Ferguson Foolishness and The Morons Who Fell For It


What is wrong with people? Even some of my trusted sources are falling for the mind game. Others, like Alex Jones’ idiotic group (and brainless followers) have been instrumental in pushing the meme that Mike Brown was an innocent child that was brutally murdered by a “killer cop” named Wilson. Paul Craig Roberts, Steve Lendman, Exposing The Truth, Kevin Barrett, and many, many more, have all taken the bait. The MSM is still pulling the Trayvon card of posting child images of Brown, and this time it doesn’t make you suspect of motive?

You were just Trayvoned

You were just Trayvoned

The claim is that America is a Police State and the cops have gone crazy. If you read here, I take these rogue cops to task frequently, so in the scheme of things, I agree. But why latch your wagon to this event? Why push the lie that Wilson is a killer cop, when it is obvious from the reports and from the testimonies of eye witnesses (most of them) that the cop was “in the right” and “did what he had to do” (page 44 of this document) to protect himself? I mean, can’t you people find a real event to get pissed about instead of falling for the government/MSM race bait? Are you all that gullible?

If one wants to know what happened without regurgitating the lying MSM (as many of these above are doing), just read here. I have spent hours this morning reading all of it, especially the various eye witness testimonies. Mostly, they back Wilson’s account. There are a few exceptions, like Dorian Johnson’s testimony, but how serious can that be taken when one understands he was Brown’s accomplice in the strongarm robbery of the blunts at the convenience store? Why has his testimony changed, where he first said that the cop pulled up beside Brown, reached out and started choking the 6’6″ 290# man? Why was it that within a day, Johnson was being hidden/protected by the NAACP and it took the cops quite a while to get his explanation? Why would anyone put his testimony as more truthful than the others? Its not like he has nothing to hide.

Read this lady’s journal entry about what she saw.

Why are local citizens/witnesses being threatened to not say anything (page 190 and many other places), including death threats (page130), “fear of retaliation from the neighborhood residents” (while suggesting the other witnesses were telling “blatant lies”[page 96]),  and even refusing to submit to a subpoena for their testimony for fear of their lives? Why did a pastor call a detective working the case to tell him that a member of his church told him that Dorian Johnson was lying in his TV interviews (page 74).

Just one example of the threats from page 190:

The following information documents the Saint Louis County Police Department?s investigative activities on
Thursday, October 16, 2014.

At approximately 9:00 Detective met with
agreed to have a conversation with Detective in
his unmarked police vehicle about his concerns with providing a statement of his account of the incident.
only agreed to the conversation with the agreement the conversation not be recorded.

began the conversation by saying he had already told investigators from Saint Louis County Police
Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he was not willing to formally discuss the incident,
but he was willing to discuss his fears.

went on to discuss his fears about being a witness and the threats that had been made to the residents of
Canfield Green Apartment Complex. He said notes had been posted on various apartment buildings
threatening people not to talk to the police, and gunshots were still being fired every night. took those
gunshots as a threat to let residents know people were still watching.

During the conversation, stated there were at least 10 other people who were outside and saw exactly
what happened. He was not willing to provide names of any of those individuals.

briefly talked about the incident itself and stated P.O. Darren Wilson told Michael Brown ?no less than 10
times to get down? while they were both on the street. As P.O. Darren Wilson was yelling that, Michael Brown
was “walking fast? toward P.O. Darren Wilson with his “hands at his sides.? He said Michael Brown did not
comply with any of PD. Darren Wilson?s commands. said he never saw Michael Brown with his
hands raised.

The conversation with was concluded at approximately 9:20 am. when ended the conversation by
saying he would not be a witness and exited the vehicle. Prior to exiting the car, was served with a Saint
Louis County Grand Jury Subpoena for October 16, 2014. He said he would not show up for the appearance.

Why did Witness Number 10 have three variations of testimony? The final one exonerates Wilson, where the first two did not. And is this Witness Number 10 the same guy that was murdered recently?

As I have shared on several blogs the last few days, I despise cops. I don’t trust them as a whole. But I do try to look at individual circumstances and try to determine in my own mind what has truly happened. As I have studied this circus, it is apparent that Wilson was an obvious policeman, in uniform, and in a HUGE Suburban decked out with police insignia and blue lights. There was no mistaking him for anything but a policeman.

So, how many of you would reach in to a cop car and start punching the cop, no matter WHAT reason Brown felt he had? Seriously. Does that sound like sanity to you? How many of you steal and intimidate convenience store clerks and when approached by a cop minutes afterwards, decide to beat him, call him a pussy, and then try to take his gun? How many black people do this kind of thing?

How many people do you know that speak about Jesus as Lord, then minutes later strong arm a clerk and steal shit? Praise God?

Oh, and why does anyone believe that lying scumbag, Sharpton? Isn’t clear that whenever he is around there is bullshit flowing? And this doesn’t even get in to all the race baiting and other Jew bullshit from CNN clowns like Blitzer and that idiot Toobin?

What I am saying is that you are all being played for chumps and a good many of you have fallen for it.

Blacks are pissed at whites. Why? WTF did I do? When have I ever oppressed you? When has anyone I know in my entire life ever oppressed you? Why did the Missouri black senator say this was their race war?

Its all theater to cause the very race divisions I have been talking about for years and to further the militarization of this police state. And you chumps are all on board.


Its stupid and will backfire.

And its not like the MSM and Papa Obama are screaming for justice for this guy, who was murdered by a black cop (h/t WendyTheRedhead)

“Burn This Bitch Down!”

~ Michael Brown’s convict step father

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32 thoughts on “Ferguson Foolishness and The Morons Who Fell For It

  1. From a black man:

    Black Thugs Aren’t Black Hereos

    If America wants to move beyond racism we must first move past the Democrat party. The black community is virtually void of “American pride” because we don’t know our American history and we don’t trust our God.

    Can you imagine a Mount Rushmore erected with the faces of black heroes of the past? Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass , George Washington Carver, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Hiram Rhodes Revels (the first black ever elected to congress during Reconstruction) are just a few that come to mind. Now picture the faces of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin (hoodie included) memorialized into that same mountain top alongside any of the two above mentioned heroes. You can’t can you?

    As America awaits for the Clayton, Missouri grand jury to decide whether or not criminal charges will be brought against officer Darren Wilson, I contend we should’ve never gotten to this point. As heart wrenching as it is to witness any youth die too soon, Michael Brown’s story should have never made it past the local news. In fact, if officer Darren Wilson were either a black officer or a black thug it wouldn’t have! Liberals avoid nationalizing stories of blacks killing blacks because it doesn’t fit their “America is a racist country” narrative. I can’t help but to imagine how minority lives would be drastically changed for the better, and even spared, if media cameras were often turned away from white police officers and towards young black thugs. Perhaps, it would begin a wave of introspection in the ‘hood like never before.

    It’s no coincidence that the flames of racial tension were set ablaze during the 2012 presidential campaign after the death of Trayvon Martin, and yet again for Michael Brown who was killed on the eve of this year’s midterms. Liberals, whether in the media or government, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Unfortunately, it’s the families and communities of the victims that are left behind that pay the price of the Left’s irresponsible race baiting long after the media has left the scene, and democrats have driven another phony racist narrative in order to keep black voters mad and others divided. Apparently, it’s acceptable to hold police officers in places like Ferguson, Missouri accountable for the death of a black teen as long as the officer is white, but God forbid blacks are held accountable for all of the deaths that result from black-on-black crime in every major city around the country annually.

    This double standard has done more damage than good to the black community. Far too many blacks are incapable of distinguishing real black heroes from convenient black heroes. By today’s standards the names I began this article with would probably be considered “sellouts,” especially since all but one were Republicans. Yet these are the heroes most likely to inspire most of America’s black youth still today. For whatever reason, the black community has but a handful of real heroes. As a result, we pay tribute to many people who don’t deserve our praise or affirmation.

    It’s not a noteworthy accomplishment to die due to one’s own bad choices. There’s nothing heroic about thugs and crime. Americans use to keep them in their rightful place, jail. Now we can find them plastered on our kids bedroom walls. Once upon a time morality and societal pressure brought about repentance (a change of heart and behavior) in some criminal minded individuals. Unfortunately, unwarranted and violent protest like that of Ferguson, Missouri do nothing but enable and train our black youths to disregard the rule of law rather than respect it. Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin weren’t killed because they were black. They were killed because they made bad choices.

    Nothing halts economic prosperity and cultural evolution of a race like the belief that dreams and justice are unattainable simply because of one’s skin color. Frankly, despite pockets of undeniable racism, we haven’t lived in that America for nearly one hundred and fifty years (perhaps 40 years in parts of the south). Blacks that pretend otherwise are complicit in the demise of their own people.

    Show me a young black male that has a good dad or a strong male role model, and who can read, write, speak well and has good work ethic and I’ll show you someone who will succeed in life. Show me a black male who speaks as though English is his second language, knows the latest top ten hits on the FM dial, every reality show star on MTV, BET or ETV, and wears his pants under his butt and I’ll show you a young black angry male with little chance of success unless he makes it in the NBA, NFL, or as a hip hop star.

    When I’m in the hood, I’m not concerned when I spot a police officer, I’m relieved. Law abiding citizens typically don’t have to worry about cops. Truth be known, black ladies clutch their purses in the hood too, and black men watch their backs. If there were more black heroes walking the streets of Ferguson perhaps the protestors would be more concerned with extending their hands for a handshake, rather than raising their hands to cops in surrender.


  2. I can always count on your dumbass to stand with police state and police based on the skin color of all of those involved. Manipulated jackass. Oh and FYI, Alex Jones and his lackeys are shitting on the dead kid just like your stupid ass it, get your facts straight moron.


  3. Only two people really know what happened and one of them is dead.

    The PTB will never bust cops for shooting a black or white guy in a case like this, they need them for the protection they’re going to provide when the economy collapses from too much Fed funny business.


  4. One more thought:

    There’s a dedicated group of fuckers that are giving each other high-fives since 9/11, since the Christians vs Muslims war looks like its good to go for another 20 years at least.

    This same group is laughing their asses off at pitting whites against blacks in this nation, knowing that gives them an easier way to commit their crime waves.

    We’ll be too busy killing each other when they finally lower the curtain, w/o spilling any of their blood.


  5. The Mike Brown psyop was scripted to be murky and muddy and information slow leaked and manipulated. Whoever this Darren Wilson guy is pretty good at acting though. He is much better “hands in the air” Dorian Johnson who in his mid-20s was going to his 18-year old buddy “Big Mike’s” grandmas apartment after stealing (well ole Dorian put his back, according to the surveillance tapes) some Swisher Sweets. I don’t think Dorian is from Ferguson.

    I won’t link it but I’m sure you saw Georgie Stephy look straight in the viewers eyes (via the camera), point his finger at you, and say “this is what happened”. It was pretty effective for people who can be manipulated.

    What about Kajieme Powell? Well he wasn’t part of the that psyop. He was gunned down a week later in STL and there is indisputable proof in a cell phone video that it was cop gone wild. I guess he doesn’t look like Obama’s son.

    Bonus video


      • I think it too is staged. Too many of the participants appeared to be hitting their marks throughout video. The surveillance videos of “Powell” stealing a honeybun and soda were all center frame. And then you can clearly hear Powell say “shoot me, just shoot me”. I believe they wanted to show a “suicide by cop” scenario. Shoot the the guy when he didn’t appear to be a real threat, claim it as investigated and justified, and tell the noncop proles what ya gonna do about it?

        My point in posting it was why this one in the same are, a week later, gets no traction even though the DOJ riot trainers (Civil Rights Division) and Sharptoon (he is a cartoon character) were already in the area. We are all being played. We are always being played. It is all part of the control system.



    • Sarah,

      It is so stupid that they are doing this to their own community. However, I do not think for a minute that these thieves and looters give one damn about race and being oppressed. The people stealing and burning down the community are but thugs wanting a bigger TV and better Nikes. The man you show us in the link IS what America should be about. and his community screwed him over a lie.


  6. I think Mr Fred has it figured out:

    Two questions, methinks, arise from Ferguson’s latest outburst. The first, political, is “Why does the country tolerate it?” The second, more anthropologically interesting, is “Why the eerie incapacity of underclass blacks to understand evidence, or law, or much of anything?” Of the countless explanations given for the poor performance and poor behavior of blacks in the US, one of them dares not speak its name: Low intelligence.

    Yet it fits all the evidence. It explains why Africa never built cities, why it did not invent writing, why there was no African Fifth-Century Athens. It explains why Rhodesia, prosperous and an exporter of food when run by whites, fell immediately into hunger and barbarism when whites left. It explains the dysfunction of black societies from Africa to Haiti to Detroit. It explains why blacks invariably score far below whites and Asians on tests of IQ, on the SATs, GREs, on entrance and promotion exams for fire and police departments.

    It explains the need for affirmative action and for departments of Black Studies in universities when black students can’t handle real courses. It explains why the gap in academic achievement never closes. It explains the criminality, the violence, the poor impulse control, the dependency on welfare, the unemployment, and the inability to integrate themselves into a high-tech society. It explains the constant scandals involving teachers in black schools giving students the answers on standardized tests.

    Further, it explains why none of the programs intended to raise performance of blacks in the schools ever work. Head Start didn’t work. Integrated schools didn’t work, nor segregated schools, nor black schools with white teachers nor black schools with black teachers. Expensive laboratories and free computers didn’t work. Schools run entirely by blacks with very high per-student expenditure (Washington, DC for example) didn’t work. There is no indication that anything at all will ever work. Low intelligence is the obvious explanation. There is precious little counterevidence…

    There is much more you need to read. And who is going to counter that blacks are actually brilliant and whitey is somehow screwing them?


  7. If the rioters wanted some real TV coverage, instead of burning down their own neighborhood, they should of drove over to Ladue and started setting fire to the luxury stores there.

    That would get the National Guard to respond instead of standing by, like they did after the announcement by the PA.


  8. If that Jew media line is “unarmed teen” it’s safe to translate as “violent thug.” This is born out by the store video and supported by the other images. Police brutality and training by Israelis are serious concerns but not the issue here. Sending a Spam Hammer to you for Christmas, Bman.


  9. LOL

    “Fuck CNN”

    Looks like Brasscheck TV is on board with the Wilson bashing:

    Some facts about the Grand Jury:

    1. The primary evidence presented was the killer cop’s testimony about his own behavior – with no cross examination!

    2. Eye witnesses who had anything to say that contradicted the killer cop were ground into the dirt by the prosecutor

    3. “Conflicting evidence” is not a reason not to have a public trial. It’s the very definition of the reason to have a trial.

    What happened in Ferguson post-killing was dirty as hell. There is no other way to cut it.

    Well, I just cut it to pieces in this post.


  10. Worthy of reading, Bro Nat tells us more about Wilson:

    BLINDSIDED BY POLICE PHOBIA, some reporters are branding Darren Wilson—recently decisively cleared of shooting Michael Brown—as a “bad cop.”

    But one must take police incidents on a case-by-case basis and not be impetuously biased against cops.

    Indeed, forasmuch as libertarians decry a “police state,” if a life-threatening crisis confronts them, they’ll be the first to “call the cops.”

    Wilson was never a ‘racist’ or a ‘brutal’ cop as he’s apparently being branded by Dave Lindorf and Paul Craig Roberts.

    But Wilson, in fact, volunteered to work Black neighborhoods hoping to make a difference in those communities.

    A friend of Wilson said of him that he preferred to patrol Black neighborhoods rather than work a whiter area with lower crime. This is not the volunteerism of a ‘racist.’

    In the bad old ’70s, some of the crusty old timers would have called Wilson a ‘liberal do-gooder cop’ who would rather talk and negotiate an arrest before going hands-on in a take-down. The very last thing a do-gooder cop wants to do is draw his weapon.

    Wilson was just the kind of cop that Police Chief Jackson, a Democrat mind you, and a progressive chief hired by the town especially for a makeover of the Ferguson PD, wanted on his progressive-oriented force.

    Ferguson, until about the time Jackson was hired, had an extremely high violent crime rate.

    But over the past five years, the violent crime rate dropped to the national average, which means Chief Jackson and his police force have been developing very good relations with the Black community in Ferguson.

    Officer Darren Wilson himself had a squeaky clean citizens’ complaints record. Not one complaint against him, not even ones that were not sustained or exonerated.

    There is much more to read there. Especially his take down of Paul Craig Roberts, who would be better off simply sticking to economics instead of his erroneous bullshit on other matters he knows little about. But PCR carries the Jew water, too. So…


  11. Dorian Johnson’s description of Wilson, sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle, using his left hand to put Brown in a choke hold and pulling him in the vehicle. Notice the date and the criminal rabble-rouser, Sharpton doing the interview.

    Brown was 6’6″ and almost 300# and described as very strong.

    Several other lies are detected: like Wilson sitting waiting two or three minutes to decide what to do.

    Dorian Johnson was Brown’s accomplice to the strongarm robbery of the blunts he admits Brown was holding.

    Further, with his testimony easily negated by the many other witnesses, why does the media still tout this man in front of the TV cameras?


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