What Did The Allies Really Know About Gas Chambers And Other German “Atrocities”?


Statement by Head of British Intelligence about gas-chamber stories

Public Record Office Document, FO 371/34551

27 August, 1943

“In my opinion it is incorrect to describe Polish information regarding German atrocities as “trustworthy.’ The Poles, and to a far greater extent the Jews, tend to exaggerate German atrocities in order to stoke us up. They seem to have succeeded.

Mr Allen and myself have both followed German atrocities quite closely. I do not believe that there is any evidence which would be accepted in a Law Court that Polish children have been killed on the spot by Germans when their parents were being deported to work in Germany, nor that Polish children have been sold to German settlers. As regards putting Poles to death in gas chambers, I do not believe that there is any evidence that this has been done, There have been many stories to this effect, and we have played them up, in P.W.E. [Psy Warfare Executive] rumours without believing that they had any foundation. At any rate there is far less evidence than exists for the mass murder of Polish officers by the Russians at Katyn. On the other hand we do know that the Germans are out to destroy Jews of any age unless they are fit for manual labour.

I think that we weaken our case against the Germans by publicly giving credence to atrocity stories for which we have no evidence. These mass executions in gas chambers remind me of the story of employment of human corpses during the last war for the manufacture of fat, which was a grotesque lie and led to the true stories of German enormities being brushed aside as being mere propaganda…”

(signed) V Cavendish-Bentinck

And the Jews STILL “stoke us up” with constant lies and deceit. It was known back then, but now people believe their lies and worship them as Gods who can do no wrong.


h/t WhatReallyHappened

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9 thoughts on “What Did The Allies Really Know About Gas Chambers And Other German “Atrocities”?

  1. Dude/brother…have seen your link a shtfplan for a long time. (Don’t comment there much anymore but a few have good intell.) Clicked on it this morning and was there for 2 hrs. scrolling…

    Fucking awesome…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    Some how I don’t think you won’t.


    • Hey,

      Thanks, but honestly, I am not sure what you are talking about. Do you have a link?

      I think that I added a comment at the shtf blog over the last day or two, but I comment so much, I am not positive.


      • Sorry for the confusion…I…clicked on your red moniker and this, your blog/site came up…I…seldom comment at shtf anymore. I believe that over the last few years, I have seen you comment from time to time and I usually check out those who have a blog.

        The research and documentation that you present here about the ZOG is as clear as it gets. I just wish more could see it. I have witnessed it my whole life but never understood it until I woke up in early 2010.


  2. one would think that the specs for those industrial Jew Gassing Chambers
    would be available…but like you know the secret Al Quida Pancake Recipe,
    the formula for the Timmy McVeigh Suck Bomb,
    the time machine that
    transports 3 million unwashed phallic worshipping
    beastly, TRULY BEASTLY…
    from 7th Century AD to 1500 BC back to Egypt with a TALMUD and
    the KOL NIDRE and the HAVA NAGILA …Ha Tikva, the MATZO BALLS &
    a night at the museum of let’s pretend

    that Jesus was a “Jew” and the “Jews” are God’s Chosen people…


    • YEAHWAY….there’s more…lots more…

      check this out

      We are not just prisoners to instinct but possess free will and
      reasoning sufficient to break the chains of our past.
      Destiny depends on our choice and our children.

      Children should be carefully taught from a young age about
      the nature and existence of “JEWISHNESS” which is evil.
      They should be guided through the principles of how to prevent it.
      Like Knowing the Truth about the “Jewish” narrative which is a LIE
      right from the pit of hell…or “Jewtopia”..!!!

      They must be shown that the love of MONEY and rejecting the truth is
      SPIRITUAL & MENTAL laziness and narcissism are at the very root of all
      “human evil” & Mankind Evil which is “JEW” worshipping,
      and how to overcome the natural tendency to… & here’s the punch line
      …abnegate moral responsibility for decision making….
      seriously, and to reach a TRUE conclusion {Decision} one simply
      must find out the truth…Ya Ya.


      the Truth is that the Old Testament is not about the “Jews”…there
      are no “JEWS” in the Old Testament, and the children of Israel
      never turned into so-called “Jews”….

      The power of the obvious is as great or as muted as the mind of the perceiver.
      You see what you see based on what you permit yourself to realize,
      to the degree that that realization puts you in danger of estrangement
      from your colleagues and the world around you.
      The world is sick {of Jew Worshipping} and you are sick {of Jew worshipping},
      to the extent that you accommodate it,
      for the purpose of the sensation and appearance of
      “operational harmony”
      and a security in the freedom to maintain your place in it.

      England and principally London and more specifically, The City,
      is the financial center of the planet.
      Decisions of life and death the world over are made in
      “The City” and the will of The City dictates the policy of the House of Lords,
      the House of Commons and #10 Downing Street.
      MI5 and MI6 are the leashed and unleashed Doberman Pinchers of “Commerce”.
      The Black Nobility of the Royal Family and the debauched aristocrats
      who use the Magna Carta for toilet paper every day,
      are with loving and fearful fealty, bent low to osculate,
      possibly in the manner of the French, the central locus of the devil’s rear end.
      It’s a religious experience.
      The first line of offense is the international bankers.
      Chief among them is the Satanic Rothschild dynasty,
      whose main focus is the spread of DISHARMONY, dissension,
      discord and the promulgation of wars for the …
      “purpose of financial profit” and JEW TERRORIST
      “geopolitical advantage”
      in the pursuit of financial ECONOMIC TERRORISM
      “profit”…AKA “FILTHY LUCRE”.
      Until the primary source of world wide oppression
      discontent is rendered impotent,
      there can be NO JUSTICE AND NO PEACE….

      be a peacemaker…know the truth and share the truth
      with a “Jew” worshipper…IN GOOD FAITH.



    here’s a “Jew” worshipper cruzing for an early OVEN…experience in Jew York city

    Jewish life in New York is dominated by Satanic ritual.
    UN-Holy days. A pastrami reuben on a hero at Katz’s.
    The reading of UNholy books in cycles that take seven and a half years (the Talmud)
    And just as reliably,
    there’s the ritual of Zionist Terrorist “JEW” worshipping PSYCHOPHANTS
    or so-called “presidential candidates” “JEW POO” sniffing around for
    moolah, clams, bucks, “FRN’s” or dough right after the midterm selections.

    That last one got going in earnest yesterday and today,
    with JEW POO Psychophant Senator Ted Cruz although not of Texas is an
    alleged “Representative” of the State of Texas, that WORSHIPS “JEWISH TERRORISTS”
    aka..The Money Changers & Pharisees…who HATE Jesus as a religion…
    & was making a “whirlwind tour” of power Jews in Jew York City.
    Last night, Mort Klein’s Zionist Organization of America dinner featured
    Mr. Zionist KNEEPAD wearing & Jew Worshipper fellatilist Cruz,
    known for his steadfast and aggressive support of Zionist
    ASSHOLE TERRORIST “JEWS” in Talmudia, in a prominent speaking role.
    Zionist ASSHOLE TERRORIST “JEWS” in Attendence included Alan Dershowitz,
    Psycophant Hog jowled Skillit lickin’ hedgerow “Pastor” John Hagee, and
    Home Depot founder from the EMET GROUP Bernie Marcus.
    Those who made the scene at a fancy VIP pre-dinner buffet included
    Zionist Terrorist billionaire Ira Rennert, ZOG Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann,
    former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro,
    Public Relations forked tounguer “authority” Ronn Torossian,
    Bernstein Global Wealth Management (*) Jeff Wiesenfeld,
    plus SATANIC Jesus Hating Talmudic Rabbis Avi Weiss and Shmuley Boteach.
    Reviews of Mr. Cruz were uniformly positive as many New York Jews got their first taste
    of the tea party darling and discovered, to the shock of some, that the Princeton-educated lawyer was rather well-spoken and engaging…..

    Read more : about the “Love of Money”….


    woe unto ye hypocrites…

    The Satanic/Talmudic rabbi of a major modern Orthodox synagogue in Jew Jersey
    has written a blog post that calls for TALMUDIA to collectively punish
    “Arab Israelis and Palestinians” until they realize…DIG THIS CHUTZPAH…
    “they have no future in the land of Israel.”

    In the post, written Friday and titled “Dealing with Savages,”
    SATANIC/TALMUDIC so-called Rabbi Steven Pruzansky of Congregation
    Bnai Yeshurun in Teaneck offers suggestions that range from destroying
    whole Palestinian towns to uprooting the Dome of the Rock.

    “There is a war for the land of Israel that is being waged,
    and the Arabs who dwell in the land of Israel are the enemy
    in that war and must be vanquished,” Pruzansky dung doodled feverishly.

    Satanic/Talmudic Pruzansky refers to “the Arab-Muslim animals that
    span the globe chopping, hacking and merrily decapitating,” and then writes,

    “At a certain point, the unrestrained behavior of unruly animals becomes
    the fault of the zookeeper, not the animals.”

    the “TARES” are going in the ovens…wailing & gnashing of teeth…Jesus


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