Decent Jewess Review

My normal description of a Decent Jew is one that totally disavows their connection to any portion of Judaism. This lady doesn’t go all the way, but close. No matter, her message needs to be heard because I hear very few Jewish people taking this obvious truthful stance. She also doesn’t make the connection to the Jewish owned media or the fact that the reason America supports Israel as it does is because of the Jewish rule of this country. But let’s give credit where some is due.

First seen at WendyTheRedhead’s blog.

(The Jewess uses many F Bombs, just in case you are easily offended)

Published on Nov 19, 2014

Debunking just SOME of the myths surrounding why “Operation Protective Edge” happened after getting into an argument with some Zionist IDF supporters at a local park.

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13 thoughts on “Decent Jewess Review

    • Its one thing for an old redneck like me to point out the problem. It is another, altogether to point it out from inside the tribe.

      I keep saying that I get angry with Jews because they need to do something about their own tribe. I want to point out the ones that do and she deserved the kudos.

      Thanks for commenting!


      • blowback from the ingenious suck BOMB used by Tim McVeigh in OKC
        curiously enough the ADL had the foresight to pay the writers of the
        ANTI-TERRORISM legislation signed by Bill Clinton…to write the
        proposed Legislation at the very same time Timmy was working on
        the magic suck bomb…hmmm

        then Right before Al Quida uses that secret Pancake Recipe in
        Downtown Jew York City on 9/11…the ADL and the Bolsheviks in the
        JEWSA so-called “USGOV” decides the
        Talmudic Terrorist “Law Enforcement” needs to all be under the
        BOLSHEVIK “Home Land Security”…you know cause
        Jesus is a “Jew” and the “Jews” are you know like…
        God’s Chosen People…and all…
        Americans have found themselves in danger from their
        own “Jew” worshipping police officers because they did not object
        to previous abuses – and he said the police response to the
        Boston Marathon bombing proves the situation can only get worse.

        “What we saw in that aftermath was the unilateral suspension of the United States Constitution, and particularly the Fourth Amendment,” Nolan said.
        “We saw for the first time that I can recall in the JEW WORSHIPPING
        United States of America house-to-house searches,” he continued,
        “and what I said to some colleagues of mine, who work in the news media,
        that when we fail to object to what’s going on now, and we did,
        we forfeited our right to do so in the future — and we have.”


        While We Breathe
        We Will Hope


  1. TRUTH totally destroys ALL the “JEWISH” lies…

    reduces them to ashes…it’s in the Bible.

    So-called “Jews” are not even from the tribe of Judah, and cannot be
    “Israelites” or “Israel”….and can only be “2 fold the child of hell” just as
    Jesus said, miraculously NO ONE ON EARTH HAS to be a “JEW”…

    now one would think that that is terrific NEWS especially for so-called
    “JEWS” who are kept HOSTAGE in the stool sculpture deity cult compound by
    FEAR and intimidation by the Satanic “Jews” who freaking PRINT CURRENCY
    and OWN the MEDIA…and pay the degenerate PERVERTS at the ADL and the
    SYNAGOGUES OF SATAN to frighten “little Jews” by announcing all the
    ANTI-SEMITISM…in the White People nations…”Europe” & USA & Canada..etc.


    Ten years ago the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe convened a conference on European anti-Semitism. Last week it met to assess what had happened in the past decade.
    The signs are not good…for the “Jewish” narrative….which is one lie after another.

    While a good part of the meeting was dedicated to official presentations by the participating nations, it was what one heard in the hallway over coffee that was most significant.
    At one point the ZOG White House delegation, of which I was part,
    met with representatives of an array of European Jewish communities.
    What we heard left me shaken.

    We knew about the murders in the Brussels Jewish museum, the children gunned down on the Toulouse schoolyard, the fate of Ilan Halimi, a young French Jew who had been lured by a group of Muslims who then held him captive, tortured and eventually murdered him. We were aware of the violent demonstrations, assaults on synagogues, and the aggressive rhetoric…
    – including “Jews to the gas” — that had occurred in various European cities.

    We anticipated that this would be our informants’ main concern.

    While they certainly worried about this type of violence, what weighed upon them more was a “changed daily routine” that leaves them feeling “under threat.”
    Schools and Jewish institutions are under heavy guard.
    While this reassured some people, other parents described how,
    when they deposit their children at the Jewish schools and see the
    visibly armed guards protecting the site, rather than feeling reassured,
    they are reminded of the Toulouse schoolyard and the murdered children.

    But in addition to the physical assault another attack is occurring. But for the fact that it does not take lives or break bones (no small thing), its long-term consequences may be more profound.

    Jews face an inner spiritual and psychological assault. . . . WHY ?
    Why hate the Truth as a way of life…where does that lead…?
    Young people described being Jewish as having become a negative, a burden.
    “We are continuously on the defensive. It’s depressing.”
    Guy, a young “Jew” faux-Dutchman, recalled that not long ago a bunch of his
    SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Jesus hating Jewish friends gathered to celebrate his birthday.
    “What,” he asked us with an ironic smile, “do a group of young men talk about when they
    gather to drink beer and enjoy themselves?
    The Holohoax, anti-Semitism, and insecurity.”
    In certain countries children who attend Jewish schools are warned….
    — if not “forbidden” —
    from wearing anything that would single them out as Jews.
    No school insignias on the book bags, no school symbols on their jackets, no kippot.
    Many Jews feel abandoned by former allies… that great news or what…?
    Jesus hating Satanic Jewish groups, both on campus and in the broader community,
    have long participated in coalitions of human rights organizations…’s true.
    “The problem is,” a young Jesus hating “JEW” & faux-Belgian observed,
    “that these human rights groups don’t consider Jews to be ‘victims.’
    We may not face job discrimination. But we face words of truth violence.”
    Even after four Jews were murdered by the Mossad at the Brussels Jewish museum,
    some European human rights activists dismissed anti-Semitism as “only words” and of no real importance. Some of their colleagues even suggested that this all happened
    “because of TERRORIST TALMUDIA in Palestine,” i.e. it was justified.
    “In short,” one young woman observed, “we have no allies.”
    Why is this happening?
    There are multiple reasons…..more than six million…?
    Much of the overt expressions of hostility come from a growing Muslim population.
    Their hostility towards Jews is directly linked to their hostility towards Zionist Terrorist Talmudia. For them Jews, Israelis, and Zionists are all the same. Their hostility has long predated the Gaza conflict. But they are not the only source. There are right wing national parties, such as the Golden Dawn in Greece, which fall back on traditional hostility towards Jesus hating Satanic Jews.
    But there are also the European cultural elites, most of whom have remained decidedly silent as this scourge grows. Situated on the political left, they are critical of TALMUDIA the Satanic Zionist Psychopathic TERRORIST JEWISH ASSHOLE STATE in Palestine and have conflated anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hostility. They seem unconcerned that segments of Europe are on the path to once again becoming Judenrein. One would think that but seventy years after the HoloHOAX the possibility would horrify them….but nooo…they’re actually looking forward to all the Jews going into the ovens of Truth and leaving only a pile of ashes.

    Some Jews, unsure that they have a “future” in Europe are leaving countries where generations of their families have lived. They head to the stool sculpture deity cult compound in Palestine for psychopathic asshole Jews called Talmudia, London, the United States, and Canada.
    Their former so-called friends predict: “They will never come back. “

    Many will probably stay put — emigrating is not an easy task — but will become “invisible Jews.” Young Jews repeatedly spoke of their contemporaries who “are going underground.”
    Students feel it increasingly uncomfortable to say “I’m Jewish.”
    They disengage from campus Jewish life….the first step in leaving the stool sculpture deity cult compound…and being free of all the LIES…

    Over the past two decades thanks to the MONEY CHANGERS and PHARISEES and MASS HYNOSIS on Talmud Vision there has been a resurgence of SATANIC Jesus hating Jewish life in much of Europe.
    Jewish cultural celebrations, schools, kindergartens, camps, and learning festivals have multiplied. Many are flourishing but, as one American who has lived in Germany for over thirty years observed, “if this atmosphere continues it will undo all these good stool sculpture thingys.”
    Recently her eleven-year-old daughter saw a Jesus hating man at a bus stop.
    His attire made it clear that he was a Jew.
    Turning to her mother, she announced: “He can’t walk around that way.”
    When her mother assured her that it was his right to wear whatever he wanted, the daughter insisted that he should not do it because “it’s not safe.”

    from the mouths of babes, eh …!
    When your young “JEWISH” children understand that it is not safe for them to
    express Jesus hating “JEWISHNESS” , who they are, the future is not bright.

    Freaking disgusting JEWESS mouth piece from the Synagogue of Satan :
    Deborah E. Lipstadt is Dorot Professor of Modern Satanic Jewish and HolyHOAX Studies
    at Emory University. She chairs the ZOG US HoloHoax Museum’s Committee on
    Anti-Semitism and State Sponsored HoloHoax Denial…..simply marvelous, eh ?
    She was a member of the Presidential delegation to the OSCE Conference last week in Berlin.
    Read more: about the Children of Israel who never turned into paranoid schizophrenic
    psychopathic CULT MEMBERS of the stool sculpture deity cult
    of the “JEWISH” terrorists cult of Zionist assholes of the Synagogue of Satan who MUST
    Hate Jesus to be a “good” so-called “Jew” !!!

    Tell a “Jew” the Truth that knowing the truth is the exit strategy from the cult compound
    No One HAS to stay in the Cult Compound…they could come out.

    shout it from the mountain tops… !!!


      • And I thought it was an HOMAGE to Prince Mongo…!

        honestly, just this morning, real early like…cause today is Saturday
        I’m like goody CARTOONS…!!

        and silliness isn’t my thing…I do so enjoy a good laugh at every available
        opportunity, and Queen Noor, on loan from the Almighty never fails to
        deliver the goods…Thank Jesus.

        I’ve never met Prince Mongo, or even talked to him on the phone….
        but there are some ways to achieve progress by humor, and in that regard
        you deserve three thumbs up…!!!

        EVERYBODY needs to laugh alot…even when everything seems so depressing

        REJOICE EVERMORE….it’s in the Bible.

        Not that Americans are not outraged when certain religions engage in superior/inferior dichotomies.

        The Cryptocracy has given permission to the media and the churches to fill
        the airwaves and the pulpits with intensive discussion and study of the low
        status of non-Muslims — the so-called “Dhimmi.” [501c3] Churches both
        conservative Protestant and traditional Catholic, have expressed outrage at the inferior status allegedly assigned to them by Islam.
        Yet every one of the goyim, from the wretchedly dehumanized Palestinians, to the testosterone-fueled, super-patriot American “friends of Israel,” are all Esau in the eyes of Orthodox Judaism. This is not a cause for concern or alarm however, for either the Church, “our” media, or most Americans.
        There is instead an incredibly dopey faith in the benevolence of the religion that arose on the premise that the Son of God deserved to be killed.
        The rot that infects our nation is deeper than we can imagine.
        Copyright {away} ©2014. All Rights Reserved….and then some.
        Michael’s Nov. 18 poem,
        “The Heart of the World Bleeds for the Master Race,” can be read here.

        hold fast to that which is good…

        how about a header contest for “Rednecks”…a veritable scavenger hunt
        for the most compelling images that reflect our current condition
        in the JEWNITED STATES….where the less you know the better off you’ll be.
        {my own opinion is something uplifting and encouraging…accentuate the positive}
        details & images…something beautiful & awe inspiring, elevating the small
        little beat down Redneck to some uplifting distant Vista for a panoramic view of
        History…and the goal of all the Men and Women who through selfless devotion
        promoted the ideas of Truth and Justice…for all.

        should be fairly easy

        While we breath
        We will hope !!


        • Speaking of the Prince, Dr Doug knew him. I have a couple of friends that used to party with the man many years ago. He is as fun and crazy as he is made out.

          I recently saw a clip of him on American Pickers (he is known to be a hoarder of mega weird stuff).


  2. Decent Jews?

    Until they start coming out and denouncing the bat-shit crazy Netanyahu administration and further demand that ‘Bibi’ and company be arrested and tried for war crimes, I don’t see any ‘decent’ Jews.


  3. TEL AVIV, Israel — A left-wing artist who posted a video of
    herself defecating on an Israeli flag to protest the country’s treatment of Palestinians appeared in court on Monday facing charges of desecrating a national symbol. The video entitled “S*** instead of blood” was posted on Natali Cohen Vaxberg’s Facebook page on July 18 – and provoked outrage. “It’s disgusting, also a democracy has its limits,” Miriam Levi wrote after the video was re-posted on Friday. Chen Bee wrote: “I want to complain, she hurt my feelings and my nation… Who can I complain to?” Cohen Vaxberg was arrested on Sunday and released on bail following a brief court appearance on Monday.

    More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed and some during this summer’s war in Gaza. Meanwhile, 72 Israelis died — 67 of them soldiers. This is the highest fatality rate since Israel’s 2006 war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah. This isn’t the first time Cohen Vaxberg has caused an outcry. She shocked visitors to Israel’s Holocaust museum in April, according to The Jerusalem Post, when she recited a monologue that included the lines: “I am the Holocaust, the best thing that ever happened to you!”


      • These are the new, Waffen SS of Ignorance AND…
        who owns and operates every one of these mediums?
        Who is responsible for the ‘quality’ or rather lack thereof in all of this?
        Duh…..double DUH DUH !


        There is only one reason that so much time and expense is being invested in anti-criticism/hate laws and historical fantasy promotion ….ANTI-BULLYING
        and that is because they are actually doing what they are making it
        against the law for you to point out and identify.
        This is also the reason that they routinely engineer assaults against
        themselves because of their much greater relentless assaults against others.

        Southern California…..could get really interesting…

        The anti-Semitism weaponized at California universities has now infected campuses around the country. The academic community bears the blame for its star studded indifference to this ugliness and its outright enthusiasm for tormenting Jewish students and faculty….with deafening silence, and occasional nods of approval.

        But the Jewish community must also acknowledge its failure to effectively combat
        this dangerous trend…by not producing an avalanche of lies, a veritable
        TSUNAMI of half truths and outright misleading statements…24/7 on Talmud Vision
        Mainstream Jewish institutions have been AWOL from the battle.
        Now that Abe Foxman is finally retiring from the Notoriously Defaming
        Anti-Defamation League,
        it’s time to replace him with someone who
        knows how to start winning at telling lies for filthy lucre…
        and double down on the Holohoax Narrative


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