Cancer Patients That Are Simply Cheating The System For A Buzz…

There is hope…

Hope, even for a teen with brain cancer

Winlock 15-year-old Taylor Rehmeyer has battled an aggressive brain cancer for nearly a decade with chemotherapy and radiation. But she and her mother say it was marijuana that finally cured her.

“She got an MRI (in May) that said no major abnormalities. The doctors at Seattle Children’s Hospital don’t want to admit it was cannabis, but I don’t care. She’s cancer-free,” Karen Owen said in a recent interview. “It’s more than we could have ever hoped for.”

Taylor was diagnosed at age 6 with a rare brain tumor that has returned three times.

In September 2012, Taylor was one of the first children in America to receive proton radiation at Philadelphia’s Roberts Proton Therapy Center. The high-tech treatments worked — for awhile. Taylor’s tumor shrunk after initial radiation sessions but started growing again last August.

That’s when Owen, determined to heal her daughter, turned to marijuana oil therapy.

Hope, even for the idiotic, lying, Drug Warriors

Michigan Prosecutor Loses Case After Anti-Medical Marijuana Rant

An attorney’s opinionated rant against marijuana in a Michigan courtroom last week cost her a case, even though most seemed to agree she had won.

In her closing arguments in a case against a Michigan medical cannabis patient accused of growing more than he was allowed, Alger County prosecutor Karen Bahrman went off on a tear on the state’s medical marijuana laws, the Alger Hemp Coalition, a local cannabis advocacy group, and patients in general. She said their vision was to live in a “country where everybody can walk around stoned.”

Basically, she wants medical cannabis patients to sit down, shut up and don’t make any waves – even if things don’t seem right.

“They do nothing to support the government services they want, and have nothing but criticism for the government services they don’t want,” Bahrman ranted. “We’re trespassers and tramplers of their rights right up until they need us to protect them from the violence that they attract to the community.”

Paul Heminger, the man on trial for growing more than he was allowed, was sentenced to six months in jail at the time but has since been issued a new trial by the court, who agreed on a 3-0 vote that Bahrman went too far with her “unfounded, irrelevant and inflammatory statements.”

“The prosecutor embarks on a political commentary, and a personal diatribe discrediting the (law) as a whole,” the court ruled. “She calls the act ‘meaningless,’ and suggests that those suffering from chronic pain are simply cheating the system.”

Times are a’changin’. Sanity begins to show.

It won’t be long now…

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10 thoughts on “Cancer Patients That Are Simply Cheating The System For A Buzz…

  1. Back in the “day” I “inhaled” and my dad said he smoked in the early fifty’s “before it was fashionable”. The benefits of cannabis far out ways the phony claims of the Government control freaks. But it was the benefits that is the reason that this ‘weed’ was attacked and prohibited in the first place! IT was big timber interests that caused the production of hemp to cease in America. The benefits of Hemp production competed with big timber.

    Allowing for mans freewill and personal responsibility is also ignored, for the interest of power and control, and the very clear potential of the economic benefits that Government could not control, if ‘hemp’ remained free of their control.

    For the Government to continue the war on HEMP at the expense of ‘quality of life’ for so many that CAN benefit from the use of POT, is evil. Are you aware that the ‘pills’ that are manufactured from hemp can not get you “HIGH”? Those medical benefits are real! You may have researched this before. I’m “JUST SAYING”

    And why is getting ‘stoned’ a bad thing for ANY one, especially those that are suffering? Why fill up the Courts and Jails with people that have harmed no one? Show me one drunk that has not caused harm to others. That is hard to do.


  2. from the violence that they attract to the community.

    WTF is this nutcase talking about?

    Bet she is a devout ‘Christian’ that loves tossing pot heads in jail and letting the violent tugs get away with light sentences.


    • To me, her testimony is crucial for the kind of people you are talking about. Like my Mother. My Mother is totally against cannabis because of a brainwashing. She also cares about people’s well-being and health, but somehow she cannot allow the idea of pot being healthy coexist in her pot is evil head.

      At least this woman is able to bridge that gap.

      And I bet that at some point, she will be totally on board. I am not sure I can say the same thing about my own mother, unfortunately.


      • Oops. I just realized you were talking about Bahrman. LOL

        The first woman has (had) a bias against it, as well. And to a certain extent, it is still there.

        I have used the stuff in the past a great deal, and even I fell for the bullshit back then. I mean, I knew some of it was malarkey, but as for cancer etc, I believed them.

        I can tell you this. If weed was going to cause cancer, I would have died twenty years ago.


        • PERFECT PRECISION PING….this just in from

          IFOWARS….”Jew” worshipping causes Cancer….
          that and watching Talmud Vision….

          Elizabeth Warren has gone on her first foreign trip to…
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          Palestine and Jordan are thrown in as the fixins.
          Reported first by the Boston Globe, Warren’s jaunt took her to
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          What kind of signal does that send to our State Department?

          The road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue runs through the
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          You may remember that Warren refused to criticize TERRORIST TALMUDIA
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          Progressives protested her hawkish views at an event she had in September.
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          have over Elizabeth Warren?
          This is a strict case of the power of the lobby, the big donors inside the
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          Obama jokingly referred to three big J Street-affiliated donors as his “cabal.”

          For more on donors, read Anshel Pfeffer on that meeting
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          It was like a scene out of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”
          Two immensely wealthy Jews, key financiers of the main political
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          Only, instead of taking place at the dead of night in a Jewish cemetery in Prague,
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          You’d never see that in an American publication.
          No; here the emperor is fully clad.
          As William McGowan pointed out before I did.
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          Israel’s President, Reuven Rivlin, told reporters,
          “We don’t want to see ourselves as Jews being in
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          ” Ultra-nationalist Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman
          (unfairly) accused P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas of trying to
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          The Israeli mainstream media, too, has raised this possibility.
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          Perfect Precision



    how is it that the “JEW” worshipping cult members in the “JEW” worshipping
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    the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    requires that everyone repeat the same lies verbatim…
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    and live in Beverly Hills…with the “JEWS” of HOLLYWOOD.
    WHY…why did the JEWNITED STATES “government” {self government} pass up the opportunity
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    Define : BLASPHEMY


  4. I see your readers have picked up on an Associated Press story regarding our prosecutor using inflammatory and outright misleading statements to a jury about the Alger Hemp Coalition. This was done in an attempt to jail a disabled man found growing small amounts of personal marijuana. I would like to address one statement I find particularly egregious. “They do nothing to support the government services they want, and have nothing but criticism for the government services they don’t want,”. This statement shows a definite lack of research, and a willingness to bend facts when she desires. Since its inception, Alger Hemp Coalition has maintained an Adopt a Highway along M-28, donated to the animal shelter on a regular basis, and have given to local food pantries. We have not been quiet, and our meetings have been open to the public for years. We advocate to remove the criminal element from marijuana sales and bring it to a licensed, accountable, light of day business, ran by members within our local community. Our activities also include educating members about changing legal landscapes, safe growing techniques, and energy efficiency. This has led many who have been too handicapped to re-enter the workforce, to ditch the government dole and become a productive part of society. We pay property taxes, buy goods, groceries, and gas locally, returning the money organized crime used to ship out of our county, to our community. We have kids and grandkids in school here and would support a taxation system to improve the quality of their education. Yet, we repeatedly have stumbling blocks placed in front of us by officials within our court system who choose to reinterpret law to best fill pockets and jails. This turns any financial benefit from marijuana back into a minus, not to mention what it does to those it ensnares into the penal system, many to never return. It’s a sad day when our prosecutor, assumed to be unbiased, sides with the drug dealers against any sort of accountable, regulated, business. Perhaps this was what she referred to when she concluded her statement “…criticism for the government services they don’t want,”. I doubt a public official disregarding law they don’t agree with, a service ANY of us want, or should pay a salary for. Perhaps we need more critics, they don’t cost taxpayer money.
    Mike McHaney
    Alger Hemp Coalition


    • Thanks for the comment, Mike.

      I am quite sure that everyone reading here would be in total agreement with you (if you didn’t catch it, the title was completely tongue-in-cheek). I assure you that I consider your group a positive influence.

      Bahrman is a disgrace but is basically the norm in legal land.


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