and democratic state.
      Since its democratic nature has been legislated, he says,
      so should its Jewish nature.
      He says “the balance between these two facets is necessary”
      when Palestinians and others refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

      The bill has yet to be formally drafted and Netanyahu says it faces
      “many changes and discussions.”
      Still, it comes at a time of high tensions between Jews and Arabs,
      who make up 20 percent of the population and could feel further
      marginalized by the new legislation.
      Opposition lawmakers say the bill will provoke anger


          We understand that the Hebrews were in a 400 year bondage in Egypt. This living area was Goshen. Economic slavery was well advanced in goods and services being shipped as far away into the Nile and Euphrates lower city-states. Without slaves the Hebrews would have been nothing but serfs being tied to land. These people gathered up their goods and cattle and crossed the Red Sea. Thousands of slaves accompanied them.

          At Mount Sinai a golden calf was erected. These God’s people fell into Idolatry. We must ssume that phallus depravity was the anti-social fountainhead of a wavering humanity, of which faith had began to waver. Moses was high on a mountain-top, while receiving divine instructions to his people. It is said:to his people, those under a covenant with their maker. But God had given out warning to all that awaited Moses’ return with his messages from his creator. Nothing could be more compelling than that God’s warning to all that literally touched the then holy mountain.would be punished.

          At the foot of the mountain,Sinai, ” And thou shall set bounds unto the people round about, saying,
          Take heed to yourselves, that ye go not up into the mount… there shalt not be a hand touch it, but he shall surely be stoned, or shot through; whether it be beast or man, it shall not live…Exod. 19: 12-13. It clearly shows that Israel and the beasts stood at the foot of Mount Sinai.Clearly, Cain was forgotten during the flood and the Canaanite came onto the scene. And now Israel has the elements of a beast among them at mount Sinai. We will no longer persue this mystery in saying that Satan has never gien up hope in destroying the nation of Shem, God’s chosen seed lineage.

          Actual truth is a frightening voice from the past, when God’s word becomes twisted, as to the corrupt manefestation of gospel truths become reconstructed upon a payed ministry of ill-advised clergymen and their little world of comprehension of which Satan has led them into the ever expanding field of filthy lucree. For sure, such humnaoids will receive their rewards.

          Our Lord wants us to be watchful. We must not be deceived by political liberaslism. The truth stings, so one great cloud of misunderstanding reveals Satan’s mind set.

          We are now dealing with a brute beast. Its nature of existence is still a mystery. But truth prevails.
          We must go in ll peter 2: 12-19 Chap 2. and the book of Jude. In 2 peter chapter 2. ” But these as natural brute beast, made to be taken and destroyed…count it pleasure to riot in the day time …having eyes full of adultry, and that cannot cease from sin…these are wells witout water, clouds that are carried away with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved forever…



            As an every-day layman with little formal education, i find that Adask law is a God send in sounding off as to society is a composition of numanity caught in a spiritual war—good vs evil. God has given Adask an insiight into a little world, spiritual, that mass humanity is fully unaware of. I’ve been around all walks of civil and political life. This whole sytem is set up on lies and corruption as the legal system is set in place in order to watch over stolen wealth and property from helpless people, of whom live in fear of organized crime, is a mandate in order to labour in the field of civil and legal robbery of the helpless souls depend on God to come to the their aid, when such bastards as mentined rule a nation run by Beezlebub and his family of devils. God bless Adask !


            • The more I read from Adask, the more I like.

              However, one of his regular commenters, Phil Lings/Ray/Raymond/whitedove/ and a few other names, but the same IP address), is a total douchebag and even after given ample opportunity to make amends, he still continued to assault readers here, including me.

              He is no longer allowed to comment here because he cannot help himself from continual abuse. He is exactly what I mean when I say Richard Noggins are not allowed.


              • BMan,

                This is sad how the topic of this VERY important article has been avoided and the conversation does not lead to further understanding! I did and DO have more to offer, and your questions do deserve an answer, but none will address them. It is so disheartening when distractions and distortions take preeminence above the point of the topic at hand!

                >>That is the nature of the individual actions of ‘some’. It was those actions of individual ISRAELITES that you were concerned with. And it was because of ISRAELS ‘disobedience’ to God that caused those men of ISRAEL to behave contrary to GOD. WE can not blame GOD for the actions of ‘men’! Especially when their actions were the result of disobedience! Most of which was the result of ISRAEL not killing those of the ‘Demon seed’ as God commanded, so they were infected and influenced by the gODless enemies of the sons of Adam. >>> I say all of that to one of your assertions/questions from before!


                • What is funny about this subject matter is that it appears to as contentious as virtually any other. I see as much or more argument over fine points of discussion than even the Jewish question, at times.

                  That makes me suspect the subject and the players involved.

                  As far as hogorina and you carrying forward, it doesn’t matter to me on this post… AS LONG AS it doesn’t dissolve into a pissing match or rude personal attacks like Phil Lings conducted himself. Thus far, hogorina has not done that (from what I have seen).

                  I would suggest to anyone trying to teach this to another, lighten up. Noobs are going to run away if they see that stuff. That cannot help your cause.


                  In the Garden of Eden Christ warned of Satan and his seed line being in conflict with each other’s seed lineage. Notice that Adam had little nor anything to say here. So the fight between the good seed of Eve is carried on today. There is intellectual contention that seed is not derived from females, and it is incorrect to believe otherwise.We must recall that God mysteriously impregnated Eve himself. Taken this in account, the divine seed line runs back through Joseph, the husband of Mary. This is back through isaac, Jacob, Abraham to Noah to Seth of of which Cain killed. Evidently, Seth received some sort of patriarchal authority that Cain held. Eve had multiple children and cain was not the first one. It is compelling in order to know if cain was black or white. Here this is pure conjecture.
                  We do now that that a mark was put upon Cain. Too, that any man harming cain would be compelled to answer unto the almighty. Cain was restricted to east of Eden, the land of Nod. Bo doubt, this area was a composition of many people. Cain took a wife. It is supposed that cain married one of his sisters. This is pure conjecture, for Cain had moved into another tribal bloodline. It must be accepted that we had two independent divisions of humanity side by side.

                  Our creator is not the originator of confusion. So Satan was allowed and obligated, as previously planned, to bring to divide innocent souls into devious errors in practice his ant-disposition towards our creator’s dealing with his chosen seedline, as originating with Adam and Eve. Out of all this so seemingly confusion the holy spirit finally opted to infuse god’s mankind with the Holy Ghost to fill the earth and to multiply all creation of mankind and animal life after its kind.

                  WithIn the years that Noah’s offspring multiplied secret societies prevailed. This sort of man’s weakness to fall into collusion as evil was the result of idolatry, with
                  too much leisure, collective evil and sexual idolatry a national social order known as Master Mahan held devilish influence as a political force. To reveal its secrets brought immediate death. Since Cain was non-existent, in exile and forgotten, Canaanite replaced Satan’s trickery in using Cain as a sort of fall guy. Master Mahan became overbearing in corrupting with idealized phallus worship. In in this pre-flood era, God apparently was angry, when the men of God took the daughters of man into wedlock. God’s each after its kind in spirit and physical pathology were ignored. Noah’s descendants became weak in the flesh, and gradually immersed into a specific seedline, Canaanite, a nation and race that was not lost in the great deluge of the flood.


            Phallus worship is Satan’s chief weapon against total morality of western civilization. When Adam and Eve had their eyes opened via taking of the tree of knowledge, Satan then stepped forward with his plan, for the struggle against God’s chosen children. If this recognition is only a small part of the demon seed, then what makes you wonder so much about it. This in itself, causes you to ridicule another, for your subconscious harbors repressions, fixation, as the theme of sexual perversity preys so subtly, as entertainment through out our nation, as intertwined with our every-day life, in the name of
            freedom of speech. Yes, phallus worship is a deadly menace being ingrained into the soul of every child in America. For you, a good start would to look at the Washington Monument. Satan’s work is in the fore thought of perversion,as one gases at this work of Satan.


            • HOG,

              This whole “God’s Chosen” thing is being manipulated towards the EXCLUSION of all Nations and PEOPLE, other than ISRAEL. You people ignore the FACT that the Sons Of ADAM/Man are not just the sons of ABRAHAM. Abraham to JACOB, are a very special people to GOD because of ONE thing! It is through JACOB that the MESSIAH came, and that important fact seems to elude you people. IN FACT, you ALL sound like a bunch of RACIST JEWS! And I believe that EDOM has infiltrated the true ISRAEL IDENTITY ‘movement’ just to filthy it up with RACIST/SUPREMACIST ideology! They do not like it that people a learning about their true ISRAEL Identity, because that will lead us to understand EDOM!

              You now have the opportunity to answer my question from the last site you were banned from. Now you claimed that the “father of the Nations is ABRAHAM” I provided the fact that NOAH is! You were banned before you answered that point (NOT that you would, you do not answer any questions as a RULE and that is why you are not allowed at my site).

              Sorry BMan. It seems that you are once again a victim of another conversation that I DID NOT bring here! But I must defend the truth as I know it! SEE? He asked about “why do you wonder so much about it” was an question to me.


              • True, if one stays on one ( topic ), hell will be awaiting at the end. I find it wise to follow conjunctions along the way, because curiosity keeps the brain from falling into a one-track gulf of organized confusion. Incidentally, I was allowed to return to site that i was banned from.


                • Bertharina Rina says: We must recall that God mysteriously impregnated Eve himself.
                  Really?!? How many times? If only once, what was the child’s name, unless there were twins, etc.
                  I cannot grasp if what you say is true, how God impregnated eve, the result would be, Cain. Help me out here


                  WOW! an international syndicate of social engineering finantial racketeers have finally accomplished a natural and long depressed disposition to drag the civilization of our Republic into the corrupted fangs of an international octopus, slivering amongst pre-bought presidential panhandlers, scheming behind an inbred psycologically self-implanted nature, in concealing just what money is and its origin. Theoretically, currency expressed through paper, silver or coupons, credit cards or gold is worthess, other than commercial use. However, for thousands of years gold was the most precious in controlling various nations and societies. In fact. the power of currency as to fueling the movement of goods and services world-wide is unique in that world nations can be controlled through financial marketeers, of whom collaborate with the some what newly established International Monetary Fund, in conniving various international exchange rates weekly, sit, in pricing gold, as professional swindlers, by being governed by several financial agents, being subjected to agents of the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve.
                  This vast one-eyed banktster cooporation keeps helpless nations in prevailing poverty via the interest ( USURY ) or ( INTEREST ) form of vice. These professional loan sharks, through cashiering productive states, plunder and rob unconsciously,with an absolute artificial conterfeit species. America is being crucified upon a literal cross of ( GOLD ). These certifed ibarbarians of lusting on other’s labors holds nations in financial bondage. Of course, our Republic is now run on ( FIAT ) money.
                  Reiterating that fiat moneys have no precious metal value at all, the conclusion demonstarts American Primarily, the globe’s gold supply, over all, rests in bens at Fort Knox, KN. Gold backs up the American and British empire, in renting out their military deployment world wide. All countries accept goods and services in trading with various nations. Fiat moneys originated with our Congress and Britain’s Parliament. Gold is being hoarded in both America and England via the Rothschild banking networks. Together, both civi-lized nations have turned to imperialism. Rothschild is a psuedo paternal name. For sure, these collective revenue scavengers consider the above average individual, not in the house of their blood-sucking covey. to be nothing less that ( cattle ). In cahoots with these consciouslesness fin- nanciers ( usurers ), all America is driven like one vast horde of wild animals under stress, to pay through the interest system, Organized usury.The banking system originated to control progressive civilizations through specific self-serving sycophants, in the field of political whoredom.
                  Still, we are unable to establish when gold took over the ancient bartering nations of past millennials. But it is obvious ( FIAT ) moneys must be backed up. IT IS ! because citizens own homes and other property. Believe it or not, your fixed and fluid wealth is being stolen through outrageous taxation. This ownership is stolen from criminal taxation. It doesn’t take a robber to take property dishonestly, for tax collections are running them out of business. Any nation not falling in line with fiat currency is invaded and starved into submission. America has become a sewer for the globe’s humanoidistic revolutionary driftwood and from the pale of eastern Europe. The banking intelligencia brings up the rear, in formating ethenic dissenion and community solvency, through control of all and any press, or news outlet. We might say that the gold owners are forerunners of universal Bolshevism.
                  This ancient psudo religious movement basis its determonation to sit up a so called ONE WORLD government. In essence, gold is only a means to an end. Absolutely, money lenders correlate metropolitics as the gaul in financial entrenchment, in setting up the so-called city and county manager organzation. Here citizens are merely mobs, ( CATTLE ), in the hands of socializing specific areas of America, in furthering incipient socialism, by bringing into poverty well established middle-class productive elements via taxes, with inflationary funds to keep such subserviants to gradually drag any elevated class into a state that has ties to international finance.
                  The unlawful to tax is the power to destroy a nation. Gleening back into the latter eighteen hundreds, we discover that the globe’s chief banksters met in Vienna, Austria. Here these agents of universal finance of global significance decided to bring Europe under the scope, in buying up France, Germany, the Netherlands and colonial assets of the British empire, in congealing the world’s gold supply.This gang brought America under its wings in the latter eighteen hundreds. And today, over taxed Americans have their heads in the ground, by supporting usury in a mad rush to finally wind up in a future that heralds a home-made guillotine.


                let the dead bury the dead. But the historical has been washed away. We cannot comprehend America’s fate in ignoring its present trend towards internationalism. Scoundrels lay in crypts, as traitors and bastards while contemporary political whores stack up monuments, in remembrance of fellow travelers that had formerly betrayed christian civilization. The biochemistry of politically played and laid blockheads is related to individual equanimity houses a neurosis: is a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind. ( http://WWW.webmb.com. ) In reversing this description it perfectly fits bastards in crypts and grafters and traitors in national government.

                The late President, Harry Truman, couldn’t shoot straight and the target was wide open. He actually thought that there were only blockheads on both isles of the house. Harry was completely stupefied and stumped, at becoming an unelected President. He was in ebb tide with no paddles. Out of no wheres, Harry, the political bush wacker, had a snout ready-made for a perfected sycophant. He was so infatuated with spies until
                if one stopped in front of him, Harry, his nose would be splattered. Harry Hopkins, chief spy for Franklin Roosevelt, addressed Hopkins as his Boy. In 1945, Harry, the ( hop ), fell under the spell of an President, Truman.

                This low-life scoundrel dwelt with Joseph Stalin of Red Russia and Winston Churchill after President Roosevelt was murdered in Warm Springs, Ga. in 1945. Harry was saved by divine grace for
                he knew nothing about foreign affairs and his State Department. Evidently, fate stepped in and allied two global
                criminals, and himself, as peas in a pot, in sending our Republic down the Red-Ridden path to universal socialism. Today, thanks to three global gangsters, We have the pro commie United Nations Organization.

                Strange as it was, Congress was in line in supporting the late Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin through down sizing individualized plants, wire-pullers, that well- fitted into the one hundred eighty degree path in picking off opposite patriots. But these three political hounds knew when to throw curves. Definitely, a post mortum on Franklin Roosevelt was that he hated anyone with a pair of legs. His pal, Winston, hated anyone who didn’t stay drunk. The Late aristocrat, lady Astor, put this in print. Stalin was a fox and only boozed up when the big three met at Yalta in 1945. At this meeting, our Western civilization has ever reversed into self-destruct as a Republic.

                Getting back to Truman, we discover that Harry Hopkins, spy, played all three bowlers on his own course that ran through his handlers, in making sure that Eastern Europe with the aid of Truman would be handed over to Stalin’s gang of Red Russia. But Harry, ( Truman ), began to ally with unseen but invisible insiders, that pumped Harry with the idea that there should be a United Nation’s Organization. Harry dropped to his knees in prayer in 1945, and thanked God that he would push for this totally Red run machine, of which spitefully attempts to drag our Republic into a universal socialist ONE WORLD government’

                Yes, indeed, congress has lost all of its quality as representing nationality. The State has become a nest-egg of professional pro Red revolutionaries. The State Department is filled with socially-minded
                politically deviating and psychotic mental cripples. Momentarily, we must give blessings to contemporary pro-Red Hopkins, liberal Rooseveltians, and pro-commie Churchillians, as speaking from their crypts in passing along parliamentarian sycophancy through congressional nose-jobbing in betraying Western civilization…

                I Indeed, multiple political, social, racial and hardships are brought upon America, as an upshot , because of many in high seats of national government, as previously noted, were in the tangled politically devised allies from Woodrow Wilson unto this present era, as men in power have politically sold their souls, being entangled with a strip of Eastern world property since the day that Ambassador Balfour of London’s ruling
                elite conditioned our Western society to govern near East and Middle East political and cultural diversities
                Far from American shores. This is the work and art of Beezlebub and his family of devils to absolutely leveling our grand ole Republic into the pit of universal Bolshevism.


                • I am well aware of the chosen seed lineage. From Joseph’s sold into Egypt right up to Mary’s husband Joseph the blood lineage is
                  pure. From Abraham back to Shem back to Adam and Eve there has always been a remnant of God’s people. King Solomon and King David took on strange blood ( Canaanite ) and were condemned. Race mixing comes from Satan and his gang.


  1. so when exactly did the first so-called “Jew” appear on Earth ?

    which tribe of the Children of Israel in Deuteronomy 32 & Revelation 7
    is the tribe of the so-called “Jews”…?
    Jesus said the “Proselytes” to the BAD FAITH religion of the children of the Devil
    are “PROSELYTES” – 2 Fold the child of Hell – …!
    Jesus said the MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES were literally the genetic
    offspring of the Devil..John 8:44.
    why would anyone want to be a stool sculpture deity cult compound
    who had a GOOD FAITH opportunity to know the Truth…?
    Rabbi Lee J. Levingers’ – “A History of the Jews in The United States” –
    is a good read…
    wherein he Mentions Judah Monis… the first Instructor of Hebrew at Harvard
    who converted to Christianity…

    knowing that there were NO JEWS in the Old Testament is very
    helpful in understanding the WHITE SUPREMACY of the WHITE MAN

    because God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are Really and truly
    RABID Anti-Semites who are Divinely conspiring to

    DIG THIS CHUTZPAH…to put …
    Jesus @ Matthew 13:39-42.
    otherwise Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego…wouldn’t be Hebrews.


    bottom line is Economic Justice on the land in REAL TIME.


    • That is the purpose of the First Commandment…

      Economic Justice…but that is just a little too complicated for
      “Jew” worshipping BRAINDEADGOY to comprehend….after watching
      TALMUDVISION for 40 Years…!!!

      Here is the “Jewish” version…from a REAL JEW !!!

      NEARLY 3,800 YEARS AGO there lived a man named Abram.
      Before his time there were righteous men and women, teachers and gurus,
      activists and do-gooders. But they were not Jews.
      Abram himself was, for many years, a teacher and spiritual guide,
      a champion of justice and truth, a bestower of charity and kindness.
      But he wasn’t a Jew. Not yet.

      Then, in Abram’s 75th year, he heard and responded to the divine call,

      Lech lecha me’artzecha, me’moladetecha, ume’beit avicha, el haaretz asher areka…
      This is what the WHITE SUPREMACIST G-d said to Abram without using vowels
      because VANNA WHITE hadn’t been born yet…
      (translated into English):
      “Go, you, from your land, from your birthplace, and from your father’s house,
      {to the land of Israel}….that I will show you.”
      G-d also said …according to the “Jews” who actually serve and worship Lucifer…
      (as per the Kabbalistic interpretation of the above-quoted Hebrew words and phrases): “Go to your innermost self: move away from your will, from your feelings, and from your intellect, to the desire that I will reveal to you.”
      Thus Abram became Abraham, the first Jew…
      a child sacrificing pederast [MOHEL]
      and the First “Catholic” priest…too.

      define : BAD FAITH


  2. Bman

    Father Yahweh is NOT A GOD! That is what the Jews and Christian call Him. They have twisted the Scriptures so no one can understand them. If you truly want the truth, then believe this one verse and there may be hope for you. Read 2 Corinthians 4:4 with and open mind. Then read Revelation 12:9 believe what it says and let me know if that helps you.


    • Zephaniah 3:9 indicates a PURE LANGUAGE…for the children of Israel

      Palestinian residents have been meeting with human rights organizations
      but many are afraid to come forward and give testimony for fear of retribution. Because the practice is being used routinely,
      regardless of circumstance, ….
      the SEMITIC residents are at a loss as to how to respond….since
      obviously on “JEWS” are Semitic…in “JEW” talk…!

      The ZIONIST JEW police claim that spraying the schools and homes of true
      semitic Palestinians
      is used according to JEW regulations….which are TALMUDIC.

      Inquiries have been made seeking an explanation what those regulations are
      but the TERRORIST JEW police have refused to tell them.
      Mater reports :
      “ACRI has attempted to force the “JEW” police to publish the regulations
      vis-a-vis the “JEW” skunk spray ”
      and that 972+ has also made inquires with the JEW police and plan on
      publishing their “JEW” response….

      – See more braindeadgoy TAX dollars wasted…at:

      Some agency officials say such operations give them a powerful new tool to
      manufacture and gather evidence in ways that standard TALMUDIC
      law enforcement methods do not offer,
      leading to more prosecutions of poor braindeadgoy who “JEW” worship….
      But the broadened scope of undercover work,
      which can ADL/FBI target specific individuals or categories of possible suspects,
      also raises concerns about civil liberties abuses and entrapment of unwitting targets.
      It has also resulted in hidden problems, with money gone missing, investigations compromised and agents sometimes left largely on their own for months.

      “Done right, undercover work can be a very effective TALMUDIC law enforcement method, but it carries serious risks and should only be undertaken with proper training, supervision and oversight,” said Michael German, a former F.B.I. undercover agent who is a fellow at New York University’s law school.
      “Ultimately it is government deceitfulness and participation in criminal activity,
      which is only justifiable when it is used to resolve the most serious crimes.”
      Some of the expanded undercover operations have resulted from heightened concern about domestic “JEW” contrived terrorism since the Sept. 11, 2001,
      Zionist NEOCON “INSIDE JOB” terrorist attacks on America….which were
      seen on the mind control machine….TALMUDVISION…!
      But many operations are linked to “JEW” terrorism….!
      they reflect a more aggressive approach to growing “JEW” criminal activities like identity theft….like “Jews” are Israel.


      “JEW” worshipping makes a man double minded and unstable in all his ways…


    • You have opened your ‘mind’ and emptied it in the trash!

      2 Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

      Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

      What are you on about?


      • Holocaustianity 101 :

        YOU GOTTA BELIEVE . . .

        Germany is Judah…why else would the “Edomite” blood sucking VAMPIRE
        be so attached to German Blood ?

        you gotta axe yoself…is my neck so stiff…I can’t turn a blind eye..?

        From Berlin : Jewish leaders from several dozen countries have urged Germany to ban Hitler’s book ‘Mein Kampf’ and to step up the fight against the raging wildfire of GLOBAL POGROM….”anti-Semitism”…..

        In resolutions discussed at a meeting of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) Governing Board in Berlin, the delegates urged “authorities, publishers and book sellers in Germany to take appropriate steps to prevent the re-publication and sale of ‘Mein Kampf’ in book stores, including as an annotated edition, in the light of Germany’s special responsibility towards the victims of the Nazi crimes and in order to send a strong signal that books inciting to hatred against Jews cannot be sold legally in Germany.”

        On Tuesday, the 150 participants paid their respects to the victims of the
        incredibly “JEWISH” Chutzpah…Holocaust DOGMA of Talmudic Judaism
        at three key memorial sites in Berlin….in case you missed it.

        At the Gleis 17 memorial at Grunewald train station, from where the trains bringing Berlin Jews to the EVIL Nazi death camps departed during WWII,
        WJC Holocaust Memory Commissioner Charlotte Knobloch, 81, was moved to
        extra large crocodile tears
        as she recalled her own experience during WWII and said:
        “We will not forget. Not us. The legacy of these six million people is our task,
        our obligation to fight for these people, for their remembrance and for
        our rights here and now to literally rape the world with Talmudic Judaism.”

        Earlier, the Jewish leaders paid a visit to the Wannsee Conference villa where
        on 20 January 1942 senior Nazi bureaucrats took a decision on
        the implementation of the ‘Final Solution’ which
        sealed the fate of ….the six million Jews.

        They also visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in central Berlin.

        John 8:44….seriously.

        On Sunday the delegates and guests also took part in a rally organized by the Central Council of Jews in Germany at the Brandenburg Gate, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel and WJC President Ronald Lauder were among the guest forked tounguers.

        The WJC, which represents Jewish goy blood suckin bodies in 100 countries,
        also criticized the United Nations over :

        “the fact that several agencies and senior officials of the United Nations took a one-sided stand in the recent “conflict” between Israel and Hamas, including by appointing an investigative committee whose terms of reference were skewed against Israel in advance, and made unfounded accusations against Israel of deliberately targeting civilians in the Gaza Strip.”

        The international body reiterated its support for a two-state solution and urged Israel and the Palestinians “to return to direct peace negotiations.”

        In a resolution on anti-Semitism in Europe, the delegates called for better TOUGHER
        TALMUDIC “law enforcement” regarding hate crimes and lamented
        “that many European countries are not complying with international agreements in place with respect to combating anti-Semitism” and that
        “a large number of anti-Semitic acts are either not reported or not categorized”
        as such…..knowing that each day six million Jews are targeted for the ovens of truth
        by rabid antisemites…everyday, everywhere all the time….! The horrors !!!

        The World Jewish Congress urged :

        “all JEW WORSHIPPING” countries to adopt a blinding definition of :

        “anti-Semitic thought crimes” based on the
        Working Definition of Anti-Semitism developed by the former European Union Monitoring Commission (EUMC) and used in a number of JEW WORSHIPPING states
        ‘ law enforcement agencies.”

        Other resolutions adopted dealt with Nazi-looted art and with the upcoming 70th anniversaries of the liberation of a number of Nazi death camps in 1945, including Auschwitz.

        German publisher honored with Herzl Prize

        At a dinner on Monday evening, the WJC bestowed its prestigious Theodor Herzl Award posthumously on the German publisher Axel C. Springer (1912-1985) in recognition of Axel Springer’s tremendous efforts to bring Germans and Jews, and Germany and Israel, closer together.

        The prize was received by Springer’s widow Friede.
        n her tribute, WJC Treasurer Chella Safra said Axel Springer
        “was somebody for who reconciliation was more than just a word.
        It was a deeply held conviction.” She ended by saying:
        “Let us all make sure, through a determined effort,
        that Jewish life continues to blossom in this country and that Israel and Germany remain friends and allies.
        Let us make ensure that Axel Springer’s legacy continues to inspire people.”

        The Governing Board also heard addresses from two senior German politicians,
        Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier,
        both of who assured Jewish leaders that Germany had a special commitment to the well-being of Israel and the Jewish people
        Jew Worship is what Holocaustianity is all about…

        that and the moolah from the evil Nazi’s and anti-semites


    • okieshowedem613
      @ > Father Yahweh is NOT A GOD!
      This is how I SEE & understand it TOO!! The word God is a TITLE. BUT, as far as I knowing how to pronounce or spell the NAME of the Father OR the Son, I am not certain. I also know this UPSETS those who believe they DO know how to pronounce & spell it.There ARE many different beliefs on EXACTLY how the “Elohim” NAMES are spelled & pronounced & ALL say THEY ARE RIGHT & everyone else is WRONG. I DO KNOW THIS ,&, that IS, The BIBLE says he puts his LAWS above his NAME. What is WRONG with the word, “Father?” THAT Father which IS in Heaven? Knowing how to spell & pronounce their NAMES don’t get it. I believe Satan KNOWS how their names are spelled & pronounced. To me, this is food for thought, It is written The New Testament, Matthew 27:45, that The “Messiah” SAYS, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? SO, it looks like, ELI, is the name of the Heavenly FATHER. Anyway, I will STAY with wanting to know MORE about the LAWS of the ELOHIM that worrying about HOW to spell & pronounce THEIR NAMES. To me, Yeshua, is more accurate than the name, Jesus, BUT different languages spell names, etc. in different ways TOO. E.g, Interstate Highway in the U.S.A, IS, AUTOBAHN, in Germany.


  3. Lets talk about Abraham and the HOLY Sacrifice that God asked of him. MANY say that GOD was EVIL in asking that of Abraham to prove his Faith. But it is not EVIL to ask of our sons to fight in the Revolutionary War against EVIL? In the Civil War against the EVIL? GODS motive was EVIL?

    Isaac was VERY important to God and ABRAHAM! As I pointed out in me email to you BMan, …” That is why CAIN murdered ABLE! To prevent Messiah! That is why King HEROD (an EDOMITE) murdered ALL children under two years old, to PREVENT MESSIAH!”… AND The Messiah was to come through ISAAC! GODS ways are not our ways! But when we begin to understand Gods Plans we should then understand that God is working towards a greater good for all of the Universe and HUMAN KIND!

    Again, …”” Those that God commanded ISRAEL to “KILL” are of the same people that EDOM married into. They were the Canaanites and others of CAIN. DEMON SEED. They hate ALL of ADAMS SEED! They hate TRUE ISRAEL more than all others, because it is through Jacob/ISRAEL that Messiah came and HE is going to END Satan’s Rebellion to GOD once and for ALL!”… THAT IS THE GREATER PLAN!

    1 Samuel 15:1-3 – “The Lord sent me to anoint you king over His people, over Israel. Now therefore, heed the voice of the words of the Lord. Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘I will punish Amalek for what he did to Israel, how he ambushed him on the way when he came up from Egypt. Now go and attack Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have and do not spare them but kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.”
    It was Amalek(EDOMS grandson) that represented all the arch-enemies of Israel and those who faith is on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. THEY ARE DEMON SEED! They are the TARES! Going to the OVEN! Thanks Antony Clifton!!!
    Exodus 17:16 For he said, Because the Lord hath sworn that the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.

    Most of the confusion concerning the perception of ISRAELS behavior in the world is rooted in THAT “BLASPHEMY” in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 I really do not know what you mean by, …”the true Israelites who should take the mantle of what is in the OT”…

    S.C. 988 BLASPHEMY;
    1) slander, detraction, speech injurious, to another’s good name
    2) impious and reproachful speech injurious to divine majesty

    What the EDOMITES claim to being ISRAEL has done is “INJURIOUS” to our TRUE ISRAEL image. OUR GOD! (I would want nothing to do with their gOD either if they ARE GODS CHOSEN!) And they have made MANY believe that they(JEWS) wrote the Bible! They ENEMY plays on our IGNORANCE and use it against us!

    I see nothing EVIL about the Children of ISRAEL in Scripture!
    GOD said the world would by blessed by ISRAEL and the WORLD has been blessed BY THE WHITE NATIONS! Is that EVIL?

    Here are WHO Jacob/ISRAEL really are
    “Why don’t these scriptures fit the so called “Gods Chosen”?

    JUST read what GOD said HE would do FOR and WITH ISRAEL! IT does not FIT the JEWS!

    MORE later my friend!


    • Pastor Peters would use the analogy of a Parent going to pick up their child at
      a school, or other place where the child was away from the Parent but still
      under “Adult” supervision…and when offered someone other child to take home
      “What difference would it make”…? seemed like a silly question..

      unfortunately for the last 4 generations…the History of the White People
      Israelite Nations has not been taught in America, and most people “believe”
      what they think they believe on account of the TALMUDVISION
      and the “Jewish” narrative…!

      Dig this Chutzpah !!

      H. RES. 707 – In the House of Representatives, U. S.

      Passed without objection September 18, 2014….
      That the Synagogue of Satan Jew Worshipping House of Representatives—

      unequivocally condemns all forms of anti-Semitism and rejects attempts to justify anti-Jewish hatred or violent attacks as an acceptable expression of disapproval or frustration over political events in the Middle East or elsewhere;

      decries and condemns the comparison of Israel to Nazis as an insult to the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust and an affront to those who survived and their children and grandchildren, the righteous gentiles who saved Jewish lives at peril to their own lives and to those who bravely fought to defeat the Nazis;
      H Res 707 Prognosis

      applauds those foreign leaders who have condemned anti-Semitic acts and calls on those who have yet to take firm action against anti-Semitism in their countries, to do so;

      reaffirms its support for the mandate of the United States Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism as part of the broader policy priority of fostering international religious freedom

      supports expanded Holocaust educational programs that increase awareness, counter prejudice, and enhance efforts to teach the universal lessons of the Holocaust; and

      urges the “JEW” worshipping Secretary of State to—

      maintain combating anti-Semitism as a United States foreign policy priority;

      ensure that the instruments of United States public diplomacy, including the United States Representative to the Organization of Islamic Conference, are utilized to effectively combat anti-Semitism;

      ensure high-level United States participation in the 2014 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) high level marketing event hosting the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Oddballs Stupid Cretins & Ebolaites @ the Berlin Declaration against the truth will set us free….anti-Semitism;

      urge governments to ensure that adequate laws are in place to punish anti-Semitic violence words against persons and property;

      continue robust United States reporting on anti-Semitism by the Department of State and the Special Envoy to Combat and Monitor Anti-Semitism;

      provide necessary training and instruction for personnel posted in United States embassies and missions to analyze and report on anti-Semitic violence against persons and property as well as the response of governments to those incidents;

      ensure that United States Government efforts to train law enforcement personnel and prosecutors abroad incorporate tools to address anti-Semitic violence against persons and property; and

      strongly support the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s specialized efforts to monitor and address anti-Semitism, including through support for its law enforcement and civil society training programs.



      Whereas there is clear evidence of increasing incidents and expressions of anti-Semitism throughout the world;

      Whereas on April 30, 2014, the United States Department of State released the International Religious Freedom Report for 2013 and noted that, “Throughout Europe, the historical stain of anti-Semitism continued to be a fact of life on Internet fora, in soccer stadiums, and through Nazi-like salutes, leading many individuals who are Jewish to conceal their religious identity.”;

      Whereas anti-Semitic acts committed and recorded in 2014 around the world, including countries in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and North America, include incidents of murder at Jewish sites, violent attacks and death threats against Jews, as well as gun violence, arson, graffiti, anti-Semitic cartoons, and other property desecration at Jewish cemeteries, places of worship, and communal activity;

      Whereas a survey by the Anti-Defamation League of attitudes towards Jews in more than 100 countries around the world, released in May 2014 found that over a quarter of the people surveyed (26 percent), and nearly three quarters of those surveyed in the Middle East (74 percent) hold anti-Semitic views, a stunning indicator of the stubborn resilience of anti-Semitic beliefs, even in countries where few Jews reside;

      Whereas the Anti-Defamation League survey also found that a majority of people surveyed overall have either not heard of the Holocaust or do not believe it happened as has been documented by faux-factual accounts and recorded by faux-history;

      Whereas President Barack Obama said in his remarks at the USC Shoah Foundation Dinner on May 7, 2014,
      “… if the memories of the Shoah survivors teach us anything, it is that silence is evil’s greatest co-conspirator. And it’s up to us—each of us, every one of us—to forcefully condemn any denial of the Holocaust. It’s up to us to combat not only anti-Semitism, but racism and bigotry and intolerance in all their forms, here and around the world. It’s up to us to speak out against rhetoric that threatens the existence of a Jewish homeland and to sustain America’s unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security”;

      Whereas in 2004, Congress passed the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, which established an Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, headed by a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism;

      Whereas the United States Government has consistently supported efforts to address the rise in anti-Semitism through its bilateral relationships and through engagement in international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and the Organization of American States (OAS);

      Whereas in recent decades there has been a clear and troubling pattern of increased violence against Jewish persons and their property, purportedly in connection with increased opposition to policies enacted by the Government of Israel;

      Whereas during Israel’s 2014 Operation Protective Edge aiming to stem the rocket fire and terrorist infiltrations by Hamas, Jews and Jewish institutions and property were attacked in Europe and elsewhere, including attempts to invade a synagogue in Paris, fire-bombings of synagogues in France and Germany, assaults on Jewish individuals, and swastikas spray-painted in a heavily Jewish area of London and also in Rome’s historic Jewish quarter;

      Whereas anti-Semitic imagery and comparisons of Jews and Israel to Nazis have been on display at demonstrations against Israel’s actions in Gaza throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, including—

      placards comparing Israeli leaders to Nazis, accusing Israel of carrying out a “Holocaust” against Palestinians, and equating the Jewish Star of David with the Nazi swastika, and

      demonstrations that have included chants of “Death to Jews”, “Death to Israel”, or expressions of support for suicide terrorism against Israeli or Jewish civilians;

      Whereas the Governments in France, Germany, and Italy, the three countries where the majority of incidents have occurred, have strongly condemned anti-Semitism as unacceptable in European society and have all made clear statements that such attacks on their Jewish communities are intolerable, and they have matched those words with strong law enforcement;

      Whereas some civil society leaders have set strong examples, including the condemnation by the Union of Mosques of France, on behalf of their 500 mosques, called the attacks “morally unjust and unacceptable”, and stated, “nothing can justify any act that could harm our Jewish compatriots, their institutions or their places of worship”;

      Whereas the largest newspaper in circulation in Germany, Bild, featured statements against anti-Semitism from politicians, business leaders, civic leaders, media personalities and celebrities with “Never Again Jew Hatred” on the front page; and

      Whereas Congress has played an essential role in illustrating and counteracting the resurgence of anti-Semitism worldwide:

      Now, therefore, be it


      That the Skanky Zionist WHORES in the House of Representatives—

      unequivocally condemn all forms of so-called anti-Semitism as long as they are not actual Semites like the Palestinians in Palestine… and rejects attempts to justify anti-Jewish hatred or violent attacks as an acceptable expression of disapproval or frustration over “political events” like “JEW” Jesus hating terrorists in the Middle East
      bombing Palestinians in concentration camps… or elsewhere;

      decries and condemns the comparison of Israel to Nazis as an insult to the memory of those who perished in the HoloHoaxand an affront to those who survived and their children and grandchildren, the righteous gentiles who saved Jewish lives at peril to their own lives and to those who bravely fought to defeat the evil “JEW” hating Nazis;

      applauds those foreign leaders who have condemned anti-Semitic acts and calls on those who have yet to take firm action against anti-Semitism in their countries,
      to do so;

      reaffirms its support for the mandate of the United States Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism as part of the broader JEW worshipping policy priority of fostering international religious freedom for Satanic “Jews” who print currency and commit mass murder by proxy while making a tidy TRILLION dollar profit at the expense of the “JEW” worshipping braindeadgoy;
      supports expanded HoloHoax educational programs that increase awareness, counter prejudice, and enhance efforts to teach the universal lessons of the “JEW” religion
      of Holocaustianity; and
      urges the “JEW” worshipping Secretary of State to make it a crime
      to not report the fact that every American and US CITIZEN should be no more than
      thirty Nautical miles away from a Holocaust museum at any given time in any
      given STATE of the NEW JEWNITED STATES so that should a wave of fervent
      holocaustianity come upon the RIGHTEOUS UPSTANDER GENTILE they should
      be within a 30 minute drive or taxi cab ride from the nearest HOLOCAUST MUSEUM
      to satiate their fervent recollection of guilt towards the poor innocent little Jews that
      were put in the gas chambers that didn’t really exist you know like for Mass Murdering
      Jews…you know who like Hate Jesus for a Religion and all.
      maintain combating anti-Semitism as a United States foreign policy priority;

      ensure that the instruments of United States public diplomacy, including the United States Representative to the Organization of Islamic Conference, are utilized to effectively combat anti-Semitism;

      ensure high-level United States participation in the 2014 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) high level event marking the 10th anniversary of the 2004 OSCE Berlin Declaration against anti-Semitism

      urge governments to ensure that adequate laws are in place to punish anti-Semitic words that sound violent against persons and property;
      continue robust United States manufacturing reporting on anti-Semitism by the Department of State and the Special Envoy to Combat and Monitor Anti-Semitism;
      provide necessary training and instruction for personnel posted in United States embassies and missions to analyze and report on anti-Semitic violence against persons and property as well as the response of governments to those incidents;
      ensure that United States Government efforts to train TALMUDIC law enforcement personnel and prosecutors abroad incorporate tools to address anti-Semitic violence against persons and property; and
      strongly support the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s
      ” specialized JEW CONTRIVED efforts” to monitor and address VIRULENT WILDFIRE
      GALAXY WIDE RAMPANT RABID….anti-Semitism,
      including through support for its TALMUDIC
      law enforcement and civil society training programs…..
      now let’s just revisit the Preamble to the “Constitution”…! GRIN….

      We the People of the United States,
      in Order to form a more perfect Union,
      Do establish Justice.
      Ensure domestic Tranquility….by doing as Jesus COMMANDS…
      to provide for the common defence,
      to promote the general Welfare,
      and to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our
      “Posterity” <—— No "JEWS", NO SODOMITES & NO NIGGERS !!!,
      do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

      not that that really means anything…
      but it is the thought that counts…

      and in the thought that counts dept…
      The Almighty promised with the 1st Commandment
      that if His people "Israel" didn't keep the 1st Commandment
      that the people who are the Children of Israel would have these
      "Jewish" moneygrubbing leeches all over them…see Deuteronomy 28.

      Thomas Jefferson used the word Israel in his eulogy of Washington

      "These are my opinions of General Washington, which I would vouch at the judgment seat of God, having been formed on an acquaintance of thirty years…

      I felt on his death, with my countrymen, that
      "verily a great man hath fallen this day in Israel."

      the "Jewish" state TALMUDIA is not "Israel"…!

      TALMUDIA is the staging ground for "JEWTOPIA"…an
      ETERNAL OVEN for "JEW" worshippers & "JEWS".
      according to Jesus @ Matthew 13:39-42

      no one has to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

      "They" could come out


      • And Anthony, just what does this or ANY of your other comments have to do with BMans post and questions?

        LETS NOT ignore the topic, but rather, expound upon it, and bring further understanding, which was BMans GOAL!

        Come on! WordPress is FREE and easy to operate! GET YOU ONE!


        • did you click on any of the links…?

          or read any of the text ?

          seems fairly obvious….from here.

          of course I’m still waiting for anyone at all on this planet to
          show me the first “Jew”…in the Historical Record…

          the truth is of course the children of Israel are their very own worst enemy
          on account of Deuteronomy 28….


          my point is that the “Meat” of the “word” isn’t for the milquetoast limp wristed
          politically correct [MIND CONTROLLED] “Jew” worshipping double mined
          morons with NOTSEE miasma in the “Jew” worshipping multicultural
          mescegenating moshpit…JEWSA !!

          If the Forward is going to write a column about Princeton, it should at least have the competence to use a picture of Princeton itself instead of some other college campus.
          I don’t know what college is in the picture, but it sure isn’t Princeton.
          – – Mother of a recent Princeton grad
          (which, by the way, has a great Synagogue of Satan “JEWISH” Orthodox
          community for those who are looking at colleges)

          how do “we” live on the land in peace with our neighbors…?

          I mean if “they” are into preemptive attacks because they think when
          the sun goes down you’re going to attack them so they have to attack you first…
          because they are “Jewish”…!

          how long does that last…NO KNOCK WARRANTS…No 4th Amendment
          Guilty until proven innocent…Jew Worshipping 24/7…?

          which one of Joseph’s brothers was a “Jew”…?

          free air conditioning headed your way….


          • Anthony Clifton asked:which one of Joseph’s brothers was a “Jew”…?
            Anthony, er, is there ANY possibility it could have been, as translated in English, Judah, pronounced, JEW-DUH?
            Hebrew Meaning:
            The name Yehudi is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Yehudi is: Praise. The praised one.
            Suucks, Anthony, beats me. Know what? I DO BELIEVE Satan is the CAUSE of all this misunderstanding. The GRANDIOSE MASTER OF CONFUSION. Do YOU, Anthony, AGREE? IF SO, what are we gonna do about it, other than the BEST we can?


          • Anthony, E.T. is not here to click on links. E.T. is here to give links for US to click on. In a message from E.T. on the Adask Law Blog, E.T. explained his position on a matter & then added, “This IS my HIGHLY EDUCATED OPINION.”
            I don’t believe ANYBODY who IS highly educated, that understands what humility means, would say that,i.e, THIS IS MY HIGHLY EDUCATED OPINION.


            • O-kay, I will feed you just this once! First of all, I never said “Highly” I said In “MY HONEST EDUCATED OPINION!

              I left out another of your character flaws earlier. I for got to point out that you “PRETEND” not to understand what some one says (LYING is what that is called) or you misrepresent what someone says and then attack them based on YOUR distortions! All TROLL tactics to be sure!

              Below you imply that I posted PROVERBS 11:9 to you in an alleged conversation we “were” having! Not the case!

              I do not need to present proof of my comments about your behavior at “Ask ADASK! EDOMS THORN does not lie! And it is your Character that is “HIGHLY” questionable!


              • EDOMS THORN,
                You SAY, on this thread,> “Below you ( “That Spiteful Arrogant, Cynical, Narcissistic Piece of Crap,” THREAD? You haven’t been banned, I hope. IF NOT, give some FEEDBACK, BUT, on THAT THREAD, NOT THIS ONE. Thanks, & NO, I am not a Jew, BUT, I AM AN ISRAELITE, Family of Manasseh, a Son of Joseph, a Son of Jacob/Israel Check out, The Mayflower Compact, for STARTERS, THEN, IF you are interested, we will go from there.


                • My last message to EDOMS THORN DID NOT POST COMPLETELY & WHAT DID POST, WAS ALL OUT OF ORDER. I will try again. BUT, I am going to my WORD PAD & write it, THEN I will cut & paste it, & THEN see what happens.


              • E.T, YOU say, “O-kay, I will feed you just this once! First of all, I never said “Highly” I said In “MY HONEST EDUCATED OPINION!”

                E.T. I will give you the benefit of the doubt about that. I do recall that whoever you sent your message to, you were making no bones about his/her HIGHLY UNEDUCATED Messages. I will stand corrected, on that point. HOWEVER, what Adask Law thread was that on? I want to check it out AGAIN. I will not KNOWINGLY MISLEAD ANYONE. I WANT to hear, Welcome HOME good & faithful servant, NOT, DEPART FROM ME YOU WORKER OF INIQUITY.

                E.T. You say, “I left out another of your character flaws earlier. I for got to point out that you “PRETEND” not to understand what some one says (LYING is what that is called) or you misrepresent what someone says and then attack them based on YOUR distortions! All TROLL tactics to be sure!”

                Your above statement, E.T. IS, what I have discovered about you. SO, it’s a matter of, who wants to believe whatever. BUT, in all fairness, people should SEE the comments made between you & them.

                E.T. YOU say,”Below you imply that I posted PROVERBS 11:9 to you in an alleged conversation we “were” having! Not the case!”

                IT IS THE CASE, E.T. All anyone needs to do is check out, “That Spiteful Arrogant, Cynical, Narcissistic Piece of Crap,” THREAD? “I do not need to present proof of my comments about your behavior at “Ask ADASK! EDOMS THORN does not lie! And it is your Character that is “HIGHLY” questionable!”

                E.T. ALL anyone needs to do, is SEE & read the exchange of messages between YOU, E.T. and the ones you mock, slander, & ridicule, to know better. BUT, E.T. as we both KNOW, WHO CARES?

                E.T. WHY are you not responding to my comments to you, on, That Spiteful Arrogant, Cynical, Narcissistic Piece of Crap,” THREAD?

                E.T. YOU DO insert a LOT of truth in SOME of your messages, BUT, Satan KNOWS HOW to use the scriptures to HIS ADVANTAGE TOO.


    • I see nothing EVIL about the Children of ISRAEL in Scripture!

      I guess that depends upon one’s definition of evil. I can point you to many instances that the Israelites were commanded (and carried out) things that if anyone else did them, most would consider them “evil”, as in:

      profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.

      The fact is that God, Himself, insinuated if not bald faced called them evil. But beyond the Bible verses, I always consider killing others (raping, forced circumcising, etc) evil. But somehow, when related to religion and people that claim that God told them to do it, it is ok? I didn’t think it was ok when I thought it was Jews. I am further opposed if I am supposed to be the Israelites.

      This is where you and I will vehemently disagree.

      Again, when I am a better father than the Good father, there is a problem.


      1) slander, detraction, speech injurious, to another’s good name
      2) impious and reproachful speech injurious to divine majesty

      HEY E.T. Here is something ELSE you used on the Alfred Adask Law Blog.
      PROVERBS 11:9 An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour:
      but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.”

      THEN, AFTER the above scriptures, YOU, E.T., SAY, What will it take for the rest
      of the readers here and Al Adask to see that you are “Les Fuakes”
      or how ever you spelled it or aka J.M. aka JIM?
      My “nose” works very well, and you do not fool me! YOU REEK! LOL!


      E.T., I have only inserted scriptures, same as you. Are you saying the scriptures I inserted, REEK?

      E.T. Innuendo is defined as, an indirect intimation about a person or thing, especially of a disparaging or a derogatory nature.

      E.T., It does “appear” that, you are planting poison seeds by your innuendos. But, WHY?

      E.T. Your NOSE & your MOUTH WORK HAND IN GLOVE according to what you SAY, &, PROVERBS 11:9


        • BMan,

          This J.M “Phil Lings” has been banned from Al Adask’s site at least five times. AND Al is a friend of free speech ALSO!

          I was not being rude, I just don’t want to get tangled up with this spiteful hate FILLED troll! Filthy language, ridicule and rude insults are what he does. Al did allow him way to much freedom for a while there.


          • @ > EDOMS THORN,
            YOU, E,T. SAY, “I (you)was not being rude, I (you)just don’t want to get tangled up with this spiteful hate FILLED troll! Filthy language, ridicule and rude insults are what he does. Al did allow him way to much freedom for a while there.

            Then, E.T. What does, this mean, & you also put it in all caps, > “YOU REEK !! LOL!!”
            That IS a cut & paste & YOU, E.T. wrote it.


      • Thanks for contributing Phil. People are always welcome as long as civility and decorum rule.

        That being said, I do not see the need for you to pull in some old fight from another blog, calling out others who are commenting here (I have done the same thing before but in reference to someone commenting on my blog… Adask is not here). It is a tactic I am not proud of, nor do I use it any more.

        Personally, I don’t care what association you and ET may have elsewhere. Until I see ET do something that is uncivil or not in good form, I have no problem with him (or you), and believe me, I will be the first to call him (or you or anyone) out.

        Thank you.


        • THANK YOU !! This is GREAT, & VERY FAIR. My messages, (last two) did not post correctly. The last one was Still somewhat out of order, BUT the LAST one, at this time WAS a LOT BETTER than the one before that. Hardly ANY of my first message posted at all, & THEN, it was ALMOST ALL out of order.


        • Hi BMan, I have had some seconds thoughts. BMan, you “allowed” EDOMS THORN to post the following.
          E.T says, in pertinent part, > ” I just don’t want to get tangled up with this spiteful hate FILLED troll! Filthy language, ridicule and rude insults are what he does ”
          BMan, IF this was my Blog, & E.T. said what is written above, I would have said, E.T. you are saying some very unpleasant, at best, things about (whoever) without offering any evidence whatsoever about what you are saying. E.T. to be perfectly clear, you say, He is, a spiteful hate FILLED troll! Uses Filthy language, ridicule and rude insults are what he does.
          BMan, you did not care enough to ask E.T., to backup what he said, so this is allowing innuendos, & poison seeds to be dropped about me & not caring to ask at least for more information. Therefore, I think it’s best for me to take my toys & find another Sandbox. Shalom, & The VERY BEST OF EVERYTHING TO YOU & YOURS !!!!


          • I have no idea why your comment posts are doing weird things. I doubt it has to do with WordPress (at least you are the first one ever to have this problem).

            It is overly apparent that the two of you have a history elsewhere. All I asked of you was to not bring in some old argument to be hashed here. Yet, I see the argument still goes on (people can’t help themselves).

            You are welcome to post here or you are welcome to go away. I’ll leave that up to you.

            But I will give you one bit of advice: A troll, to me, is someone that goes around, stalking another, bringing old arguments and accusations to new places. So, from my perspective, ET may have labeled you correctly. I am not sure, since you have never been here before and all you seem to want to do is confront ET, in a stalking fashion.

            Also, I am ex Navy and a good ole boy from the south who has used filthy language. If you consider what ET wrote as “filthy language” I am afraid that your skin is too thin for this blog.

            And as an aside to all (including myself because I am known to do it as well), using ALL CAPS when writing to each other does not help the communication. I can understand it for a word or very important phrase, but ya’ll go overboard. Just a pet peeve I am developing. No big deal.

            Phil, I have but one rule. Don’t be a dickhead (Richard Noggin). It is up to me to determine who is a dickhead, but suffice it to say that a stalker and one that uses real filthy language to barrage someone else. Angry words are not a problem. Even a jab or two doesn’t bother me. But an undue evisceration is uncalled for.

            ET is welcomed, most especially because I used his writing and directly asked him questions. If you can help answer those questions without bringing in all sorts of historical shit, that would be cool. If you can’t, then the other sandbox is calling you.


            • 1. BMan, . You say, to me, > If you consider what ET wrote as “filthy language” I am afraid that your skin is too thin for this blog.
              2. BMan, if you want to be fair about this, once again the following IS what E.T said

              EDOMS THORN says:
              November 17, 2014 at 12:20 pm

              This J.M “Phil Lings” has been banned from Al Adask’s site at least five times. AND Al is a friend of free speech ALSO!

              I was not being rude, I just don’t want to get tangled up with this spiteful hate FILLED troll! Filthy language, ridicule and rude insults are what he does. Al did allow him way to much freedom for a while there.

              3. BMan, I am not, EDOMS THORN, aka, Phil Lings.
              4. BMan, IF, IF, IF, you SEE, NOW, “who” said, filthy language, & implied that this IS what I, Phil, do, then, NOW, whose skin is too thin for this (your) blog.?
              5. In other words, BMan, E.T. SAID/IMPLIED that I, Phil, use filthy language. I DID NOT say, or imply that E.T. uses filthy language.
              6. BMan, thank you so much for you getting things ASS BACKWARDS like most people I deal with do.
              7. IF what I have just written makes you angry, & your chest SWELLS up, the you have a PRIDE PROBLEM.
              8. IF what I have just written makes you sad to any degree, you are humble & will see your mistake, & then we can proceed. I do have the ANSWERS you are searching for, AND I can explain those answers in simple down to earth terms. It’s up to you, now.


              • Phil,

                What I am trying to tell you is that I do not give a fuck about a feud you two may have. I don’t care who called who what and I don’t give a rat’s ass about what you think of me or how you would react to ET if this was your blog.

                Until you came here starting shit from ANOTHER blog (stalking, I called it earlier) I never heard from you or of you. I welcomed your input and asked you to stop the shit. NOW, you are pulling me in.

                So, pick up your toys and get the fuck out (I tried to be nice… now I am angry, with a swollen chest and a PRIDE PROBLEM).

                How’s that? Is that clear enough?

                Thank you.


                • ok, BMan, I said to you, previously, IF what I have just written makes you angry, and your chest SWELLS up, then you have a PRIDE PROBLEM.
                  8. IF what I have just written makes you sad to any degree, you are humble.
                  SOooooo B, BIGMan, APPROVE of HOW E.T. WARNED you about ME. Don’t even think about asking E.T. to BACK UP what he RAT DROPPED about ME. Go on the WORD, of, E.T.. You, BIGMAN , are doing just that.WHY? BECAUSE, as you said, and, BIGMAN, This IS what is CLEAR, as YOU say, YOU do not give a fuck.
                  BMan, There is a scripture about who not to give PEARLS to. BMan, My niche, is getting people to reveal their TRUE COLORS. This IS also WHY E.T. HATES me. BMan you WILL NOT receive ANY Pearls from me.E.T. and you ARE, Birds of a Feather. ADIOS AMIGO. NEXT, BMan, we will see E.T. congratulating you for your FORESIGHT and INSIGHT.
                  Once again, ADIOS AMIGO. Fare-thee-well


                • Listen, Richard Noggin (the reason you are now banned from any participation here), I don’t care one shit for your argument with ET. If you had any pearls to throw me, why in the fuck didn’t you do so? Why did it shine so brilliantly that you are just here to stir shit? Why, after I asked you to stop, did you continue?

                  Admit that you have a hardon for ET and stalked him here, Be a Man, by God.

                  But this pansy “he said” shit is a waste of my time (and I don’t have an abundance of it).

                  And you can keep your tainted, moldy pearls. I have no patience for some self-assigned psychopath fulfilling his “niche”. I was asking ET direct questions and you came here and started shit. Plain and simple.

                  Next time you visit a gracious host’s blog, and they ask you to cease and desist Noggin’ behavior, stop. Real simple.

                  You can always apologize.


                • Hello BMan,

                  This fellow “FEEL INGS” is not mentally stable, or is just a straight up ADL troll. I am sorry that Anthony Clifton brought this dingle berries attention to your Site!

                  All I have said about him is true, and WHY Anthony does not back up what I have said is confusing. Note he dose not deny he is “J.M., Jim” and all of the other names.
                  I CAN provide links to all of what I said about the troll if you find it necessary. IF EDOMS THORN was ever found to be a willing liar, what would that do to my credibility? I believe that lying to establish a point or win an argument is the tactic of our enemy, and is NEVER found among those that seek truth, and share the truth.

                  Why this troll has the ‘hots’ for me is because I have exposed him and his tactics at Al Adask’s site. I exposed the same thing that he has said about his comments not being posted ‘correctly’ or in its entirety here, as he said the same thing at Ask Adask’s site to me, and to AL! I too pointed out that (as I operate a WordPress site) that he is the only one that has ever said that he was having those kinds of problems, and that as I have been commenting on many WordPress site, I have not seen this anywhere before.! In PLAIN English, I told him he was a liar, and was accusing Al Adask of Censoring! And that ain’t AL.

                  AS I am not for censoring anyone. But to ban a willing liar and distorter of the facts,and then to attack someone based on their distortions, to ban that kind of person, is not only justified, it is necessary for the sake of those that do not want to be bombarded with nonsense comments that are designed to clog up the comment section, and distract from the issue at hand!

                  SO BYE BYE TROLL!

                  P.S. I am working an a couple of things that will bring our discussion towards an end. Not that I expect us to be in agreement on all things. But you will see more of my position, and we are not ever going to be at odds to the detriment of being friends.

                  Best regards.



                • ET,

                  I don’t know anything about Phil, other than what he has done here. I would think that Anthony kept silent because I was asking (extremely nicely, I might add) that Phil stop the shit and that I didn’t want the battle to continue here. Where I failed was not directly asking you to stop the shit.

                  Whatever you two have going on elsewhere is of no concern of mine. I could care less. The first “warning” to me was enough (from both of you about each other). But I will not make a determination off of what I’m told in blog comment sections, I will watch and weigh on my own.

                  The fact is that as I was tearing Phil and new one, I didn’t say anything to you. This was unfair.

                  So, please stop with this guy. I doubt he comes back (because I asked for an apology), but if he does and wants to contribute something of substance (you have been trying with me and I appreciate that), I have no problem with it. However, he is standing at home with two strikes.

                  Thank you.

                  And btw: notice how this subject matter became so very contentious. Maybe that was Phil’s purpose or maybe he’s just a fruitcake that can’t stop himself when asked politely or maybe he is just zealous about the subject somehow.

                  But I can say that almost every time I see these conversations or participate, it turns ugly.


  4. Seriously,
    what good would it do to call the Jews by any other name? Imposters, proselytes, edomites? Turning the herd around using semantics, even trying to educate seems to be an exercise in ‘love’s labour lost’ every step of the way.

    If anyone living now wants to speak for God, they are free to do so. That doesn’t mean I have to believe in the ‘scriptures’ interpreted by fellow mortals. Consider a few ‘scriptures’ that are out there: bible, talmud, torah, tanakh, quran, tripitaka, vedas, bhagavad gita, upanishads, tao-te-ching. Each one of them has some good advice, the rest is brainwashing of the peasants, dividing peoples in the process.

    What I can ‘buy’ into is the Christ consciousness, which the Jews can’t because they are taught to hate Jesus. But that is wholly different from the ‘scriptures’ with all the nit-picking going on.

    Earlier today I was caught up at chabad.org/therebbe. Apparently, there exists timeless Jewish wisdom and they have a legacy: To serve as an inspiration and a roll model for all humanity, so said the rabbi. Barf!!


      • I would like to say the same thing, but since I was informed early on
        concerning the History of the White People Nations it is difficult to
        say that …

        there is a link to the Willie Martin Files Outline on the History of the
        Children of Israel…

        In Search of Isaac’s Children is an attempt to deal with and explain an extensive group of Bible passages which are seldom or never mentioned in ” Judeo-Christian ”
        pilpul “JEW” worshipping pulpits, but which, nevertheless, are prophecies so clear and definite, that, if the Bible is the Word of God, must be fulfilled; for they are the declared purposes of Yahweh as revealed in His Word concerning

        His Israel people, the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people.

        If men can write across these “untrue,” what about His other words? If these things, the fulfillment of which should be patent to all mankind, turn out a cheat and a fraud, how can man have confidence in any other words or promises of the same Speaker, even though He claims to be Divine?

        It is the intention of this book to prove that the
        Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Celtic peoples are Israel,
        and what God has in store for them upon His return.
        This has been done by many others, in so many words, in other books but none so conclusively. His will be taken here and proven; and the tremendous things which arise there from will be shown; not, however, secret things, for they are reveled; but most assuredly unknown things, though awful and world-wide in their effect; and which closely concern every man and woman in this great nation.

        The news that we are Israel falls upon the ears of some as a glad evangel; they accept it the first time they hear it;
        but as for others, no amount of proof is sufficient for them!
        They do not want to know it.
        And the great revealing will come to them as an overwhelming surprise!
        …. For if the news of the great upheaval; which is immediately before us,
        is withheld till all know that we are Israel,
        it will never be told till the great cataclysm itself is right upon us.
        So we must tell you what we know, if it is believed or not.

        No book in the world has been so misrepresented as the Bible.
        No other book has had such liberties taken with its statements.
        No other book has had its writings and teachings so altered to suit subjective
        “JEWISH”… theories.
        Men nowadays do not come to the Bible to ask what it has to say.
        That is much too simple, and they believe themselves much too clever.
        They come with their theories ready formed, hoping to find in the Bible some confirmation of them; and if they cannot find it, they alter the Word to suit. ..the nearest nutless wonder they must appease…
        If man is avowed to pervert the names of the Bible, “Israel,” “Jacob,” “Ephraim,” “Manessah,” “Judah,” “Jerusalem,” “Zion,” and substitute any name they like; or if they are allowed to explain away the facts and prophecies concerning them as figures or symbols, and then bring in “JEWISH” ideas as to what is meant by those symbols,
        then we might as well close the Book, it has no clear message for us.
        one might KNOW from experience that in Fact Men have a greater degree
        of responsibility for the health and protection of the family than little girls
        and old ladies…same as who does the paper work {for you} after promoting a
        talmudic magistrate !
        READ…”study to show yourself approved”…rightly dividing the word of truth !
        The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins is also a Must read !!
        honestly it just takes little time to GET RID of all the “Jewish” lies
        and …unlearn the lies…! like climbing a mountain…!
        to Know the Truth

        and I’m not saying that I know all the Truth, but I can sure recognize the lies
        a whole lot sooner than the average braindeadgoy TALMUDVISION watching
        “JEW” worshipper !

        have you ever read about Adoram…or Adoramite Freemasonry ?
        what part does truth play in reaching a true conclusion…


        • Yes there are too many scriptures that Christians ignore and reject because they go against what they were told to believe. When the smoke clears, and all is said and done, they are calling God a liar, and a weak gOD that was not able to do ALL He said concerning ISRAEL.

          Twisting and adding meanings that are not there. Over looking and omitting Biblical and Historical facts to defend their ‘sensibilities’! I have encountered them in the ‘comments sections’ at many sites, and that is what they do when I try to share these facts. All you have to do is to read their posts. You can see the deliberate avoidance of facts and the twisting of History and Scriptures. No citation from Christian fathers will change them. No data from history will make any difference. They are locked on stupid and it seems it will take lifetimes to unravel their willing IGNORance!
          Ignorant of their own ignorance. Ignorant of just how often they argue Jew fables with JEW fables. Then they fight the truth with more JEW FABLES!

          I am concerned about our KINSMEN and what they are unwittingly doing! We as individuals and NATIONS are supporting they very EVIL that is implementing the New World Order with our ‘Blessings and Blood’. The Scriptures tells us to Bless Anti-Christ’s of ANY kind, makes us partakers of their EVIL DEEDS!

          2 John 10-11 “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed, for he that biddeth him God speed is PARTAKER IN HIS EVIL DEEDS.” KJV

          And it will probably take the full Thousands Years in the coming Kingdom for them to fully unlearn the JEWISH Fables they have chosen to believe!

          At least BMan is willing to pay attention and listen! He is a friend of free speech. I have been banned so many times for sharing much less than what I have been allowed to share here.


          • ET

            As I told you, this is interesting to me. But I still don’t see exactly how it benefits mankind.

            Anthony (and yourself) point out many discrepancies in Scripture (tainted by mistranslation and deliberate skullduggery). I have spent hundreds of hours studying a very narrow, specific lie which turned my “religious” world upside down. But what it also showed me is that there are many more discrepancies. So many so, that much of the original intent or meaning is obscure or gone totally.

            So, where does one go to get the truth of the Scriptures? Should I go to you (no offense, but there are thousands of people already vying for the position of teacher).

            The continual barrage that you and Anthony give is one from a deep passion you have to get others to understand your truth. Some of it, as interesting as it is, does not make sense to me, nor does it seem to help the world in any great way.

            I get the point that we don’t understand the original Scriptures and that we are Israel and the “Jews” are Edomites (instead of the other way, which is the Jews’ claim, as I gather it). But am I supposed to embrace all the horrific instruction given my people (and they DID it)? Should I be proud of such a vengeful, non-loving God. much less proud of the heritage of the Israelites?

            You see, when I see Jews making these claims I recoil. It does not help me that it should be white people doing it.


            • I have a favor to ask BMan…

              how do you read Matthew 13: 36-42 ?

              and his disciples came unto him, saying,
              Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field. He answered and said unto them,
              He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man; The field is the world;
              the good seed are the children of the kingdom;
              but the tares are the children of the wicked one;
              The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world;
              and the reapers are the angels.
              As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire;
              so shall it be in the end of this world.
              The Son of man shall send forth his angels,
              and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend,
              and them which do iniquity;
              And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
              Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.
              Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.
              does that sound like a rapture…?

              Furthermore…when specifically prior to the Time Jesus was crucified
              did the Children of Israel from the Kingdom of Israel who never lived in Judea
              when did the northern 10 tribes turn into modern day so-called “Jews” who
              are merely “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism and not even truly “Hebrews”.

              and why does that matter…

              I think is what you’re driving at…or aiming for essentially.

              Tuth is the most powerful weapon on Earth, and the younger the
              BABE is the better it sounds….

              try it


            • BMan I thank you and respect your position. I have been struggling with my response(s) to you, and see that there are many questions that I need to address, but I have many distractions at home and with various blogs and my emails. I am also distracted by personal obligations and commitments.

              I worked this up in hopes you would gain a bit more understanding from my perspective, and research. I do not expect or believe that this will answer all of your questions, but you may glean some understanding from my efforts.


              Anthony Clifton is correct when he said, …”The entire story contained in the Bible is
              a Story about the Children of Israel who have never
              EVER been “Jews”…

              The entirety of scripture is about the Covenant between God and Abraham, Isaac, and JACOB who was named ISRAEL! The MESSIAH brought a NEW COVENANT! The Messiah sent the Apostles to the Lost Sheep of ISRAEL, and then HE went and Preached and taught in their “JEW” cities! See Matthew 10:5 and then Matthew 11:1

              Genesis 25:23 And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.
              Genesis 25:23 Is about the difference between JACOB and Esau, and it is PLAIN as day that JACOB became the Christians as Gods word describes ISRAEL, and EDOM are the JEWS!

              It was Esau/EDOM that JESUS Christ was dealing with, that the Scriptures erranttly calls JEWS™. There was no such thing as an Ashkenazi/KHAZAR JEW in Jesus’ day. The only JEW among the TWELVE was JUDAS. Jesus even said that Judas was of the evil one, a SON of the SERPENT SEED! Of SATAN!
              The FACT is, Esau/EDOM has been those that were pointed to as the imposters in Revelation 3:9 since the Book of OBADIAH. And Malachi 1:1-4, points to EDOMS false ZIONISM, the Bastard State of ISRAEL, as we see it today. And for 1,700 hundred years, through the writings from many source’s, we find that EDOM are those impostors! No one else!
              In an article on “Edom”, the Jewish Encyclopedia (1925 edition), has this statement:
              “(In 163BC) Judas Maccabeus conquered their territory for a time. They were again subdued by John Hyrcanus (about 125 BC), by whom they were forced to observe Jewish rites and laws. They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation, and their country was called by the Greeks and Romans, “Idumea.” With Antipater began the Idumean dynasty that ruled over Judea till its conquest by the Romans …From this time the Idumeans ceased to be a separate people”…
              So a hundred years before Christ, Judah was inhabited by Edomites and native Israelites who were both followers of Talmudic Judaism, seeming to heal the breach between Jacob and Esau. But the Edomites proved to be a discordant element. And in 37BC, Herod the Great (74-4BC), an Idumean or Edomite whose wife Mariamne was a Maccabean, became at the age of 36, undisputed ruler of Judea. The Pharisees gained ascendancy over the Sadducees, and there were so many Edomites in the population at the time of Christ that the land was called Idumea (Mark 3:8).
              The Edomites participated in the defense of Jerusalem against the Romans during Titus’ siege (AD66-70). According to The Jewish Encyclopedia (1904, Vol. V, p 41), “Immediately before the siege of Jerusalem 20,000 Idumeans appeared before Jerusalem to fight in behalf of the Zealots who were besieged in the Temple”. More than a million inhabitants of Judea died and 97,000 were taken captive. An unknown number had fled either before or during the siege”…

              …”What is fascinating is that this is the last mention in history of the Edomites as a people. Yet Bible prophecy indicates that Edom would be an enemy of Israel in the latter days, and we find that their only connection to a present-day people and religion is with the so-called Jews and Rabbinism, or Judaism. As the Edomites are accursed of God, we may assume their disappearance from historical records was intentional, for we see that they stole or assumed the identity of another race. An interesting observation is that the policy of the Illuminati is always to act under another name and a different occupation. So in order to find out who and where these Edomites are today, we must discover who the Jews are today”…

              Israel Jacob Yuval wrote in
              “TWO Nations in Your Womb:Perceptions of Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages”

              Page 14 CH. 1 introduction

              …”Iranaeus’s typological move is clearly continued by the Church Fathers of the third centry- Cyprian, Origen, and Tertullian. The Christians countered the Jewish equation: Jacob = Jews, Esau = Rome, with the opposite equation: Jacob = Christian, Esau = Jews. It is noteworthy that these parallel systems of idenification emerged at the same time

              Christian Identity (CI) has first been traced back to the 1920s to Howard Rand (1889–1991).

              Rand was a Massachusetts lawyer who obtained a law degree at the University of Maine. He was raised as a British Israelite, and his father introduced him to J. H. Allen’s work Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright (1902) at an early age. While Rand’s father was not an antisemite, nor was even Rand in his early British Israelite years, Rand first added an antisemitic element to British Israelism in the 1920s. He claimed as early as 1924 that the Jews were not really descended from the tribe of Judah, but were instead the descendants of Esau or Canaanites. However, Rand never claimed that modern Jews were descendants of Satan, or that they were in anyway inferior, he just claimed that they were not the true lineal descendants of Judah. For this reason Rand is considered a ‘transitional’ figure between British Israelism and Christian Identity, but not its actual founder.

              There was not any “RACIST” tone to Rands teaching. EDOMS THORN believes that came with Wesley Swift in the 1950’s. I could be wrong, but the focus was ALWAYS an Esau/EDOM.
              British Israelism (BI) when I first began to understand it in 1985, was PRO ISRAEL as being the descendants of JUDAH(all JEWS), and there was no mention of Esau/EDOM, and I rejected BI because of that, among other ‘doctrines’.
              And then there is this from 1948, that clearly defines the Malachi 1:1-4 PROPHESY of EDOMS FALSE ZIONISM!
              As David Davidson says in “Palestine: Esau Claims Possession” (Destiny Magazine for May 1948, p. 155. Destiny Publishers, Merrimac, Mass., 01860): “The race of Esau were the Edomites, of Old Testament history, and included the marauding Sinaitic tribe of Amalek. The dominant physiognomy and aggressively intrusive characteristics of the race were derived from the native stock of North Syria through the ‘Hittite’ wives of Esau, and by subsequent intermarriage between the Edomites and ‘Hittites.’ After the Edomites (or Idumeans) were absorbed into the remnant of Judah, after 130 B.C., but mainly in the dispersion following the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., the Edomite-Hittite physiognomy eventually emerged as the European Jewish type; falsely called ‘Semitic’…Herod the Great was an Edomite and became the first ‘King of the Jess.’ As such he sought to destroy our Lord at birth. At that time the Idumeans had been comprised in the Jewish state and had been Jews in religion for over a century. They dominated the whole of Jewish life and our Lord, in revealing the nature of the Herodian or Idumean domination, refers to ‘the leaven of Herod’ as the antithesis of the leaven of the Kingdom of God’…In the Revelation of Jesus Christ (Revelation 1:1) the effect of the intrusion is referred to as ‘the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.’ (Revelation 2:9; 3:9)

              So many things in scripture has been hidden and DEMONIZED by the very ones that seek our destruction. ARE there any errors in what I presented? Maybe. Is there any chance, that upon examination of ALL that I have presented here and at my site, that outweighs ISOLATING one point, that may be considered, but does NOT dispel the BODY/ENTIRETY of my work?

              AS Willie Martin pointed out, from ANTHONY Clifton’s post, I TOO had found that many of our Kinsmen could see the TRUTH of our ISRAEL Identity. IT happened all of the time. But since the Filthy EDOMITES have demonized the truth(Christian Identity), the SHEEPLE have exhibited the HYPNOTIZED glazed over eyes, that conditioning is KNOWN for! WHY is it that Timothy McVeigh was associated with Elohim City and then the JEWS in the media dropped that association? It is because they were not RACIST’S but SEPARATIST’S! They KNEW OUR ISRAEL Identity, but were not racist’s. SO it worked against the JEWS to bring attention to them!

              Well, we still have some time to wrestle with these things, and there is but one winner in all matters of our war! And that is the truth! I simply work towards the truth. I seek to expose the EVIL , and those that have used lies to bring about the New World Order!

              This is a creation of the COMMUNIST, so called JEWS! It fits the pattern of behavior, and tactics that they have exhibited since the Book of ESTHER! These EDOMITE JEWS hate ALL of the Sons of ADAM (HUMANKIND) but mostly hate the descendants of those that brought the MESSIAH into the world! Those fake, LYING JEWS created the lie that they are GODS CHOSEN while they are in fact NAMED as the ENEMIES of GOD and HIS people ISRAEL! They have DEMONIZED the true ISRAEL IDENTITY message for over a hundred years. They created the FABLE that they are KHAZAR/ASHKINAZIM JEWS™.

              There is a concerted effort in the world today to destroy the Western NATIONS, not because of the ALLEGED/proposed need of these so called JEWS to control us, or their GREED! Nor is it about their lust for POWER! IT IS A BLOOD ISSUE!

              When you have put all of this together in these articles, this is the only thing that makes sense.
              “Why don’t these scriptures fit the so called “Gods Chosen”?
              “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”
              “GENOCIDE, INFESTATION, INFILTRATION: The Beginning”

              HERE are who MOST JEW really are
              “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”

              Well thanks Mr. B. Give us a call.



      • EDOMS THORN,


      • EDOMS THORN says:
        FACTS are facts!
        Why do they hide the FACT that they are of EDOM?
        Why are they ADL/SPLC the loudest most hate full attackers of our TRUE ISRAEL IDENTITY?

        E.T. I am not going to tell you WHY Israel IS being attacked & WHY you ain’t SEEN nuthin YET, because IF I did TELL YOU where IT IS WRITTEN in the BIBLE ,WHY ,this is happening, & WHY it is going to get worse, & FROM what you have done in the past & continue to do, E.T., YOU will only incorporate it into your agenda to get around the reason WHY. BUT, if you see no way to do that, you may very well say, as you have said before, those scriptures are ADD ON scriptures & not in the original scriptures.


      Our Lord was specific and straightforward in speech and thought. His body
      language was perfected as unapproachable as to be indictable of any manner
      of physical or mental instability. Here this background perception of a
      perfected soul in the image of God. Our Holy scriptures indicate that our
      creator has brought forth both good and evil for His own purposes. Evil
      spirits do rule over flesh and bones of worldly-claimed possessed
      individuals. Obviously, the late psychoanalysts Dr. Sigmund Freud, has
      always reversed the Goya humanity as sub-human, nothing more that less, of
      a Neanderthal nomads, contemporary paranoids, with a club on shoulder
      searching for food, socially unstable, and weighed down with mental
      inferiority, being controlled as mere cattle from the womb to the tomb. Dr.
      Freud appeared to be mentally handicapped with an inborn incapability to
      rid himself of an unholy anal fixation. To socially annihilate this mental
      disease would be to completely destroy Beelzebub and his family devils in
      the flesh. Obviously, this anti-social malignant disorder would pull Freud
      and his fellow travelers bank onto the universal sewer from whence they
      sprang. The personality of Jesus is an opposition to any man that loves
      this world. Lucifer is the prince of this world.

      Condescending as to what God intones into the soul of
      mankind, and as to Freud’s analytic conscription of humanity, Satan
      inspires wicked dispositions of weak and adverse opponents. It is divinely
      decreed that mercy cannot rob justice. One might consider the Great Deluge,
      flood, in witnessing that Jesus and His creator’s commands never waver in
      one degree.
      All in all, we have a web of Gordian complicity leveling down within the
      most elevated echelons of national government. Biblical implication here is
      that Israel has become converse and taken hold of in a whoring after a
      two-party ruling class of which has a hold upon innocent christianity
      through the religious/state political idolatry. The Israel as established
      in 1948 has nothing to do with our Lord’s ministry here on earth. True
      Israel was never established via drones, cannon, bombs, and murder as
      financed by christians within America. The most dangerous and a grave
      danger is the controlled pulpits across America committing high treason
      against our American nation and the very flower of our native youth going
      to their graves while unwillingly unlawfully being forced to fight
      orientalism’s spiritual wars of whom struggle against international
      Bolshevism and of which now has our national two-party nests of political

      Universal Bolshevism is a deadly menace to any civilization
      being established upon christian principles. And astounding as it is, the
      amalgamation of fraudulent religious enterprises have created an arch enemy
      of all freedom loving Americans of whom do not comprehend the dark-side of
      legalized political banditry and its close association with
      pseudo-religious whoredom. The National Educational Association in an
      alliance with the programmed national psychiatry industry, as a ream, have
      unlearned and hampered the future of leaders of America right into the paws
      of an ever incipient stage of a one-world state of socialism.

      In countermanding the ever expanding social and political
      corrosion that is eating the guts out of simple-minded fools of whom have
      individual tow lines feeding from Hollywood and the national news industry
      as mental cripples; we must break this controlling Gordian Knot, not as
      Napoleon did, but pay attention to what a multiplicity of
      communist-controlled pulpits in the hands of alien spies Marxian orientated
      liberalism. An astounding inquiry as to why some churches glory in the
      cross while others do not declare the cross? Within this inquiry one will
      discover as to how Satan needles thoughtless souls into the whims of
      approaching Bolshevism. One side of the mystery of iniquity is that is that
      there is a split between Christ and the cross. In mid-religious scheming we
      discover the Devil’s work shop.

      In comprehensively one becomes amazed to discover the
      outright religious diversion via the cross. The Church of Jesus Christ of
      Latter Day Saints have little regard for the cross. The Jehovah’s Witnesses
      have no regard for the cross. The Jewish religious philosophy holds little
      regard for the cross. Herein is a mystery. The cross has twisted meanings
      as to varied religious functionaries. None of these religions tamper with
      this cross subject. And for this reason monies are funneled into the
      national religious industry. God reveals His intentions to his chosen few.
      John Hagee, Billy Graham, and well =heeled ministers will not bite the hand
      that they feed upon. Hagee and Graham has the master key to the mystery of
      iniquity. These two individual are wire-pullers for national socialism.
      Karl Marx might quip: Religion is an opium for the masses. Hagee and Graham
      appear to be mouth-pieces for Zionism.


  5. In regards to the email notification that I received telling me (and ALL others) that the TROLL “Phil Lings” now “RAY” (That you removed from this thread) was still as I said he was. A “TROLL”! And from my understanding, an EDOMITE JEW! He fits the behavior and displays their tactics. I know EDOM….. But what the hell do I know?

    BMan, the truth does matter, and some simply want to distract from the truth, and DEMONIZE truth tellers! Now Al ADASK, allowed that troll to attack me, with no rebuke for over a week after being banned. I simply pointed out that FACT, and then pointed out that AL ADASK claimed that he does not receive a notification for every comment that gets posted at his ‘blog site’! I then pointed out that I also operate a WordPress site and Al Adask was not being ‘honest’ and by implication, was trying to establish a reason why he was allowing that TROLLS personal attacks without any rebuke.
    Al said that I was ‘Hammering” because I expected an answer from another poster, “Henry” but in no way did Al ADASK. try to settle the ‘dispute'(MODERATE) AL ADASK attacked me for the 5th time!

    So I got banned for defending the truth and myself from that filthy troll’s personal attacks, that were based on his misrepresentation of what I said, and attacking me based on his distortions. And I was also banned for expecting an adult conversation! MANY do not understand how “THE” adult conversation is conducted or occurs! SO they repeat the lies they believe while ignoring the facts that proves their errors!
    I really was only trying to warn you about “Ray” Phil Lings!

    You may find the comment that I made to AL ADASK that got me banned very interesting. As I do not mince my words, I saved it because I understood that AL will not engage in an adult conversation when it is about showing the deception. It is very telling…. I mean here is a man that has made a ‘name’ for himself, proving that “MAN” is not an “Animal” in “LAW” (MOOA) while ignoring that the reason that ‘language’ is in the Law, was from the Babylonian TALMUD, and AL ADASK frowns on ALL that speaks truth about the JEWS! He will actually ridicule those that dare to speak the truth.

    Call me. I have nothing to fear! I just don’t have anyone to talk to that is not fearful!


    • He has 4 comments in the spam cue right now. I have no doubt that he is an asshole, no matter what else he can be described as. More importantly, he has taken my offer of peace and honest discussion and slapped me in the face with it. The whitedove person was him, as well, but he is too stupid to understand I can see his IP address.

      I have taken this opportunity to try and change my interactions with people like him. To try and give him a chance. The last thing I want to do is squash a person’s right to say something CONSTRUCTIVE, but poor lil ole Ray (Phil Lings) doesn’t understand courtesy. He took my olive branch and knocked me in the head.

      So he can kiss my ass. He is not welcomed here and I have had to add his IP to the banned list (he is the first since the purge and I promise it will never be taken out).

      As for what goes on at the other blog, I don’t care. I care about what dick heads say here. Ray is a dick head.


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